India vs England Kolkata Test, Day 2: As it happened...

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ENGLAND: Over: 73 II Score: 216/1 (1st innings) (Cook 136*, Trott 21*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

They say Too many Cooks spoil the broth. Well, at Eden Gardens it took only one Cook to deflate Indian hopes.

Second day and same old story. If on Day 1, English bowlers were on song, the second day belonged to their batsmen. Thanks to Alastair Cook, who notched up his 23rd Test century, the visitors were in a comfortable zone at the end of the day after bowling out India for 316/10 in the morning. With his third century of the series, Cook has become the batsmen with maximum number of Test centuries for England.

At stumps, England were 216/1 trailing India’s total by 100 runs with Cook and Trott still in the middle. The home team could only manage one English wicket in Nick Compton, who too departed not before registering his maiden Test fifty.

ENGLAND: Over: 70 II Score: 210/1 (1st innings) (Cook 134*, Trott 19*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Things have slowed down a bit in the middle. Just three runs have been scored off the last five overs. Spinners are in operation.

ENGLAND: Over: 65 II Score: 208/1 (1st innings) (Cook 133*, Trott 16*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

The England total has crossed the 200-run mark. Alastair Cook is immovable in the middle. The team is trailing India’s first innings total by just 108 runs.

The newsroom is full of discussions regarding ‘dark days ahead for Indian team’. They were mauled in alien conditions and were expected to come all guns blazing at home. The current picture tells an altogether different story. If the current state of affairs continues, England will be laughing away with all the success by the time the series comes to an end.

ENGLAND: Over: 60 II Score: 194/1 (1st innings) (Cook 130*, Trott 5*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Since scoring his ton, Cook has opened up a bit more and has hit five boundaries since then in 29 deliveries. He has 19 hits to the fence and a six as well. How far can he go? Will he complete his double ton or can Indian bowlers conjure up some trick and end his charge? Ojha has bowled 14 overs and leaked 54 runs with a solitary wicket of Compton while Ashwin has 18 overs against his name without any success.

ENGLAND: Over: 53 II Score: 165/1 (1st innings) (Cook 106*, Trott 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Well what happened there? Pragyan Ojha has trapped Nick Compton as the batsman attempted a paddle sweep. The fielders along with the bowlers went up in unison as soon as it hit Compton the pads. Tucker decided to make things interesting by first saying no and then to everyone’s surprise raised his finger. Compton looks unhappy.Replay shows the ball might have kissed his gloves before crash-landing on pads. Finally the stand has been broken. Compton scored 57 (137b, 4X6, 6X1). In walks Jonathan Trott.

ENGLAND: Over: 52 II Score: 156/0 (1st innings) (Cook 101*, Compton 53*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

21, 22 and now 23. Well, those of you keeping a track on Alastair Cook’s Test centuries, the numbers are going to ring bells immediately. The England captain has registered his 23rd Test ton -- his third of the series—with a triple. He has now surpassed Kevin Pietersen and Wally Hammond’s record of 22 Test ton for England.

ENGLAND: Over: 50 II Score: 148/0 (1st innings) (Cook 94*, Compton 52*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Cook is nearing yet another Test hundred. What a series is he having! Meanwhile, late bloomer Nick Compton has registered his maiden Test fifty. Took 122 balls, five boundaries and a six to reach the milestone. Cook is in the nervous nineties and the crowd feverish. Will he reach his third century of the series?

ENGLAND: Over: 45 II Score: 138/0 (1st innings) (Cook 88*, Compton 49*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Alastair Cook becomes the youngest ever to reach 7000 Test runs. He is 27y 347d old today. Guess who was the youngest before him? HINT: He is the oldest player currently on the field. Well! You guessed it right. It is indeed Sachin Tendulkar. He reached the landmark when he was 28y 193d old.

ENGLAND: Over: 43 II Score: 127/0 (1st innings) (Cook 80*, Compton 46*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

The ball is now quite old. Will we see reverse swing now? Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma has started the proceedings for the final session and his third ball is wide and outside off. Compton cuts it away for a boundary to third man region. Worse, it is a no ball. Finally, ‘extras’ off the mark!

ENGLAND (AT TEA): Over: 42 II Score: 121/0 (1st innings) (Cook 80*, Compton 41*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Seems like the whole drama over the Kolkata pitch was for nothing. By the time Indian team had reached 117, their three batsmen were back in the pavilion. England are yet to lose their first one and so far have been terrific. 31 overs have been bowled in the second session after lunch and 99 runs have been scored. India will need to toil harder. There was a chance though to remove Cook at the score of 17 but it was missed. Since then he has added 63 more to his total. A costly mistake it is turning out to be. Clearly, visitors are calling the shots.

ENGLAND: Over: 36 II Score: 100/0 (1st innings) (Cook 69*, Compton 31*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Ojha drops it wide and Compton cuts it for a boundary to bring up the 100 runs. They trail by 216 runs and have all 10 wickets in hand. A strong start this from the opening pair. All 100 runs have come from their bat without any help from the extras! Some consolation for Dhoni?

ENGLAND: Over: 32 II Score: 86/0 (1st innings) (Cook 60*, Compton 26*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

An eventful 30th over from Ashwin from Indian point of view. The first one went to slips after hitting Compton on the pads. The fielders appeal in hope of a catch but umpire isn’t interested. Third ball of the over and a mix-up occurs after Compton ran straight into Cook while stealing a single that led them taking a bit longer route to reach their respective ends. Ojha, the fielder is caught napping as the batsmen reach home safely. Last ball of the over, Cook plays it to mid off and sets off for a quick single. Yuvraj’s throw at the striker’s end is quite wide and it misses everyone to reach the fence at third man region.

ENGLAND: Over: 27 II Score: 67/0 (1st innings) (Cook 50*, Compton 17*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

He doesn’t sweat, he doesn’t get tired and he keeps on scoring runs, says Ganguly in the commentary box. Well, he is bang on. Cook has completed yet another Test fifty – 30 overall and third for the series. BTW Pragyan Ojha has been introduced into the attack and has bowled a maiden.

ENGLAND: Over: 25 II Score: 62/0 (1st innings) (Cook 45*, Compton 17*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Compton and Cook are grinding out in the middle with the latter nearing his fifty. Still no signs of Ojha. England have looked rock solid in this session as well. Time for drinks and a new plan for Dhoni.

ENGLAND: Over: 20 II Score: 50/0 (1st innings) (Cook 34*, Compton 16*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Talk about things being quiet!!! Alastair Cook has broken the monotony with a biggie off Ashwin. Superb stuff from him as he comes down the track and lofts it over mid on for a six and brings up the 50 runs with a single off next. That shot again shows his confidence level. What must be going on in the mind of Dhoni? Time for Pragyan Ojha to be introduced into the attack.

ENGLAND: Over: 17 II Score: 29/0 (1st innings) (Cook 18*, Compton 11*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

You can’t afford drop catches. Can you? How about when it is Alastair Cook? A resounding BIG NO! Cheteshwar Pujara was caught napping at slips as he grassed one after a delivery from Zaheer that was moving away took the edge of Cook’s bat. Cook was on 17. Can only imagine how dearly is this going to cost the fielding side!

Barring this, things have been quiet after the beginning of second session. Wondering who can make things interesting in the middle? Hint: KP

ENGLAND (LUNCH): Over: 11 II Score: 22/0 (1st innings) (Cook 17*, Compton 5*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Last over before lunch produces just a single. England will be satisfied with their performance in this first session of the second morning of the third Test. They have started well after bowling out India for 316 in the first innings. Alastair Cook has looked in fine touch and Nick Compton looks solid in the middle. Not much action for Indian bowlers with the new ball.

Earlier, Dhoni completed his fifty and hung around with the tail to take India’s score past 300 runs. Ojha was left undefeated without a run to his name, defending everything thrown at him. Must have been instructed to do so by his captain after an irresponsible shot saw Ishant being bowled leaving Dhoni unimpressed with the scorecard reading 296/9.

ENGLAND: Over: 10 II Score: 21/0 (1st innings) (Cook 17*, Compton 4*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Well, Dhoni can’t keep his spinners out of action for long. Can he? R Ashwin is introduced into the attack to bowl the 10th over of the English innings. Starts well with a maiden.

Meanwhile, a question for you all to get some mental exercise: Who looks more threatening – Zaheer in his rugged beard or Ishant in his unruly long locks?

ENGLAND: Over: 7 II Score: 17/0 (1st innings) (Cook 13*, Compton 4*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Alastair Cook looks in fine touch. The boundary off Zaheer’s penultimate delivery of his third over is enough proof of that. Zaheer strays away and sends one onto Cook’s pads, the English captain says Thank you very much as he glances it fine for a boundary. Seems like Indians are going to spend a long hard day on the field. The seventh over of the innings from Zaheer was a maiden – his first and India’s second.

ENGLAND: Over: 2 II Score: 6/0 (1st innings) (Cook 4*, Compton 2*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

So, unlike the Mumbai Test where India began their attack with two spinners, the order has been restored with the pace duo of Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma beginning the proceedings. Cook got off to the mark with a boundary off the last delivery of the first over from Zaheer to deep backward point. Sharma, who is making a comeback, gave away two runs in his first over of the morning.

INDIA: Over: 105 II Score: 316/10 (1st innings) (Dhoni 52, Ojha 0*)

And that will be the end of Indian captain MS Dhoni! India have been bowled out for 316 in their first innings with Dhoni scoring a fifty. He was the last wicket to fall after a sharp bouncer from Steve Finn took a top edge of his bat and flew to gully where Swann took a good diving catch after running from the slips. A good ball to end Dhoni’s innings who hung around well with the tail to take his side’s total past 300 runs even though on a pitch like this, that doesn’t look enough.

Monty Panesar leads his team off the field after some superb bowling, claiming a four-wicket haul. James Anderson has bowled his heart out on a placid track claiming three wickets putting up a great exhibition of reverse swing bowling. Indian bowlers have a huge task ahead and the onus will be on Zaheer Khan and the spinners to restrict English batsmen from scoring.

INDIA: Over: 103 II Score: 312/9 (1st innings) (Dhoni 48*, Ojha 0*)

Ojha has faced 19 deliveries and is yet to score a run. Some lessons for Ishant Sharma he is giving. Hanging in with his skipper, defending each delivery and not falling into temptation of playing a rash stroke. Dhoni, on the other hand, is nearing a fifty.

INDIA: Over: 98 II Score: 309/9 (1st innings) (Dhoni 46*, Ojha 0*)

Dhoni brings up 300 for India with a biggie over mid-off and follows that with another hit over long-on boundary. Two sixes off the last two deliveries and some entertainment for the crowd present at the Eden Gardens.

INDIA: Over: 95.3 II Score: 296/9 (1st innings) (Dhoni 33*, Ojha 0*)

And that will be the end of Ishant Sharma. Panesar has clean bowled him for a duck. A bit lazy from him and the look on Dhoni’s face after the dismissal is enough to say how irresponsible that shot was. Well, he should now be preparing for a task he is best suited for. The question is can Ojha stay with his captain and help India reach 300?

INDIA: Over: 94 II Score: 292/8 (1st innings) (Dhoni 29*, Sharma 0*)

There is it! Zaheer has been trapped in front by Monty Panesar. Angled in and Khan comes forward for the defence. The ball hits him on the pads and Panesar asks the question. Umpire agrees and raises his finger. Zaheer scored 6 (21b, 4X1) including a boundary off Anderson that came after he was dropped at slips. Meanwhile, say hello to Ishant Sharma who is charging towards the middle.

INDIA: Over: 91 II Score: 280/7 (1st innings) (Dhoni 27*, Khan 1*)

So Anderson has begun the proceedings of the day two hoping to wrap up the Indian innings ASAP. Dhoni leaves his crease as early as second ball of the over and sends it past the mid off fielder for a boundary. Anderson’s last for the over is a bouncer and Dhoni pulls it with one hand and takes a single. Meanwhile, Panesar is warming up for his first over of the morning.

Once again, India are on the backfoot after losing seven wickets on the first day. Apart from Tendulkar (76) and Gambhir (60), none of the batsmen managed to stay at the crease for long. Tendulkar began his innings with some loose strokes and then settled and looked for a big one before Prior took an excellent catch off James Anderson to put an end to his stay.

The English bowlers led by James Anderson put up a brilliant show of pace bowling using the old ball to play some trick. They should consider themselves unlucky as few decisions went against them and many edges didn’t carry to the fielders. While Monty Panesar (2/74) continues to impress, it was James Anderson (3/68) who bowled his heart out and picked three crucial wickets on a flat Eden track!

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