India vs Australia 2013: Ranchi ODI - As it happened...

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# The play has been called off due to rain.

# The game should resume as early as 9:10 pm for a 20-over innings. Otherwise, it will be called off. The revised target for India will be 150 in 20 overs if the match resumes.

#Some good news from Ranchi. The rain has reduced and currently, the groundstaff are working overtime to drain out the water.

#Not just drizziling now, it's pouring at Ranchi. There is no information regarding the state of the match. Things aren't looking good at the moment.

Weather update: It’s drizzling again. The news from the ground is that covers have been called in and the play has stopped for the second time due to rain.


Johnson has looked a different bowler in this series. He is more aggressive now. Just two runs in his second over. Off the first delivery of the fourth over by McKay, Dhawan skipped forward and collected his second boundary through covers. McKay managed to induce an edge from the bat of Rohit but that went wide of the slip fielder for a four. Nine runs in the over. A boundary to Dhawan off the first delivery of the fifth over as the southpaw uses the pace of the delivery to guide it to fine leg.


Mitchell’s first was full and Rohit gently pushed it through covers for a couple. A single off the next brought Dhawan on strike. The third was pitched short and Dhawan swayed out of the way and the rising delivery went over a leaping Haddin behind the stumps to the fence for four byes. Eight runs from the over. Johnson is bowling quick and getting the ball to swing as well. Clint McKay bowled the second over. Off his third delivery, Dhawan skipped down the track playing a cover drive for his first boundary. Just four from the over.

The in-form Indian openers - Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhwan have walked to the middle. Mitchell Johnson is warming up to bowl his first over. If Indian team do not lose quick wickets, they might run away with the match.


Dhoni called Ashwin to bowl the penultimate over of the Australian innings. OUT! Johnson danced down the track, was beaten and Dhoni took the bails off. He scored 25 (31b, 4X1, 6X1). Clint McKay came in to bat next. Five runs and a wicket in the over. Shami Ahmed bowled the final over of the innings. The first one was pitched on yorker length and Faulkner set off for a quick single hitting it to his leg. By the time Shami ran and threw it at the non-striker’s end, Faulkner was back in his crease. The ball got deflected and allowed Faulkner to steal another run. The third from Shami was short and McKay pulled it to midwicket fence for four. DROPPED!!! Sixth catch grassed by the Indian fielders! A horrible day for them at Ranchi today. This time the culprit was Dhawan who dropped Faulkner at covers. It was a difficult chance though. 12 runs from the over.


Dhoni continued to bowl the spinners. Four runs came in Jadeja’s penultimate over. Off the final delivery of the next over by Raina, Faulkner scored a much needed boundary through covers. Nine runs came from it. The next over began with another boundary, this time it came from the bat of Johnson through midwicket. Dropped! Johnson top edged one from Jadeja and Raina dropped the fifth catch by Indian fielders today. Johnson celebrated the amnesty by smacking a six off the next. 14 runs came in it.


The run flow has slowed down in the past five overs. The spin duo of Raina and Jadeja has done well so far. Thos two wickets of Bailey and Maxwell fell at the wrong time for the batting side as is evident from the fact that boundaries have dried up. Faulkner and Johnson cannot be considered specialist batsmen but they are known for big hitting. Just 13 runs added to the total in the past five overs.


OUT! Birthday boy Brad Haddin couldn’t make any significant contribution to the Australian total as he was cleaned up by Ravindra Jadeja off the third delivery of the 39th over. He scored 3 (4b). The hero of Mohali ODI came in to bat next. James Faulkner took the match from the grasp of Indian team by playing a blinder of an innings in the last ODI. Two runs and a wicket in the over. Vinay’s first three deliveries of the 40th over resulted in no runs. Spurred by the outcomes, he went for a short delivery – a ploy that has worked against him in the match so far. The delivery was on the legs and Maxwell deposited it over fine leg fence for a maximum. OUT! Vinay picked his second victim of the match in Maxwell by trapping him in front! Umpire took considerable time before raising the finger and Maxwell looked extremely disappointed on missing a deserved century by eight runs. He scored 92 (77b, 4X6, 6X5).


Batting powerplay taken. Dhoni brings his best bowler. Shami Ahmed was brilliant in his first spell. However, the Australians have found their rhythm and even Shami can’t do anything to stop the run flow. Two boundaries came in his seventh over – the first a result of an outside edge to third man while Maxwell picked the expertly picked the gap through cover fielders for successive boundary off the next. 10 runs from it. Ashwin returned only to leak 13 runs -- a majority of which came from the bat of Maxwell via a six and a boundary. OUT! And George Bailey falls short of his hundred by just two runs! It was the first delivery of the 38th over and Bailey, in his endeavour to collect more runs for the team, took the aerial route but was caught by Rohit Sharma at deep midwicket. Elevation was there but not the distance. He scored 98 (94b, 4X7, 6X3). Maxwell ended the over with another boundary. Six runs and a wicket in the over.


Raina continued and in his second over, came four runs. Maxwell spoiled Jadeja’s fifth over by pulling the sixth delivery over midwicket boundary for a maximum. Nine runs from it. This partnership has brought Australia back in the game. Raina’s third turned to be an expensive one as Bailey hit him for two consecutive boundaries – the first through midwicket while the next via a pull to deep square leg boundary. 11 runs came in it. Vinay Kumar replaced Jadeja. Just two runs came off his first five deliveries but it seems the Australians are reserving their best for the final delivery as the sixth delivery was dismissed over deep midwicket fence for a maximum. Dropped! The Indian fielders are having a hard day on the field today. Maxwell went for a late cut off and Dhoni failed to gobble a tough catch. A good over under the circumstances. Just three from it.


Five runs from Jadeja’s third over. Dhoni brought Yuvraj in the 27th over. And it turned out to be a good one for Australia as Bailey and Maxwell collected a boundary each in it. Bailey’s came off the third delivery to square leg while Maxwell struck the sixth delivery past point fielder to sweeper cover fence. 12 runs came in it. Pace returned in Jaydev Unadkat in the 28th over. However, the run flow continued for the Australians as in it came 12 runs including a four to Maxwell to deep square leg fence. Yuvraj, however, missed a quite tough chance at point off the sixth delivery as he failed to hold on to a catch from Maxwell. Suresh Raina introduced into the attack and five runs came from it. Jadeja came back and Maxwell reached his fifty in style hitting the first delivery of the over for his second six. Another big over for Australia as they added 11 runs to the total in it.


Ashwin continues to bowl tight giving away just four runs in his fifth over. He was now bowled five overs and allowed just 24 runs in them besides picking up a wicket. Ravindra Jadeja summoned to by Dhoni to bowl his first over of the game. Starts well as just two runs are added to the total. Spin in operation from both ends now. Maxwell frees his arms by smoking Ashwin for a biggie off the first delivery of 23rd over. That is the only scoring shot in the over. The next by Jadeja resulted in three runs. The Australians are getting comfortable now. Bailey moved to 49 with a six over deep midwicket boundary off the third delivery from Ashwin. He reached his fifty off the next with a single. 10 runs from the over.


Vinay Kumar continues. Three runs from his third over. Drinks Break. Play recommences after the short break. Ashwin continues and gives just four runs in it. Vinay’s first off the 18th over is shirt and Maxwell guides it to fine leg fence for his first boundary. He does well to recover from it and allows just one more off the next five deliveries. Five runs came in the 19th over. Dropped! Ashwin continued to be in the thick of the action as he grassed Bailey’ catch off Vinay’s bowling in the 20th over. This is the second time the Australian skipper has been given a life by the Indian fielders. He will sure be looking to punish them for their mistakes. Off the next, Maxwell scored his second boundary via a pull as Vinay dropped his third short. Six runs in it.


R Vinay into the attack now. And Bailey unleashes a cracking stroke, playing a cover drive off the first delivery for a boundary. The third delivery from Vinay was short and Bailey slapped it through midwicket region for the second boundary in three deliveries. He drops short again and this time Bailey gets the maximum result out of it depositing it over long on boundary for a six. 14 runs from the over. Shami continues. This is his sixth over. He strays and bowls his second on the legs resulting in four leg byes. That turned out to be the only scoring delivery. Four runs in the over. Spin in R Ashwin introduced for the first time in this match. Seven runs from it. Change of ends for Kumar. His first was pretty expensive. It seems to have worked for him as in his second, came four runs. OUT! And Ashwin breaks what seemed to be turning into a good partnership by trapping Voges in front. Voges depart after scoring just 7 (16b, 4X1). Australia are four wickets down now. Four runs and a wicket in the over.


Unadkat continues. Voges spoils what was turning out to be another good over by punching the sixth delivery from Unadkat through covers for his first boundary. That raced away to the fence in no time. Another good over from Shami as he continues to bowl with a tight line and length. An appeal was made by the slip fielders for a catch off the sixth delivery but Dhoni wasn't interested.


The play has resumed after a brief rain-interruption. Shami Ahmed is warming up to bowl the remaining four deliveries of his over. The third delivery is full and Watson plays it through long on region for a boundary. OUT! And Shami gives India their third breakthrough in Shane Watson who has been clean bowled by the pacer. A big gap between Watto’s bat and pad as he looked to play the sixth delivery from Shami through covers. The ball sneaked through it to disturb the bail. He scored 14 (19b, 4X3). Adam Voges is the new man in the middle.


It’s drizzling now and covers have been brought. The Indian team is still waiting near the boundary.


Shami into his third over now. And Hughes pulls the second delivery to fine leg boundary for his first four of the innings. OUT! Shami strikes again! And this time it’s Hughes who after poking his bat to a wide and rising delivery edged it to wicketkeeper Dhoni who did well to catch it. Hughes departs after scoring 11 (17b, 4X1). Skipper George Bailey is the next man in and dropped! Bailey could have been on his way back had Virat Kohli at third slip kept his calm and not made a mess of an easy chance. Bailey dropped at 0 by Kohli off Shami. Both the bowler and the fielder are disappointed. Some relief for Bailey. This could prove to be a costly mistake as Bailey has been in fine form this series. Nine runs and a wicket from the over. Off the next by Unadkat came just a single.


Jaydev into his second over. Just a single in the over. Shami starts his second from the other end. He is consistently clocking near 140 kph mark. A couple off the third and a single off the sixth takes the total to 9/1 after four overs. The fifth by Unadkat brought some runs for the visitors as Watson struck two boundaries in it. The first came off the third delivery to third man fence while the next came via a flick to deep square leg region.


Left-arm pacer Jaydev Unadkat has the new ball. Facing him is Aaron Finch. The conditions are conducive for fast bowling and some movement for Unadkat is evident. Finch finally gets his bat to touch the ball taking a single off the fifth delivery opening his account. Hughes on strike now and he safely leaves the sixth delivery for the wicketkeeper. Mohammad Shami to bowl the next over. And Finch his hit on the pads off the first delivery that was full and going towards leg. A loud appeal followed but umpire turned it down. The third delivery from Shami was short and Finch pulled it away to deep square leg fence for his first boundary. OUT! And Shami strikes in his first over for India! A brilliant delivery from the youngster as it goes through his Finch’s defences and crashes on the stumps. He scored 5 (10b, 4X1). Shane Watson is the new batsman. Four runs and a wicket from the over.

Aaron Finch and Phil Hughes have walked to the middle under the cover of grey clouds to take charge of the Australian innings at Ranchi. The visitors are unchanged. Indian team led by MS Dhoni has made two changes today. Ishant Sharma and Bhuneshwar Kumar have been dropped for this game while Jaydev Unadkat and Mohammad Shami have been included.

TOSS: India have won the toss and elected to bowl first.


IN: Jaydev Unadkat and Mohammad Shami

OUT: Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ishant Sharma

India were cruising along nicely in the second ODI when Ishant Sharma bowled the 48th over that became his and skipper MS Dhoni’s nightmare. James Faulkner took the Delhi pacer to cleaners and smacked him for 30 runs effectively snatching victory from the jaws of defeat for Australia. For the third consecutive time, Indian bowlers conceded 300-plus runs leaving their all-powerful batting line-up to chase a difficult target in two of the three games.

At his home ground today, Dhoni would like to leave the bowling disaster of the past three games behind and start on a fresh note after a break of three days. The Indian squad remains unchanged although a change in the final playing XI is expected. Australia will take field brimming with confidence after taking a lead of 2-1 in the seven-match ODI series.


India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c & wk), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, R Vinay Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Ambati Rayudu, Amit Mishra, Mohammad Shami and Jaydev Unadkat.

Australia: George Bailey (c), Phillip Hughes, Aaron Finch, Shane Watson, Adam Voges, Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Clint McKay, Xavier Doherty, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Callum Ferguson and Moises Henriques.

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