India cricket team assured of keeping No.1 ODI spot

IANS| Updated: Nov 18, 2013, 19:32 PM IST

Dubai: India start the three-match series against West Indies assured of retaining their No.1 rank in the ICC ODI Team Rankings table, irrespective of the outcome of the the contest beginning Nov 21 in Kochi.

India are ranked first with 123 ratings points and enter the series leading seventh-ranked West Indies by 34 ratings points. Because the rankings are weighted to reflect this difference, India’s failure to win the series will result in them losing as many as four ratings points.

The West Indies, on the other hand, could gain as many five ratings points if they win the series 3-0 to move up to 94, but they will retain its pre-series seventh rank.

South Africa start the series against sixth-ranked Pakistan with an opportunity to move up two places to third, but only if they makes a clean sweep of the series.

South Africa, currently ranked fifth with 109 ratings points, could gain two ratings points in such a scenario to move level with England, but will be ranked above Alastair Cook’s men when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.

But if South Africa win the series by any other margin they will retain their pre-series fifth rank with no change in ratings points.

For Pakistan a series win by any margin will only mean gain of as many as three ratings points to 101, thereby reducing the gap with fifth-ranked South Africa, but will not result in any change in their ranking position.

The 1-1 series between Sri Lanka and New Zealand has resulted in both sides retaining their pre-series rank. Sri Lanka continue to be ranked fourth with 110 ratings points, while New Zealand trail West Indies in seventh position with 85 ratings points.