India vs Pakistan: 1st ODI - As it happened...

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PAKISTAN: Overs: 48.1 II Score: 228/4 (Jamshed: 101*, Malik: 30*)

And Shoaib Malik seals the match in Pakistan’s favour with a boundary to midwicket. A comprehensive win for Pakistan this as they easily pocket this game with 11 balls and six wickets to spare. The next ODI is on January 3 in Kolkata. Two centuries in the contest – one from Indian captain MS Dhoni and the other from Pakistan opener Nasir Jamshed.

In the morning, Junaid Khan rocked the Indian top order with four wickets – three of them bowled leaving them tottering at 29/5. Two partnerships both involving Dhoni took them to a respectable 227/6. However, it wasn’t enough as Pakistan coasted home safely after losing two early wickets to take 1-0 lead in the series.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 45 II Score: 221/4 (Jamshed: 100*, Malik: 28*)

Nasir Jamshed reaches his second ODI century with a single off Dinda to deep midwicket region. He raises his bat to acknowledge the appreciation from crowd and teammates. Just seven needed now by Pakistan to win this first ODI at Chennai.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 45 II Score: 210/4 (Jamshed: 96*, Malik: 23*)

Just 18 needed off 30 deliveries. Malik scored a boundary off Dinda guiding it to third man with ease. An interesting stat appears on the screen: The highest wicket taker in Indian team at this moment is Yuvraj Singh (109) followed by Virender Sehwag (96). Hmmm....

PAKISTAN: Overs: 42 II Score: 189/4 (Jamshed: 90*, Malik: 9*)

Shoaib Malik cuts it late and gets a thick outside edge and MS Dhoni takes it cleanly. Malik is walking out. Wait! The umpire has called for a no-ball check and it turns out that it is indeed a no-ball from R Ashwin. Disappointment for India.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 41 II Score: 181/4 (Jamshed: 88*, Malik: 4*)

Virat Kohli looked in a lot of pain as he slipped while delivering his final ball of the over. His right foot slipped on delivery stride. Concerned faces in the middle. Thus isn’t looking good. A stretcher on the field. Let’s hope it’s not too bad as India need him for the remaining two ODIs and the England series. He refuses to go out on stretcher. Walks out with the physic amid a loud cheer from the crowd. Suresh Raina completes the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 40 II Score: 173/4 (Jamshed: 84*, Malik: 0*)

The match now goes into the final 10 overs. The powerplay has ended. The required run rate at the moment is 5.5 as Pakistan need 55 from 60 deliveries with six wickets in hand. Jamshed is nearing a century while Malik is yet to get off the mark. He has faced eight deliveries so far.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 38.2 II Score: 172/4 (Jamshed: 83*, Malik: 0*)

And finally the breakthrough! A slower one from Ishant Sharma and Misbah ul Haq is beaten as it sneaked past his bat to crash on the stumps. He scored 16 (24b, 4X1). But is it too late for India? In walks Shoaib Malik. Can India put Pakistan under pressure from here on?

PAKISTAN: Overs: 35 II Score: 160/3 (Jamshed: 75*, Misbah: 12*)

Pakistan are coasting along nicely. They now need just 68 runs in 90 deliveries. What India needs are wickets here if they harbour any hope of snatching this contest out of Pakistan’s jaws.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 31.1 II Score: 147/3 (Jamshed: 68*, Misbah: 6*)

DROPPED! And it’s Yuvraj at point who has missed a simple chance. Nasir Jamshed was on 68 when he went for a drive that went in the air and Yuvraj dropped a sitter!

PAKISTAN: Overs: 30.3 II Score: 133/3 (Jamshed: 61*, Khan: 58)

A good low catch by R Ashwin at midwicket off Ashok Dinda to remove Younis Khan! A low full toss and Younis plays it to midwicket where Ashwin takes a fine catch! The on-field umpires are not so sure about that and they seek the services of the third umpire. After a long look, the decision goes in favour of the fielding side. Younis scored 58 (60b, 4X3, 6X1).

PAKISTAN: Overs: 29 II Score: 126/2 (Jamshed: 57*, Khan: 55*)

Younis reaches his half century in style. A biggie off Suresh Raina over long on to reach the landmark. Together with youngster Jamshed, the veteran of 246* ODIs has guided his team to a comfortable position. Jamshed then brings up the century stand with another biggie. 15 runs from the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 28 II Score: 111/2 (Jamshed: 50*, Khan: 47*)

Nasir Jamshed has completed his seventh ODI fifty. A measured approach has been this innings from the southpaw. He was getting beaten early on in the innings when B Kumar was spitting venom. However, he has successfully weathered the storm and now is playing easily without facing any trouble whatsoever.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 25 II Score: 99/2 (Jamshed: 43*, Khan: 42*)

A good over for Pakistan. Two back-to-back boundaries for Younis off Yuvraj Singh. The first one came to mid on and the second to deep backward square leg. 12 runs came off it. 129 runs needed of 25 overs.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 21 II Score: 72/2 (Jamshed: 32*, Khan: 26*)

50-run partnership between Younis and Jamashed. They are happy dealing in singles and doubles at the moment. A valid approach as per from their perspective. They need a partnership in the middle. Not an imposing target they are chasing so no need to hurry.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 18 II Score: 59/2 (Jamshed: 25*, Khan: 20*)

Nasir Jamshed inside edged one onto his pads and the well went to slips where Sehwag took a diving catch. The bowler and the fielder appeal for the catch but umpire showed no interest. The first appeal was for lbw and the second was for the catch. Umpire turns down both.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 16 II Score: 52/2 (Jamshed: 22*, Khan: 16*)

50 up for Pakistan as Younis and Jamshed guide them out of a mini crisis. Spin introduced in R Ashwin by MS Dhoni. Jamshed nicely drove one from Ishant through covers for a boundary off his first delivery of 15th over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 12 II Score: 28/2 (Jamshed: 8*, Khan: 6*)

Finally a boundary for Pakistan! It took them 71 deliveries to send one past the fence for a four. Younis Khan deliberately opened the face of his bat to guide one past the slip region to open his account. He almost ran himself out off the next delivery when he attempted for a non-existent third run after playing one to deep point region. They now need exact 200 runs to win this match.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 11 II Score: 21/2 (Jamshed: 7*, Khan:0*)

Oh! That’ll go down as a miss. Kumar has missed a simplest of chance to dismiss Nasir Jamshed. Ali gets hit on the legs and suddenly found Jamshed half way down the track. There wasn’t a single. Kumar quickly collected the ball and threw it back aiming at the non-striker’s end. The ball missed the stumps and there was no one to collect it.

However, he made for it by having Ali caught at square leg by Rohit Sharma off the next delivery. He is all pumped up with this wicket! It was a short one from Kumar and he went for a pull. He was caught unbalanced and ended up playing it tamely into the hands of Rohit. In walks Younis Khan.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 8 II Score: 15/1 (Jamshed: 4*, Ali: 7*)

48 deliveries have been bowled in the Pakistan innings and they are yet to score a boundary. The Indian pacers aren’t giving them easy runs. They are fighting it hard and not going to let this contest go easily of their hand. MS Dhoni rose to the occasion when India were in shambles and now he will expect the same from his bowlers to successfully defend the total which is not imposing but still proving to be a competitive one under the circumstances. Pakistan need 213 runs from 42 overs at a run rate of 5.07.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 5 II Score: 8/1 (Jamshed: 1*, Ali: 3*)

Dhoni is standing close to the wickets for Kumar. He had almost got Ali off his first delivery as the righty edged one to Raina at second slip. The ball dropped just in front of him. Just two off it.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 3 II Score: 5/1 (Jamshed: 1*, Ali: 0*)

Ishant comes in from the other end and bowls a good first over giving away just a single off it. B Kumar comes in to bowl the third over and beats Jamshed with his outswingers thrice in a row. A maiden over.

PAKISTAN: Over: 1 II Score: 4/1 (Jamshed: 0*, Ali: 0*)

AH! Just the start that India wanted! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has struck with his first delivery in ODIs. It was pitched outside off and Mohammad Haeez shouldered arms to it. To his surprise the ball came in and crashed on the off stump. What a debut for Kumar. He has removed Hafeez for a duck!

INDIA: Overs: 50 II Score: 227/6 (Dhoni: 113*, Ashwin: 31*)

Another good over for India as they collect 10 off the last over of their innings from Junaid. Dhoni scored a boundary off a full delivery by opening the face of the bat towards point region. This has been an excellent recovery from the Indian team considering they were 29/5 at one stage.

MS Dhoni struck a century stand with R Ashwin for the seventh wicket to take his team out of troubled waters and guide them to a respectable 227/6 in 50 overs. The skipper returns unbeaten on 113 (4X7, 3X6). He received good support from Ashwin who refrained from playing risky shots allowing his captain to guide the innings to safe shores.

INDIA: Overs: 49 II Score: 217/6 (Dhoni: 104*, Ashwin: 30*)

WHATTAY KNOCK FROM MS DHONI!!! Boundary, Boundary and a six to bring up his eight ODI century. He has taken Irfan to cleaners in this over. The determination is evident from the fact that he is struggling with cramps but still is running hard for every single or couple. Speaks much of his fitness level and stamina! R Ashwin finishes the over with boundary to fine leg. 21 runs from the over. Misbah must be kicking himself for dropping Dhoni when he was on 16!

INDIA: Overs: 47 II Score: 193/6 (Dhoni: 85*, Ashwin: 25*)

Dhoni pulled the first delivery from Irfan but it took an outside edge and went through point region for a boundary. Everyone in the field was left amused. By the end of the over, Dhoni was on his knees. This knock has taken a lot out of the Indian skipper. It has been a brilliant knock from him.

INDIA: Overs: 46 II Score: 184/6 (Dhoni: 77*, Ashwin: 24*)

Dhoni has deposited this out of the park. It was a tossed up delivery from Ajmal and Dhoni was quick to pounce upon it as he employed the full swing of his blade to guide it over long on region. Nine runs from the over as India near 200-run mark.

INDIA: Overs: 45 II Score: 175/6 (Dhoni: 69*, Ashwin: 24*)

Mohammad Irfan comes back into the attack to bowl his seventh over. Dhoni welcomes him with a boundary off the first delivery to deep midwicket. The next five deliveries produce five singles. Nine runs from the over. Ashwin tried a late cut in the over but couldn’t connect it well as it took the toe end of the bat to advance to third man.

INDIA: Overs: 43 II Score: 159/6 (Dhoni: 57*, Ashwin: 20*)

That dropped catch from Misbah has helped Dhoni lead the recovery. Dhoni looks tired now. He has been in the middle for quite long today. How many runs can India manage? 200? 210? 220? Or if I can be a little optimistic can they post 250?

INDIA: Overs: 41 II Score: 151/6 (Dhoni: 53*, Ashwin: 16*)

MS Dhoni reaches his fifty with a boundary via a flick to midwicket region off Gul. This is his 47th ODI fifty. A captain’s knock this from him. It has been crucial considering India were in tatters at one stage when half of their side was already in the dressing room within 10 overs. Five runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 40 II Score: 146/6 (Dhoni: 48*, Ashwin: 16*)

Umar Gul and Junaid Khan have been reintroduced into the attack. Dhoni scores a boundary off Gul’s last delivery of the 39th over to deep backward square leg region. Junaid Khan, who has been the tormentor-in-chief in this match, bowls a no ball and Indians get a free hit. Dhoni makes full use of the opportunity and deposits it over long on fence for a six. They need more of such hitting for a good total. A good over for India as they collect 14 runs off it.

INDIA: Overs: 37 II Score: 119/6 (Dhoni: 30, Ashwin: 9*)

It has taken India 87 balls to score their fifth boundary. Fours have been rare for the batting team. That shot brought some cheers in the Indian camp. It came off the bat of R Ashwin via an outside edge. This has been by far the best over in the innings for India. 10 runs came off it. Earlier in the over, Azhar Ali walked out of the park to get some treatment after his knee got stuck as he attempted a slide to field one in the cover region.

INDIA: Overs: 33.2 II Score: 102/6 (Raina: 43, Dhoni: 22*)

Suresh Raina has been bowled! Hafeez has castled Raina in the first over of the powerplay.Pakistan have broken this stand that lasted 23.4 overs and 73 runs. Raina is the fifth Indian batsmen to have been bowled in this innings. He was going for the pull as the ball was a touch faster than he anticipated. He scored 43 (88b, 4X2). In walks R Ashwin.

INDIA: Overs: 32 II Score: 101/5 (Raina: 42*, Dhoni: 22*)

The wickets aren’t falling anymore but the runs have dried. The spinners have done an excellent job in keeping the Indian batsmen searching for runs. Ajmal, Hafeez and Malik have bowled 14 overs between them and leaked just 32 runs. The run rate needs to pick up now.

INDIA: Overs: 30 II Score: 97/5 (Raina: 39*, Dhoni: 21*)

Sunil Gavaskar complains Indians are being over defensive. They’re well set and can bring out their shots now. On the other hand, Misbah is quickly going through with these middle overs with spin from both ends. Can India post a competitive total? In fact it is difficult to say what should be an apt target on this pitch. If Indian bowlers can replicate what the Paksitani did in the morning, this first ODI will not be a walk in the park for the visitors.

INDIA: Overs: 25.2 II Score: 85/5 (Raina: 32*, Dhoni: 17*)

DROPPED! Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq has dropped a simple catch of his counterpart MS Dhoni at midwicket. Dhoni was on 16 as he stepped out and flicked one from Hafeez to midwicket where Misbah failed to hold on to the catch.

INDIA: Overs: 25 II Score: 84/5 (Raina: 32*, Dhoni: 16*)

Mohammad Hafeez has bowled five overs – two of them have been maidens. If India continue at the same pace they will end up scoring 168. However, if they manage 8/over from here on they will manage to put 284 on the scoreboard.

INDIA: Overs: 23 II Score: 81/5 (Raina: 31*, Dhoni: 14*)

A boundary after 14 overs for India! A huge cheer from the crowd as Suresh Raina cuts one from Ajmal through point for his second boundary. That boundary also completed 50-run stand between Raina and skipper Dhoni for the sixth wicket. Five runs from the over. Ajmal and Hafeez are the top two ODI bowlers as per the ICC rankings.

INDIA: Overs: 19 II Score: 71/5 (Raina: 22*, Dhoni: 13*)

Right-arm offbreak Saeed Ajmal introduced into the attack. A late bloomer he is as he began his career at the age of 31 years. His first ODI was against India in Karachi. A decent first over from the tweaker. Just two from it.

INDIA: Overs: 15 II Score: 59/5 (Raina: 16*, Dhoni: 9*)

India have crossed the 50-run mark without further damage to their already splintered innings. A cautious approach has been from Dhoni and Raina considering the help the bowlers are getting from the conditions. This partnership is crucial for the team if they have to post a competitive total.

INDIA: Overs: 13 II Score: 44/5 (Raina: 10*, Dhoni: 5*)

Suresh Raina is the first batsman today to reach double figures. This has been Pakistan’s morning so far. They have put on an excellent exhibition of swing and pace bowling bamboozling the Indian batsman who were in part to blame for their early dismissals.

INDIA: Overs: 9.4 II Score: 29/5 (Raina: 6*, Dhoni: 0*)

Ah! Would you believe it? India have lost half their side within 10 overs! Rohit Sharma has been caught brilliantly by Pakistan’s T20 captain Mohammad Hafeez off Junaid Khan.

Well, not to take any credit from the bowler and the fielder though considering all batsmen have gone down playing poor shots! This one from Junaid bounced a bit more that Sharma had anticipated and it took the edge off the bat. Hafeez at third slip gobbled it beautifully to send Sharma back to the pavilion. He scored 4 (14b).

INDIA: Overs: 8 II Score: 24/3 (Raina: 4*, Rohit: 1*)

Suresh Raina glances the last delivery off Khan’s over to fine leg to get off the mark and score his first boundary. Four runs in the over.

INDIA: Overs: 5.6 II Score: 20/4 (Sharma:1*, Raina: 0*)

What is happening with India? They have lost their fourth wicket in Yuvraj Singh! A brilliant spell from Junaid Khan as he castles another Indian batsman. Third wicket for the pacer.

Two wickets in the over. The first one to pack his bag was Virat Kohli as he stayed rooted to the crease as the ball came in after pitching on off. Kohli goes for a drive and the ball crashes on the off stump.

Yuvraj followed him two deliveries later after being bowled off the last delivery in the same over. Another poor shot from the batsman as he attempts to play one across but misses it completely. The ball was pitched on the middle and went past him to disturb the off stump. He scored 2 (3b) India are four wickets down. Terrific stuff from Junaid.

INDIA: Overs: 5.4 II Score: 19/3 (Sharma:1*, Yuvraj: 2*)

OH DEAR! India have lost their third wicket in Virat Kohli! The third batsman to be out bowled in this innings. He goes back for a duck.

INDIA: Overs: 4.4 II Score: 17/2 (Kohli:0*, Yuvraj: 0*)

Another wicket goes down. Gautam Gambhir has been set up and bowled by Mohammad Irfan. The Indian openers are back in the hut! Another wicket goes down. Gautam Gambhir has been set up and bowled by Mohammad Irfan. The Indian openers are back in the hut! He has outfoxed Gambhir by bowling one full and onto the middle after pitching his previous three outside off. The fourth delivery sneaks past his bat and crashes on the stumps! He scored 8 (17b, 4X1).

INDIA: Overs: 3.5 II Score: 17/1 (Gambhir: 8, Sehwag: 4)

The Indian batsmen are being tested by the Pakistani pacers! Sehwag almost played on and the next delivery hit him on the pads. The fielders appeal but Bowden says no. And Sehwag has been clean bowled! Virat Kohli walks in at No. 3. Junaid finally gets his reward. Sehwag failed to cover the line of the delivery as an inswinger went through the gap between his bat and pads to knock the stumps. He scored 4 (11b, 4X1)

INDIA: Overs: 3 II Score: 17/0 (Gambhir: 8, Sehwag: 4*)

Finally Gautam Gambhir gets off the mark with a couple off Irfan. He was beaten in the previous over and got a leading edge that went to cover. The conditions are perfect for bowling – overcast, moisture in the pitch. The openers will have to be watchful. Oh! An edge that flies to left of second slip (Younis Khan) and Gambhir gets his first boundary.

INDIA: Overs: 2 II Score: 8/0 (Gambhir: 0, Sehwag: 4*)

Left arm pacer Junaid Khan comes in to bowl his first and hits Sehwag on the pad. Turns back and appeals. Umpire calls it a no ball and signals a free hit. Sehwag gets it on his pads and India take two leg byes. Sehwag isn’t happy with the sight screen. He flicks the second delivery over midwicket for boundary.

INDIA: Over: 1 II Score: 0/0 (Gambhir: 0, Sehwag: 0*)

Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag have walked to the middle and the former will be taking guard. Mohammad Irfan has started the proceedings for Pakistan. Two slips and a gully. This is the first ODI that India are playing at home in 2012! Irfan is on the mark as he getting the bounce and getting the ball to move. A maiden over.

TOSS: Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq has won the toss and invited India to bat first.

FACT: This match will be played under new ODI rules. Under the new rules, one new ball will be used at each end, bowlers will be allowed two bouncers an over, there will be no batting Power Play, the bowling Power Play will have to be completed before the 40th over, and at no stage in the innings will more than four fielders be allowed outside the 30-yard circle.

Match Update: The toss will be on 9:30 am and the match should start by 10:00 am. Billy Bowden is pleasantly surprised with the conditions considering what has transpired in the past two days.

Toss update: The toss has been delayed. There will be a pitch inspection at 8:45 am.

Weather update: The sun is out and the match is expected to start on time. As far as the toss is concerned, as per the commentators the team that wins the toss should bowl first to exploit the moisture in the pitch.

Honours shared in the T20 series, arch foes India and Pakistan are now set for what is likely to be an exhilarating three-match ODI series showdown but weather gods could prove to be the dampener in the opening clash in Chennai on Sunday.


India: Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashok Dinda, Ishant Sharma

Pakistan: Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq(c), Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal(w), Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan

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