India vs England, T20 - As it happened...

Live coverage of the one-off T20 match between India and England being played at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

India vs England, T20 - As it happened...


Dhoni could not pull it off. And England beat India by three runs.

India Innings, Target 181


Over 20 || Score 177-5 (Dhoni 27, Rayudu 3)  

Captain couragous started with a six, then after a long break retrieving the ball, Rayadu almost got the skipper run out, but two runs in exchange. A dot followed from Woakes, leaving nine off three. England shuffled the fielding, and Dhoni picked the slow ball to send it for a four over the bowler's head. No run. Dhoni sent Rayudu back. Then, off the final ball, Dhoni hooked the ball. A single.

And England won by three big runs!


Over 19 || Score 164-5 (Dhoni 14, Rayudu 3)  

Gurney kept his cool and gave away only nine runs. India need 17 runs from the last over. And Chris Woakes will bowl the final over. What a drama.


Over 18 || Score 155-5 (Dhoni 9, Rayudu 0) 

In this period, England were scoring at will. But for India, it seems the slump has started. England England are the favourites now. In the mixed up, Jadeja departed. Now, it's Dhoni's battle.

Ravindra Jadeja run out 7 (4b)


Over 17 || Score 146-4 (Dhoni 8, Jadeja 1)

What a delivery. Perfect yorker to remove Raina. And England are back in the match. India need 35 from 18. From a comfortable position, India are finding themselves fighting for dear life. 

Suresh Raina b Harry Gurney 25 (20b)


Over 16 || Score 141-3 (Dhoni 6, Raina 23)

Tredwell completed his quota of four overs conceding six in the final over. He helped England stay in the match with some tidy bowling. India need 40 runs from 24 balls.


Over 15 || Score 135-3 (Dhoni 3, Raina 20)

Finn produced a good delivery to get rid of danger man Kohli, who was running away with the game. A confident Kolhi came down the pitch and tried to play the short ball, hooking, but the ball failed to travel and landed at deep square. Alex Hales completed a good catch to give England an outside chance in the match.

Virat Kohli c Chris Hales b Steven Finn 66 (41b)

Thus arrived in the centre is MS Dhon, with India still needing 46 more runs.


Over 14 || Score 130-2 (Kohli 66, Raina 18)   

Runs continue to come in double digits and both Kohli and Raina got the English attack in tatters. Moeen Ali was brought in to break the partnership, but instead ended up conceding 12 runs. India need 51 to win.


Over 13 || Score 118-2 (Kohli 60, Raina 12)   

And Virat Kohli scores a fifty on the tour, on the last day of action. Indian batsmen continue to make a mockery of the England bowling attack as another big over helped the target reduced to 63.


Over 12 || Score 104-2 (Kohli 48, Raina 11)  

Another good over as India inch closer to the target. And Raina, just arrived in the centre, just launched one over long-on boundary for a six as a hapless Tredwell looked on. The over yielded 10 runs. 77 runs required from 48 balls.


Over 11 || Score 94-2 (Kohli 46, Raina 3) 

Hit and miss for Dhawan. And the prize for Woakes to keep it straight and simple. Adventurous Dhawan tried to whack the ball out of the ball, but lost the plot and his stumps castled.

Shikhar Dhawan b Chris Woakes 33 (28b)

​With the partnership broken, Suresh Raina arrived in the centre. Warning bells for England!


Over 10 || Score 89-1 (Kohli 45, Dhawan 33) 

Another busy over in the centre. Virat started with a four with Tredwell offering the Indian batsman enough time to come down the pitch and play a lofted shot over extra cover. Four singles followed to make it an eight-run over.

Virat-Dhawan partnership is now worth 79.


Over 9 || Score 81-1 (Kohli 39, Dhawan 31) 

Virat Kohli is taking on golden hand Moeen Ali. After the changeover following a single to Dhawan, Kohli swept Moeen for a six over wide long on boundary. Then stole a single. Sensible batting from the out-of-form Kohli. 10 runs from the over. Target is 100.


Over 8 || Score 71-1 (Kohli 31, Dhawan 29)  

One quick over from James Tredwell somehow made up for England. He conceded only four runs with both Dhawan and Kolhi content to rotate the strike. India need 110 runs from 12 overs.


Over 7 || Score 67-1 (Kohli 28, Dhawan 28) 

Some poor bowling from England bowlers. Ravi Bopara just conceded 14 runs with Kolhi and Dhawan hitting a four each. The partnership is worth 56 and their collective scoring rate is over 10 an over. In this rate, India will make the target of 181 runs look small.


Over 6 || Score 53-1 (Kohli 21, Dhawan 23)

Dhawan is on fire. The Delhi batsman has hit a four and six off Finn to end the Power Play with 13 runs. He has reached 23 from 16 balls with two sixes and one four. 


Over 5 || Score 40-1 (Kohli 19, Dhawan 12) 

Dhawan joined the fun with a well timed six over backward square boundary. Gurney conceded 10 runs in his second over. And with that India need another 141 runs from 15 overs,


Over 4 || Score 30-1 (Kohli 18, Dhawan 3)

Three back-to-back fours off Chris Woakes first over suddenly makes the chase look like an easy one. Virat Kohli is already on 18 from 12 deliveries. 


Over 3 || Score 18-1 (Kohli 6, Dhawan 3) 

First bowling change from England. Morgan introduced Harry Gurney and India scored six runs off the over. India still required 163 runs from 17 overs, at a rate of 9.58.


Over 2 || Score 12-1 (Kohli 1, Dhawan 2)

Magical Moeen Ali struck for England. He removed Rahane, clean bowled, with the Indian batsman misjudging a flat one from the spinner. Rahane could have opted to play safe after hitting a six. 

Ajinkya Rahane b Moeen Ali 8 (4b)

​Virat Kohli is the new batsman.


Over 1 || Score 3-0 (Rahane 2, Dhawan 1) 

Ajinkya Rahane, who took a record equaling four catches in the England innings, opened the Indian innings with Shikhar Dhawan. Steven Finn started the proceedings for England and the first over went for three runs. Good start. If India successfully chase down this total, it will be the highest ever successful T20 chase outside of India for the team. 176 is the record.


England Innings


Over 20 || Score 180-7 (Bopara 21)

The innings ended with England milking Shami for 15 runs. The over started with a single, taken by Bopara, then Morgan departed in pursuit of big runs. But unluckily for India, the carnage continued even after Morgan's departure. Bopara hit Shami for a sequence of four, four and six off the third, fourth and fifth ball. And the final ball getting a run out, in the form of Woakes.

Eoin Morgan c Ajinkya Rahane b Mohammed Shami 71 (31b)

​Chris Woakes run out 0 (4m)

​After a slow start, England raced to 180 with the last five overs yielding 81 runs. Massive numbers.

Dhoni used five bowlers in Ashwin, Mohit, Shami, Karn and Jadeja. Shami returned with three wickets conceding 38 runs. Mohit, Karn and Jadeja got a wicket each, But Ashwin returned without a wicket and also conceded 37 runs.​


Over 19 || Score 165-5 (Bopara 6, Morgan 71)   

The penultimate over went for 21 runs as Mohit Sharma's low full-tosses were hammered out of the park by Morgan. The over witnessed Morgan hitting two sixes over the long-on boundary off the final two balls. Earlier, Boapara found a four off the second ball and another four to Morgan, off the fourth ball. Morgan is on 71 from 30 balls, which include seven sixes and three fours.


Over 18 || Score 144-5 (Bopara 1, Morgan 55)   

.Mohammed Shami started with the wicket of Jos Buttler. But he ended up conceding 14 runs as Morgan continued punishing Indian bowlers. 

Jos Buttler c Ambati Rayudu b Mohammed Shami 10 (17m)


Over 17 || Score 130-4 (Buttler 10, Morgan 42)  

Suddenly, this English innings is looking like a good one, thanks to Morgan's lusty hitting. This time, bearing the brunt of Morgan brutality is Karn Shamra. Buttler took off for a single then, Morgan launched for a huge six, then tweo singles and a double followed. But the skipper was relentless. Clobbered the short one from Karn for another six towards the deep midwicket area.


Over 16 || Score 113-4 (Buttler 8, Morgan 27) 

Morgan changed gears. Punished Jadeja with a four and a six off the first two deliveries of the over. Then four singles followed to make it a 14-run over. England will need more of such overs to intimidate the Indians.


Over 15 || Score 99-4 (Buttler 6, Morgan 15) 

Another tidy over for India. Another three-run over, this time bowled by Karn Sharma. The leg-break bowler has certainly gained confidence, keeping English batsmen quite. For England, with only five overs left in the innings, it's high time they start playing big shots.


Over 14 || Score 96-4 (Buttler 5, Morgan 13)

A tidy over from Jadeja. The Indian spinner gave away only three runs as England continue to search for big shots, Morgan started enterprisingly with a double off the first delivery, but could add a single in the next five balls, with Buttler eating up the last two balls after the changeover.


Over 13 || Score 93-4 (Buttler 5, Morgan 10)

Ashwin completed his quota of four overs. He conceded seven runs in the final over. After three singles, Buttler ran two doubles off the last final deliveries to make a reasonably busy over for England.


Over 12 || Score 86-4 (Buttler 0, Morgan 8) 

Another wicket. Joe Root failed to convert the good start and departed disappointingly for 26. Another great catch from Indian outfield fielder, this time by Ambati Rayadu at deep mid-wicket. Another promising partnership failed to blossom. First international wicket for Karn Shamra.

Joe Root c Ambati Rayudu b Karn Sharma 26 (29b)


Over 11 || Score 84-3 (Root 26, Morgan 7)

Morgan smoked Ashwin for a six over mid-wicket boundary. England skipper is in some mood. With that wix, Ashwin conceded eight runs in his third over. Overall, he has leaked 30 runs.


Over 10 || Score 76-3 (Root 25, Morgan 0)

What a catch to get rid of dangerous Hales. Again Rahane in action. Must have covered some distance before diving forward to complete the catch at long-on. Good bowling Jadeja, great catching Rahane.

Alex Hales c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 40 (25b)

New batsman in the centre os skipper Eoin Morgan. With wickets falling, he will require a good partnership with Root to post a challenging total.


Over 9 || Score 64-2 (Root 19, Hales 34) 

Finally Ashwin returned to bowl his second over. And produced a gem of an over, conceding only five runs. However, for England, Alex Hales is playing his own innings. He is already on 34 from 23 deliveries.


Over 8 || Score 59-2 (Root 16, Hales 32) 

It could have been one big over but Ravindra Jadeja kept his cool to conced only six runs from his first over. After a double and three singles, he over-stepped in the final delivery for a Free Hit. But Joe Root failed to take the initiative, settled for a single.


Over 7 || Score 53-2 (Root 12, Hales 31) 

An ordinary over, in terms of T20 world. But England will be happy consolidating these crucial runs. Dhoni introduced Karn Sharma for the first time in the match and the debutante started with a seven-run over -- three singles and a four, to Hales.


Over 6 || Score 46-2 (Root 10, Hales 26)

End of Power Play as England added another eight runs to their total. Mohit Sharma did well to control the over after giving away a first-ball boundary to Alex Hales. A double and two singles made up the over. Despite losing two wickets, England will be happy to score in excess of seven runs an over.


Over 5 || Score 38-2 (Root 9, Hales 19)

A dropped catch denied Shami his second wicket as Ashwin and Karn Sharma gathered, only to find the ball falling between them. Root survived. The over went for seven runs with a four to Root, two balls earlier to the incident.


Over 4 || Score 31-2 (Root 4, Hales 17)

Mohit Sharma returned to remove Moeen Ali, off the first ball of his second over. Another catch at cover. Moeen came down the pitch and gently lobbed it to Rahane. After that huge first over, India have removed two wickets in the space of two balls.

Moeen Ali c Ajinkya Rahane b Mohit Sharma 0 (2b)

Since then, ​Joe Root quickly found his touch, dispatching the third ball he faced to midwicket boundary for a four.


Over 3 || Score 27-1 (Ali 0, Hales 17) 

Mohammed Shami struck in his first over as a rather gungho Jason Roy tried to played an adventurous shot, over the cover fielder. But the ball flew directly to the waiting fielder. A perfect over from the Indian over as it went for three runs only with that wicket.

Jason Roy c Ajinkya Rahane b Mohammed Shami 8 (10b)

Moeen Ali, the all-rounder is the new bastman in the centre.


Over 2 || Score 24-0 (Roy 7, Hales 16)

Mohit Sharma shared the new ball with Ashwin and have reigned in the flow of run. But Hales, like in the previous over, ended the over with a six, straight over the bowler's head. Some lucky runs for England.


Over 1 || Score 17-0 (Roy 7, Hales 10)

First over of the match went for 17 runs and newbie Jason Roy started with a four off the second ball. Then Alex Hales pummeled Ravichandran Aswhin for a four and six off the final two deliveries to make it an expensive one for India.


TOSS: England have won the toss and will bat first. Karn Sharma, 26, is making his India debut today. England too have one new player making the international debut. Jason Roy​, 21-year-old, will get to show his batting talent.


India - Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Karn Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Mohammed Shami

England - Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Moeen Ali, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(w), Ravi Bopara, Chris Woakes, James Tredwell, Steven Finn, Harry Gurney


This is it. The final of match of a turbulent tour and the decider! After England won the Test series, India responded by thrashing England in ODIs. Now, both the teams will hope to win the one-off T20 match in Edgbaston to have the bragging rights.

England, having won the five ODI in Headingley, will start the match on equal footing against a strong Indian team. Whatever, the pundits say about the cash-rich Indian Premier League, the franchise based tournament has served Indian cricket in this format rather too well. And the result is too evident for anyone to ignore.

Amidst the recent brouhaha, leading this English team is Eoin Morgan – who openly appreciated the influence of IPL, in the absence of regular skipper Stuart Broad. It will be another matter, altogether how well he lead his side against MS Dhoni's tactics.

For India, it will be a work in progress after the ODI series win. Despite the Headingley blip, Men in Blues will continue to dominate their hosts with an overall superior game.

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