India-Pak Test face-offs reduced to two in FTP

ANI| Last Updated: Jul 10, 2014, 12:00 PM IST

Karachi: The number of Test face-offs between India and Pakistan in the upcoming Future Tours Programme (FTP) cycle is likely to be curtailed with the government of Pakistan deciding to strike off a few matches.

Pakistan is likely to play only two test matches against India during their three home series in the FTP cycle. The number of matches between India and Pakistan were subject to government clearance, The Dawn reported.

While Pakistan will face one of the topmost ODI and Test teams of the world, Australia, during seven series in the tour, the number of matches against South Africa and England have been reduced to two and three respectively.

As per the report, Pakistan is scheduled to play a total of 77 test matches until January 2023. The FTP will be binding only after bilateral agreements are signed by the member nations before the next ICC meeting.