India vs West Indies: 2nd ODI - As it happened...

By Manushree Chaumal | Updated: Nov 24, 2013, 12:54 PM IST

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West Indies innings

Over 49.3 || Score 289/8

Three runs were needed off the last ball. Mohit Sharma bowled a slower one and Sammy took a single off the first ball. Dhoni brought all the fielders inside the circle to stop the new batsman taking a single to bring back Sammy on strike. Permaul was lucky as the batsmen ran a bye. Scores were leveled. Sammy lofted the third ball over midwicket for a single for the winnings runs! West Indies have won by 2 wickets and Darren Sammy has been their hero!

Darren Sammy 63* (45b), Veerasammy Permaul 0* (1b)


Over 49 || Score 286/8

Darren Sammy was in a brutal mood as he hammered Bhuvaneshwar Kumar for 16 runs in his ninth over where the pacer bowled two juicy full-tosses to end the over and Sammy scored ten runs off them. Shami picked a wicket in the penultimate over of the innings when James Holder shimmied down the track and edged one to the keeper. Shami picked another wicket in his ninth over when Sunil Narine awkwardly pulled a short ball straight towards Rayudu at square leg. Windies need three runs from the last over.

SP Narine c sub (AT Rayudu) b Mohammed Shami 0 (3b)

JO Holder c Dhoni b Mohammed Shami 7 (5b)


Over 47 || Score 267/6

Jadeja struck off the final ball of his final over to give Team Indian a much needed breakthrough. Simmons was playing a magnificent knock and he had added 82 runs for the sixth wicket partnership. Jadeja went wicketless for most part of the innings but the left-hander picked a wicket off the last ball which kept slightly low and hit Simmons on the pads. It was the end of a superb partnership as both Sammy and Simmons punished the Indian bowlers. Windies now need 22 runs to win from the last three overs.

LMP Simmons lbw b Jadeja 62 (74b


Over 42 || Score 226/5

Shami comes into attack in the 41st over. Sammy hit two boundaries in the over. Off the third full toss delivery, Sammy hit it towards extra cover for four runs. In the fourth delivery, Sammy hit the short pitched ball towards deep square leg boundary. Twelve runs in the over. In the first ball of the 42nd over, Simmons was dropped by Yuvraj at long on, who juggled with the ball at least three times, before dropping the ball. Sammy hit the last short ball of the over at deep square leg for six runs. 11 runs off the over.

West Indies need 63 runs from 48 balls.


Over 40 || Score 203/5

Kumar continues in the 37th over. Just three runs off it. Jadeja in the next over, gives three runs. In Shami’s 39th over, Darren Sammy and Simmons taking quick singles and doubles add six runs to the West Indies tally. Pressure showing on the batsmen. The runs are not piling up even in the power play. Three runs in 40th over by Bhuvi.

West Indies need 86 runs in 60 balls.


Over 36 || Score 188/5

Jadeja begins 28th over. Simmons hit two successive fours off the first two deliveries of the over. Nine runs added in the over. Ashwin bowls the last over of his spell, concedes two runs. He had a successful bowling spell today taking two wickets giving 37 runs. Raina comes back in the 30th over, taking advantage of the dry ball, giving away a single in the over. Third ball of Jadeja’s 31st over was hit by Simmons to the fine leg, straight to the boundary. Six runs in the over. 13 runs added in the next three overs including a boundary by Bravo. Bhuvneshwar comes back in the 35th over, strikes in the third delivery. Dwayne Bravo is out. West Indies have lost their 5th wicket. Bravo sent the ball straight towards Shikhar Dhawan at deep square leg who took an easy catch to end Bravo’s innings. Three runs and a wicket in the over. Jadeja concedes maiden 36th over, after introduction of batting power play.

West Indies require 101 runs in 14 overs.

Wicket: Bravo c Dhawan b Kumar 18 (26b, 2x4)


Over 27 || Score 151/4

Ravindra Jadeja introduced in the 24th over. Three runs of the over. Ashwin back for 25th over. Powell on 54, send the fifth delivery towards the ropes. The full toss delivery was hit to the deep square leg. Seven runs. New balls in the 26th over prove beneficial for Ashwin. West Indies lose their fourth wicket. Powell is out. He was way ahead of the crease when Dhoni hit the stumps. Dwayne Bravo is the new batsman in. Four runs and a wicket in off the over.

West Indies require 138 runs to win 6 wickets remaining.

Wicket: Powell st Dhoni b Ashwin 59 (70b, 7x4, 1x6)


Over 23 || Score 131/3

Shami’s 22nd over was an expensive one. He conceded 14 runs. After Bravo was dropped twice in the 21st over and once in the 22nd, he was not as lucky in the 23rd. India finally got their third wicket. Bravo who just completed his half century was caught out by Dhoni off Ashwin’s delivery. Bravo tried to cut the ball too close to the off stump and edged it straight to the keeper. Eight runs and a wicket in the over. The 100-run partnership was finally broken. Simmons is the new batsman in.

West Indies require 158 runs to win with 7 wickets remaining.

Wicket:DM Bravo c Dhoni b Ashwin 50 (54b)


Over 20 || Score 106/2

Raina continues with the 16th over. Six runs come off it. The batsmen are taking singles and doubles. Four runs of Ashwin’s 17th over. Bravo hit yet another boundary in Raina’s 18th over. The ball went between the covers, straight to the rope. Ashwin concedes a boundary in the next over, after delivering five dot balls. Bravo found the gap between the slips and hit it for four more runs. Mohammad Shami comes back in the 20th over, concedes six runs (four in leg byes). Bravo and Powell both are nearing their half-centuries. India needs wickets to break the sealing partnership now.

West Indies require 183 runs to win.


Over 15 || Score 80/2

Spin attack introduced in the 11th over. R Ashwin concedes a maiden over. Raina comes into attack in the 12th over. Off the fourth delivery of the over, Powell sends the ball past mid wicket for a boundary. Seven runs off Raina’s over. Ashwin continues in the 13th over. The batsmen take singles and finish the over with four runs. Bravo in Raina’s 14th over hit his fifth boundary, taking his score to 28 runs. Ashwin delivers yet another good over. Just one run come of his 15th. With signs of dew coming in, the bowlers would have trouble spinning the ball at will. Powell is at 32 runs off 40 deliveries with five boundaries.

West Indies require 209 runs to win.


Over 10 || Score 60/2

Twelve runs come in the 7th over. Powell hit three boundaries in the over. The first came right in the first ball of the over. Powell finds the gap between the slips and sent it to the boundary. Right in the second delivery of the over, the short ball was pulled towards deep backward square rope, adding four runs more. The fifth ball also went towards the boundary. The over pitched ball just needed a push to go towards the rope. The eighth over added six runs to the West Indies total. Powell hit the full length ball towards the gap at extra cover for four runs. Mohammed Shami introduced in the ninth over, conceded five runs. The last ball of the over was sent for four runs by Bravo. He found the gap at extra cover and the ball headed towards the boundary. The tenth over was an expensive one by Mohit Sharma. Bravo hit three successive boundaries in the over taking the tally to 60 runs. In the third delivery of the over, Bravo found some room outside off and sent the over pitched ball past the cover. In the next delivery, he found the gap between the fielders at the cover, for another four. The next delivery was straight towards the ropes, in same fashion. Fourteen runs added in the over.


Over 6 || Score 23/2

Sharma conceded only one run in the fourth over while the fifth one was a maiden by Bhuvi. In the sixth over, India got their second breakthrough. This is trouble brewing for the West Indies team. Samuels hit the over-pitched ball between extra cover and mid off for two consecutive fours in Mohit Sharma’s sixth over. He tried to repeat the same shot in the fourth delivery of the over but the ball hit the inside edge of his bat and went straight to wicket-keeper Dhoni. Darren Bravo is the new batsmen at the crease. Eight runs and a wicket from the over.

West Indies need 266 runs from 44 overs to win the match.

Wicket: Samuels c Dhoni b MM Sharma 8 (10b, 2x4)


Over 3 || Score 14/1

Charles on strike takes a single in Bhuvi’s first ball of the 1st over. He hit the last delivery of the over for the first boundary of the innings. The length ball was hit between extra cover and mid off. Six runs off the first over. Mohit Sharma to share the ball with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Charles hit yet another boundary in the second over, fully taking advantage of the fielding restrictions of the initial overs. He hit the ball finding gap between the slips and sent the ball towards the ropes. Another six runs off the second over. India have got an early breakthrough. Wicket Bhuvneshwar Kumar caught and bowled Johnson Charles. Bhuvi was hit hard in the stomach but he got an important wicket. Marlon Samuels is the number three batsman. Two runs and a wicket in the third over. West Indies need 275 runs in 47 overs to win the match.

Wicket: J Charles c&b Kumar 12 (9b, 2x4)


The Indian team has taken its customary huddle. The West Indies openers Kieran Powell and Johnson Charles have taken their positions. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will begin the Indian proceedings.


Over 50 || Score 288/7

Jadeja is taking singles to give the strike to Dhoni, rightly. Dhoni hits another huge six in the 46th over. Off Bravo’s full toss delivery, he hit the ball towards deep backward square leg boundary. 12 runs from the over. Rampaul gets his fourth wicket in the next over. Ravindra Jadeja is bowled. He is sent back to the pavilion after scoring 10 runs. Dhoni hit two successive fours in the over after Jadeja departs. 11 runs and a wicket in the over. Ashwin is the new man in. Holder’s 48th over begins with yet another boundary by Ashwin, third successive one for India. Dhoni is on a roll. It is raining boundaries for India. Dhoni hit the full toss delivery towards mid wicket straight for four runs. Another 12 runs in the 48th over. 35 runs have come up for India in the last three overs. Dhoni hit two humongous sixes off Rampaul’s 49th over, finishing his 50th half-century in style. 14 runs in the 49th over take the total to 275 runs! Seeing his captain on a roll, world’s no.1 ODI all-rounder, Ashwin Jadeja too is dealing in boundaries, in the last over. Right of the first ball of the over, he hit the ball towards extra cover for four runs. Off the fourth delivery, he hit a six, towards deep square leg rope. But in the next ball, he tried a reverse sweep, and was caught by the wicket-keeper. Bhuvneshwar Kumar finishes the last ball of the innings with a single. 13 runs added in the last over.

Indian innings end on 288 runs. West Indies need 289 runs in 50 overs to win the match.

Wicket:R Ashwin c Charles b Holder 19 (10b, 2x4, 1x6)


Over 45 || Score 226/5

Sunil Narine conceded first maiden over of the innings. The last 37 balls have seen Indians score merely 16 runs with the loss of 2 wickets. Dhoni and Jadeja, both have to set in fast if they wish to take the total close to 300. Dhoni makes up for the runs with a huge six in the next over. Off Holder’s delivery, Dhoni step forwards and hit the ball towards long off for six runs. Ten runs from the 42nd over. Narine returns in 43rd over, giving away three runs. Both Dhoni and Jadeja are playing Narine very cautiously. The 45th was yet another maiden by Narine.


Over 40 || Score 209/5

India takes the batting power play. Taking singles and doubles, off Holder’s 36th over, the Indian duo take 5 runs. Narine returns in the 37th over. Three runs of the over. 200 runs come up for Indians. Rampaul gets his second wicket in form of Raina. Wicket Suresh Raina is out. Raina top edged the ball towards extra cover and Bravo did not miss the chance to take the catch. Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the new man in. Three runs and a wicket in the 38th over. Virat Kohli is nearing his 18th ODI century. Such a class player he is proving to be. A good 39th over by Narine with only two runs coming off it. Wicket Virat Kohli, at 99, pulled the short ball towards fine leg, where Holder dived forward to take a brilliant catch. A huge disappointment for fans. Kohli stood in disbelief. Is it the case of nervous nineties? Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in.

Wicket: Kohli c Holder b Rampaul 99 (100b, 9x4)
Wicket: Raina c DJ Bravo b Rampaul 23 (24b, 2x4)


Over 35 || Score 194/3

Skipper Bravo returns in the 31st over. Right in the first ball, Kohli cut the ball towards the boundary, past the wicket-keeper, straight for four runs. Kohli was dropped in the same over by Bravo, a mistake that could prove quite costly to the West Indies. Nine runs off the over. Virat has settled well and is dealing in boundaries now. He hit two successive boundaries in the 32nd over. Joining him was Raina in the last delivery of the over. This over proved to be quite expensive for West Indies. 15 runs come off it. Eight runs come in the 33rd over with Kohli hitting yet another boundary off Bravo’s third delivery. Bowling change. Lendl Simmons comes into attack in the 34th over. An easy catch dropped by Powell. Raina is lucky. Five runs in the over. Raina hit a boundary off Bravo’s second delivery of 35th over. He hit the ball towards the covers for a brilliant four. Kohli hit his ninth boundary of the innings in the fifth ball of the over. He hit the ball straight past the mid-wicket to take the Indian total to 194 runs. Ten runs from the 35th over. This takes the duo’s partnership to 58 runs and Indian total to 194 runs.


Over 30 || Score 147/3

Seven runs come in the 26th over. Yuvraj sweeped the fourth delivery towards deep backward square for four runs. Rampaul comes back in the 27th over, concedes three runs. Virat Kohli completes his 28th half-century with a brilliant boundary in the first ball of the 28th over. Kohli is in superb form this year, and rightly is one of the star batsmen for his team. West Indies get their third wicket in form of Yuvraj Singh. Sammy in the 28th over, picks up Yuvraj’s wicket. Yuvi tried to pull the ball towards the mid wicket for a boundary, but Samuels took the catch and sent him back to the pavilion. Eleven runs and a wicket in the over. Suresh Raina is the new man in. After Yuvraj’s departure, the batsmen dealt only in singles in the 29th and 30th over. Two runs off the 29th over. Five runs off the 30th.

Wicket: Yuvraj Singh c Samuels b Sammy 28 (49b, 3x4, 1x6)


Over 25 || Score 119/2

Narine begins the 21st over. Off the second delivery, Kohli finds the gap towards the slips and sends the ball towards the boundary. Three runs off the 22nd over. Yuvraj is struggling to interpret Narine’s spin it seems considering the number of balls he is leaving. Narine’s 23rd over conceded only one run, that too by Virat Kohli. Permaul continues in the 24th over, conceding three runs. Yuvi hit a massive six, off Narine’s delivery, high over deep mid-wicket in the fifth delivery of the over. Seven runs added in the 25th over. The 25th over also sees completion of 50-run partnership between Kohli and Yuvraj. Yuvi is on 22 runs while Virat Kohli is nearing his half century. He is at 42 runs.


Over 20 || Score 99/2

Yuvraj picks up a single in the 16th over. Three runs off it. Mystery-spinner Sunil Narine introduced in the 17th over. Off the second delivery, Kohli hit his first boundary of the innings. He hit the ball towards the vacant deep mid-wicket area, adding four runs. Ten runs added in the over. Permaul continued in the 18th over. Three runs in the over. Narine is back in the 19th over. Yuvraj pulled the last ball of the over high towards the mid wicket straight for a boundary. The last three overs have brought 20 runs for Indians. Yuvraj has not been in his best of forms this year. Today he gets a chance to prove himself. He sweeped the third ball of the 20th over towards the deep square leg, for a boundary. Six runs in the 20th over.

Yuvraj Singh: 14* (27b, 2x4)
Virat Kohli: 31* (37b, 1x4)


Over 15 || Score 70/2

After the fall of an early wicket, Kohli and Dhawan have settled down and are scoring steadily. Bravo continued with the 11th over. Off the fifth delivery, Dhawan hit the ball towards the third man boundary, adding four runs. Seven runs in the 11th over. Permaul is introduced in the 12th over. Dealing in singles and doubles, the batsmen score 5 runs off it. Bravo conceded four runs in the 13th over. Permaul strikes in the 14th over. West Indies have got their second wicket. Shikhar Dhawan is out. The ball hit Dhawan's pad and Bravo at the slips took a diving catch to send Dhawan back to the pavilion. Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman. Kohli takes a single in the 15th over, Yuvraj yet to open account.

Wicket: S Dhawan lbw b Permaul (37b, 5x4)


Over 10 || Score 48/1

Two runs added in Holder’s sixth over. Rampaul began the seventh over. Dhawan hits a lovely straight drive, for a boundary. The batsmen are dealing in doubles this over, courtesy their good running between the wickets. Ten runs come in the 7th over. India’s run-machine, Kohli is finding gaps and hitting the ball beautifully, all over the field. Four runs off 8th over. Change in bowling in the ninth over. West Indian skipper, Dwaye Bravo comes into attack. Three runs in the ninth over. Holder continued with the 10th over. Dhawan hit yet another cover drive, for a boundary. He is playing this shot beautifully today. Seven runs in the 10th over take the Indian tally to 48.

V Kohli: 11* (16b)
S Dhawan: 21* (25b, 3x4)


Over 5 || Score 22/1

After the first dot ball, Rohit Sharma hit the second delivery towards the ropes to open the Indian account with a boundary. Another two dot balls and Rohit hit the fifth for another four. He played the length delivery, found gap between the slips, and the ball headed straight to the ropes. Jason Holder joined Rampaul at the other end in the second over. One run in the over. Rampaul began the third over, conceded three runs off it. In the fourth over, Dhawan completed 1000 runs in 2013 with a classic boundary towards the extra-cover. Six runs off the fourth over. Sharma hit yet another boundary off the first ball of Rampaul’s fifth over. The full toss delivery was hit towards the mid-wicket by Rohit, straight to the boundary. Wicket: In-form batsman Rohit Sharma is out. West Indies have got an early breakthrough. Rohit edged the ball towards the fielder at the second slip. Five runs and a wicket in the fifth over. Virat Kohli is the new batsman at the crease.

RG Sharma c Sammy b Rampaul 12 (19b, 3x4)


India openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are at the crease. Ravi Rampaul will begin the proceedings for West Indies. Sharma on strike.


India have one change team, Mohit Sharma is in for Jaydev Unadkat. West Indies is sans their star batsman Chris Gayle. Kieran Powell is in for Gayle, while Veerasammy Permaul is in place of Narsingh Deonarine.


Toss: West Indies have won the toss and elected to field first.

A dominant India would look to seal the one-day series by taking an unassailable 2-0 lead against a struggling West Indies, who are proving to be a complete mismatch to the World champions, as the two teams square off in the second match today.

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India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (C), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami, Jaydev Unadkat, R Vinay Kumar, Ambati Rayudu, Mohit Sharma and Amit Mishra.

West Indies: Dwayne Bravo (c), Johnson Charles (wk), Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Narsingh Deonarine, Darren Sammy, Jason Holder, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Tino Best, Veerasammy Permaul, Kieran Powell and Denesh Ramdin.

Match starts: 1.30pm