India vs England: 2nd Test, Day 3 - As it happened...


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All in all, a good day of cricket with both the sides enjoying their shares of glory. As it stands, India lead by 145 runs with two full days play left in the match. And it can be anybody's match.

Day 3 Report»

India Second Innings (295, England 319)

Over 63|| Score 169/4 (Vijay - 59, Dhoni - 12)

Moeen Ali arrived for the final over of the day. And he showed some generosity, allowing Indians to rotate the strike. Four runs from for singles. And the umpires call it a day.


Over 62|| Score 165/4 (Vijay - 57, Dhoni - 10)

Plunkett almost got the wicket of Dhoni. The Indian skipper came down the pitch, leaving the wicket open. But the ball missed the target. Don't really know what was Dhoni doing, it's still two days left in the match.

The very next ball, he got himself out of the stroke with a single. India's lead is 141 runs.


Over 61|| Score 164/4 (Vijay - 57, Dhoni - 9)

A maiden over followed Stokes tidy over. Indians aren't complaining though. They need to see out the remaining overs for today in the hope that during the sleep-over, they can conspire something favourable... like a good score.


Over 60|| Score 164/4 (Dhoni - 9, Vijay - 57)

Stokes completed a tidy over, conceding only one run. Vijay took off with a single off the first ball then, Dhoni played out the remaining five deliveries.

In between, the bowler let the focus on his platered toes.


Over 59|| Score 163/4 (Vijay - 56, Dhoni - 9)

India accrued five crucial runs accrue from the Anderson over. The over started with a dot ball with Vijay keeping unto himself, then four byes arrived as the bouncer got the better of Prior behind the stumps. Three dot balls, then a single for Vijay.

The partnership is now worth 40 runs. And the lead is 139.


Over 58|| Score 158/4 (Dhoni - 9, Vijay - 55)

Another single-run over for India. Vijay blocked the first ball of Stokes' over then took a single with a shot towards deep point. Afterwards, Dhoni played out four balls. India lead by 138 runs with 6 wickets remaining.


Over 57|| Score 157/4 (Dhoni - 9, Vijay - 54)

A single off Anderson's over as Dhoni seemed to struggle completing the run from Vijay's call. A direct hit from the substitute fielder on mid-on would have found the Indian skipper short of crease.


Over 56|| Score 156/4 (Dhoni - 9, Vijay - 53)

Another maiden over. This time from Stokes, from the Nursery End as Dhoni guarded his end with concern.


Over 55|| Score 156/4 (Vijay - 53, Dhoni - 9)

James Anderson returned to the attack and soon Vijay got into the groove, got back-to-back boundaries and raced to his fifty. Given the circumstances, it could prove one his best innings. For his 50, Vijay nogotiated 162 balls.


Over 54|| Score 145/4 (Vijay - 45, Dhoni - 9)

Another 45 minutes to play, and India got the scoreboard ticking with three runs off Plunkett's 11th over. The lead for India is 124.


Over 53|| Score 145/4 (Dhoni - 9, Vijay - 42)

Dhoni got into action with a four as Broad's enthusiasm seemingly went overbroad with an LBW appeal demanding some restraint.


Over 52|| Score 140/4 (Vijay - 42, Dhoni - 4)

Plunkett forced an otherwise reticent Dhoni to control his shots. A maiden over. These last 40/45 minutes have changed the momentum England's with some good bowling.

For India, Vijay's innings will be of prime importance as the batting line up stares down the tail end.


Over 51|| Score 140/4 (Vijay - 42, Dhoni - 4)

Broad continued with his usual ferocity. But ended up conceding six crucial runs as Vijay found a thick outside edge off the final ball of the over.


Over 50|| Score 134/4 (Dhoni - 4, Vijay - 37)

With fifty overs gone in the second innings, India extended the lead to 110. In Plunkett's ninth over, England gave away two byes. Should get a maiden for the bowler though.

A minimum of 18 overs left today.


Over 49|| Score 132/4 (Dhoni - 4, Vijay - 37)

Dhoni, who opened his account with a four slashing a short ball over gully off the first ball of Broad's 12th over, got some body blows. The final ball of the over hit Indian skipper on the biceps, side on. Must be pain absorbing the ferocity of the intent and also the pace.


Over 48|| Score 127/4 (Vijay - 37, Dhoni - 0)

Plunkett, with close-in fielders positioned following those quick wickets, tried all sorts of deliveries to force a shot or two from the Indian batsmen. A maiden over, though.

India's lead 103 runs, for wickets down.


Over 47|| Score 127/4 (Dhoni - 0, Vijay - 37)

Huge wicket, great delivery, great take, but pathetic decision. Rahane undone by a poor decision as the ball brushed his armguard before finishing inside the gloves of a diving Prior.

Broad's trick done the magic for England.

Rahane c Prior b Broad 5 (8b)

Then, Indian skipper got a hostile welcome with Broad sending down a snorter. Wicket maiden from Broad.


Over 46|| Score 123/3 (Vijay - 37, Rahane - 5)

India's first innings saviour, Rahane got off the mark with a boundary, an edge which flew through the slips. Then two balls later, got an inside edge for a single as India look to retart the building the innings again.


Over 44.5|| Score 118/3 (Vijay - 37, Rahane - 0)

On a brink, England got India on the back-foot with two wickets of successive deliveries.

It's drinks at Lord's as Broad followed up with five dot balls.


Over 44|| Score 118/3 (Rahane -0, Vijay - 37)

Big big wicket for England. Plunkett tempted Pujara to play an unnecessary shot and ball got the faintest of edge for Prior to complete the catch.

Pujara c Prior b Plunkett 43 (83b)

Then, off the next ball, Virat Kohli got a golden duck with the ball cutting inside the line to disturb the stumps. Kohli even failed to offer a shot, defensive or whatever.

Kohli b Plunkett 0 (1b 0x4)

On a hat-trick, Plunkett sprayed the next ball. Ajinkya Rahane is on.


Over 43|| Score 117/1 (Pujara - 43, Vijay - 36)

Pujara got gloves to the ball as it flew down the leg side for a four. There was some bounce from Broad as the ball climbed to an awkward height. Then there was huge LBW shout. Inside edge saved the day.


Over 42|| Score 113/1 (Vijay - 36, Pujara - 39)

Plunkett returned to the attack and conceded two runs. Vijay took two off the first ball of the over then played it safe. India's lead is 89.


Over 41|| Score 111/1 (Pujara - 39, Vijay - 34)

This time, Pujara sent a short delivery from Anderson for a four at the third man area as India continue to put pressure to England.


Over 40|| Score 107/1 (Vijay - 34, Pujara - 35)

Another good over for India as Vijay seemed to get bore playing defensive. Played two strokes with promise and got full rewards. From Stokes' second ball of the over, Vijay sent the half-volley through the cover for a four to bring up India's hundred. Then, off the final ball of the over, he flicked for for a four to third man area.


Over 39|| Score 98/1 (Pujara - 35, Vijay - 26)

Vijay took a single of the first ball of the Anderson's 13th over. With that single, India's lead extended to 75 runs.


Over 38|| Score 98/1 (Pujara - 35, Vijay - 25)

After a while, some runs off the bat as Pujara cut a loose ball from Stokes for a four past backward point. Earlier, two singles were taken off the over.


Over 37|| Score 92/1 (Vijay - 24, Pujara - 30)

Another one-run over from Anderson. As usual most of the deliveries fail to hit the target and batsmen are comfortable leaving them for good.


Over 36|| Score 91/1 (Pujara - 29, Vijay - 24)

Three runs from Stokes eighth over as Pujara and Vivay completed their 50-run partnership. Both the batsmen are in complete control of the proceedings are as the Lord's pitch has surprisingly taken an u-turn. By the look of it, it's turning out to be a perfect batting pitch.

Sounds like death knell ringing for England.


Over 35|| Score 88/1 (Pujara - 27, Vijay - 23)

A maiden over from Anderson, sixth from the 31-year-old right arm bowler.


Over 34|| Score 88/1 (Vijay - 23, Pujara - 27)

Pujara started with a single off Stokes, then Vijay consumed four deliveries before taking a single for himself as he cliff the ball towards square leg.

Now the lead is 68 and the partnership 48 runs.


Over 33|| Score 86/1 (Vijay - 22, Pujara - 26)

Anderson joined the attack from the Pavillion End and it's a maiden. Vijay, cool and calculated played out all six deliveries without much ado, leaving most of them.

With another two days in the match, Indians can afford to play by the time, waiting...


Over 32|| Score 86/1 (Vijay - 22, Pujara - 26)

Ben Stokes re-started the proceedings from the Nursery End. Two singles, one each to Vijay and Pujara keep the scorers busy.

It's learnt that England are alreay seven overs behind the schedule. And it's been a busy day for the hosts. Playing with four bowlers, they are struggling to match the focus from these two Indian batsmen.


Post tea session starts

Another 37 overs to play for the day and India will look to consolidate the lead, and possibly look for a result.

Over 31|| Score 84/1 (Vijay - 21, Pujara - 25)

A maiden over from Ali to wrap up the things at Lord's for the Tea. India now lead England by 60 runs with nine wickets in hand.

A 44-run stand between Vijay and Pujara from 17 overs have put India in a secure position, at least for now.


Over 30|| Score 84/1 (Vijay - 21, Pujara - 25)

Two runs off Anderson's ninth over as both the batsmen got a single each.


Over 29|| Score 82/1 (Vijay - 20, Pujara - 24)

After some subdued moments in the centre, Vijay came down the pitch and hoisted one towards long-on boundary. It went for a four. Two balls earlier, Pujara took a single off Ali, the off-break bowler.


Over 28|| Score 77/1 (Vijay - 16, Pujara - 23)

Anderson got his fourth maiden of the innings as Vijay opted to defend all six deliveries without worrying about runs.


Over 27|| Score 77/1 (Pujara - 23, Vijay - 16)

Three singles from Moeen Ali's third over meant India keeping the scoreboard ticking. The batting partnership is 37 runs at a rate of 2.70. Towards the slower side?


Over 26|| Score 74/1 (Pujara - 22, Vijay - 14)

Plunkett failed to reign in his lenght and line and Pujara punished the bowler with two fours. First, a lucky boundary throught the fine leg area. Pujara's flick could have ended inside Prior's glove. Then, off the penultimate ball of the over, Pujara drove the overpitch delivery through cover for a four.

And India's lead is now 50 runs.


Over 25|| Score 66/1 (Pujara - 14, Vijay - 14)

Another tidy over from England, as Ali conceded only one run. Pujara, after playing the first five deliveries without much concern, took a single off the last ball to retain the strike.


Over 24|| Score 65/1 (Vijay - 14, Pujara - 13)

Plunkett got another good over for himself and the team as the England rush through the overs. Vijay played out all six deliveries for a maiden over.

In between, Plunkett has got two maiden overs from the three over spell, conceding four runs.


Over 23|| Score 65/1 (Pujara - 13, Vijay - 14)

Moeen Ali got his opportunity with the ball. One run off his first over, a flick towards long-on by Vijay.

For the Indian, despite the gathering cloud in and around the Lord's, both the batsmen are batting with a sense of purpose.


Over 22|| Score 64/1 (Pujara - 13, Vijay - 13)

A good over from Plunkett. A maiden as Pujara defended all six deliveries.


Over 21|| Score 64/1 (Vijay - 13, Pujara - 13)

Both the batsmen are undefeated on 13 apiece. Vijay has taken 62 balls with a four to his credit to compile this many runs, while Pujara faced 19 balls, with two fours from his blade.

Broad conceded four runs from the over, a single off the third ball to Vijay and a three off the fifth ball to Pujara.

India's lead now is extended to 40 runs.


Over 20|| Score 60/1 (Pujara - 10, Vijay - 12)

Another sublime touch from Pujara. He guided Liam Plunkett's second ball of the innings to third man boundary for a four.


Over 19|| Score 56/1 (Vijay - 12, Pujara - 6)

Vijay finally found his first boundary of this essay. He flicked the fifth ball off Broad's seventh over to fine leg boundary. That's all for the over as Indian continue to build the momentum. The lead now increased to 32.


Over 18|| Score 52/1 (Pujara - 6, Vijay - 8)

Pujara played a beautiful cover drive, leaning on the shot, which went for a four through the extra cover area. A leg-bye followed before Vijay got a single off the fifth ball off Stokes' fifth over.


Over 17|| Score 46/1 (Vijay - 7, Pujara - 2)

A surprise bouncer from Broad beat both Vijay and wicket-keeper Prior for four byes off the second ball of the over. Other five deliveries failed to produce anything worthwhile as Vijay continued to play safe.

Time for a short drinks.


Over 16|| Score 42/1 (Pujara - 2, Vijay - 7)

Pujara opened his account with double from a beautiful flick to midwicket. Stokes was keeping Pujara quite for the first five balls, but a fullish delivery in the last ball of the over meant the classy batsman playing a typical Indian, rather sub-continental shot. Good sight!


Over 15|| Score 40/1 (Vijay - 7, Pujara - 0)

With Dhawan's fall, Cheteshwar Pujara arrived in the centre. Vijay played out all six deliveries from Broad, who replaced Anderson, for a maiden over.

Now, India's lead is 16 with one man down.


Over 14|| Score 40/1 (Vijay - 7)

Great catch by Root to dismiss Dhawan. The ball was travelling and Root dived to his left and with both hands completed a low catch to give England the much needed break. Sadly for India, Dhawan was looking at his elements. Any other day, it was going for the boundary.

Shikhar Dhawan c Joe Root b Ben Stokes 31 (45b)

Bell's persistance with Stokes paid for England.


Over 13|| Score 36/0 (Dhawan - 28, Vijay - 6)

A one run over for the Indians as Dhawan took a single off the final ball off the Anderson's seventh over of the innings.

Anderson has so far conceded 18 runs, but there was three maiden overs.


Over 12|| Score 35/0 (Vijay - 6, Dhawan - 27)

Another good over from the hosts as Stokes probed Dhawan with variable length deliveries. However, Dhawan managed to sneak in with a single off the fourth ball of the over with a gentle nugde towards square leg. A leg bye followed, thanks to a misfield.


Over 11|| Score 33/0 (Dhawan - 27, Vijay - 5)

Meanwhile, Anderson continued. Back-to-back maiden overs for England as Dhawan played all six balls without taking any risk.

India now lead by 10 runs with all wickets in hand.


Over 10|| Score 33/0 (Vijay - 5, Dhawan - 27)

Ian Bell, who's standing for Cook, brought Stokes to replace Broad. And the 23-year-old right arm bolwer started with a maiden over.

Murali Vijay, for all his class, is playing safe. Blocking, leaving!


Over 9|| Score 33/0 (Dhawan - 27, Vijay - 5)

Another productive over for the tourists as Dhawan kept the pressure on the bowlers. He started with a double off Anderson, then after three dots balls garnered another double.

Off the final delivery of the over, he drove through the covers. The ball beat a diving Stokes for a four. Eight runs from the over.


Over 8|| Score 25/0 (Vijay - 5, Dhawan - 19)

Broad retured to bowl his first maiden over of the innings. He mixed up his deliveries and was successful in controlling an circumspect Vijay.


Over 7|| Score 25/0

Another good over for India as Anderson's over produced six runs. Dhawan played an exquisite drive towards mid-off but the ball failed to reach the boundary. Nontheless, Indians ran three runs. Then off the last ball of the over, Vijay drove through the same area for another well run three.

After seven overs, India now lead by one run.


Over 6|| Score 19/0

Stuart Broad continued. Dhawan after playing two dot balls got his third boundary of the innings off a thick edge in the backward point. The over yielded five runs.

And with that the deficit has reduced to five runs.


Over 5|| Score 14/0

We are back after the lunch break and Vijay has just opened his account with a double off the fourth ball of the over, bowled by Anderson. Then in the very next delivery, he survived a close call as he edged and the ball dropped short of the slip cordon.


Day 3 LUNCH at Lord's

And there is no dearth Indian cuisine at Lord's. Here is the menu for the players...

It is is significantly poised! In the morning session, England turned a deficit of 76 into a lead of 24 runs with Liam Plunkett scoring an unbeaten 55 from 79 balls. For the fielding team, Bhuvneshwar Kumar took produced an inspiring spell to return with six wickets. Exemplary display of swing bowling by the 24-year-old bowler.

Over 4|| Score 11/0

After a good bowling session, India returned to bat for the second time in the match. And have negotiated the remaining four overs without much trouble before the Lunch at Lord's with both the openers Shikhar Dhawan - 10 from 11 balls with the help of two fours, and Murali Vijay on nought after facing 13 deliveries are unbeaten.

Now, India trial England by 13 runs.

For the hosts, both Stuart Broad and James Anderson have bowled two overs each.


Kumar gets a warm welcome and applauded for his very good spell.

Meanwhile Bhuvneshwar Kumar had an excellent spell of 6/82.

England get a 24-run lead and that is good for them. Still anybody's game this. There will likely be a result in the game. England go in as favourites on paper.

Over 106|| Score 319/10

Jadeja gets the wicket of James Anderson who scored a 21-ball 19.

J Anderson c Rahane b Jadeja 19(24b)


Over 99|| Score 284/9

Kumar gets Stoke for a duck. The all rounder is castled by a straight delivery. Stuart Broad comes in and dispatches one to the boundary before edging a catch to Shikhar Dhawan at slips. Anderson comes in and gets into the act as he hits a shot for four. Eight runs and two wickets come from the over.

BA Stokes b Kumar 0 (8b)

SCJ Broad c Dhawan b Kumar 4 (2b)


Over 98|| Score 276/7

Sharma gives away a boundary. It was a length ball outside off, Plunkett just steers that off the front foot between third slip and gully for four more. He has made the difference for England.


Over 97|| Score 272/7

A maiden over by Kumar. He has been looking to get back the length right.


Over 96|| Score 272/7

Sharma has looked off colour all morning. Gives away six runs in the over. Plunkett's merry with the bat continues.


Over 95|| Score 266/7

Shami continues and the runs continue to flow. Prior dispatches one to the boundary through the off side. The third ball was a short one and Prior goes for the pull. It hits high on the blade and the ball swirls high over the slip cordon and Dhawan takes a nice catch running back. Five runs and a wicket from the over.

MJ Prior c Dhawan b Mohammed Shami 23 (42b)


Over 94|| Score 261/6

India leaking runs all morning. Ishant replaces Kumar and Plunkett hammers him for two sublime boundaries. Eight runs come.


Over 93|| Score 253/6

Shami gives away 10 runs. Poor over often drifting down the leg side. This half an hour has belonged to England. Indian bowlers have looked ordinary.


Over 92 || Score 243/6

Plunkett is really playing well. He does not look to block deliveries and is positive. He hits another superb backfoot punch through the covers for four. Good runs these for England.


Over 91|| Score 239/6

Shami replaces Ishant who was more on the shorter side. Eight runs come from the over. A bye for a boundary and four runs off the bat from Prior. Good over this from Shami otherwise. He got to beat Prior a couple of times.


Over 90|| Score 231/6

Six runs come from Kumar's over that included a four hit by Prior. It was rather an inside edge that raced away towards fine leg boundary.


Over 89|| Score 225/6

Ishant continues and Plunkett chops the ball towards the sweeper-cover boundary. Good shot off the backfoot for three runs.


Over 88|| Score 222/6

Kumar gets the ball and Prior is on strike. He gets on to his back foot and plays a shot for a couple between midwicket and square leg. Prior is a busy player and will want to get into a groove.


Over 87|| Score 220/6

Ishant starts the day's proceedings as Prior faces him. One run come from the over. Overcast conditions here and Indian bowlers need early break through.


So the players are out and we are underway.

The Indian fielders get some slip catch practice. They need to stick today.

The Indiam team are out on the field as they have a huddle. Key strategies the big test here on day three.

Looks like we will have a full day's play as of now as the covers are out. Good sight this!

The sky is looking better at the moment. The rain is seeming to have stopped.

The weather gods were looking on the wet side today. Early Lord`s morning and it`s raining.

The third day of the second Test match at Lord`s enters into a well poised situation with the hosts placed at 216/6 still 79 runs behind India`s first innings total of 295.

After reeling at 134/4 Gary Ballance got help from Moeen Ali and the former struck a well made century with the latter scoring a vital 32 runs. The duo got England out of jail. For India Bhuvneshwar Kumar picked up four wickets and he holds the key for the visitors today.

The weather has been on the rainy side since morning and covers were put. We do hope there will be play. The sky has cleared and rain has looked to lessen. If the weather stays on the darker side expect the bowlers to get much help and the Indian pacers will try to take the onus.
England will hope they continue batting and get runs. The likes of Matt Prior, Ben Stokes, Stuart Broad and first innings hero with the bat James Anderson will look to derail the Indian bowlers.

Expect a good day of cricket and with the weather gods staying good we hope the third day will act as an decisive element which could shape up the look of the Test match and may be the series from here on.

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