‘Fragile’ Watson needs to ‘eat humble pie’ and start performing to silence critics

Updated: Mar 17, 2013, 13:13 PM IST

Sydney: Suspended vice-captain Shane Watson may have to swallow some humble pie and will need to offer sincerity of motive and intent to his critics and selectors if he is to return for the Delhi Test, following his sudden departure from India after his suspension from the Mohali Test.

According to a leading Australian daily, Watson can follow the example of his captain Michael Clarke, who made a similarly spectacular departure from a tour of New Zealand due to a teetering relationship with former fiancee Lara Bingle, and claim his wife’s pregnancy and subsequent delivery as a reason.

However, the paper said that Watson looked merely petulant in contrast to the younger James Pattinson, who accepted and defended his disciplinary fate, adding that Pattinson’s attitude further cast the team`s deputy leader in a particularly poor light.

Stating that the ferocity of his desire to bat at the top order is also a fodder for his critics, the report said that the gifted but fragile Watson has a lot of ground to make up with the public, his teammates, coach and manager, or face a failure to achieve an eluding brilliant Test career.

The paper also said that Watson’s perceived walkout is the kind of event to invite scrutiny of what a player has actually achieved, adding that Watson has reached 50 just once and has totaled 230 runs at a tick above 25 per innings in five Tests against three countries this summer, which is inadequate for an upper-order batsman who no longer bowls.

The paper further said that Watson can no longer boast such mediocrity as he has never fully performed outstandingly during his career, adding that there is ambiguity at almost every aspect of his output.

According to the report, although Ed Cowan`s spot has appeared the most likely to fall vacant, his fighting spirit and ability provides compensation for Watson’s performance, adding that Cowan is currently moving ahead of the talented Watson by a clear margin.

Stating that Watson must perform better in order to save his future as a batsman, the report said although Watson is yet to extricate himself from the mess he created, it seems that the team hierarchy is prepared to forgive him.