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India vs West Indies, Kolkata Test, Day 1 - As it happened...

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India: Overs: 12 II Score: 37/0

STUMPS. The first day’s play has ended with India ahead of the West Indies. The visitors were off to a fine start but threw it away in the second session as Indian bowlers dominated the proceedings later one. Shami Ahmed was the most lethal of the lot as he picked up four wickets in his debut game. Marlon Samules showed positive intent after Windies lost two early wickets. He scored 65 before being cleaned up by Shami. The best moment of the day came when Sachin Tendulkar came in to bowl his first over and picked up a wicket in it. West Indies were bundled out for 234 after they were 138/2 at one stage. India are off to a solid start without losing any wicket in the 12 overs they faced in the final session.

India: Overs: 10 II Score: 34/0

Three runs came from the sixth over while the following two were maiden overs. The first delivery of the ninth over by Shillingford was on Dhawan’s legs and he swept hard. The ball hit Powell at short leg flush on the knee. He went down in pain. The physio ran to the ground. Play was halted for some time as the West Indian received some treatment. He was back on his feet in no time. Dhawan came in for a quick handshake. Well, he swept again off the second delivery and this time it got him the result he wanted – a boundary. Six runs from the over. The 10th by Cottrell was a maiden.

India: Overs: 5 II Score: 25/0

A thick outside edge that runs through gully for a boundary as Dhawan opens his and India’s account off the first delivery from Best. Five runs from it. Debutant Sheldon Cottrell to bowl his first over. Dhawan greets him with a boundary to square leg. Dhawan ends the over with a punch through covers for his third boundary. Best continues. Facing him is Murali Vijay. The first delivery is on legs and Vijay flicks it through midwicket region for his first boundary. Best bangs his third short and Vijay attempts a cut sending it to third man region for a four. A couple off the penultimate delivery takers the total from the over to 10 runs. Off the fourth over, came just two runs. Spinner Shane Shillingford introduced into the attack by Sammy in the fifth over. A maiden over to start with.

Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan are in the middle for India. From West Indies, Tino Best will start the proceedings. West Indies won the toss and elected to bat first. Their openers got starts but couldn’t stay for long. The third wicket partnership between Samuels and Bravo was looking good. They were 107/2 when the lunch break was taken after that, they collapsed and lost their eight wickets for just 98 runs.

West Indies: Overs: 77.6 II Score: 234/10

OUT! And Cottrell’s off stump goes for a jog as Shami Ahmed castles him for his fourth wicket. He goes back for a duck. West Indies have been bundled out for 234/10 in their first innings. In a few minutes, Indian openers will be on the field. For just 98 runs, the visitors surrendered their eight wickets. Shami picked 4/71 in 17 overs.

West Indies: Overs: 77 II Score: 233/9

OUT! R Ashwin gets the big fish! He has castled Shivnarine Chaderpaul as the southpaw failed to judge the line of his sixth delivery. Debutant Sheldon Cotterrell comes in to bat first. Chanderpaul scored 36 (79b, 4X3).

West Indies: Overs: 75 II Score: 230/8

Three runs came from the 71st over, bowled by Ojha. The next resulted in just one while the following, by Bhuvneshwar Kumar, was a maiden. Shami borught back for another spell. Just one runs frim it. Best struck two boundaries in the 75th over, bowled by Ojha. The first came off the second delivery as Best paddled it to fine leg fence. The next was defended back. The fourth was swept to square leg fence for another four. The over yielded eight runs.

West Indies: Overs: 70 II Score: 217/8

A single came in the 69th over while 70th over resulted in five runs. Dhoni will be looking to get rid of tail enders as soon as possible now. Spin is in operation from both the ends. Windies have really thrown away a strong start after lunch. Sammy won the first battle in the morning today having won the toss. This pitch will become difficult for batting as the match progresses. So, it was a good toss to win. Windies were off to a solid start but the tables turned in the second session when Indian bowlers led by Shami pushed them on the backfoot.

West Indies: Overs: 68 II Score: 211/8

OUT! And Ashwin picks up his first wicket in Veerasammy Permaul! His sixth delivery of the 68th over was pitched on middle and leg. Permaul checked his stroke at the last moment and ended up offering a simple return catch to Ashwin. He scored 14 (27b, 4X3). Tino Best comes in to bat next.

West Indies: Overs: 65 II Score: 200/7

Play recommences for the final session. The 63rd over, Tendulkar’s first was a wicket-maiden. Ashwin to bowl from the other end. Three runs from it. Tendulkar continues. Tendulkar’s gave his fourth delivery some air and new batsman Veerasammy Permaul drove it through covers for his first boundary. Five runs came from it. That stroke also took the score to 200-run mark

This has been India’s session as they picked five wickets in it while letting Windies add 85 runs in it. Shami was brilliant with his reverse swings. Chanderpaul is still in the middle for Windies though.

West Indies: Overs: 62.4 II Score: 192/7

Eden Gardens erupts as MS Dhoni introduces man of the moment Sachin Tendulkar into the attack. Tendulkar initially wanted to be a fast bowler but a timely advice from Dennis Lillee saw him refocus his attention on batting. OUT!!! And Tendulkar strikes! Shillingford has been trapped in front! He scored 5 (39b). And that’ll be tea!

West Indies: Overs: 60 II Score: 172/6

West Indies aren’t in a mood to score at the moment. The Indians have bowled four consecutive maiden overs. DROPPED! Off the sixth delivery of the 59th over, Shillingford went for a big shot and ended up with an outside edge that Dhoni failed to gobble. This is his second drop of the innings – both against Ojha. Chanderpaul broke the deadlock with a boundary off Ashwin in the 60th over via a cut behind point. Five runs came from it.

West Indies: Overs: 55 II Score: 172/6

West Indies’ only hope is now Chanderpaul who in the 6ast has proved to be India’s scourge. Spin in Ojha and pace in Shami in operation at the moment. Two runs came from the 52nd over while against spin in the following the visitors added just one. Shami continues and he continues to trouble the Windies batsmen. His second, third and fourth were outside off. His fifth was angled in and Chanderpaul was taken aback. However, the southpaw fended off expertly. Just one run from it. Ojha continues to be tidy from the other end bowling his first maiden of the innings.

West Indies: Overs: 51 II Score: 172/6

OUT! Darren Sammy caught by Bhuvneshwar off Ojha! This looked a stroke played in frustration as Sammy lofted the fourth delivery by Ojha to long off. It wasn’t timed perfectly and was caught safely by Bhuvi. Sammy scored 16 (19b, 4X4). Shane Shillingford came in to bat next. Earlier, Sammy scored his third boundary flicking the second delivery to fine leg fence.

West Indies: Overs: 50 II Score: 167/5

Chanderpaul handed some lessons to youngster Shami by driving him for two consecutive boundaries through covers off the first two deliveries of 48th over. Shami caused some problems for Sammy later but the Windies skipper ended the over on a high with a flick to square leg fence for his first four. 13 runs came from it. Sammy came down the track and stopped as Ojha dropped his fourth delivery of the 49th over short after seeing him charging forward. However, a sharp away turn ensured he was beaten. A poor fielding effort from Bhuvneshwar in the deep resulted in a boundary off the penultimate delivery of the 50th over, by Shami.

West Indies: Overs: 46 II Score: 147/5

OUT! Another one bites the dust! Ramdin has been castled by Shami! It was pitched on the off, came in a bit. Ramdin attempted a cut to third man but the ball eluded his bat and crashed on the stump! He scored 4 (4b, 4X1). Skipper Darren Sammy is the new man in the middle. The complexion of the game has changed drastically in the past 13 overs. India are on top at the moment.

West Indies: Overs: 45 II Score: 138/4

OUT! That’s a big-big blow for the Windies! A mix-up in the middle resulted in Bravo being run out. Bravo played one from Ashwin to square leg and set off for a non-existing quick single. Chanderpaul stayed rooted to his crease. However, before Bravo could cover the lost ground, a through from Shami Ahmed and Dhoni removed the bails. Bravo departs after scoring 23 (96b, 4X2, 6X1). Denesh Ramdin came in to bat next and he opened his account with a boundary thanks to an outside edge that was well wide of Murali Vijay at first slip.

West Indies: Overs: 44 II Score: 138/3

Bravo collected his second boundary through covers in the 41st over, bowled by Ojha. Four runs came from it. Shami replaced Bhuvi in the next and allowed just one in it. Ojha’s second delivery of the 43rd over was short and Samuels cut it past point for another boundary. Dropped Off the next, Dhoni failed to catch an edge as Samuels went for a cut. He was batting on 60 at that time. Shami’s second delivery of the next was dropped short and Samules launched it over covers for a four. OUT! And Shami has struck! A big wicket for India as Samuels is clean bowled! That was pitched on off and the ball sneaked between his bat and pads to uproot the middle stump. Dhoni’s let off hasn’t cost India much. Samuels scored 65 (98b, 4X11, 6X2). Shivnarine Chanderpaul is the new man in the middle.

West Indies: Overs: 40 II Score: 124/2

The 36th and 37th were maiden overs. Samuels, who is looking in terrific touch today, exhibited his superb timing in a stroke off Bhuvi through covers that resulted in his ninth boundary in the 38th over. Two runs came in the following while the 40th was a maiden over.

West Indies: Overs: 35 II Score: 118/2

Play has recommenced. Bhuvi bowled the first over after lunch and conceded six runs including four leg byes. Ojha joined him from the other end and Samuels scored his eighth boundary off his penultimate delivery through covers. Fifty for Samuels as he adds a single to his total off the next.

West Indies: Overs: 33 II Score: 107/2

Lunch. West Indies have made a solid start to their innings. They did lose their openers early but Samuels made sure they recovered from the twin blows. In fact, Powell was looking good in his brief stay but couldn’t convert it into something significant becoming Shami’s first Test victim. He departed four overs after dangerman Gayle was caught at slips off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. However, Samuels and Bravo have added 60* runs for the third wicket denying India another breakthrough. Samuels has been more aggressive hitting seven boundaries and two sixes in his unbeaten innings of 45*. Bravo was watchful in the beginning but opened up later collecting a boundary and a six off Ashwin in the 26th over.

West Indies: Overs: 30 II Score: 102/2

The run flow continued as Ashwin leaked 10 runs in the 26th over. The over began with a boundary by Bravo through mid off. Later in the over, Bravo dismissed him over long off for a maximum. The next by Ojha resulted in two runs. The next two were maiden overs. Dhoni brought Bhuvneshwar back and Samuels took the score past 100 runs with a boundary off his sixth delivery. Five came from it.

West Indies: Overs: 25 II Score: 85/2

Pragyan Ojha into the attack now. And Samuels greets him with a six over long on fence off the first delivery. His next five deliveries were seen through safely. Ashwin continued to be mean and bowled another maiden over. The next two were maiden overs as well. The 25th over brought them runs as Samuels struck a six and a four in it. The six came off the fifth delivery over long-off and the boundary over covers.

West Indies: Overs: 20 II Score: 69/2

The 16th, by Ashwin, was his third consecutive maiden over. The sixth over of Shami brought Windies 10 runs including two boundaries to Samuels. The first came thanks to an outside edge off the first delivery while the next a drive through point. Dwayne Bravo has played 24 deliveries without scoring a run since getting off the mark with a single. End of the 18th over as Ashwin bowls his fourth successive maiden. Samuels edged the second delivery from Shami Ahmed in the 19th over to slip. It dropped well short of Murali Vijay and raced away to the boundary. Seven runs came from it. Samuels took a single off the sixth delivery of the 20th over, by Ashwin denying him his fifth consecutive maiden.

West Indies: Overs: 15 II Score: 51/2

Ashwin was expensive in his first over but didn’t allow a single run in his second. Powell struck two boundaries in the following over, bowled by Bhuvneshwar. The first through midwicket while the next past the bowler. Eight runs came from it. The next by Bhuvi was a maiden. Dhoni brought Shami back for a second spell. OUT! Shami dropped his second delivery short and Powell went for the pull. He top edged it to Bhvneshwar Kumar who completed a good catch at mid off. A poor short to end an innings that looked promising. He departed after scoring 28 (40b, 4X5, 6X1). Drinks break taken. Marlon Samuels is the new man in the middle. Shami’s next is on the Samuel’s leg who glances it to fine leg opening his account with a boundary.

West Indies: Overs: 11 II Score: 39/0

OUT! And West Indies have lost their first wicket in Chris Gayle! Bhuvi’s first delivery of the 11th over was moving away from Gayle and he poked at it ending up getting caught at second slip by Murali Vijay. Gayle scored 18 (32b, 4X4). In walks Darren Bravo. Powell ended the over with a cover drive for his third boundary.

West Indies: Overs: 10 II Score: 34/0

Shami continues. Gayle opens the face of his bat and beats gully for his second boundary off the first delivery of the sixth over. He collected two more in the over off the third and fourth delivery. The first one a punch through midwicket region while the second thanks to an edge past wicketkeeper Dhoni. 12 runs from it. The next by Bhuvi was a maiden. The eight by Shami was safely seen through by Gayle. The ninth over by Bhuvi was a maiden as well. Dhoni introduced Ashwin in the 10th over and Powell broke the shackles with two strokes, one for a six over the bowler’s head and the next a boundary to long on. 11 runs from the over.

West Indies: Overs: 5 II Score: 11/0

Bhuvi’s first delivery of the match was pitched on good length and Gayle got an outside edge that went between point and gully to the third man fence for four. Bhuvi is getting the ball to seam. He would be encouraged by the start. No run came off the next five. Mohd Shami shared the new ball. Two runs came from it thanks to a couple off the third delivery. The third by Bhuvi was a maiden. Shami’s second over began with a boundary to Powell as the southpaw guided the ball past third slip. That was the only scoring shot in the over. The second delivery of the fifth over hit Gayle on the front pad and Indians appealed but umpire turned it down. It was pitched outside leg. Just one run from the over.

Chris Gayle and Kieran Powell are in the middle for West Indies. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball. This is a historic Test as India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar will don the whites for the last time at Eden Gardens. Rohit Sharma and Mohd Shami will make their maiden Test appearances. Rohit has played 108 ODIs and it’s been six years since he first played for India. The hype surrounding Tendulkar’s farewell series has pushed the real action into background. All Kolkata has been talking about in the past week has been about Tendulkar. From gold coins to wax statue, the city of joy is making sure that Little Master’s penultimate game is one to be remembered for a long time to come.

TOSS: West Indies have won the toss and elected to bat first.

Debutants:Rohit Sharma and Mohd Shami for India and Sheldon Cottrell for West Indies.

West Indies: Chris Gayle, Kieran Powell, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Denesh Ramdin(w), Darren Sammy(c), Shane Shillingford, Veerasammy Permaul, Sheldon Cotterrell, Tino Best

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Pragyan Ojha, Mohammed Shami


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