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India vs West Indies: Kolkata Test, Day 2 - As it happened...

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India: Overs: 102 II Score: 354/6

STUMPS A day that began with Indian team in danger of conceding a first innings lead thanks to a brilliant spell from Windies offie Shillingford who ensnared four wickets. However, post lunch it was the home team that called the shots with debutant Rohit Sharma enjoying his purple patch slamming a century on debut for India. R Aswhin supported him firmly from the other end as the duo added 198* runs for the seventh wicket. India are leading by 120 runs with four wickets in hand.

India: Overs: 100 II Score: 350/6

Rohit and Ashwin are now concentrating on saving their wickets. As a result the boundaries, that became a frequent affair few overs back, have dried up. And it is the correct way to proceed forward. The pair has already done the repair work and guided India into the driving seat. Six runs came from the 96th and 97th over – three in each. The next was a maiden over while the 99th fetched them just two. The 100th, by Permaul, saw India add five runs.

India: Overs: 95 II Score: 337/6

10 runs came from the 92nd over including a boundary to Ashwin scored while playing a hook to backward square leg fence. The over ended with 4 leg byes. Shillingford was brought back into the attack and in it came five singles. Sammy took the matters in his hands but Rohit is in the form of his life and he dismissed the Windies’ skipper for three boundaries - to through covers while one to third man fence. The next by Shillingford resulted in three singles.

India: Overs: 91 II Score: 307/6

With two consecutive boundaries, Rohit Sharma reached three figures on debut showing what India were missing in the middle order. This has been an innings played under pressure. With a glance to fine leg, Rohit reduced the gap to just two runs and a drive through point took him past the magical number as he let go of his emotions celebrating with first-pumps and few words. He followed that with another drive for third consecutive boundary. 12 runs came from the over.

India: Overs: 90 II Score: 285/6

After seeing that his bowlers were proving ineffective with the old ball, Darren Sammy finally decided to take the new one. Permaul and Shillingford bowled the final two overs with the old ball in which came one and two runs respectively. Tino Best was handed the new ball to bowl the 88th over. Rohit added two runs to his total in it. Sheldon Cottrell joined him from the other end. He gave away three singles in it. From the 90th over, Ashwin and Rohit scored a single each. The lead is now 61 runs.

India: Overs: 85 II Score: 285/6

Rohit Sharma charged forward and smoked Shillingford over midwicket boundary for the first six of Indian innings. A single off the final delivery took the total from the over to seven runs. The next two overs went quietly as three more runs were added to the total. India are in a comfortable spot now. Five wickets fell in the first session of the day’s play and batting looked difficult on this pitch. However, since then the tables seemed to have turned with batting now looking easier than it was in the morning. In fact, Rohit is nearing towards his maiden Test century. Off the fourth delivery of the 84th over, Ashwin collected his ninth boundary helping the ball to fine leg fence. Shillingford offered some width to Rohit, he rocked back and late cut him for a boundary. Five runs came from the over.

India: Overs: 80 II Score: 265/6

Sammy reintroduced Permaul into the attack. Ashwin drove his sixth delivery through covers to bring up the 100-run partnership. Six runs came from the over. The next by Shillingford fetched them just one while the following one was a maiden over. Ashwin drove Shillingford’s penultimate delivery through extra cover region for a sumptuous boundary. That was the only scoring shot of the over.

India: Overs: 75 II Score: 253/6

The Indians are steadily moving ahead without taking much risk. They were 83/5 at one stage and in the danger of conceding a lead. However, two partnerships – first between Dhoni and Sharma for sixth wicket and the current between Ashwin and Sharma – have guided them out of troubled waters.

India: Overs: 70 II Score: 241/6

With a boundary off the sixth delivery of the first over after tea, India levelled the scores. That boundary came from the bat of Rohit via an edge to fine leg. Darren Sammy bowled the next over and Ashwin struck a boundary off his first delivery through covers. Seven runs came from it. The current partnership is now worth 85 runs. India are in the lead now.

India: Overs: 68 II Score: 229/6

Tea. The Indian lower order is leading the recovery at the moment. Ashwin is proving to be an able ally to Rohit Sharma, who has completed his fifty bringing India closer to Windies’ first innings total of 234 runs. Six runs came from the 66th over including a boundary to Rohit. Two runs came in the next two – one in each. India are trailing by five runs with our wickets in hand.

India: Overs: 65 II Score: 221/6

Rohit Sharma facing Permaul. He is batting on 49*. Permaul offers a full toss delivery and Sharma promptly drives it through covers for his seventh boundary bringing up his fifty on debut for India. That turned out to be the only scoring shot in the over. Ashwin flicked the third delivery of the 62nd over, by Cottrell, to fine leg to add three runs to his account. Five runs came from it. In the next, Ashwin paddle swept a tossed up delivery from Permaul to fine leg for his third boundary. Seven runs came in it. Ashwin’s highest score in Tests is 103 against West Indies. Ashwin added two more boundaries to his total in the 65th over, bowled by Permaul. The first one through midwicket while the next to third man fence.

India: Overs: 60 II Score: 194/6

The 55th over by Shillingford was a maiden. The next over, by Best, began with a boundary to Rohit Sharma as the debutant pulled the short delivery to fine leg. Two more singles from the over. Permaul is back replacing Shillingford and allows just a single in his sixth over. Five runs were added to the total in the next two. Ashwin edged the second delivery of the 50th over that was dropped short as he went for a late cut. Five runs came from it.

India: Overs: 54 II Score: 177/6

A sloppy effort in the deep by Shillingford handed Rohit his fifth boundary as he drove Best’s fifth delivery of the 52nd through covers. The 53rd over, by Shillingford, saw India collect 12 runs. It began with four leg byes and ended with a boundary by R Ashwin. Speaking of Ashwin, the lad has a century in Tests scored against the same opponent back in 2011. Best continues. India take four runs from his six deliveries. Drinks break taken.

India: Overs: 51.1 II Score: 156/6

OUT! The ball was changed and Tino Best immediately made an impact with it as India captain MS Dhoni was out caught behind after edging the pacer’s first delivery if the 52nd over. He departs after scoring 42 (63b, 4X5). So, a partnership seemed to guide India out of trouble has been broken. R Ashwin is the new man in.

India: Overs: 50 II Score: 149/5

Veerasammy Permaul introduced into the attack now. Facing him is Indian captain MS Dhoni who rotates the strike with a single off the first delivery. Rohit returns the favour with a single off the third. Just two runs from the over. Shillingford continues. Spin from both ends in operation now. Four runs from the 47th over. Sharma drove a flighted delivery from Shillingford in the 49th over through covers for his fourth boundary. Two more singles later in the over took the total from it to seven runs. Permaul’s fourth went for just a single. The current partnership is now worth 66.

India: Overs: 45 II Score: 134/5

The second session’s play has started. Darreen Sammy will bowl the first over. Dhoni ends the over with a beautiful cover drive for his fifth boundary. The next by Shillingford was a maiden over. Sammy’s fifth over fetched India five runs. The next, by Shillingford was again a maiden while off the following came three runs. The Indians look reluctant to score against the offie as he bowled his third consecutive maiden over after lunch. India are exactly 100 runs behind now.

LUNCH. This has been West Indies' session. Led by Shane Shillingford, the visitors have pushed India on the backfoot sending half of their side including the big man Tendulkar to pavilion. Shillingford has so far ensnared four Indian batsmen bamboozling them with his off spinners. MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma are at the crease and if India harbour any hope of surpassing West Indies total, these two have to hold the innings together. India still trailing by 114 runs with five wickets in hand.

India: Overs: 39 II Score: 120/5

Dropped! Ramdin was standing up for Dhoni and as the Indian skipper attempted a cut off the fourth delivery from Sammy in the 36th over, he ended up edging it. It was a tough chance for Radmin as he failed to hold on to it. Just a single from the over. In the next, by Shillingford, Dhoni collected two consecutive boundaries – over midwicket and past mid off. Nine runs came in it. Rohit was lucky off the first delivery of the next over as he got an inside edge that went past the stumps to the fence for four. Rohit flicked the fourth delivery thought midwicket region for his third boundary. Eight runs added to the total in it. Veerasammy Permaul bowled the final over before lunch in which came just one run.

India: Overs: 35 II Score: 101/5

Rohit Sharma scored his first Test runs in the form of a boundary to fine leg off Cottrell in the 32nd over. The next by Shillingford resulted in just a single. Skipper Darren Sammy brought himself into the attack next and allowed just a couple to Dhoni off his final delivery. Off the fourth delivery oif the next over, by Shillingford, Dhoni struck his second boundary that took the score past 100-run mark. Seven runs from the over.

India: Overs: 31 II Score: 82/5

OUT! Shillingford is running through Indian batting! He has picked up his fourth wicket of the innings. Virat Kohli has been caught by Powell! Kohli was looking to defend the second delivery of the 31st over. He ended up getting an inside edge that was easily caught by the fielder. The umpire asked Kohli to wait to check for the no ball but Shillingford was safe. Kohli scored 3 (5b). In walks Indian captain MS Dhoni who ended the over with a boundary to backward square leg region.

India: Overs: 29 II Score: 82/4

OUT! Oh dear! Sachin Tendulkar has been trapped in front by Shillingford! The offie has silenced the crowd! It was a doosra pitched on the middle stump. Tendulkar failed to judge the line correctly and was hit on the pads. The Windies team appealed and umpire raised his dreaded finger putting an end to Tendulkar’s stay at the crease. He scored 10 (24b, 4X2). In walks Rohit Sharma. Shillingford has been brilliant this morning troubling Indian batsmen with his spin and variation. However, replays show that Tendulkar was hit high on the pads and the ball would have gone over the stumps by a foot.

India: Overs: 28 II Score: 82/3

After a short drinks break, the play has resumed. Cottrell continues and bowls a maiden. Shillingford’s 12th over brought some runs for India as Pujara struck a boundary to deep backward point in it. Eight runs were scored in the over. OUT! And Pujara is gone! A short delivery from Cottrell and Pujara wanted to hit it over the wicketkeeper’s head. He ended being caught behind. India lost their third wicket. Pujara scored 17 (36b, 4X2). Virat Kohli comes in to bat next. Three runs and a wicket from the over.

India: Overs: 25 II Score: 71/2

Two runs from the 22nd over. In the next, Tendulkar struck two boundaries off Shillingford. His first came off the first delivery to midwicket via a flick sending the crowd into frenzy. The next, off the third delivery was also a result of a flick to deep midwicket. Sheldon Cottrell replaced Best in the next and Pujara struck his first boundary of the innings to fine leg fence. The 25th, by Shillingford, was a maiden.

India: Overs: 21 II Score: 58/2

OUT! And Vijay is out! Shillingford gets his 50th Test wicket. Vijay scored 26 (75b, 4X2). It was a tossed up delivery and Vijay charged forward. Failed to pick up the delivery and wicketkeeper Ramdin took the bails off. And that means Sachin Tendulkar walks to the middle amid a rapturous reception from the crowd present at Eden Gardens. A wicket and two runs from the over.

India: Overs: 20 II Score: 56/1

A good start for the West Indies after they picked a wicket early in the day’s play. Pujara and Vijay are at the crease now. Best into his fourth over now. Five runs from it including one leg bye. Vijay having some problems in tackling Shillingford’s spin at the moment. The third delivery turned and bounced a bit as Vijay came forward to defend it before it could turn. The ball took an inside edge and went wide of the fielder at forward short leg. Two runs from the over – the second of which brought the 50 runs for India. An interesting battle between bat and ball at the moment. Best’s fifth fetches India just a single. Vijat uses his feet and comes down the track off Shillingford to long on for a single. Pujara returns him the strike the next ball with a quick single. Shillingford flights his third and again Vijay charges forward for a single to long on. Three runs from the over. Sachin Tendulkar has his pads on. Everyone at the stadium will be hoping that the next Indian wicket falls soon. Kapil Dev says he could exercise with the bat that Tendulkar uses. Just two runs from the 20th over.


India: Overs: 15 II Score: 42/1

Offie Shillingford began the proceedings of the second day’s play at Eden Gardens. Vijay defended his first five deliveries safely. Off the sixth he picked a single to retain the strike. Tino Best joined Shillingford from the other end. Vijay took a single off his second delivery that brought Dhawan on the strike. After letting his first delivery of the day pass safely into the hands of wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin, Dhawan followed that with a drive through covers for a couple. Three runs came from the over. Shillingford continued and a leading edge off the third delivery landed just short of the bowler. OUT! And Sillingford has his man! An inside edge and Dhawan played on as the ball stayed low. He scored 23 (34b, 4X4). He looks disappointed. Cheteshwar Pujara at the crease now. A wicket and two runs from the over.


The umpires are in the middle. The overnight pair of Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay will resume the innings. Shane Shillingford will open the attack.

India: Overs: 12 II Score: 37/0

The Indian team will look to post a mammoth total in their first innings thereby taking a lead that won’t require them to bat again in this first Test. The pitch is expected to get difficult for batting as the Test progresses and the home side would be looking to avoid batting in the fourth innings.

STUMPS. The first day’s play ended with India ahead of the West Indies. The visitors were off to a fine start but threw it away in the second session as Indian bowlers dominated the proceedings later one. Shami Ahmed was the most lethal of the lot as he picked up four wickets in his debut game. Marlon Samules showed positive intent after Windies lost two early wickets. He scored 65 before being cleaned up by Shami. The best moment of the day came when Sachin Tendulkar came in to bowl his first over and picked up a wicket in it. West Indies were bundled out for 234 after they were 138/2 at one stage. India are off to a solid start without losing any wicket in the 12 overs they faced in the final session.


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