India vs West Indies, 3rd ODI - As it happened...

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Indian team wins sixth consecutive ODI series in 2013»

Shikhar Dhawan slams fifth ODI ton in 2013»


Riding on the hundred-run knock by the Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan, India won the third and final ODI against West Indies by five wickets to seal the series. It is sixth consecutive ODI series win for India. Dhawan remained the highest run scorer for India in this match and made sure that India won the match quite comfortably. For Dhawan’s match-winning hundred he got the Man of the match award. Indian run machine Virat Kohli was announced Man of the series for his power-packed performance throughout the tournament.


Over 46.1|| Score 266/5

India is looking in no hurry to score those winning runs. Now just one fielder is outside the 30 yard circle. Two runs came from the 46th over bowled by Simmons. India is just two runs shy of another series win. And Dhoni finished it in style by smashing Permaul for a four. India won the match by five wickets and series by 2-1.

Over 45|| Score 260/5

Dhoni collected a boundary off Holder in the 44th over by guiding the ball towards fine leg region. India now need just five runs to seal the match and the series. A big shot and India will win the sixth consecutive ODI series this year. Just a single came in the 45th over bowled by Bravo.

Over 43|| Score 255/5

Rampaul is bowling his final over. Second ball was a short one and Dhoni smashed it towards square leg boundary. Six runs came from the over number forty. Now it’s just a formality for the Indian team to win the match. In the first ball of the 42nd over, bowled by Holder, Raina timed the ball to the perfection and it ran towards the point region for a boundary. India also crossed the mark of 250 runs in this over. Raina Out. Poor form of Raina continued. Trying to play an expensive drive, he only managed to nick the ball towards the wicketkeeper. Before getting out, he scored 34 runs with the help of three fours.

SK Raina c Charles b DJ Bravo 34 (43b)

Over 40|| Score 235/4

Indian skipper Dhoni has come to the crease to join Raina, after the fall of fourth Indian wicket. In the 38th and 39th overs India collected six runs each. In the next by Holder came five. In last ten overs India need 29 runs to seal the match and series.

Over 37.2 || Score 218/4

OUT! And Dhawan’s innings finally comes to an end. A soft dismissal in the end as Dwayne Bravo’s slower one gets the better of the southpaw who offers a simple return catch to the bowler. Dhawan has registered his highest ever score in the ODIs.

Shikhar Dhawan c&b DJ Bravo 119(95b)

Over 35|| Score 207/3

Suresh Raina who is not in the best of his forms, should try and play till the very end. It will give him the much needed boost before the difficult South African tour. In the 32nd over bowled by Bravo came just three runs -- all in singles. Permaul was given the ball to bowl the next over and he bowled a tight over and conceded just four runs. In the 34th over, India crossed the mark of 200 runs. Now it’s just a formality for the home team to seal the match and the series from here on. In between Raina collected his first boundary by smashing Permaul towards the cover region. Six runs came from the over. India need 57 runs to win the match.


Over 31|| Score 191/3

Yuvraj Singh Out. Finally, Narine got his man. Yuvraj edged Narine’s off break and gave a simple catch at slips to Bravo. Yuvraj got out after scoring 55 runs in 74 balls, laced with seven fours. Raina walked in to bat after the fall of Yuvraj’s wicket.

Yuvraj Singh c DJ Bravo b Narine 55 (74b)


Over 30|| Score 190/2

Now even the spearhead bowler Rampaul is at the receiving end. In the 26th over that he bowled, conceded 13 runs, including three boundaries – two by Dhawan and one by Yuvraj. Skipper Bravo is back into the attack. If Dhawan is heading towards his hundred then Yuvraj is also eyeing for a fifty. Five runs came from the over number 28. And with a single in the next over, Yuvraj completed his fifty. He used 69 balls to reach the mark. It’s a much needed fifty for the southpaw. And with a four, Dhawan also completed his hundred in style. It’s his fifth ODI hundred and all his centuries came in this year. He scored 18 boundaries to reach the landmark. Yuvraj cut a wide and short ball by Bravo towards point region for a boundary. In the last ball Dhawan sliced the ball fine towards third man for yet another boundary. Nine runs came from the over number 30.


Over 25|| Score 153/2

Both the batsmen are looking in a hurry to finish this match as quickly as possible. Both the batsmen are seeing the ball as football. First Yuvraj sent Rampaul for a four over mid-wicket and then in the next over, he played a slog sweep to collect another boundary in the same region off Narine. And with that India also crossed the mark of 150 runs. India now need 111 runs to seal the match and series in the next 25 overs.


Over 23|| Score 141/2

Lendl Simmons has been introduced into the attack by DJ Bravo for the very first time. Four runs from his first over. Bravo is juggling with his bowlers. Now left arm spinner Permaul has also been introduced from the other end. So spin bowling attack from both the ends. Both the batsmen are playing the spinners with an ease. In the last two balls of Permaul’s first over, Dhawan collected back-to- back boundaries to score 14 from the over. Dhawan is toying with the bowlers at the moment. And its rain of fours for India. In the next over by Simmons, Dhawan once again collected two consecutive boundaries in the second and third ball of the over.

Over 20|| Score 112/2

In the 17th over Dhawan completed his sixth international fifty. What a find he has been for India. He used mere 43 balls to complete his fifty. Slowly and steadily, Yuvraj has also started playing his shots. Dhawan played a risky shot by playing a late cut off Narine, when a slip is on, but luckily he got a boundary on this occasion. Six runs came from the over number eighteen. In the next over Yuvraj played two crunchy shot off Sammy over mid wicket region both went passed the boundary ropes in no time. In this over they also completed the 50 run-partnership between each other for the third wicket. 11 came from the over. Both the southpaws are looking dangerous at the moment. In the 20th over Narine bowled a maiden over.


Over 15|| Score 82/2

Yuvraj who is not in best of his forms has a good chance to play an impressive knock here. In the 11th over, Yuvraj collected his first boundary off Rampaul by pulling it over square leg. Six runs came from the over. Narine gave just a single in the 12th over that he bowled. In the next Dhawan then smashed another four off Holder to collect seven runs from the over. Narine is hardly offering any runs from one end. Sammy has been reintroduced into the attack to bowl the 15th over. In form Dhawan drifted the first ball of the over for a boundary towards fine leg, then came two singles form the rest of the over.


Over 10|| Score 63/2

After smashing two fours in an over off DJ Bravo in form Kohli got out. Kohli tried to left the ball but was late to withdrew his bat and nicked it to the wicketkeeper. Rampaul scalped his second wicket. Narine has been introduced in to the attack in the ninth over. And he gave 2 runs in his opening over. After 10 overs, West Indies managed to take two Indian wickets. So the match is well poised at the moment.

V Kohli c Charles b Rampaul 19 (18b )


Over 6|| Score 37/1

Skipper DJ Bravo himself has come to ball as a first change. After collecting three runs from the first four balls, Kohli smashed his first boundary over point region. Eight runs were conceded by Bravo in his first over.

Over 5|| Score 29/1

Rohit Sharma Out. Strike bowler Rampaul has provided his team the first breakthrough and that too in the form of Rohit Sharma. Rohit tried to push the ball through covers but only managed to get the outside edge and DJ Bravo took a smart catch at first slips. It was a maiden wicket by Rampual.

RG Sharma c DJ Bravo b Rampaul 4 (14b)

Over 4|| Score 29/0

Dhawan is dealing in boundaries at the moment. In the fourth and fifth ball of the over by Holder, Dhawan collected two back-to-back boundaries. He is scoring runs at a rapid pace. He is driving, cutting, and flicking the ball well. He has started hitting boundaries at will. Nine runs from the over.

Over 3|| Score 20/0

Dhawan collected his fourth boundary in the last ball off Rampaul’s second over. He cut slightly short and wide ball towards point area. Rest of the over was a tight one from the Rampaul. Five runs conceded from it.

Over 2|| Score 15/0

Towering bowler, Jason holder is sharing the new ball with Rampaul. Second ball by Holder and Dhawan opened his account with a boundary. In the fourth ball, in-form Dhawan once again flicked the bowler towards square leg for second boundary. Dhawan is in a roll here. He collected his third boundary as well, this time over covers. 13 runs came from the over, including three boundaries, all from Dhawan’s willow.

Over 1|| Score 2/0

First ball was a big wide over off-stump by Rampaul and India opened its account with an extra. Next three balls were perfectly pitched by the bowler. Rohit played the fourth towards extra cover for a single. Two runs came from the first over.

Now it’s time for Indian batsmen to successfully chase the target of 264 runs. Indian batting line up is quite strong, so it would be a difficult task for the Windian bowlers to defend this total. But few early wickets can give them some edge. Once again Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan have come to open the Indian innings. For W Indies, Rampaul is starting the bowling proceedings.

Finally, some big hits at the end of the innings helped the visiting side to put up a defending total in front of the Indian side. DM Bravo played a crucial knock of 51 runs (not out) and Sammy also contributed well in the end and played a cameo of 37 runs in mere 29 balls. For India, their spinners – Jadeja and Ashwin bowled well in the middle overs to stop the WI team from scoring a huge total while batting first.


Over 50|| Score 263/5

Shami is bowling the last over of the innings. First ball and Bravo collected a boundary through mid-wicket. Two runs came from the next two balls. Single from the fourth and fifth balls. And a double from the last. Shami conceded 10 from the over.


Over 49|| Score 253

Mohit Sharma bowled the 49th over. Fist ball and it was sent out of the park by Sammy. Three runs came from the next two deliveries. Mohit must be feeling the heat at the moment. Wide ball by Mohit, another extra run for WI. And with that, 50 runs partnership also came for these two. Bravo smacked the ball towards cow corner for another four. Singe from the fifth. And a double from the last ball. A fine fielding effort by Rohit Sharma otherwise it could have been a boundary. WI crossed the mark of 250 as well. 17 runs came from the over.

Over 48|| Score 236/5

Shami bowled the 48th over. First ball and Bravo swung his bat and smacked it over long on for a six. In the next two balls came one run. But in the fourth ball Sammy launched the bowler for another maximum. What a hit from Sammy. Fifth ball was yorker from the bowler, which was dot one. In the next came a single. Good over for WI. 14 runs came from it.

Over 47|| Score 222/5

Jadeja is bowing the 47th over. One run came from the first two balls. A single in the next. Jadeja is bowling at a tight line. Two runs each from the next two balls. And last one was a dot by Jadeja. Six from the over.


Over 46|| Score 216/5

In the last five overs WI would be looking for a score around 250, whereas India would try to restrict the visiting team within 230 runs. Four runs came from the first three balls off Bhuvi, who is bowling the 46th over. And then came a boundary of the next by Sammy. Nine runs came from the over.


Over 45|| Score 207/5

Sammy, who played a match-winning knock in the last match, came in to bat after the fall of fifth W Indian wicket. In between Jadeja bowled another tight over and gave just two runs in the 43rd over. Shami is mixing up his deliveries quite well. Single in the last ball of the 44th over saw the visiting team touching the mark of 200 runs. Shami conceded three runs in the over. Bravo finally collected a four in the third ball of the 45th over off Jadeja. But still just six runs came from the over.

Over 42|| Score 196/5

Last ten over have left for West Indies to score as many runs as they can. They still have six wickets in hand. Both the brothers DJ and DM Bravo are at the crease and both are capable of playing big shots. In the 41st over Jadeja gave just four runs. Anything under six runs would be a good from here on for the home side. Shami got his first wicket of the match. skipper DJ Bravo Out. Bravo tried to play an extravagant stroke over extra covers but failed to connect the ball well and gave a simple catch to Ashwin. Two runs came from the over.

DJ Bravo c Ashwin b Mohammed Shami 4 (11b)

Over 40|| Score 190/4

WI took the batting power play after the end of 35th over. Samuels collected a boundary in the first ball of the 36th over off Ashwin. But after a gap of one ball Ashwin scalped his second wicket. Samuels Out. A well set batsmen Samuels got out after scoring 71 runs. Ashwin got one through Samuels' defences and dislodged his bails. A much needed wicket for the hosts. Five runs came from the over. Simmons came to the crease after the fall of third WI wicket. In the 39th over by Jadeja he collected two boundaries but then in the last ball, he tried to cut Jadeja for a boundary but got the thin outside edge and Dhoni took a smart catch behind the wickets. Eight runs came from the over.

LMP Simmons c Dhoni b Jadeja 13 (14b)

MN Samuels b Ashwin 71 (93b)

Over 35|| Score 164/2

DM Bravo came to the crease after the fall of second West Indian wicket. Bravo smashed Ashwin for six and a four in the 34th over. If Bravo sticks to the crease then he would give India bowlers a tough time. In the over WI collected 12 runs and also crossed the mark of 150 runs. In the next over came three runs, an over bowled by Jadeja.

Over 30|| Score 138/2

Powell is changing gears now. He has started dealing in boundaries. He smashed a boundary off Raina in the 26th over and then in the 28th over. He is on a roll here. Samuels and Powell have also completed a hundred-run partnership for the second wicket. Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced into the attack for the very first time in the 29th over. With a double in the third ball off Jadeja, Samuels also completed his half-century. Samuels smashed four boundaries and a six to reach his fifty. Seven runs came from his first over of Jadeja. Powell Out. Finally, Ashwin gave India its second breakthrough. Powell once again tried to sweep the bowler for another boundary but got unlucky at this occasion, as he only managed a top edge and Dhawan took a simple catch at short fine leg.

KOA Powell c Dhawan b Raina 70 (81b )


Over 25|| Score 109/1

With a single in the 25th over bowled by Ashwin, Powell completed his half-century. The Windies opener used 67 deliveries to complete his fifty. Now both the batsmen must be looking for a big score from here on. Seven runs came from the over number twenty five. India is still looking for their second breakthrough.

Over 23|| Score 103/1

Spinners from both ends for India. Dhoni is desperately looking for a wicket here. Powell and Samuels are heading towards their half-centuries. In the 22nd over West Indies crossed the 100 runs mark. Both the spinners – Rain and Ashwin are bowling at a tight line. In the last three overs they conceded just six runs overall.

Over 20|| Score 97/1

Two runs came from the over number sixteen, bowled by Mohit. And the next one was a maiden by Shami. In the first ball of the 18th over, Powell collected a boundary off Mohit, by smashing the short ball towards fine leg boundary. Finally, Dhoni handed over the ball to Ashwin to bowl the 19th over. And Samuels launched his third ball for a six over long on -- first six of the innings. In the last ball of the over, Samuels cut the slightly short ball from Ashwin to score another boundary. 11 runs came from this over. Spinners from both ends, as Dhoni also introduced the birthday boy Suresh Raina from the other end. Short ball from Raina and Samuels smashed it for yet another boundary.

Over 15|| Score 72/1

In the last ball of the 13th over Bhuvi gave four runs, courtesy an over-throw. And that was the only mistake Bhuvi done in the otherwise good over. Samuels is gradually growing in confidence. In the 14th over bowled by Mohit Sharma, he collected two boundaries. First boundary came of the thick edge over slips and next with the help of straight drive. Ten runs came from the over. In the next over by Shami, Powell showed full face of the bat in the very first ball, to play it down the ground for a boundary. Five runs conceded in the over. Now India need to take few wickets, otherwise these two will give WI a perfect platform to put up a good total in front of the home side.

Over 12|| Score 51/1

As the match is progressing Powell is looking dangerous. In the 11th over of the innings bowled by Bhuvi, Powell placed it between cover and point region to collect his third boundary. Six came from this over. In the next over, Powell once again collected a boundary by flicking Shami towards square leg. Six runs conceded by Shami. And with that visiting team also crossed the mark of 50 runs.


Over 10|| Score 39/1

Two runs came from the first five balls of the ninth over bowled by Bhuvi. But the last ball was a short one from the bowler, Samuels hit it in the air towards square leg but it was a difficult chance for Rohit Sharma, the batsmen certainly got lucky on this occasion. Tenth over by Shami was a tight one, as he conceded mere two runs. So far India have dominated the proceedings in the match.


Over 8|| Score 32/1

Marlon Samuels has come to the middle to join Powell after the fall of first West Indian wicket. Samuels opened his account with a boundary off Bhuvi. That’s the only poor ball from the over. Four runs came from the seventh over. Mohammed Shami has been introduced into the attack in the next over. After bowling three dots balls in his first over, Shami conceded a boundary of the next, when Powell walked down the pitch and smacked the ball towards covers region for a boundary. Four runs came from it.


Over 6|| Score 24/1

Mohit is bowling on a tight line and not offering much room for the batsmen to free their arms. But in the last ball of the over, Mohit pitched it up and it became a juicy half volley for Powell, who smashed it towards cover boundary for a four. Four runs came from the over.


Over 5|| Score 20/1

First three balls were dot but on the next Charles smashed the ball over long off for a boundary. Charles Out. Finally, Bhuvi gave India its first breakthrough in the form of Charles. A perfectly pitched in-swinger from Bhuvi and Charles failed to read it completely, a big gap between his bat and pad and his leg stump went for a walk. Four runs came from it.

J Charles b Kumar 11 (20b )


Over 4|| Score 16/0

Three slips have been deployed by Dhoni for Mohit Sharma. But Mohit bowl a poor third ball, which was on the leg stump and Powell collected two runs. Powell got lucky on the next as, he got the outside edge, but it once again dropped short of second slips. One run came from the next two balls.


Over 3|| Score12/0

First three balls were dot from Bhuvi. In the next, Charles sliced the ball towards third-man for a single. Three runs came from the fifth, whereas as last one was a dot ball. India is searching for their first breakthrough.


Over 2|| Score 8/0

Mohit Sharma is sharing the new ball with Bhuvi. First ball was a dot but in the next Powell played it on the on-side to snatch three runs to open his account. In the fourth ball, Charles collected a single on the on-side. Fifth one was a perfectly pitched bowl from Mohit, which missed Powell’s outside edge by a whisker. And last one was just the replay of the earlier one.


Over 1|| Score 4/0

First ball was right on the money from Bhuvi. And the next one beat Charles bat completely. On the third Bhuvi almost got his man, when Charles got the outside edge but the ball dropped just before Rohit, standing at 3rd slip. In the fifth Charles played a perfect cover drive to collect the first boundary of the innings. Last one was a dot ball.


KOA Powell and J Charles have come to the crease to open the West Indian innings. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the proceedings for India.

India is still the favourite to win this match and series. Their top order is in sublime form and is capable of chasing mammoth targets. But the three left-handers in the middle order – Yuvraj Singh, Ravinder Jadeja and Suresh Raina – are still struggling to play some big knocks.

In the morning Indian fast bowlers might get some help from the pitch early on but later on spinners might dominate on this track.

In the absence of two big hitters Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard it would be a difficult task for the Windies team to beat India but in the limited over formats a match winning knock can change the fortunes of any team.

Toss:India won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Unchanged squad for both the teams.

After beating India in the second ODI to level the series, West Indian team would be high on confidence. But on the other hand Indian team would be eyeing for their sixth consecutive ODI series win by winning the third and final ODI against the Caribbean team.




India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain and wicketkeeper), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami, Jaydev Unadkat, R Vinay Kumar, Ambati Rayudu, Mohit Sharma and Amit Mishra.

West Indies: Dwayne Bravo (captain), Johnson Charles (wicketkeeper), Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Narsingh Deonarine, Darren Sammy, Jason Holder, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Tino Best, Veerasammy Permaul, Kieran Powell and Denesh Ramdin.

Match starts: 09:00 am (IST).