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India vs Australia 2013, 1st ODI - As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/Feroz Khan


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INDIA Overs: 49.4 II Score: 232/10

Vinay scored his first boundary in the 46th over thanks to an outside edge that ran between the keeper and the slips fielder as he was looking to go over midwicket. Seven runs from the over. Adam Voges was brought back after he had given away nine runs in his first over. His next resulted in seven runs. The next by Johnson fetched India two runs. Voges continued and got his first wicket in the 49th over cleaning up Vinay Kumar. He scored 11 (19b, 4X1). Ishant Sharma came into bat next. Three runs and a wicket in the over. Aaron Finch bowled the final over and picked the final India wicket removing Bhuvneshwar Kumar as India were bowled out for 232 losing by 72 runs.

INDIA Overs: 45 II Score: 210/8

End of powerplay overs. OUT! And McKay removed the last strand of hope that was left in MS Dhoni for an Indian victory! He cleaned him up and the celebration that followed indicated the importance of his wicket for the Aussies. He scored 19 (22b, 4X2). Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new man in the middle. Three runs and a wicket in the over. Doherty into his final over and he gave away just three runs. End of his quote of 10 overs. OUT! McKay picked his second wicket in R Ashwin after having Ashwin caught by Watson at mid off after taking the aerial route. He scored 5 (10b). Vinay Kumar is the new man in the middle. Two runs and a wicket in the over. Johnson returned to the attack and off his sixth delivery, Bhuvi scored his first boundary hitting it over point. McKay finished his quota of 10 overs in which he picked up two wickets while giving away just 36 runs.

INDIA Overs: 40 II Score: 193/6

James Faulkner bowled the first over of batting powerplay. Nothing significant happened in the over part from the fact that Dhoni twice asked for a change of bat. However, in the next over of Watson, came 10 runs including two boundaries – both to Dhoni. The first came off the first delivery through point while the next was a result of a pull behind square leg region. The 38th over proved to be a tight one from Faulkner as in it came only three singles. George Bailey summoned Clint McKay and off his penultimate delivery, Jadeja scored his first boundary over covers. Seven runs came in the over. Faulkner further dented India’s chances in the match by removing Jadeja who was caught superbly by skipper Bailey at mid on. It was a short delivery from Faulkner and Jadeja offered a pull but could only manage to hit it towards mid on. He scored 11 (18b, 4X1). R Ashwin is the new man in the middle. A wicket and just two runs in the over.

INDIA Overs: 35 II Score: 167/5

An outside edge that raced away to the third man fence got Kohli his fifth boundary in the 31st over. The next run in the over came off the fifth delivery via a single to Kohli. Five runs from it. The 32nd over by Doherty was a maiden. Watson was reintroduced into the attack in the 33rd over. In it came five singles. Doherty continued and gave away just four runs in his penultimate over of the match. Watto snared Virat Kohli off his fourth delivery of the 35th over. He didn’t look happy as umpire raised his finger adjudging him out lbw after taking sometime. Ravindra Jadeja came in as next batsman.

INDIA Overs: 30 II Score: 150/4

Clint McKay was brought back into the attack in the 27th over and Kohli drove his first for a superb boundary. OUT! Faulkner gets the wicket of Rain who was caught by, well, Doherty at third man. Raina was looking to go big over midwicket fence but could only manage an outside edge. He scored 39 (45b, 4X2, 6X1). His departure brought in-form batsman Yuvraj to the crease and he began his innings in an intimidating fashion hitting the third delivery he faced out of the park for a six. However, Johnson gave India a jolt as he removed Yuvraj Singh off the final delivery of the 29th over. This was quick and short from Johnson and Yuvraj could only manage an edge that was taken by wicketkeeper Phil Hughes. Three runs and a wicket in the over. Off the 30th by Doherty came three singles - the last of which resulted in Kohli's fifty. India now need 155 runs from 20 overs with six wickets remaining.

INDIA Overs: 25 II Score: 125/2

Faulkner was the culprit as he dropped Raina at covers denying Doherty a wicket off the first delivery of the 21st over. To add insult to injury, Raina later charged down the track and hit one past the bowler’s end for a boundary. Adam Voges was introduced in the next over and Kohli struck consecutive boundaries in it – both through extra cover regions. The next boundary also came from the bat of Kohli in the 24th over as he pulled the second delivery from Faulkner to midwicket. Raina continued to make Doherty suffer with a fabulous stroke for a maximum over long on fence. 11 runs came in the over.

INDIA Overs: 20 II Score: 87/2

Watto continues and in his third over came just three runs. Mitchell Johnson returned in the 16th over and gave just three singles while off the next, India could only manage a single. The Australians have tightened the screws here at Pune. Required run rate is now 7.06. A couple of wickets here will see Australians taking charge of the game. Raina finally brought the first boundary in eight overs for India in the 19th over sending the second delivery from Johnson to deep backward square leg fence. Six runs from the over for India. 20 overs have been bowled an India are 87/2 needing another 218 runs from 180 deliveries to win this game.

INDIA Overs: 15 II Score: 72/2

Spin in Xavier Doherty was introduced in the 11th over. Kohli and Rohit scored a boundary each in the over taking the total from the over to 12 runs. Shane Watson replaced McKay in the next and gave away six runs in it. Four runs came in the 13th over bowled by Doherty. The required run rate is slowly climbing up for India. Watson removed Rohit Sharma in his next over after the latter edged fifth delivery of the over to wicketkeeper Phil Hughes who took a good catch. He scored 42 (47b, 4X6). He must be disappointed with that as he was looking to guide a short one from Watson to third man region. Suresh Raina comes in to bat next. Doherty continues. Raina opened his account with a single off the second delivery of the over. Six singles in the over. At the same stage Australia were 85/0.

INDIA Overs: 10 II Score: 43/1

McKay continued from the other end. Rohit was lucky as he got a thick edge off that went just wide of a diving Brad Haddin racing away to the fence for a boundary. Seven runs came in the over. Bailey brought James Faulkner into the attack replacing Johnson. An overthrow from Maxwell resulted in an unnecessary boundary off the first. OUT! Faulkner removed dangerman Shikhar Dhawan off his second delivery as he got an outside edge that was taken by wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. Dhawan scored 7 (15b, 4X1). Virat Kohli came in to bat at No. 3. However, during celebrations, Faulkner accidently poked Haddin in the eye that needed some treatment. Six runs and a wicket in the over. McKay continued and off his six charges, just one resulted in a run. Rohit went for a drive off the first delivery of the next over and earned a boundary as the ball raced through long off. The third delivery was played to midwicket region resulting in second boundary. The sixth delivery was on his legs and he played it fine for his fifth boundary. An expensive over this from Faulkner – 12 runs came in it. McKay into the 10th over now. Hits the seam and beats the outside edge of Kohli. Just two runs in it.

INDIA Overs: 5 II Score: 15/0

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan in the middle for India as they look to chase down Australian target of 305 runs to win the first ODI at Pune. Mitchell Johnson began the proceedings from the visitors’ end. Both the openers have opened their accounts with a single as Johnson continued to rock the speedometer clocking in excess of 150 kmph on four occasions. Clint McKay bowled the second over and in it came four runs. Johnson continued to bowl a tight line and length not allowing the Rohit Sharma to free his arms. A single off the last brought some respite. Indians continued to search for runs in the next but could only manage a single. The fifth over, by Johnson, saw Rohit score the first boundary of the Indian innings hitting the fifth delivery through point.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 50 II Score: 304/8

Vinay’s last delivery of the 46th over was short and Bailey pulled it away for his ninth boundary. Ashwin got his second wicket in the next over in George Bailey who was caught by Suresh Raina at deep midwicket. Bailey scored 85 (82b, 4X10). He had hit the previous delivery for boundary. Mitchell Johnson came in to bat next. James Faulkner took the reins in his hands as he struck two consecutive sixes – both over long on fence. 16 runs came in it. The next over also turned out to be a good one for the Aussies as in it came nine runs including two back-to-back boundaries by Johnson. Dhoni entrusted Ishant with the responsibility to bowl the final over of the innings and he responded well removing big-hitting Faulkner by having him caught by Vinay Kumar at extra cover. Faulkner scored 27 (22b, 6X2). Clint McKay ensured that Australia ended their innings with a score of 300+ on board by hitting the fourth and fifth delivery from Ishant for a boundary and a maximum.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 45 II Score: 251/6

Six runs came in the 41st and 42nd over – three in each. Ashwin finally got his name in the wickets column trapping Brad Haddin in front after attempting to play one from Ashwin to his leg side. He scored 10 (14b, 4X2). Four runs and a wicket in the over. Bhuvneshwar Kumar returned for another spell and gave away 10 runs including two boundaries to George Bailey. In the next over, came seven runs – six by Bailey that included a boundary as well.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 40 II Score: 224/5

Batting powerplay underway and Dhoni summoned the services of Vinay Kumar who responded well leaking just three runs. The next however, borough Aussies some runs as Maxwell dispatched a full toss from Ashwin over backward square leg fence for a maximum. 12 runs came in it. The next over turned out to be a bittersweet affair for Vinay as he not only had his revenge by claiming Maxwell’s wicket but also ended up leaking 14 runs. Those came thanks to two big hits from Maxwell’s resulting in two sixes – one over backward square leg boundary and the other over covers. However, in his zeal for going for some more, Maxwell ended up handing an easy catch to Rohit at cover-point. He scored 31 (23b, 4X1, 6X3). Brad Haddin came in to bat at no. seven. Jadeja came back in the 39th over and conceded just a single in it. Haddin got off the mark with consecutive boundaries in Vinay’s seventh over. Nine runs came in it.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 35 II Score: 185/4

R Ashwin returned in the 31st over and conceded just four in it. Ishant Sharma was brought back into the attack in the 31st over and in it Voges was run out. It was the sixth delivery of the over and Bailey set off for a quick single after playing it towards point. However, Yuvraj was quick to dispense with the ball making a direct hit before Voges could make his ground. He scored 7 (13b). Glenn Maxwell came in to bat next. Maxwell struck his first boundary in the 34th over, bowled by Ishant, employing a pull to midwicket fence. Off the 35th came three singles.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 30 II Score: 163/3

Bailey scored his third boundary in the 26th over pulling a short delivery from Yuvraj to deep midwicket boundary. However, it was Yuvraj who went on to provide the next breakthrough for India in his next over with the wicket of in-form batsman Aaron Finch. Finch failed to connect a loft properly as Yuvraj floated the first delivery of the 28th over. He ended up being caught by VIrat Kohli at long off. He scored 72 (79b, 4X8, 6X3). Hughe wicket this for India. Adam Voges came in to bat next. Bailey struck two boundaries in the 30th over, bowled by Yuvraj to backward square fence and midwicket region. 10 runs came in it.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 25 II Score: 136/2

Off the 21st over, came just four runs thanks to a boundary from the bat of Bailey through point. In the next came four singles. The 24th over turned out to be a good one for the visitors as in it came eight runs including a boundary to Bailey to deep backward square leg. Jadeja appealed for a lbw off the first delivery of his sixth over but umpire turned it down. Three runs came in it.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 20 II Score: 114/2

Seven runs came in the 16th over including a boundary to Finch off the second delivery. Jadeja’s second and innings’ 17th went for just four runs. Dhoni turned to Virat Kohli in the hope of getting a wicket and probably stemming the run flow. However, Finch gave him a cold welcome playing a late cut and reaching his first ODI fifty. Finch later flayed his fifth delivery over corers for his third maximum. 12 runs came in it. The breakthrough however was provided by Jadeja in the 19th over as Hughes was caught by Suresh Raina at leg slip after playing the second delivery that was turning to his legs fine. He scored 47 (53b, 4X5). Shane Watson joins Finch in the middle. Five runs and a wicket in the over. Yuvraj Singh into the attack now and OUT! The comeback man strikes for India firs ball removing dangerman Shane Watson who was caught by Jadeja at long on. He was looking to go big after Yuvi gave his first delivery some air. However, he holed out to the fielder at long on. Watson goes back after scoring just 2 (4b). Skipper George Bailey is the new man in the middle. Just one run and a wicket in the over.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 15 II Score: 85/0

Spin in R Ashwin introduced and off his final three deliveries came three singles. Dropped! Off the first delivery of the 12th over, Virat dropped a regulation catch of Hughes at backward point. Later in the over, Finch struck consecutive boundaries – both through point region. 10 runs were added to the total from Ishant’s second over. Off the first delivery of the next over, Finch struck his second six of the innings bending on one knee and sending it over midwicket fence. The next three deliveries produced no run while the fourth was cut past point for a boundary. 10 more runs added to the total. The duo is making up for a slow start to the innings. Off the next over by Ishant, came six runs. Dhoni brought Ravindra Jadeja into the attack as Indian team kept searching for their first breakthrough. Finch drove his fourth delivery with much power over extra cover for a boundary. Six runs came in it.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 10 II Score: 50/0

The sixth over by Vinay was a maiden. However, in the next Finch decided to break free collecting 14 runs in it. A single off the second delivery brought Finch to the strike and he sent the ball over mid on boundary for his first maximum. The next was played through covers for a boundary. He ended the over with another boundary playing it through midwicket region. Hughes chimed in with two boundaries off Vinay in the eighth over – the first through point while the next went to deep square leg boundary after Vinay dropped one short and Hughes went for the pull. Eight runs came in the over. Off the following, by Bhuvi, came six runs including an exquisite boundary through covers to Hughes. Ishant Sharma was brought into the attack and Hughes greeted him with a boundary to deep backward square leg fence. The next was played to midwicket region and Finch from the non-striker’s end immediately set off for a quick single. Hughes said no and Yuvraj fired in a throw finding timber but Finch was safely inside the crease. A single off the fourth delivery took the score to 50 runs.

AUSTRALIA Overs: 5 II Score: 13/0

Phil Hughes faced the first delivery of the match from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. A good length delivery to start with played to square leg for no run. Just one run from the over thanks to a leg bye. Vinay Kumar shared the new ball with Bhuvi and from his first came just two. Bhuvi’s next over was a maiden as well. Hughes broke the shackles in the third over by driving the third delivery from Vinay through extra cover for a boundary. Eight runs came in the over including a boundary, a single and a triple. The fifth over again was a tight one. Two runs came in it.

The players are in the middle. The Indian team in its customary huddle led by MS Dhoni. Phil Hughes and Aaron Finch will open the innings for Australia. From India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the proceedings. Just a quick reminder – India are bowling first after Australian captain George Bailey won the toss and elected to bat first. This Pune ODI marks the begining of a high-profile series between the two top ODI sides.

TOSS: Australia have won the toss and opted to bat first.

A dominant force in One-day cricket, India would look to retain its top spot in the rankings when they clash with a relatively inexperienced Australian side in a seven-match series, beginning from today.

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India: M S Dhoni (C), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, R Vinay Kumar, Amit Mishra, Jaydev Unadkat and Mohd. Shami.

Australia: George Bailey (C), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Callum Ferguson, Aaron Finch, Brad Haddin, Moises Henriques, Phil Hughes, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Clint McKay, Adam Voges, Shane Watson.

Umpires: Richard Kettleborough and Vineet Kulkarni

Third umpire: C Shamsuddin

Match Referee: Roshan Mahanama.

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