Mahendra Singh Dhoni again points out DRS flaw

Southampton: Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has once again pointed to the flaws that exist in the present Decision Review System (DRS), saying that India continues to be a victim of it, and therefore, is reluctant to accept it.

When asked at the end of the third Test, which India lost to England by 266 runs, whether he might finally have changed his sceptical view of the Decision Review System after a number of close calls went against India, Dhoni was quoted by The Guardian, as saying no quietly, but emphatically.

To emphasize why he remains skeptical about the DRS, Dhoni pointed to Chesteshwar Pujara`s dismissal in the match.

He said that the ball clipped Pujara`s inner thigh, but it showed that it hit the stumps. The ball went to the wicketkeeper and it didn`t touch the bails at all.

That, he said, showed how accurate the DRS is.