India vs England: 3rd ODI - As it happened...

India vs England: 3rd ODI - As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/Jayanta Oinam


India won by six wickets

India Innings, Target 228


Over 43 || Score 228/4 (Rayadu 64, Jadeja 12)

India completed the chase in 43 overs with six wickets in hand. Good play from the tourist to register back-to-back wins. Rayudu remain unbeaten, 64 from 78. But the arrival of hurry-man Ravindra Jadeja, who made 12 from nine balls, hastened the chase for India.

Tredwell, who a little while ago got wicket-maiden over, went for 11 runs. Comfortable win for India.


Over 41 || Score 207/4 (Jadeja 1, Rayadu 55)

Another Indian batsman out in the 40s. This time, Suresh Raina. He could have waited till the end.  Good catch by Chris Woakes at long-on to send the in-fomr batsman back. Credit to Tredwell for keeping is simple, at least, it yielded a wicket. Also a wicket maiden! India need 21 from 54 balls.


Over 38 || Score 200/3 (Raina 39, Rayadu 51)

200 up for India with Rayudu completing his third ODI fifty with a cheeky four off Finn. The 28-year-old took 33 balls to reach the mini-milestone.

His partnership with Raina is worth 80 runs from 12.3 overs. Good show from the Indian middle order, clearly the difference between India's winning and England's defeat. Raina is on 39 off 35 balls.

India need 28 more runs from 72 balls.


Over 35 || Score 173/3 (Raina 29, Rayadu 35)

A 53-run partnership between Rayadu and Raina is guiding India to back-to-back wins in England. Rayudu is keeping his cool, playing second fiddle to an explosive Raina.

India need 55 runs from 15 overs, just under four runs an over rate.


Over 31 || Score 149/3 (Raina 17, Rayadu 26)

Suresh Raina is on song. The southpaw has taken 11 runs off Joe Root and quickly reached double figures. India require 79 runs required from 19 overs.


Over 26 || Score 120/3 (Raina 0, Rayadu 15)

Virat Kohli, who was playing like old times, got out in the 40s. He tried to flick through the leg side, but the fullish delivery hold its hold and Kohli's shot ended with a catch, taken by Tredwell. 

Virat Kohli c James Tredwell b Ben Stokes 40 (50b)

Last match's hero, Suresh Raina arrived in the centre with India needing another 108 runs from 24 overs.


Over 22 || Score 98/2 (Kohli 26, Rayadu 7)

After 22 overs, India still require 130 runs to win the match and take a 2-0 lead in the five match series after the opener was washed out. England are trying everything to get back in the match, and seems, their efforts are paying off with India slowing down scoring rate. In the last five overs, India could score only 19 runs.


Over 18 || Score 86/2 (Rayadu 1, Kohli 21)

Rahane departed after making 45 runs. Failed playing a cheeky shot towards third man, Buttler completed a clean work behind the stumps. For the Indian batsman, another miss opportunity from a good start.

Ajinkya Rahane c Jos Buttler b Steve Finn 45 (56)

Ambati Rayudu is Kohli's new partner.


Over 17 || Score 79/1 (Rahane 44, Kohli 17)

Ajinkya Rahane is in prime form. Unbeaten on 44 off 53 balls, played some exquisite, audacious shots including a lofted six off Ben Stokes in the third ball of 15th over. His partner in the centre, Kolhi is also in good touch, is on 17 off 26 balls.

India still need 149 more runs from 33 overs.


Over 13 || Score 61/1 (Rahane 30, Kohli 13)

Virat Kohli just hit the first six of the innings, and second of the day. He lofted James Tredwell for a straight six, coming down the pitch. Signs of a confident batsman. BTW, Tredwell was the man to hit the first six of the day, during his little brave innings. India's target now: 167 runs from 37 overs.

England have used four bowlers so far, with Steve Finn being the fourth. Anderson and Woakes have completed five overs each.


Over 9 || Score 41/1 (Rahane 21, Kohli 2)

Dhawan's poor form continues. After playing an exquisite straight shot for a four off the first ball of the eighth over, Dhawan tried to play an adventurous shot, but ended up offering a catch to Eoin Morgan at point. Bit unlucky though for the Indian opener but a good ball from Chris Woakes.

Shikhar Dhawan c Eoin Morgan b Chris Woakes 16 (23b)

After Dhawan's departure, in is Virat Kohli. India's target = 187 from 41 overs.


Over 5 || Score 24/0 (Dhawan 9, Rahane 14)

Two good overs from England helped cool the atmosphere for the home side. Anderson gave away two runs to put brake on the Indian run machine. Earlier, Woakes responded with a maiden over as a circumspect Dhawan opted to play it safe, probably considering his aweful form during the recent Test series.


Over 3 || Score 22/0 (Rahane 13, Dhawan 8)

Good start to the chase for India. After three overs, the target has already been reduced to 206 with both the batsmen looking in great touch. Rahane just hit back-to-back fours off Anderson.

Chris Woakes, who shared the new ball with Anderson conceded nine runs in his first over.


Over 1 || Score 2/0 (Rahane 0, Dhawan 1)

Ajinkya Rahane faced the first ball of the Indian innings, bowled by James Anderson. Rahane's opening partner is Shikhar Dhawan. India opened their account with a leg-bye. Then Dhawan got his first run off the first ball.


England Innings


Over 50 || Score 227 (Anderson 0)

James Tredwell heroics helped England post a fighting total of 227.

In the final over of the match, bowled by Bhuvi, England milked 18 runs. For his efforts, Bhuvi got the wicket of Tredwell, who tried to loft the ball straight but the skier failed to travel and the bowler got a bowl and caught.

James Tredwell c & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 30 (18b)

Steven Finn run out 6 (8b)

And Steven Finn got himself run out in his bid to take a double off the last ball. 

All in all, Indian team will be happy with the outing having bowled out England for 227 runs. Slow bowlers did the trick for MS Dhoni as they collectively took six wickets, Ashwin being the highest wicket taker with three.


Over 48 || Score 205/8 (Finn 2, Tredwell 13)

Jos Buttler b Ravichandran Ashwin 42 (58b)

​Somehow, England mustered enough courage to attempt some runs and as a result crossed 200 run mark. However, in the process lost their best bat in Buttler. He came down the pitch and tried to heave one over the leg, but ended exposing his guard. Ashwin got the crucial wicket.


Over 45 || Score 182/7 (Buttler 35)

Chris Woakes c Mohit Sharma b Mohammed Shami 15 (27b)

Shami returned and removed Woakes, who was batting sensibly with England's top order already gone. Woakes tried to pull the short ball from Shami but the ball landed in the waiting hands of Mohit at deep square. Woakes and Buttler added 33 crucial runs for the seventh wicket partnership.


Over 40 || Score 161/6 (Buttler 23, Woakes 6)

England scored 13 runs in the last five overs losing a wicket, that of Stokes. And also exhausted a Power Play. Runs are hard to come by with the ball turning and Indian spinners enjoying their spell, but for England, at least, wickets are there for the last ten overs. But wondering who will take on Dhoni and his men.


Over 36 || Score 150/6 (Buttler 17, Woakes 1)

Power Play started and Stokes short stay in the centre over after he tried to heave Ashwin's delivery. Stokes found Raina taking a one-handed slip at the slip. Chris Woakes replaced Stokes. 

Ben Stokes c Suresh Raina b Ravichandran Ashwin 2 (7b)


Over 34 || Score 143/5 (Buttler 8, Stockes 0)

Now a run out for England. A direct hit from Mohit, who recieved extensive treatment to his injured foot, sent back Bell.

Ian Bell run out 28 (38b)

Ben Stokes is the new man in the centre as England got pace and spin from opposite ends.


Over 32 || Score 133/4 (Bell 28, Buttler 8)

13 runs in the last four overs for England, but without inflicting further damage. England's hope will be on this pair, if at all they are to post a challenging total this suddenly formidable looking Indian side. Ashwin has bowled six overs conceding 26 runs for a wicket, while Jadeja completed his five for one wicket in exchange of 20 runs. But the more telling read comes from other two spinners Raina and Rayadu. Raina has five overs bowled for a wicket conceding 21, while Rayadu has two overs for one wicket and conceded eight runs.


Over 28 || Score 120/4 (Bell 20)

Eoin Morgan c MS Dhoni b Ravichandran Ashwin 10 (18b)

Another wicket down. This time Ashwin joined the party with a beautiful delivery which got faintest of a nick for Dhoni to complete the caught behind. England succumbing to Indian spinners. England have lost four wickets for 38 runs - all to spin.

Raina and Rayudu having bowled seven overs between them, they have covered well for the injured Mohit Sharma. Mohit had bolwed three overs before leaving the field.


Over 27 || Score 117/3 (Morgan 9,  Bell 18)

A good period for the batting side after those three quick wickets. For India, Jadeja and Raina operated in tandem and would say, kept the scoring rate in check, despite the 27th over costing them seven runs. Bell started with a three off Jadeja's first ball of the over. It was followed by four singles. The previous over, Raina gave away five runs.


Over 24 || Score 101/3 (Morgan 3,  Bell 6) 

After Root's departure, Eoin Morgan arrived in the centre to give company to Bell. Raina completed his fourth over, conceding only three runs in the over and 16 in total. England are in dire straights.


Over 23 || Score 98/3 (Morgan 1, Bell 7) 

Joe Root st MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 2 (7b)

Dhoni introduced Jadeja and a wicket for India. The fourth ball of the over took a good turn which was missed by a lunging Root. Dhoni effected a very good stumping. With it, the Indian skipper becomes the highest wicketkeeper to effect most stumpings. His 131 is two ahead of Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara's 129. Another Lanka keeper, Kaluwitharana had 101 for the thirs position. Pakistan's Moin Khan and Aussie Adam Gilchrist had 93 and 92 respectively.


Over 22 || Score 96/2 (Root 2, Bell 6) 

India, through their slow bowlers have seemingly forced England to play circumspect. Another 2-run over from Raina. Bell and Root took a single each as England bid to re-build the innings.


Over 21 || Score 94/2 (Bell 4, Root 1) 

Another wicket to a part-time bolwer. This time Rayudu got the better of English skipper, enticed him to came down the pitch. But Cook missed the ball, as it slid down the leg side. Then Dhoni completed the stumping. Good wicket.

Arrived in the centre after Cook's fall is Joe Root.


Over 20 || Score 90/1 (Cook 43, Bell 4) 

Dhoni stuck with Raina and another good over from the spinner. Conceded only four runs. Both the English batsmen in the centre took cautious approach playing the slow bowler, got two singles each.


Over 19 || Score 86/1 (Cook 41, Bell 2) 

Thus arrived Ian Bell to replace Hales. And sensing an opportunity, Dhoni brought in another off-break bowler in Ambati Rayudu. England added four more runs to the total with both the bastmen two singles each.

With Mohit off the field, it was all but necessary for the Indian skipper to find another bowler.


Over 18 || Score 82/1 (Cook 39) 

Wicket for Suresh Raina, in his first over. Hales tried to sweep again but a skier presented simplest of the catches for Dhoni.

Alex Hales c MS Dhoni b Suresh Raina 42 (55b)

The over started in ordinary fashion for a part-time bowler, giving two singles off the first two balls, then Cook pulled the third delivery over midwicket for a four. Another single, then a dot. In the last ball of the over, Hales, who's batting beautifully tried to be brave and paid the price.


Over 17 || Score 75/0 (Hales 41, Cook 33) 

Shami continued from where he left in his previous over. Cook got a single off the first ball, from an inside edge. But Hales played out the remaining five deliveries without risking, and without adding another run. In his five overs, Shami has given away only 18 runs.


Over 16 || Score 74/0 (Hales 41, Cook 32) 

​​Finally, Ashwin found his rhythm. Leaked only two runs in his third over, but thanks to two previous expensive overs made it a total of 17. Alex Hales is cruising along nicely, nine runs shy of his fifty. His skipper is on 32.


Over 15 || Score 72/0 (Hales 40, Cook 31) 

​​Another good over from Shami. Gave away only three runs. The second ball of the over witnessed Hales playing a beautiful pull shot through midwicket, climbing on the ball. But the ball went straight to the fielder in the deep, for a single.


Over 14 || Score 69/0 (Hales 38, Cook 30) 

Another expensive over from Ashwin. Conceded eight runs. His second over started with a single to Cook, then Hales found a lucky boundary on the leg, followed it up with a single two balls later. Two more singles made it an 8-run over for England.


Over 13 || Score 61/0 (Cook 28, Hales 32) 

Mohammed Shami just bowled his third over, giving away only three runs - a single each to Cook and Hales. In his three overs, Shami has given away 14 runs.


Over 12 || Score 59/0 (Hales 31, Cook 27) 

With the Power Play period over, MD Dhoni brought in Ravichandran Ashwin and the off-break bowler conceded seven, which included a four by Hales, by chipping through the extra cover. The very next ball, fifth of the over, produced a peach of a delivery and almost got his man but the work behind the stumps wasn't that effective. Life for Hales.


Over 11 || Score 52/0 (Cook 26, Hales 25) 

Bhuvi just completed his sixth over, and that's the end of Power Play. In between, the English duo has completed a 50-run opening stand. Considering how the innings was started, it's commendable work from the pair.

Indian bowler, Mohit Sharma is still having his treatment on the foot, with bandage and all. He has so far bowled three overs conceding 17 runs.


Over 10 || Score 48/0 Cook 23, Hales 24) 

In the last five overs, England have increased the tempo by scoring at the rate of over seven runs an over, thus adding another 37 without losing a wicket. Skipper Alastair Cook and Alex Hales seemed to have subsided the early storm. And are in their early twenties.

For India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami are in operation.


Over 5 || Score 11/0

India have started the match well. Impressive line and length from Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohit Sharma. Conditions look to favour bowling so far. Importantly England haven't lost any wicket. A couple of edges have flown past the bat but both Cook and Hales have seen off the bowling. 


India have won the toss and decide to field first. Both teams have made one change to their teams. Ambati Rayudu comes in for the injured Rohit Sharma for India and Steven Finn replaces Chris Jordan in the England line-up.

THE TEAMS: India: A Rahane, S Dhawan, V Kohli, A Rayudu, S Raina, MS Dhoni, RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, Mohammed Shami, M Sharma

England: A Cook, A Hales, I Bell, J Root, E Morgan, J Buttler, B Stokes, C Woakes, J Tredwell, S Finn, J Anderson.

India will go into the tie in a positive manner after beating the hosts comprehensively in the second ODI. India will hope to repeat their performance as England will be wary. India will hope to use the conditions wisely.

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