India vs Australia Delhi Test, Day 1: As it happened...

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2013, 08:49 AM IST

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AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 98 II Score: 231/8 ( Siddle: 47*, Pattinson: 11*)

So, Peter Siddle has shown exemplary patience in trying conditions to lead the fightback as Australia manage to finish the day at 231/8. Siddle has scored 47 runs – the highest of the Australian innings so far—and has been the reason the visitors have been able to survive the full day that saw Indians sending down 98 overs.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 95 II Score: 220/8 ( Siddle: 36*, Pattinson: 11*)

In the 93rd over, Siddle edged one from Ishant and it raced away to the third man boundary for four. Off the previous over, Pattinson edged Ashwin’s first delivery to fine leg for four. Umpire Kettleborough signalled it as four byes. The 86th over was a maiden. The 87th went for five while 88th and 89th went for one and two respectively. The 90th was a maiden. Ishant was brought back into the attack in the 91st over and of his first delivery, Siddle scored a couple.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was brought back into the attack (94th over). This is his eight over of the day and it’s a maiden. Off the final delivery of the next Siddle scores a boundary through point.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 85 II Score: 197/8 ( Siddle: 23*, Pattinson: 3*)

With an hour of play still to go, the Indians will be looking to wrap up the tail today. James Pattinson is the new man in the middle. 83rd and 84th over each went for two runs. The 85th went for four. The final drinks break has been taken. How long will these two survive?

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 81.2 II Score: 189/8 ( Siddle: 20*, Pattinson: 0*)

OUT! And the stand has been broken! Steve Smith has been caught by Ajinkya Rahane at short leg. The stand lasted for 27.2 overs and added 53 runs – the second highest partnership of the innings after the 67-run stand between Hughes and Cowan. In walks James Pattinson. Smith scored 46 (145b, 4X3, 6X2).

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 80 II Score: 185/7 ( Smith: 46*, Siddle: 16*)

Siddle has faced 76 deliveries for his 16 runs while Smith has played 143 deliveries for his 46. Off the 76th over came three runs. In the next, Smith launched Ojha’s second delivery straight over his head for his second six of the innings. Seven runs came in the over. Two runs came in the next two overs – one in each. Off the 80th over, Siddle paddle swept Ojha to fine leg for his first boundary.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 75 II Score: 169/7 ( Smith: 32*, Siddle: 14*)

So, the current partnership has added 33 runs to the Australian total. The first over after tea, bowled by Jadeja was a maiden. 69th went for a single while the next again was safely negotiated by Siddle. 71st went for a single while the next saw Siddle and Smith adding a single each to the total. Smith then drove Ojha through covers for a boundary. The next went for three while the 75th fetched them four runs. That boundary off Ojha came after 14 overs.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 67 II Score: 153/7 ( Smith: 25*, Siddle: 5*)

TEA Ishant Sharma bowls the final over before tea and it goes for just one run. This has been India’s session. They have picked five wickets. 59 runs scored in the second session of play in 38 overs. Can the pair of Smith and Siddle last the final session?

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 65 II Score: 152/7 ( Smith: 24*, Siddle: 5*)

Can Australia’s lower order produce a rearguard resistance to lead them out of trouble? Six runs have been scored in the past five overs. The 65th was a maiden. Meanwhile, Australian total has crossed the 150-run mark.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 60 II Score: 146/7 ( Smith: 21*, Siddle: 2*)

Ravichandran Ashwin has bowled 20 overs – 12 of which have been maidens. He has three wickets to his name. He has currently 25 wickets in the series (including this match). Off the second delivery of the 59th over, Smith scored a boundary off Jadeja by playing one to fine leg.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 53.6 II Score: 136/7 ( Smith: 12*, Siddle: 0*)

OUT! This is just turning out to be a cakewalk for the Indian spinners. R Ashwin has removed Mitchell Johnson. He scored 3 (22b). It was carrom ball and Johnson didn’t pick it up. Result he offered no shot and the ball crashes on the stumps. The Indian nightmare continues for the Aussies!

Johnson was actually unaware of what had transpired. He actually thought Indians were appealing for stumping.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 50 II Score: 134/6 ( Smith: 12*, Johnson: 2*)

Steve Smith and Mitchell Johnson have a job in their hands. Australia have lost six wickets. They were just two down before the first break was taken. It seemed they won’t go down so easily in the current Test. However, by losing four wickets in space of 18 overs after lunch, they have only proved their inability to tackle Indian spinners.

Although, the Kotla pitch dubbed by many as a third day wicket, is under scanner. Click to read more»

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 46.2 II Score: 129/6 ( Smith: 11*, Johnson: 0*)

OUT! This is just an ordinary stuff from Maxwell! He is trying to counter Indian spinners on an unhelpful pitch (for the batsmen) by attacking from the word go. Result – he has gifted his wicket to Jadeja. He charges forward and attempts to loft Jadeja over mid-on where Sharma takes the easy catch. Maxwell scored 10 (16b, 4X1, 6X1). Maybe Maxwell needs some homework here! In walks Mitchell Johnson.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 45 II Score: 129/5 ( Smith: 11*, Maxwell: 10*)

Glenn Maxwell is unfazed by the current delicate situation of his team. He gets off the mark with a six off Ojha over long-off. He follows that with a boundary through point region. He takes 10 runs from the 44th over. The previous over was a maiden while the one before it fetched Australia just a single. The 45th over also went for just one.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 41 II Score: 117/5 ( Smith: 9*, Maxwell: 0*)

OUT! Another one bites the dust! Although this one looks like a wrong call by umpire Aleem Dar. Yes, replays confirm. Matthew Wade must be gutted! Wade comes forward, offers his bat to defend one from Ashwin back. His bat strikes the pad while the ball lobs to the Murali Vijay at silly point. The Indians appeal for the catch and umpire agrees. Wade shakes his head on way to dressing room. Australia have lost half of their side. He scored 2 (5b)

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 38.5 II Score: 115/4 ( Smith: 2*, Wade: 0*)

OUT! And Jadeja strikes! It’s Shane Watson who is at the receiving end. Jadeja pitches one on off and Watson comes forward. The ball turns sharply and eludes his bat. Dhoni has all the time in the world to knock off the bails. Watson scored 17 (56b, 4X3). In comes Matthew Wade. Jadeja is second on the list of wicket-takers in the current series – 17 from three games (five of them Michael Clarke). He is behind R Ashwin who has 22 wickets from three Tests. The next in the list are Australian pacer James Pattinson and Peter Siddle (both eight).

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 32.6 II Score: 106/3 ( Watson: 17*, Smith: 0*)

OUT! And Ashwin strikes! Ed Cowan was immensely patient since taking guard with his opening partner David Warner. However, off a full length delivery from Ashwin, he went for a sweep. That went around his legs to crash on the stumps. He scored 39 (99b, 4X7). In walks Steve Smith.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 30 II Score: 101/2 (Cowan: 33*, Watson: 17*)

The second session has begun with Ed Cowan and captain Shane Watson aiming to steer the innings forward. R Ashwin has the ball and his second delivery has been cut by Cowan for a boundary. Five runs from the over. Off the next, the Indians appeal loudly for a catch at short midwicket. It was a low catch but the replays showed it had bounced just before Pujara claimed it. Just two runs from the over. The total has crossed the 100-run mark.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 28 II Score: 94/2 (Cowan: 27*, Watson: 16*)

LUNCH The first session of the Delhi Test on day 1 has ended. Australia have added 94 runs in the session for the loss of two wickets. Ishant Sharma has taken both the wickets that have fallen today. The first of them came in his first and innings’ second over. Warner was caught by Kohli at second slip. After the early loss, Australia’s innings progressed at a brisk pace courtesy a reinvigorated Phil Hughes who scored 45 before being bowled by Sharma.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 25 II Score: 80/2 (Cowan: 22*, Watson: 7*)

Two runs came from the 22nd over. Off the next, bowled by Sharma, Watson scored his first boundary of the innings with a clip to fine leg. Five runs came in the over. Off the next, came two runs – one each to Cowan and Watson. The next by Ashwin was a maiden.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 20.6 II Score: 67/2 (Cowan: 20*, Watson: 0*)

OUT! Bowled! After scaring Hughes with a surprise bouncer, Ishant cleans him up by rattling his leg stump. Probably because of that bouncer that him square on the helmet, Hughes’ concentration was affected. He offered no footwork to a delivery that was pitched on a good length and angled in. The ball took an inside edge and hit the leg stump. Hughes scored 45 (59b, 4X10). In walks skipper Shane Watson.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 20 II Score: 67/1 (Cowan: 20*, Hughes: 41*)

The Australian score has moved past 50-run mark. Off the fifth delivery of the 16th over, Cowan drove Kumar past mid-off for a boundary. Five runs were scored in that over. The 17th by Ashwin was a maiden. Off the fourth delivery of the 17th over, Hughes scored his eighth boundary of the innings. Hughes then employed a late-cut to send Ashwin’s final delivery of the next to third man for another boundary. The 20th was a maiden.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 15 II Score: 48/1 (Cowan: 15*, Hughes: 32*)

The 11th and 12th over were maidens. Off the 13th, Hughes collected a couple. In the next, Kumar bowled one on the legs and Cowan clipped it to deep backward square leg region for a boundary. The 15th went for just a single. That second innings in Mohali had done a world of good for Hughes. He is more assured, confident and not shied away from coming forward.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 10 II Score: 39/1 (Cowan: 9*, Hughes: 29*)

Dhoni can’t keep his spinners waiting and so introduces spin in R Ashwin. Facing him is Phil Hughes. Spin has been his biggest nemesis in the current tour. Today he has shown intent. He surprises everyone by taking Ashwin on the full flicking him to deep midwicket region for a boundary. That was tossed up and Hughes came forward and played it to midwicket. The boundary off the final delivery of the over was even better. He again played a tossed up delivery through midwicket region for a four. Eight runs from the over. Ishant continues from the other end and Cowan scores his second boundary – this one a more convincing. Just a boundary from the 10th over.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Overs: 5 II Score: 10/1 (Cowan: 5, Hughes: 5*)

The Indian pacers are making the ball dance all around. Especially Bhuvi who is asking questions every next delivery. His fourth delivery of the fifth over was pitched on a crack and swung away sharply and Cowan had absolutely no clue how to play that. That was unplayable! The pitch is already crumbling. This already resembles a day 3 wicket. Earlier, Phil Hughes got off the mark with a drive through covers off Sharma in the second over.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Over: 1.4 II Score: 4/1 (Cowan: 4, Hughes: 0*)

OUT! Edged and taken! Ishant Sharma strikes in his first over of the match! A full delivery from Ishant that was slanting across. Warner flashes at it and gets a thick outside edge that flies to Virat Kohli at second slip. A poor shot from the southpaw as Australia lose their first wicket. Warner out for a duck.

AUSTRALIA (1st innings) Over: 1 II Score: 4/0 (Cowan: 4*, Warner: 0*)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is already swinging the cherry. The first ball was left alone by Cowan. Off the second, Cowan got a thick edge and the ball went through the slip cauldron. There was no third man, so an easy boundary. Australia and Cowan off to the mark with a four. The third delivery is again swinging, Cowan in two minds whether to play or leave. Leaves it at the last moment but couldn’t get his bat out in time. The ball hits the bat and falls short of Dhoni. Four runs from the first over.

David Warner and Ed Cowan have walked to the middle. Cowan needs 75 more runs to 1000 Test runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball. Cowan will face the first ball.

With history in sight, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be aiming to avenge the 0-4 drubbing last year when he leads his side against Australia in the fourth and final Test in Delhi.

TOSS: Australia have won the toss and elected to bat first.

TEAM NEWS: Michael Clarke has been ruled out of this Test. Ajinkya Rahane has been included in the playing XI and he'll finally be making his Test debut for India.


No India side in their Test history of eight decades has ever recorded a series win involving four consecutive victories. Australia are without their talismanic captain Michael Clarke and in his absence Shane Watson will take charge of the team.

Teams From:

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c), Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Suresh Raina, Ashok Dinda.

Australia: Shane Watson (c), Ed Cowan, David Warner, Phil Hughes, Usman Khawaja, Glenn Maxwell, Peter Siddle, James Pattinson, Nathan Lyon, Moises Henriques, Xavier Doherty, Steve Smith, Brad Haddin, Matthew Wade, Mitchell Johnson.