India vs Australia - Mohali Test, Day 2: As it happened...

Updated: Mar 15, 2013, 08:27 AM IST

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Here's a wrap of the second day's play in the third Test between India and Australia, as it happened:


AUSTRALIA Overs: 104 II Score: 273/7 (Smith 58*, Siddle 20*)

That's it for the day

STUMPS: The bails are off and the Aussies will be thankful it's not Ishant Sharma's in-swinger that's caused it. At stumps, Australia will be unhappy given their excellent first session and opening wicket stand, but India have pulled it back with some excellent spin bowling and an impressive Ishant Sharma. Cowan was lucky but plucky in his 86 and Warner played well to score 71 before the excellent Jadeja struck.

Comeback kid Steven Smith has batted very well and remains unbeaten on 58 while Starc has started well to reach a quick 20 off 21 balls. Australia will hope they keep this partnership going on day 3. But as it stands, it's India on top after day 2 at Mohali.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 98.1 II Score: 251/7 (Smith 56*, Siddle 0*)

Siddle is dismissed!

OUT! Jadeja picks up another wicket. This time its Siddle who is beaten by the flight and trapped right in front of the stumps. No second fiddle work for Peter Siddle today. Starc walks in.

P Siddle lbw b Jadeja 0 (14b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 95 II Score: 245/6 (Smith 50*, Siddle 0*)

Steven Smith reaches his 50

Comeback kid Steven Smith nudges one past a diving mid off to amble across, completing his 50. He has been very impressive and, in spite of the wickets falling around him, he's stayed strong without getting terribly bogged down. This is his third international Test 50.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 93.3 II Score: 244/6 (Smith 49*, Siddle 0*)

Ishant Sharma gets another one!

OUT! Two balls later, Sharma produces a ripper of a delivery that crashed into the stumps, through the bat-and-pad gate, flicking off the pad on the way, and Henriques must leave early. Sharma is on a roll here, and bowling some comparatively fierce stuff. He's getting quite some swing too. Siddle is the new man in.

Henriques b Sharma 0 (2b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 93.1 II Score: 244/5 (Smith 49*)

Ishant Sharma castles Haddin

OUT! Ishant Sharma exults as he gets his first wicket. Haddin's handy hand-work has been halted by Sharma as the not-terribly-pacy pacer hurls one short and wide and the Aussie keeper-batsman slashed at it and only managed getting an under-edge, taking the ball onto the stumps. Important wicket here for India as Haddin had gotten a start already.

Haddin b Sharma 21 (36b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 90 II Score: 237/4 (Haddin 18*, Smith 45*)

Haddin, Smith going strong

Smith and Haddin are playing in spurts of aggression with patches of quiet. It seems to be working so far as the pair has put on 39 runs already. But they'll need to keep firm so that Australia can wrest control of the inning once again. Smith is closing in on his 50, meanwhile.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 79 II Score: 205/4 (Haddin 6*, Smith 28*)

200 up for Australia

Haddin gets off the mark with a thumping six right back over Ojha's head. Two attacking batsmen at the crease now. That shot also brings up Australia's 200. Good omen, that start? We'll find out soon enough!


AUSTRALIA Overs: 78 II Score: 198/4 (Haddin 0*, Smith 27*)

Cowan finally dismissed

OUT! Ashwin gets turn and bounce and his due reward as Kohli eventually holds on to one that's come off the edge at slips. Cowan's played well but has given half-chances so far. This one, though, was easier than the others and Kohli makes no (further) mistake. Big wicket for India and Ashwin gets his first. He's been bowling very well. Haddin is the new man in.

Cowan c Kohli b Ashwin 86 (238b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 77 II Score: 197/3 (Cowan 86*, Smith 26*)

Cowan survives another half-chance

DROPPED! And Cowan the Cat is into his fourth life as Pujara drops a marginally tough one at forward short leg off an unlucky Ashwin's bowling. Replays suggest it was easier than evident at first glance. That should have been taken given the level and importance of that wicket. Cowan survives.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 72 II Score: 180/3 (Cowan 76*, Smith 19*)

India dominate the second session

TEA: It's time for a cuppa as Smith and Cowan are going about rebuilding the innings after three quick wickets earlier this session put the pressure back on the men from down under. Smith has had to rein in his attacking instinct a little, but he's shown glimpses of his flair already. Cowan, meanwhile, has dropped anchor and tried to clear the waters. The second session has belonged to the Indians.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 66 II Score: 169/3 (Cowan 68*, Smith 16*)

Steven Smith looking to coutner-attack

23 year-old Steven Smith has that brash confidence that comes from being 23 and having played only 5 Test matches before this one. He's hit a couple of nifty boundaries and now he's skipped down the track to whack one back over Ojha's head for a six. This may help ease the pressure a little as the Aussies were beginning to get a little bogged down. Looks like Sharma may be brought back into the attack now.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 59.3 II Score: 151/3 (Cowan 66*, Smith 0*)

Ojha gets Hughes!

OUT! Hughes' nighmarish record against spin continues as Ojha gets one to spin in to the left-hander who gloves it through to a deft Dhoni who has, by now, been involved in all three dismissals! Smith is the new man in.

Hughes c Dhoni b Ojha 2 (31b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 59 II Score: 150/2 (Cowan 65*, Hughes 2*)


Kohli has had an awfully poor day at slip and he coumpounds it when Cowan's outside edge hits MSD's pad and jumps up and Kohli grabs at it, but the chance is grassed. Once again. That's the easiest of the three chances and really should have been taken. A third life for Cowan!


AUSTRALIA Overs: 56 II Score: 146/2 (Cowan 62*, Hughes 1*)

Hughes gets off the mark!

Jadeja has spun India back into an attacking position. The score still suggests the Aussies are on top, but the momentum is shifting. After the Clarke got out, India bowled 4 straight maiden overs before Cowan picked up a single off Ashwin. Meanwhile, Hughes has scored his first run against spin in 59 balls where he's been dismissed four times. An ironic round of applause as he scampers through.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 50 II Score: 139/2 (Cowan 56*, Hughes 0*)

No hat-trick...

And Hughes somehow evades the hat-trick ball, fending off an accurate delivery and making sure it doesn't drop to one of the four close-in fielders. India on the attack now and how things have changed in the space of 2 deliveries. Warner and Clarke are back in the pavillion and the pressure is back on the Aussies. Great bowling by Jadeja!

Meanwhile, feel free to fling the choiciest criticism and non-abusive (we'd have to screen them) comments at this article that I wrote before this Test match began, explaining, rather prematurely, that Sir Ravindra Jadeja should be dropped from the Mohali match!

5 reasons why Ravindra Jadeja should be dropped»


AUSTRALIA Overs: 48 II Score: 139/2 (Cowan 56*, Hughes 0*)

Jadeja gets another!

OUT! I'm probably the biggest Jadeja-doubter but he's now on a hat-trick. Michael Clarke's gotten out first ball, as he waltzes down the pitch to offer a defensive stroke. Jadeja sees him early and drops it shorter and it beats Clarke's untouched bat and Dhoni breaks the stumps sharply. He'll get his chance to take a hat-trick next over. Hughes the new man in.

Clarke st Dhoni b Jadeja 0 (1b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 47.5 II Score: 139/1 (Cowan 56*, Clarke 0*)

Jadeja gets Warner

OUT! And Ravindra Jadeja continues to impress on this tour as he picks up a vital first wicket for India, getting the danger-man Warner thanks to an inside edge that hits the pads and lobs for an easy catch for MSD. Michael Clarke walks in at number 3.

Warner c Dhoni b Jadeja 71 (147b)


AUSTRALIA Overs: 44 II Score: 130/0 (Cowan 53*, Warner 65*)

Fifty for Cowan

The 'homework' and PPTs seem to have worked. For Warner and Cowan in any case. The two have continued firmly post-lunch and the Indians are being made to toil on the first, I mean second, day's play in Mohali. Cowan has stood strong, starting quietly but steadily growing in confidence, and he's gotten a mini reward as he raises his bat ater reaching a much-needed 50.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 36 II Score: 109/0 (Cowan 43*, Warner 54*)

Australia take the first session

LUNCH: Kohli has been a little slow yet again as Jadeja gets Warner's outside edge this time and the ball wafts past the slip-fielder's right hand and saunters away to the boundary. A couple of half-chances that haven't been taken could prove to be crucial misses or India.

But some firm batting by the Aussies means they take the first session and it'll be the Indian think-tank that'll have to do some serious thinking at lunch-time. A Power-Point presentation on 'how the break this partnership' anyone?


AUSTRALIA Overs: 35.4 II Score: 105/0 (Cowan 43*, Warner 50*)

Warner reaches his 50

David Warner has scored his second fifty of the series and this time he'll be hoping to really make this start count. He's dug deep, playing uncharacteristically slow after getting off to a strong start and he's setting himself up for a big one. India, meanwhile, will be hoping they get a couple fo quick wickets to peg back the Aussies who have dominated the match so far.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 34 II Score: 100/0 (Cowan 42*, Warner 46*)

Century for the opening partnership

The two have played themselves in and are really making it count now. With a more-or-less even share of the scoring, the two have now taken Australia past 100. While Ojha did get Cowan's edge which fizzed past Kohli's hand, too fast for the slip fielder, the batsmen have, otherwise, remained steady and strong.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 27 II Score: 80/0 (Cowan 31*, Warner 37*)

Spin from both ends now

Ojha is now into the attack as well and it's spin from both ends. But Australia are negotiating the bowling very expertly at the moment, constantly gaining in confidence. Cowan's been excellent post the drinks break.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 20 II Score: 61/0 (Cowan 18*, Warner 36*)

50-run opening partnership

The 50-run partnership is up for the Aussie openers. But that's just a start and they'll be looking to really put together a big stand. They're playing Ashwin a lot better too!


AUSTRALIA Overs: 17 II Score: 48/0 (Cowan 13*, Warner 32*)

Slow and steady...

Ashwin is into the attack with the despondent Ishant Sharma and, in his first over, Ashwin troubled the batsmen early on. But Warner and Cowan have held their own and played out an important period of play without losing any wickets. They're building a good innings here, learning from their previous failures. Good batting by the two.

Meanwhile, even though Ojha hasn't bowled yet and Dhawan hasn't really had anything to do either, check out this short piece on India's team changes while the players have drinks. No, not the alcoholic sort. Just some glucose water or whatever it is they have.

Ojha finally recalled, Dhawan makes his debut»


AUSTRALIA Overs: 8 II Score: 27/0 (Cowan 5*, Warner 20*)

A steady start

Australia have started firmly here. Cowan and Warner are looking to play themselves in and negotiate any early movement that the pitch might offer. It should be a grand track for batting after that. Warner has slotted two more boundaries, but Cowan is nudging around, grabbing singles here and there.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 1 II Score: 9/0 (Cowan 1*, Warner 8*)

An eventful first over

An interesting first over here. The first ball swings back in towards Cowan and the bowler puts in an early appeal, just to clear his voice. Next ball, a single on the offside - first runs on the board. Warner's first ball sees a strong and valid appeal but the umpire doesn't raise his finger. Replays show the ball pitched marginally outside leg-stump so that's probably the right decision. That's followed up by two offside boundaries to wrap up an eventful first over. Ishant Sharma will steam in from the other end.


AUSTRALIA Overs: 0 II Score: 0/0 (Cowan 0*, Warner 0*)

Here we go...

Ed Cowan is taking guard as Warner stands firmly at the other end. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball in his hand and will be hoping he can start off the way he did in the previous Test match where he grabbed three early wickets. First ball coming up...


Toss: Australia have won the toss and elected to bat first.


India: S Dhawan, M Vijay, C Pujara, S Tendulkar, V Kohli, R Jadeja, MS Dhoni (cap/wk), R Ashwin, P Ojha, B Kumar, I Sharma.

Australia: D Warner, E Cowan, P Hughes, M Clarke (cap), S Smith, B Haddin (wk), M Henriques, X Doherty, M Starc, P Siddle, N Lyon.

Previously: After a completely washed out day 1, the cricketers in Mohali wake up to a sunny Friday morning. An early start is expected as the two teams will be raring to take the field. While Australia announced their playing eleven yesterday - not much of a surprise given the fact that they barely had 12 men available for selection after PPT-gate - India announced their line-up today and apart from Dhawan replacing Sehwag, Ojha has also come back in place of Bhajji, who will miss out on playing on his home turf.