India vs Australia, Hyderabad Test, Day 2 - As it happened...

Updated: Mar 03, 2013, 09:19 AM IST

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Hyderabad: Updates from Day 2 of the second Test being played between India and Australia at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.



INDIA (1st innings) Score: 311/1 II Overs: 93 (Pujara 162*, Vijay 129*)

End of Day 2

STUMPS: India dominate the second day as well, this time with the bat, losing just one wicket and piling on the runs. Pujara was fluent in his in-form 162 but he was lucky to be dropped late on. As for Vijay, he battled and fought and played his way back into form, scoring a well-deserved 100. He'll now be looking to overhaul his highest Test score tomorrow. India, meanwhile, lead by 74 runs and are assembling the nails to put into the figurative coffin. But then, the fat lady hasn't sung yet and she has quite the range of tunes at her disposal. Join us tomorrow for regular live updates of Day 3 of the second Test.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 311/1 II Overs: 92 (Pujara 162*, Vijay 129*)

Puajara is dropped

Doherty finally gets Pujara's outside edge, but the chance goes begging as the ball brushes past Wade's gloves and goes over the man at slip. A late wicket would've been a consolation, but the Aussies' cruel luck doesn't even spare them that. Last over coming up...


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 305/1 II Overs: 90 (Pujara 156*, Vijay 129*)

India reaches 300

India's dominance is asserted with the latest landmark as the score ticks past 300 with the woefully out-of-form Sehwag the only man dismissed so far. The partnership is worth 288 runs already and the lead is now 68.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 295/1 II Overs: 88 (Pujara 155*, Vijay 121*)

Pujara goes past 150

Pujara has stroked on, going past his 150 now. This should be a cause for more celebration than the century one, and to emphasize that, Pujara pulls a short one for a six to bring up his landmark. Excellent stroke-play by the young lad. Last 5 overs for the day as India's lead stretches to 58.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 272/1 II Overs: 84 (Pujara 133*, Vijay 120*)

Australia have the new ball, the partnership crosses 250

Australia grabbed at the new ball like a 4 year-old tempted with some candy. But India have only affirmed their strong position with more confidently dominant batting as the partnership goes past the 250-run milestone. Ten overs left in the day now as India lead by 35 runs.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 254/1 II Overs: 79 (Pujara 125*, Vijay 110*)

India are in the lead

India have been in the lead for a while now, but now the scoreboard shows it too. Shane Warne is into the attack as the Indian pair look to smash things around. Ah, no, it's an impostor! Warner's looking like Warne, running up like Warne, but his long hops are a fry cry from the spin wizard as Pujara sweeps him aside for a few fours, welcoming him to the attack. And India also get past 250, getting 14 from that Warne(r) over.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 240/1 II Overs: 78 (Pujara 112*, Vijay 109*)

Murali Vijay makes his century

Under-fire, under pressure, under the helmet, the man from down south Murali Vijay reaches a much-deserved and well fought century. Vijay brings up the second ton of his career by shimmying down the track and lofting Doherty to the extra cover boundary. Delightful four and an excellent Test hundred.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 219/1 II Overs: 75 (Pujara 105*, Vijay 93*)

The partnership is now worth 200 runs

Pujara flicks a four to the square leg boundary, bringing up the 200-run partnership in fine, elegant, cool style. India now trail by just 18 runs as Australia are just looking to bide their time till the new ball is available. Vijay is just 5 away from a pressure-relieving century.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 212/1 II Overs: 73 (Pujara 100*, Vijay 93*)

Pujara reaches his 100

Cheteshwar Pujara takes off his helmet and celebrates taking two runs because these are a special couple of runs for him as it takes him to a fluent and well-deserved century. And India are sitting very strong here. 15 runs off that last Maxwell over by the way!


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 210/1 II Overs: 72.4 (Pujara 98*, Vijay 93*)

India go past 200

Murali Vijay must have taken a massive offense to our last post and has stepped out to caress a couple of Maxwell deliveries for a six and then a four. He's swiftly moved into the 90s now.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 197/1 II Overs: 72 (Pujara 98*, Vijay 80*)

Pujara into the 90s

Puajara has confidently strode into the ever-so-cliche 'nervous' 90s. Vijay has played the anchor's role after tea and has prodded on to the 80s. A few landmarks coming up here...


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 171/1 II Overs: 64 (Pujara 79*, Vijay 73*)

150 run partnership comes up

The first over after tea goes for 11 as Pujara commands Henriques around. That also brings up the 150-run partnership. Pujara may have sipped on some energy drink (that gives you wings); he looks revitalised.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 160/1 II Overs: 63 (Pujara 73*, Vijay 73*)

India dominate as everyone's offered some tea (and biscuits)

TEA: Trailing by just 77 runs with 9 wickets in hand and two batsmen in fine touch at the crease, on 73 each, India are comfortably perched on the steering wheel as the SatNav is driving them steadily onward. Slow as the 0-60 (runs) was, the second session has yielded 106 firm runs in the allotted 30 overs. As the two teams sip on their choiciest beverage, the Aussies will need to think of something fresh to change the tide or they'll be out of the match sooner than you can say Chaminda Vaas' full name.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 150/1 II Overs: 61 (Pujara 69*, Vijay 67*)

India reach 150

Defensively sound and now judiciously attacking, this Indian pair has been increasingly impressive, operating like a Japanese car on a German highway. The Aussie morale feels like Antarctica's average temperature - exceedingly low and no signs of a dramatic rise. The score ticks past 150 as the Indians now trail by just 87 runs.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 121/1 II Overs: 51 (Pujara 54*, Vijay 55*)

50 for Pujara; 100 for the partnership

A glorious cover drive off Maxwell's over-pitched delivery bring up a couple more land-marks adding more wet cement to India's stronghold on the game right now. Pujara reaches his 50 and the only concern with him is his knee, which isn't quite reacting the way he'd like. He and Vijay have, besides, added over a 100 runs for the second wicket now.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 103/1 II Overs: 42 (Pujara 40*, Vijay 53*)

Murali Vijay hits a six to complete his half-century

The under-fire Murali Vijay has struggled, toiled, prodded, sweated and even eaten his lunch. But all of it is beginning to pay off as he's breaking free, slamming a six right back over Doherty's head to bring up his 50. That also brings up India's 100.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 76/1 II Overs: 35 (Pujara 30*, Vijay 36*)

50 run partnership is up

Pujara and Vijay have emerged from their post-lunch gargles with food and fire in their sturdy tummies. The runs have been easier to get so far in this session as the Aussies are desperate to make a breakthrough. The partnership is now worth 59 runs thanks to a spate of splendid offside boundaries by Pujara off Pattinson's latest over. Pujara's placing it very expertly at the moment.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 54/1 II Overs: 29 (Pujara 15*, Vijay 30*)

LUNCH: India cross 50

LUNCH: It feels awful to subject someone to the possiblity of the commentator's curse, but we've got to say it as it is. Vijay has gained in confidence, stepping out to Doherty a couple of times, even lofting him magnificently over extra cover for a sparkling boundary. He also drives one straight to short cover and the baggy green lads appeal for an uncertain catch but replays show it was a bum ball, bouncing right after it hit his bat. Pattinson, James and not Robert, is into the attack from the other end, and a gifted full-toss by him is graciously caressed to the cover boundary for four by Vijay.

India, by the way, have reached their 50 as the two batsmen at the crease look to push on. But before they do that, they'll get to have some grub and gruel or whatever it is that free people consume for lunch!


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 43/1 II Overs: 26 (Pujara 13*, Vijay 21*)

Pujara survives close run out call

Vijay pushed one to mid off and went off for what would be a conveniently quick single, but Warner slung that towards the striker's end, hitting the stumps directly and it seemed like Pujara was struggling. Replays show he was just in and the partnership remains intact. Great fielding there by the Aussie opener. Another great bit of fielding on the ropes saves them two more runs. The Indians are being made to toil and sweat for every run here!


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 34/1 II Overs: 20 (Pujara 6*, Vijay 19*)

India plod on as runs dry up

With 17 runs in 12 overs, this partnership has been at the crease but have little to show for it so far. Vijay, though, looks confident in defence now and let's hope he is pacing himself for a big innings.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 28/1 II Overs: 12 (Pujara 5*, Vijay 14*)

Sehwag goes; commentator's curse strikes again

We spoke too early. The partnership ended at 17 as Sehwag edges one through to Wade, departing for a measly 6! Pujara has started well. As or Vijay, let's not jinx it. But he's batting well.

Sehwag c Wade b Siddle 6 (19b)


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 17/0 II Overs: 7 (Sehwag 6*, Vijay 8*)

India's best opening partnership in the series!

Vijay had a fortuitous first boundary, half playing a shot over gully, but a few confident shots off the pads later, the pair has clocked their biggest partnership of the series so far. Not a grand feat considering their previous two stands were worth 11 and 16. Pattinson and Siddle, meanwhile, are bowling in tandem. While the former is bang on the money, Siddle is straying onto the pads a little, making it easier for the duo.


INDIA (1st innings) Score: 5/0 II Overs: 3 (Sehwag 4*, Vijay 0*)

DAY 2: The first hour will be especially important as a few quick wickets for the Aussie bowlers could bring them right back in the game. The under-pressure openers negated a tricky three overs last evening, but looked far from confident event then.

Earlier on Day 1, Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. Good swing bowling from Bhuvneshwar Kumar earned him three quick wickets as the men from down under looked to be crumbling again.

Day 1 round-up»

But captain fantastic Michael Clarke came to his team`s rescue once more as he and Wade scored a half-century each to give the Aussies the uper hand going into the third session.

The day, though, ultimately belonged to the Indians as they reduced Australia from 208-4 to 237-9 when Clarke`s surprising but shrewd declaration meant the out-of-form Indian openers had to negotiate three overs before the end of play.

Day 2 is set up well and while the Indians will hope to completely wrest control of the match, the Aussies will look to get a ew early breakthroughs and trouble the slightly circumspect Indian batting lin-up.