India vs New Zealand, 1st ODI: As it happened...

A convincing win for India to start the 5-match ODI series on a confident note. 

By Suyash Srivastava | Last Updated: Oct 16, 2016, 20:56 PM IST
India vs New Zealand, 1st ODI: As it happened...
Despite being a competitive side in limited-overs cricket, New Zealand have never won a bilateral series in India

Dharamsala: A convincing win for India to start the 5-match ODI series on a confident note. And as expected, Virat Kohli was the man in charge after bowlers set-up the stage for the Indian batsmen at the backdrop of picturesque Himalayas at Dharamsala. The second match will be played in Delhi on Thursday.

Earlier, Hardik Pandya made a memorable ODI debut at Dharamsala as he claimed three wickets to rattle the New Zealand's batting line-up. Indian pacers ripped through the Kiwi batting line-up as barring Tom Latham (79*) and Tim Southee (55), none of the Kiwis batsmen could put up a fight. New Zealand were bowled out for 190 runs after being invited to bat first by MS Dhoni.


Over 33.1 || Score 194/4 (Kohli 85; Yadhav 10)

Fitting finish to the match with Virat Kohli hitting the winning shot, a six over the bowler's head. He remained unbeaten on 85, with Kedar Yadav unbeaten on 10.

India won by six wickets with 101 balls remaining in the match.

Over 33 || Score 188/4 (Kohli 83; Yadhav 10)

Luck continued favour India as Kedar Yadav survived a caught behind call, with umpire disappointing Mitchell Santner and eager Luke Ronchi behind the wicket.

Four runs, a boundary from Yadav, from the over. India need another three runs.

Over 32 || Score 184/4 (Kohli 79; Yadhav 6)

A good over for India. But the Kiwis were unlucky not have a wicket, a run out chance of Kedar Yadav at the non-striker's end.

The over started with a classic Virat Kohli cover drive for a four, then a single followed, Yadav found a lucky four behind the wicket. Then a single, and another single with Yadav surviving his chance. 12 runs from the over, and India need another seven runs from 18 overs.

Over 31 || Score 172/4 (Kohli 72; Yadhav 1)

Kedar Yadav opened his account with a single, off the fourth ball he faced. And three runs from the over as Mitchell Santner completed his five overs, conceding 14 runs. Good effort.

Over 30 || Score 169/4 (Kohli 70; Yadhav 0)

Seven runs from the over, including a sumptuous cover drive from Virat Kohli, off the fourth ball. India need another 22 runs from 20 overs.

Over 29 || Score 162/4 (Kohli 63; Yadhav 0)

Huge mixed-up between the skipper and his vice! Dhoni wanted a a quick run, and quickly off to it; but Virat Kohli failed to react, sending back his skipper. Godd throw from Matin Guptill from the cover and no issues for Luke Ronchi.

WICKET: MS Dhoni run out 21 (24b)

That happened off the fourth ball. Two runs and wicket from the over. India still need another 29 runs from 21 overs. Kedar Yadhav is the new man for India.

Over 28 || Score 160/3 (Kohli 62; Dhoni 20)

Tim Southee continued, and he was welcomed back with back-to-back fours as Virat Kohli increased the tempo. And in the process, the Indian captain, vice-captain duo have reached their fifty-run stand in no time, in fact, in less than 8 overs.

But Kohli has had his luck, was dropped off the third ball, as Southee failed to take control of the mis-time shot. Another dot ball, then a double to Kohli.

Another good over for India, 10 runs. India need another 31 runs from 22 overs.

Over 27 || Score 150/3 (Kohli 52; Dhoni 20)

Three runs from the over as Mitchell Santer came back for his third over. India, thanks to those three runs, also reached 150-run mark.

India need another 41 runs from 23 overs.

Over 26 || Score 147/3 (Kohli 50; Dhoni 19)

10 runs from the over, with Virat Kohli reaching his 37th ODI fifty, in style with a single through cover. He took 55 balls to reach it.

Tim Southee, in his eight overs so far, has conceded 47 runs without success. Seems like he spent his trick while batting.

Over 25 || Score 137/3 (Kohli 47; Dhoni 12)

Mitchell Santner came back strong, leaking only two singles. Virat Kohli needs another three runs to reach his 37th ODI fifty.

Over 24 || Score 135/3 (Kohli 46; Dhoni 11)

James Neesham on for his fifth over, and a four to start the spell. Virat Kohli showed brilliant balance and footwork to play the over-pitched delivery for a four through mid-on.

A single, then a dot ball to MS Dhoni. A wide, and the skipper is no hurry. But after two balls Dhoni celebrated his 10000th ODI ball with a six. He faced the 10k ball three balls earlier.

India need another 56 runs from 26 overs.

Over 23 || Score 123/3 (Kohli 41; Dhoni 5)

Bowling change for New Zealand. Mitchell Santner on, and good start to his spell. Four singles. India need another 68 runs from 27 overs.

Over 22 | Score 119/3 (Kohli 39; Dhoni 3)

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni continued his ball-watching, surely looking to spend time in the centre. He has been out of match practice.

Kane Williamson brought back James Neesham and a tidy one from the medium pacer. Only a single from it.

Over 21 | Score 118/3 (Kohli 39; Dhoni 2)

Doug Breacwell returned for his 8th over and he has been taken to the cleaners by Virat Kohli. A single off the first ball by MS Dhoni, then a dot, followed by a double. Kohli then hit back-to-back fours. A dot to end the over. But 11 runs already came from the over.

India need another 73 runs from 29 overs.

Over 20 | Score 107/3 (Kohli 29; Dhoni 1)

Another wicket for Ish Sodhi. Soft dismissal for Manish Pandey, caught at midwicket.

WICKET: Manish Pandey c Kane Williamson b Ish Sodhi 17 (22b)

Skipper Ms Dhoni arrived in the centre. Seven runs from the over. India need another 84 runs from 30 overs.

Over 19 | Score 101/2 (Kohli 24; Pandey 17)

One busy over. A wide to start, then a dot ball. Manish Pandey took a double off the third ball, which was followed by a three, with a brilliant team-work at deep-midwicket preventing Pandey from hitting his second four.

Two dot balls, then a double to end the 8-run over. India need another 91 runs from 31 overs.

Over 18 | Score 92/2 (Kohli 22; Pandey 11)

Ish Sodhi continued with his second over, and a dot ball to start, to Manish Pandey. Pandey took a single off the second ball, the Virat Kohli demanded a double off the next ball. Tight run, even as Pandey survived a run-out chance in the non striker's end.

The partnership is already 30, off 5.5 overs.

Two more singles and five runs from the over.

Over 17 | Score 87/2 (Kohli 19; Pandey 9)

Another tidy spell from Tim Southee. Three singles, and India still need another 104 runs from 33 overs.

Over 16 | Score 84/2 (Kohli 18; Pandey 7)

Four runs from the over as Ish Sodhi got his first spell. Good start from the leg-break spinner. A dot, then three singles, then a dot before the over ends with another single.

Over 15 | Score 80/2 (Kohli 16; Pandey 5)

Tim Southee returned for his fifth over. A tidy one, conceding only three runs, all to Virat Kohli – a double and a single. And Drinks arrived on the field.

India still need another 111 runs from 35 overs.

Over 14 | Score 77/2 (Kohli 13; Pandey 5)

Virat Kohli increased the tempo. He blocked the first ball of the over, then a four – flicked, then a single. A wide followed. A single then a double of the last ball. 10 runs from the over. India still need another 114 runs from 36 overs.

Over 13 | Score 67/2 (Kohli 5; Pandey 4)

Pity! Ajinkya Rahane, who was batting so way, played a bad shot and perished, caught behind.

WICKET: Ajinkya Rahane c Luke Ronchi b James Neesham 33 (34b)

That happened off the first ball of the over. Manish Pandey, opened his account with a four, over the cover. Five runs from the over.

Over 12 | Score 62/1 (Rahane 33; Kohli 5)

A maiden over from Doug Bracewell. Brilliant from the 26-year-old medium pacer. His figures so far, 6-2-23-1.

Over 11 | Score 62/1 (Rahane 33; Kohli 5)

Extras galore as James Neesham produced an errant over. Five wides, then another wide, and another wide. That's seven runs without a official delivery. Virat Kohli hit the fourth ball for a four, through cover to make it a 13-run over.

India still need another 129 runs from 39 overs.

Over 10 | Score 49/1 (Rahane 33; Kohli 0)

Succesfull over for New Zealand as Doug Bracewell trapped Rohit Sharma in front. Maiden wicket.

WICKET: Rohit Sharma lbw b Doug Bracewell 14 (26b)

That happened off the second ball of the over. And thus arrived Virat Kohli, in the centre. India still need another 142 runs from 40 overs.

Over 9 | Score 49/0 (Rohit 14; Rahane 33)

Bowling change from Kane Williamson. James Neesham on for the first time, and leaked three runs, including a wide. Good start from the medium pacer.

Over 8 | Score 46/0 (Rohit 13; Rahane 32)

Brilliant over from Doug Bracewell, only two runs – a double to Rohit Sharma off the fourth ball. India still need another 145 runs from 42 overs.

Over 7 | Score 44/0 (Rohit 11; Rahane 32)

Ajinkya Rahane continues his free-flowing play. Rare sight in fact, seeing him outscore Rohit Sharma. Seven runs from the Tim Southee over.

Over 6 | Score 37/0 (Rohit 10; Rahane 26)

Then, Ajinkya Rahane took over, hitting two sixes off the second and last ball of the Doug Bracewell over. 12 runs from the over, and India still need another 154 runs from 44 overs.

Over 5 | Score 25/0 (Rohit 10; Rahane 14)

A six off the penultimate ball as Rohit Sharma broke the Tim Southee shackles. Top edge on the pull, and still sailed over the fine leg boundary.

Over 4 | Score 19/0 (Rohit 4; Rahane 14)

Cautious start from the Indian openers, but even then a good over from Ajinkya Rahane meant that the score is well over the par. India need another 172 runs with 10 wickets and 46.0 overs remaining.

Over 43.5 | Score 190/10 | (Latham 79*)

It's all over! Amit Mishra picked his third wicket as he trapped Sodhi in front of the wicket. Kiwis would be delighted with that total as they were wobbling at 6/65 at one stage.

Earlier, Southee's innings finally came to an end when after hitting Amit Mishra for his sixth boundary, he went for another big shot but was caught by Manish Pandey, who took a good catch running backwards from cover.

IS Sodhi lbw b Mishra 1 (10b)

TG Southee c Pandey b Mishra 55 (45b)

Over 41 | Score 173/8 | (Latham 67*, Southee 51*)

What a mind-blowing counter-attack from Tim Southee! After being dropped on 2, he made the best of the opportunity as he hammered Indian bowlers to all parts of the ground. He not only reached his maiden ODI fifty, but also became the first New Zealand No. 10 to score a 50. Frustrating knock for the Men in Blue but the Kiwi camp would be delighted with that effort. Latham and Southee have so far added unbeaten 67 runs for the ninth wicket.

Over 37 | Score 135/8 | (Latham 59*, Southee 24*)

After that reprieve, Southee is taking his chances. After hitting Bumrah for two consecutive boundaries, he slapped Axar Patel straight down the ground for a maximum. Southee has raced to 24 in no time. Valuable runs for the Kiwis.

Over 35 | Score 119/8 | (Latham 56*, Southee 11*)

India almost picked their ninth wicket but Umesh Yadav dropped a sitter at deep fine leg off Bumrah's bowling. The ball was pitched short, Southee went after it and holed it straight to deep fine leg. Umesh, who had taken a brilliant catch earlier to dismiss the dangerous Corey Anderson, got under the ball but grassed it.

Earlier, Amit Mishra picked his first wicket of the match in the 32nd over, where Bracewell charged down the wicket to hit a big shot, but holed it straight to Rahane at midwicket. The wicket also ended the 41-run stand between Latham and Bracewell.

DAJ Bracewell c Rahane b Mishra 15 (46b)

Over 30 | Score 102/7 | (Latham 51*, Bracewell 14*)

Latham has completed yet another half-century of this tour. Without a doubt, he has been New Zealand's most convincing batsman. He has never looked in a hurry and has played with a straight bat unlike his team-mates, who have tried to do too many things. This partnership for the eighth-wicket is proving to be a decent one. These two have added 37 runs so far.

Over 25 | Score 81/7 | (Latham 39*, Bracewell 6*)

Latham and Bracewell are batting sensibly where they are rotating strike without taking too man risks. 13 runs have been scored in the last five overs. The strategy for the Kiwis should be to bat through their quota of 50 overs. If they manage to do so, they will be able to put a respectable total on board.

Over 20 | Score 68/7 | (Latham 31*, Bracewell 2*)

Kedar Jadhav joined the party as he dismissed Jimmy Neesham and Mitchell Santner off consecutive balls. While Neesham hit one back to Jadhav, Santner edged the first delivery he faced into Dhoni's gloves. Massive moment for India considering two breakthroughs have been given by a part-time bowler. Doug Bracewell is the next man in. Latham is batting solid from one end as his team-mates are in a hurry to get back to the dugout.

MJ Santner c Dhoni b Jadhav 0 (1b)

JDS Neesham c & b Jadhav 10 (25b)

Over 14 | Score 53/5 | (Latham 27*, Neesham 2*)

Pandya's debut continued to be memorable as he picked his third wicket of the match. Ronchi, who was one of New Zealand's successful batsmen in Test series, hit the third ball he faced straight to Umesh Yadav at mid-on. Disappointing show from the Kiwi batsmen so far. As he did in the Test series, Latham is playing a fighting knock. Jimmy Neesham is the new man in.

L Ronchi c Yadav b Pandya 0 (3b)

Over 11 | Score 43/4 | (Latham 21*, Ronchi 0*)

New batsman Corey Anderson was lured by width on offer by Pandya, the left-hander went after it but failed to clear Umesh Yadav at mid-off, who jumbed to his right to take a brilliant catch. The ball was coming at speed and Umesh did well to grab that one. Luke Ronchi is the next man in. He is an attacking batsman but Kiwis desperately need a partnership here.

CJ Anderson c Yadav b Pandya 4 (14b 

Over 9 | Score 41/3 | (Latham 19*, Anderson 4*)

Kiwis lost another wicket in form of Ross Taylor, who was dropped for a first-ball duck! After a disastrous show in Tests, it has been another forgettable start for the veteran batsman. Yadav pitched one outside the off-stump and Taylor edged it behind the wickets. Corey Anderson is the next man in. The all-rounder has played many matches in the Indian Premier League which could come handy today.

Over 5 | Score 29/2 | (Latham 13*)

Umesh Yadav gets the big fish! Williamson was offered width and he slashed hard at it, couldn't time it well as a result of which it went straight to Amit Mishra at third-man. That's a massive blow for the Kiwis. Ross Taylor is the next man in. After a flop show in Tests, it's time for Taylor to find back his rhythm as soon as possible.

KS Williamson c Mishra b Yadav 3 (9b)

Over 2 | Score 14/1 | (Latham 1*)

Debutant Hardik Pandya got his ODI career to a great start by removing Martin Guptill in the second over of the innings. Guptill was looking dangerous after scoring three boundaries in the over. But Pandya bounced back as Guptill edged the last delivery to third slip. Good start by India.

TOSS: MS Dhoni has won the toss and he has decided to bowl first. Hardik Pandya will make his ODI debut today.

After being humiliated in the three-match ODI series, the Kiwis, who are a much better side in limited-overs cricket, will want to show some teeth in the next five matches. The likes of Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Martin Guptill will have to raise up their performances up by several notches. The Kiwis also have two formidable limited-overs specialists in Corey Anderson and Luke Ronchi.

After a break from international cricket, MS Dhoni will resume his international duties once again. The wicketkeeper-batsman last played for India in a T20 game in August against West Indies in the USA. The Indian team will be without three of its key players -- Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Mohammed Shami -- all of whom have been rested keeping the gruelling season in mind.

In the absence of India's key bowlers, it's an excellent opportunity for somebody like Jayant Yadav to make an impact. After being dropped for two series earlier this year, Hardik Pandya too, would be keen to prove his mettle at the biggest stage.

Hardik Pandya


India Squad

MS Dhoni (c & wk), JJ Bumrah, KM Jadhav, V Kohli, DS Kulkarni, Mandeep Singh, A Mishra, MK Pandey, HH Pandya, AR Patel, AM Rahane, SK Raina, RG Sharma, J Yadav, UT Yadav

New Zealand Squad

KS Williamson (c), CJ Anderson, TA Boult, DAJ Bracewell, AP Devcich, MJ Guptill, MJ Henry, TWM Latham, JDS Neesham, L Ronchi (wk), MJ Santner, IS Sodhi, TG Southee, LRPL Taylor, BJ Watling (wk)

Date: October 16, Sunday

Time: 01:30 pm IST

Venue: Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium

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