India vs Australia: Hyderabad Test, Day 4 - As it happened...

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Hyderabad: Updates from Day 4 of the second Test being played between India and Australia at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.


Man of the Match: Cheteshwar Pujara for his brilliant double hundred.

India have beaten Australia comprehensively here by an innings and 135 runs. India take a 2-0 lead in the four match series.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 131/10 II Overs: 59 (Doherty: 1*)

Ashwin picks up his fifth wicket and this is the end of Australia’s innings. Pattinson is trapped right in front of the stumps.

JL Pattinson lbw b Ashwin 0 (27b 0x4 0x6)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 130/9 (Trail by 136) II Overs: 59 (Pattinson: 0*, Doherty: 0*)

Siddle goes this time and who else but Jadeja gets him. This one was bowled on off stump and turning away from the right hander. The batsman got an outside edge which hit Dhoni’s gloves and was taken by Kohli.

The first ball off the next over from Ashwin gets Wade. He is caught at slips again. We have witnessed a grand Aussie collapse this morning.

MS Wade c Sehwag b Ashwin 10 (28b 1x4 0x6)

PM Siddle c Kohli b Jadeja 4 (14b 0x4 0x6)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 123/7 (Trail by 143) II Overs: 54.1 (Wade: 7*)

Ashwin gets Maxwell this time with one that did not turn much. Maxwell was playing for the turn but was beaten completely and was wrapped in front of the stumps.

GJ Maxwell lbw b Ashwin 8 (22b 1x4 0x6)


Henriques is run out. Jadeja again in the action as the batsmen took off for a quick single, Jadeja fumbled but recovered brilliantly to get a direct hit which found Henriques short by a long way.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 111/5 (Trail by 155) II Overs: 48 (Wade: 3*, Henriques: 0*)

Another one for Jadeja. Cowan this time gets an edge which gets a deflection off Dhoni’s gloves and goes straight to the man at slip. Cowan looks disappointed with something and shakes his head frantically. It's probably an expression of his inability to handle the quality spin that the Indians have been dishing to the Aussies.

EJM Cowan c Sehwag b Jadeja 44 (150b 6x4 0x6)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 108/4 (Trail by 158) II Overs: 46 (Cowan 44*)

Jadeja has picked up the big wicket of Michael Clarke with a peach of a delivery. The ball pitched on middle stump and turned just enough to beat Clarke’s defence and crash onto the stumps. Big breakthrough for India.

MJ Clarke b Jadeja 16 (31b 0x4 1x6)


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 92/3 (Trail by 174) II Overs: 41 (Cowan 34*, Clarke: 10*)

Ishant has been bowling a very tight line and length and has looked threatening throughout. Jadeja has also been very accurate and has maintained a tight leash on the batsmen. Clarke steps out and smashes him for a SIX over mid off. That will release the pressure a bit. Jadeja should not feel discouraged to toss the ball up.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 85/3 (Trail by 181) II Overs: 39 (Cowan 33*, Clarke: 4*)

Ishant and Dhoni seem to have a strategy in place to bowl slightly down the leg side to the right hander. A leg slip would be a nice idea if they plan to continue this line to the right hander. Clarke gets off strike with a single and we have a leg slip in place for Cowan. Ishant looking fired up this morning and the early wicket will certainly do his confidence a lot of good.

Jadeja bowling to a very aggressive field. The Indians have the liberty of a huge first innings lead and can afford to be very attacking with their field setting and Dhoni is surrounded the batsmen with fielders close by. Cowan plays one in the air between the two short leg fielders. Jadeja looking a totally different bowler with this field.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 75/3 (Trail by 191) II Overs: 35 (Cowan 27*)

Ishant coming from wide of the crease and angling the ball in to the left handed Cowan. Cowan gets the first runs off the morning with a thin inside edge that goes past Dhoni for a single. Ishant gets the wicket of Watson. The ball was reversing from middle stump and Watson, who was trying to flick the ball through fine leg, got a thin edge and was very well held by Dhoni behind the stump.

SR Watson c Dhoni b Sharma 9 (35b 0x4 1x6)

AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 74/2 (Trail by 192) II Overs: 34 (Cowan 26*, Watson 9*)

Ishant Sharma starts proceedings for India. Shikhar Dhawan has taken the field in place of Pujara who pulled a hamstring on day 3. Ishant switches to bowling from round the wicket mid way through the over. Cowan fends off a descent first over from Ishant.

Ravindra Jadeja gets a bowl from the other end with two slips and a short leg. Watson on strike. Watson plays one towards short leg which goes low in the air. Good start from Jadeja. No run off the over.


All set for play to begin on day 4 of the Hyderabad Test. India will be looking to wrap things up with their in form spinners leading the way. Australia on the other hand will be looking to form partnerships and somehow get a draw out of what has been a one sided match so far.


AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Score: 74/2 (Trail by 192) II Overs: 32 (Cowan 26*, Watson 9*)

India ended the third day on top once again. Some counter-attack from the Aussie batsmen after their spinners finally got India`s middle and lower order out quickly might have helped, but losing two wickets has kept them on the backfoot, against the Hyderabadi wall.


Cowan and Watson will have to bat for a long time today if the Aussies want to avoid losing this. They still trail by 192 runs and we have 6 sessions of play left with a minimum of 180 overs, most of them by the spinners.

Pujara and Maxwell will cherish the third day’s play as both did exceedingly well, while the former scored his 2nd Test double ton so early in his career, Maxwell picked up 4 wickets and should / could have had more.