India vs Pakistan: As it happened…

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Mirpur: Virat Kohli’s magnificent 183 off 148 propelled India to an improbable 6 wickets victory over Pakistan.

Here is how the game panned out...

Indian Innings

Mirpur: 9.27 pm 48th Over: Ind 330/4 VICTORY FOR INDIA AS DHONI SLAPS ONE PAST COVER This is India’s highest run chase since the epic Natwest series victory. That was courtesy the young guns Yuvraj and Kaif; this one courtesy another set of young guns Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

9.22 pm 47th Over: Ind 318/3 First ball. low full toss and FOUR!!!. down the leg side Kohli clips to fine leg boundary. Last ball of the over, Raina picks up another FOUR!!! through midwicket region.

9.12 pm 46th Over: Ind 307/3 OUT!!! F.O.W 305/3 Rohit Sharma 68 (83b) went for a pull but ended up top edging it straight to Shahid Afridi at midwicket.

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9.09 pm 45th Over: Ind 300/2 KOHLI ON FIRE 300 up for India as Kohli slaps one past extra cover for his 20 boundary of the innings. 8 runs of the over. 30 runs needed off 30 balls.

9.07 pm 44th Over: Ind 292/2 Kohli gets another FOUR off Ajmal. 9 off the over, 38 needed off 36.

9.04 pm 43rd Over: Ind 283/2 Sharma squeezed out a FOUR off Afridi. 47 needed off 42.

9.04 pm 43rd Over: Ind 283/2 Sharma squeezed out a FOUR off Afridi. 47 needed of 42.

8.59 pm 42nd Over: Ind 276/2 150 for Kohli Wahab Riaz’s horrid time continued as Kohli clobbered the leftie for three consecutive FOURS!!!. Partnership of 143 off 136. Need 54 from 48.

8.52 pm 41st Over: Ind 261/2 Steep ask, but Kohli manages to hit Gul over the top for a FOUR. Kohli then hits a flighted SIX !!! . Great timing, confidence and balance. Sharma and Kohli then squeeze a double off the last ball. 16 off the over.

Overs (31- 40) Ind 247/2, 83 runs from 60 balls, RR: 6.17, RRR: 8.30 Sharma 55 (67), Kohli 131 (124)

8.45 pm 40th Over: Ind 247/2 Final over of the batting powerplay and Ajmal stifles Kohli, just 6 runs of the over. India scored 32 runs in the powerplay as compared to Pakistan’s 38.

8.42 pm 39th Over: Ind 241/2 It was tough going for Sharma early on but he gritted it out and scored a decisive fifty off just 62 balls. But a good over from Gul, just 4 runs off it.

8.37 pm 38th Over: Ind 237/2 Slip for Ajmal, as Sharma and Kohli managed only four runs off the over.

8.35 pm 37th Over: Ind 233/2 Straight drive from Kohli in the last ball, one bounce FOUR. 8 runs off the over. 100 run partnership for Kohli and Sharma.

8.28 pm 36th Over: Ind 225/2 BATTING POWERPLAY STARTS and Kohli misread Ajmal’s doosra but luckily without any slip the ball races to the third man boundary for a FOUR. Kohli then plays the ball late for the cut, it goes up in the air but past the short third man, another FOUR. 10 runs off the over.

8.25 pm 35th Over: Ind 215/2 SIX!!! Shot of the day The ball was short and Rohit Sharma pulls and finds the middle of the bat and WHACK, the ball sails over deep square leg fence for a SIX!!!

8.20 pm 34th Over: Ind 207/2 Four runs off this Hafeez over.

8.17 pm 33rd Over: Ind 202/2 Aizaz Cheema’s sixth over yielded four runs as the required run rate kept on creeping up to 7.52 rpo.

8.09 pm 32nd Over: Ind 198/2 Just four runs of Hafeez’s 8th over.

8.07 pm 31st Over: Ind 194/2 Cheema comes into the attack and gives away 7 runs.

Overs (21- 30) Ind 187/2, RR: 6.23, RRR: 7.15 Sharma 27 (34), Kohli 100 (97)

8.04 pm 30th Over: Ind 187/2 CENTURY FOR KOHLI Well played sir, Virat Kohli reaches his 11th international ton in 97 balls with apush to long on. Removes his helmet and he means business.

8.00 pm 29th Over: Ind 180/2 Sharma into act now, as he he places the ball well between point and short third man for a FOUR.

7.58 pm 28th Over: Ind 174/2 Yet another tidy over from Hafeez, just 4 runs off it.

7.55 pm 27th Over: Ind 170/2 Afridi bowls a long hop and Rohit finally breaks the shackles going to the backfoot, clobbering it to midwicket fence. He moves to 13 off 22 balls. Required rate of India is still on the higher side, 6.95 rpo.

7.52 pm 26th Over: Ind 164/2 Hafeez bowls a tidy over, concedes only three runs.

7.49 pm 25th Over: Ind 161/2 4 run off the Afridi over.

7.43 pm 24th Over: Ind 157/2 Hafeez back in the attack and gives away only four runs, Rohit Sharma still struggling.

7.43 pm 24th Over: Ind 157/2 Hafeez back in the attack and gives away only four runs, Rohit Sharma seems at be at ease now.

7.39 pm 23rd Over: Ind 153/2 7 runs off the Afridi over as India go past 150-run mark.

7.36 pm 22nd Over: Ind 146/2 FOUR for last two balls as Kohli played Ajmal very cleverly. The first FOUR was precision work as Kohli drove a ful land wide ball towards extra cover wide of Wahab Riaz. The second FOUR was even better as he opened the face of the bat angling it towards third man.

7.32 pm 21st Over: Ind 136/2 Pressure telling on the Indians as the Paksitan spinners make it tough for India.

Overs (11- 20) Ind 133/2, RR: 6.65, RRR: 6.56 Sharma 0 (3), Kohli 73 (68)

7.27 pm 20th Over: Ind 133/2 OUT!!! F.O.W 133/2 Saeed Ajmal foxes Sachin Tendulkar (52) with the doosra as the Master lunged forward hoping to play the off-spin but the doosra took the outside edge where Younis Khan held on to good low catch. Rohit Sharma walked in and Ajmal bamboozled the Mumbaikar. Ajmal is all excited.

7.23 pm 19th Over: Ind 131/1 Nothing going Wahab Riaz’s way. 17 off the over. His first ball yielded 6 runs courtesy 4 overthrows by Akmal and then the leftie bowled a front foot no-ball which resulted in a FOUR off the free hit. It was a loss full toss and Kohli got his front leg out of the way and hit it past midwicket boundary. The last ball, again Riaz drifted down leg and Kohli shuffled a bit and clipped to fine leg where a diving Cheema failed to stop the FOUR

7.18 pm 18th Over: Ind 114/1 Tidy over by Ajmal. Just one run off it.

7.16 pm 17th Over: Ind 113/1 96th ODI FIFTY FOR TENDULKAR Sachin gets to his 50 with a cut shot. Earlier in the first ball of the over, Riaz dropped it short and towards legside, Kohli swirled around and put the ball past short fine leg for a FOUR.

7.16 pm 17th Over: Ind 104/1 96th ODI FIFTY FOR TENDULKAR Sachin gets to his 50 with a cut shot. Earlier in the first ball of the over, Riaz dropped it short and towards legside, Kohli swirled around and put the ball past short fine leg for a FOUR. 9 runs off the over.

7.12 pm 16th Over: Ind 104/1 100 UP FOR INDIA, FIFTY FOR KOHLI Kohli cuts and cuts well off the last ball of Ajmal`s over to reach his 22nd ODI half century.

7.03 pm 15th Over: Ind 98/1 Wahab Riaz into the attack and Kohli pulled well, FOUR of the first ball. Then on the fourth ball, Tendulkar guided another short delivery towards third man were a lazy Umar Gul let the ball out of his hand for another FOUR.

6.59 pm 14th Over: Ind 87/1 FOUR!!! Sachin goes all out and flat, down on one knee he slog sweeps over midwicket for FOUR.

6.56 pm 13th Over: Ind 79/1 First FOUR after the 9th over as Sachin’s outside edge went past a diving Umar Gul at short third man. Kohli then clipped one with good timing past a running Aizaz Cheema to the deep midwicket boundary.

6.52 pm 12th Over: Ind 67/1 Hafeez comes back after a solitary over at the start and gives away only 4 runs. Pakistan spinners stifling India with some tight bowling.

6.47 pm 11th Over: Ind 63/1 Dangerous Afridi into the attack and a close appeal first up against Tendulkar but Umpire Steve Davis was unmoved. 5 runs off the over.

Overs (11- 20) Ind 58/1, RR: 5.80 Tendulkar 28 (24), Kohli 24 (34)

6.44 pm 10th Over: Ind 58/1 Ajmal into the attack and immediately he beats the Master with the doosra. Stumping appeal; but Sachin was rooted to the crease all along, third umpire gives it not out.

6.40 pm 9th Over: Ind 56/1 FIFTY FOR INDIA and Sachin plays another of his magical shot. It was not at all a bad ball from Cheema but Sachin shuffled across and punched it on the backfoot between mid-on and midwicket.

6.35 pm 8th Over: Ind 49/1 Good running between the wickets by Kohli and Tendulkar as Umar Gul bowled a nagging line first up cramping Tendulkar and Kohli for space.

6.31 pm 7th Over: Ind 45/1 Cheema’s third over yielded just three runs as the 32-year old bowled with some serious pace.

6.26 pm 6th Over: Ind 42/1 Cheeky single for the second time and Sachin was GONE if it was a direct hit. 4 runs off the over.

6.22 pm 5th Over: Ind 38/1 UPPER CUT FOR SIX FROM SACHIN!!! Cheema generated good pace as he beat Sachin in the first two balls but the Master replied with the upper cut. It was a well directed short delivery but Sachin leaned back a bit and just guided the ball over the third man boundary rope.

6.14 pm 4th Over: Ind 30/1 8 runs off the over. Kohli timed his flick to perfection past the square leg boundary, after Umar Akmal had conceded four byes.

6.08 pm 3rd Over: Ind 22/1 SHOT!!! Aizaz Cheema bowled it a bit short and Kohli pulled it with disdain through the extra cover region. Then, Sachin Tendulkar went to the backfoot in a flash and he pushed one between point and cover, the ball sped to the boundary in no time. Vintage Tendulkar. 12 runs off the over .

6.03 pm 2nd Over: Ind 10/1 Gul spitting venom first up. The pacer had Kohli hopping in the third over and then he produced a short pitch delivery that shot up after hitting the deck. Sachin though, got the first boundary of the day for India courtesy a top edge that flew through the third man region.

5.55 pm 1st Over: Ind 3/1 OUT!!! F.O.W 0/1 Mohammed Hafeez gave Pakistan the perfect start with the ball scalping Gautam Gambhir LBW for nought in the second ball of the first over.

Pakistan Innings

Overs (41- 50) Pak 256/0, RR: 6.58 Misbah 4 (5), Gul 0 (1)

5.20 pm 50th Over: Pak 329/6 OUT!!! F.O.W 323/5 SUPER CATCH FROM KOHLI Hammad Azam (4) hit the ball into the orbit but Virat Kohli judged the ball well taking two paces backward catching the ball behind him at deep extra cover.

5.14 pm 49th Over: Pak 324/5 OUT!!! F.O.W 323/5 ABSOLUTE BLINDER FROM RAINA Raina plucks one out of thin air to dismiss the dangerous Younis Khan for 52.

5.09 pm 48th Over: Pak 318/4 OUT!!! F.O.W 313/4 Afridi perishes for 9 runs as he was holed out in the deep by Virat Kohli.

5.03 pm 47th Over: Pak 307/3 Younis Khan hit two boundaries in the over as Praveen Kumar conceded 12 off the over.

4.59 pm 46th Over: Pak 295/3 Afridi, Younis accumulate another 8 runs off Irfan Pathan’s 9th over.

4.54 pm 45th Over: Pak 287/3 9 runs of the Praveen Kumar over.

4.49 pm 45th Over: Pak 278/3 Five runs of the over. A single off the second ball of the over took Shahid ‘BOOM BOOM’ Afridi to 7000 ODI runs with an avg. of just over 23.

4.47 pm 44th Over: Pak 274/3 A Single takes Shahid ‘BOOM BOOM’ Afridi to 7000 ODI runs.

4.43 pm 43rd Over: Pak 273/3 OUT!!! F.O.W 273/3 Umar Akmal departed after scoring 28 off 24 balls as he tried a paddle sweep off full toss managing it to scoop it to Gambhir at short fine leg.

4.40 pm 42nd Over: Pak 270/2 Akmal and Younis also are looking strong in the middle.

4.37 pm 41st Over: Pak 262/2 6 runs off the over and Praveen Kumar at this point has an economy of 7.83.

Overs (31- 40) Pak 256/0, RR: 6.40 Akmal 20 (14), Younis 11 (9)

4.32 pm 40th Over: Pak 256/2 Ashwin finished his quota of 10 overs conceding 56 runs with a lone wicket of Nasir Jamshed. 10 overs remaining, fireworks on the cards with Akmal in the middle.

4.28 pm 39th Over: Pak 251/2 14 off the over. Aggressive Umar Akmal launched Dinda’s second ball over midwicket, one bounce FOUR. Akmal made it better one ball later with another excellent shot for FOUR as he scooped the pitched up delivery over mid off.

4.22 pm 38th Over: Pak 237/2 ON FIELD COLLISION Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli bump into each other very hard as Younis Khan and Umar Akmal run four runs of the second ball. 6 runs off the over.

4.18 pm 37th Over: Pak 231/2 OUT!!! F.O.W 225/2 Ashok Dinda foxed Hafeez with a slower one. Mohammed Hafeez departed after a classy 105 runs off 112 balls. Dinda gets the reward for his tight bowling. Hafeez went for a sweep but failed to judge the pace of the slower one. The ball hit his back leg in front of the stumps and Umpire Ian Gould had no hesitation is adjudging the allrounder Leg Before Wicket.

4.13 pm 36th Over: Pak 224/1 OUT!!! F.O.W 224/1 Tremendous innings from Nasir Jamshed 112 (104 balls) comes to an end as he tried to up the tempo. He had earlier cracked a wonderful FOUR over extra cover playing the inside out shot off Ashwin but he tried to slog the next ball only to be holed out at short third man by Irfan Pathan.

4.06 pm 35th Over: Pak 218/0 MAIDEN CENTURY FOR NASIR JAMSHED It took him just nine balls to reach his ton from 90 as the southpaw justified his place in the squad after being given a chance in long time. Pakistan on the ascendency as Jamshed cracked a SIX in the same over.

4.01 pm 34th Over: Pak 209/0 Pakistan got six runs off the Ashwin over as Nasir Jamshed inched closer to his maiden hundred.

3.54 pm 33rd Over: Pak 203/0 CENTURY FOR HAFEEZ No 90s jitter for the allrounder, as he reached his hundred from ninety in just 11 balls. The opening pair also racked up their 200-run partnership, a first for Pakistan openers against India.

3.49 pm 32nd Over: Pak 197/0 Yusuf Pathan bowls his fifth over as Jamshed moves into the 90s. 6 runs off the over.

3.45 pm 31st Over: Pak 191/0 7 runs off the over. As both the openers inch closer to their centuries. No 90s jitters for Hafeez yet as he is batting in the same vein as his start.

Overs (21- 30) Pak 184/0, RR: 6.13 Hafeez 93 (96), Jamshed 85 (84)

3.40 pm 30th Over: Pak 184/0 Thick outside edge earns Jamshed a lucky boundary, probably the first unconvincing shot from the southpaw till now.

3.37 pm 29th Over: Pak 175/0 Nasir Jamshed surpasses his previous best effort in ODIs as Ashwin yields 5 runs.

3.31 pm 28th Over: Pak 170/0 SIX Hafeez went down on one knee and hoisted Yusuf Pathan for a mammoth hit for SIX over midwicket. Hafeez moves into the nineties. 11 runs off the over.

3.37 pm 27th Over: Pak 159/0 Ashwin’s fifth over yields three runs.

3.27 pm 26th Over: Pak 156/0 JAMSHED DROPPED Sachin dropped a difficult chance off his own bowling as Jamshed hit back the ball with power to Sachin. He got his hand out but the ball hit his ring finger. He is was pain as physio walked out to the middle. Raina finishes the over. 6 runs off the over.

3.22 pm 25th Over: Pak 150/0 It is cruise control mode for Pakistan as Hafeez looked solid going to the backfoot and frontfoot with ease taking on Ashwin.

3.17 pm 24th Over: Pak 145/0 Sachin into the attack and concedes 8 runs. Sachin was on the shorter side as Hafeez got a FOUR in the over as well.

3.14 pm 23th Over: Pak 137/0 Yusuf Pathan’s third over, openers take four singles.

3.10 pm 22nd Over: Pak 133/0 Jamshed gets a FOUR and the openers run three singles. 7 runs off the over.

3.07 pm 21st Over: Pak 126/0 The openers are well set and without taking any risk as cruising along taking singles. Senior Pathan’s second over yielded 5 runs.

Overs (11- 20) Pak 121/0, RR: 6.05 Hafeez 62 (67), Jamshed 55 (53)

3.05 pm 20th Over: Pak 121/0 A rare tidy over by Ashwin as he concedes just 2 runs.

3.01 pm 19th Over: Pak 119/0 Short and wide and Hafeez clobbers it past point. Hafeez turning the heat on the hapless Indian bowlers. 13 off the over.

2.54 pm 18th Over: Pak 106/0 FIFTY FOR HAFEEZ and JAMSHED Hafeez drove one past point for his half-century and then Jamshed cracked one to the square leg boundary to reach his second fifty of the Asia Cup 2012. Also the pair brought up Pakistan’s 100 as well. But Dinda comeback well with a good bouncer off the last ball that had Jamshed in all sorts of trouble. 12 runs off the over.

2.44 pm 17th Over: Pak 94/0 Expensive first over by Ravichandran Ashwin. 11 runs off the over. The very first ball, Nasir Jamshed pounced on to a short one, going to his backfoot in a flash timing it to the extra cover boundary. Is Ashwin feeling the pressure? Bowls a wide second ball and if it was not for Dinda’s terrific effort at fine leg his third ball would have been a four as well.

2.40 pm 16th Over: Pak 83/0 Dinda bowled his fourth over conceding just two runs. He has so far persisted with the offside line and kept both the batsmen in check.

2.37 pm 15th Over: Pak 81/0 Comeback man Yusuf Pathan’s first over yields five singles. Hafeez into the forties.

2.34 pm 14th Over: Pak 76/0 FOUR off the second ball as Jamshed executed the square cut well. Jamshed then played the wrong line the next ball, trying to sweep the ball but it hit the pads in front of the leg stump; Sharma appealed but umpire Steve Davis reckoned that not out. Another good over for Pak, 9 runs off it.

2.30 pm 13th Over: Pak 67/0 6 off the over as both Hafeez and Jamshed looked at ease facing the part-timers.

2.25 pm 12th Over: Pak 61/0 Spin from both the ends as Dhoni gives the ball to his second part-time bowler Rohit Sharma. 3 runs off the over.

2.21 pm 11th Over: Pak 58/0 Second bowling change, Raina into the attack and he concedes 7 runs off his first over.

Overs (1- 10) Pak 51/0, RR: 5.10 Hafeez 27 (34), Jamshed 22 (26)

2.19 pm 10th Over: Pak 51/0 Third ball: Yorker gone wrong, full toss by Pathan and Nasir Jamshed splits the gap between cover and extra cover for a boundary. Four off the last ball as well. 50-run partnership up for Hafeez and Jamshed. 10 runs off the over.

2.11 pm 9th Over: Pak 41/0 FOUR for Hafeez with a classy shot. The ball came in marginally but Hafeez adjusted and stroked it past mid off yet again with good timing.

2.07 pm 8th Over: Pak 36/0 Short from Praveen again and Hafeez gets in position early and pulls it towards midwicket. Third FOUR for Hafeez. Hafeez timed another ball well towards point but Manoj Tiwary in for Sachin Tendulkar makes a sharp stop.

2.00 pm 7th Over: Pak 31/0 First bowling change, Ashok Dinda, who had a disappointing match against Bangladesh started off here with some aggression. Just one run off the over.

1.57 pm 6th Over: Pak 30/0 Just three runs off the over as Yusuf Pathan stopped a certain boundary at mid off from Nasir Jamshed.

1.52 pm 5th Over: Pak 27/0 A tidy over by Praveen Kumar but not convincing as he still bowled a bit short and wide.

1.46 pm 4th Over: Pak 25/0 Pathan bowled just a tad short and Hafeez rose with the ball executing a half push with perfect timing. Another FOUR towards the extra cover region. Pathan though came back strongly with couple of in-swingers that had Hafeez in trouble.

1.41 pm 3rd Over: Pak 20/0 Powerful backfoot push to long off for FOUR by Nasir Jamshed followed by another flick towards deep midwicket for another FOUR . Praveen strayed in line on both the occasions bowling it on Jamshed’s pads. Jamshed picked up his third boundary off the last ball helping the leg side ball on its way to the fine leg fence. 12 off the over.

1.36 pm 2nd Over: Pak 8/0 Second over by Irfan Pathan and he started off well hitting the right length first up.

1.32 pm 1st Over: Pak 5/0 Praveen Kumar started off the proceedings and Mohammed Hafeez helped himself with a boundary off the third ball as PK banged it short and wide.

Toss: Pakistan captain Misbah ul-Haq won the toss and elected to bat first against India at Mirpur on Sunday in a crucial Aisa Cup encounter.


G Gambhir, S Tendulkar, V Kohli, R Sharma, S Raina, MS Dhoni (C), Y Pathan, I Pathan, R Ashwin, P Kumar, A Dinda


Mohammad Hafeez, Nasir Jamshed, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq (C), Umar Akmal, Hammad Azam, Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Aizaz Cheema, Wahab Riaz.

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