1st ODI: India vs West Indies - As it happened...

Live updates from the first ODI match between India and West Indies being played at Nehru Stadium, Kochi.

1st ODI: India vs West Indies - As it happened...

Kochi: Marlon Samuels celebrated his comeback into the West Indian side with a brilliant ton (126*) as West Indies defeated India by 124 runs in the first ODI played at Nehru Stadium, Kochi.


West Indies Innings (321/6 from 50 overs - Samuels 126*, Ramdin 61*)

Indian innings (197/10 from 41 overs - Dhawan 68, Samuels 10/2)


Indian innings:

Over 41 || Score 197/10

The final wicket was picked by Ravi Rampaul who fired a yorker that uprooted Shami's leg-stump. It has been a comprehensive win from the hosts and they have outshined India in all departments of the game. It was a super show from Marlon Samuels today, who followed his brilliant ton with a two-wicket haul.

Mohammed Shami b Rampaul 19 (26m 17b)


Over 40 || Score 189/9

With Jadeja at the crease, Mohit Sharma was dismissed while he tried to take the responsibility of scoring on his shoulders. He edged one straight towards third man where Taylor took a clean catch. Mohammad Shami is the last man in and with one wicket remaining and batting powerplay in process, Jadeja should be looking to go for his strokes.

MM Sharma c Taylor b Rampaul 8 (7b)


Over 35 || Score 150/8

Samuels picked his second wicket of the match when he once again offered flight, this time to Bhuvneshwar who hit it straight to Sammy at slips. Amit Mishra was the eighth batsman to be dismissed as he was trapped in front of the wicket as a result of a superb off-cutter from Bravo. Barring Dhawan, none of the Indian batsman has looked in any sort of rhythm and the hosts are now inches away from what would be an emphatic win.

A Mishra lbw b DJ Bravo 5 (13b)

B Kumar c Sammy b Samuels 2 (10b)


Over 30 || Score 137/6

India suffered another massive blow in form of MS Dhoni who was bowled by Sammy. Sammy pitched one on the middle stump which moved away and knocked Dhoni's stumps. And as if scoring unbeaten 126 runs wasn't enough, Samuels struck in his first over as he deceived set batsman Dhawan by the flight and bowled the left-hander. India are in dire straits and the hosts for sure can smell victory from here onwards. India need 185 runs from 20 overs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ravindra Jadeja are the two batsmen at the crease.

S Dhawan b Samuels 68 (92b)

MS Dhoni b Sammy 8 (21b)


Over 25 || Score 114/4

The run-rate is increasing, and while Shikhar Dhawan continues to play a patient innings, MS Dhoni has been batting very slow. The Indian skipper has consumed 20 balls for his 8 and it's high time he starts contributing with boundaries to ease the pressure off Dhawan. At half way, India still need 207 runs to win off the next 25 overs.


Over 20 || Score 100/4

Ambati Rayudu was the next batsman to be dismissed as he charged down the wicket off Andre Russell and mistimed a shot to Benn at mid-on. Suresh Raina was the next man in and India suffered a huge blow as the left-hander was dismissed for a second-ball duck. Raina was offered some width, he got an inside edge which hit his stumps. India managed to score just 20 runs in the last five overs and they have got themselves into trouble by losing wickets at regular intervals.


Over 15 || Score 80/2

Virat Kohli's dismissal slowed down the pace of the innings. Dhawan is still unbeaten at the crease and it's very important from India's perspective that he goes on to slam a big one from here on. Ambati Rayudu is there to give him company, and it's an excellent opportunitty for him to show that he deserves to be a part of India's World Cup squad.


Over 10 || Score 55/2

West Indies got their first breakthrough when Ajinkya Rahane was dismissed in an unfortunate manner. Rahane worked the ball towards short fine leg, they completed the first run and while Rahane came back for the second, Dhawan wasn't interested as he stood in his crease while the bails were removed at the non-striker's end. The first-wicket partnership lasted for 49 runs. Virat Kohli was the next man in. But his stay didn't last for long as he nicked one from Taylor towards the slip cordon where Sammy – standing at wide slip – held onto a good catch. India in some sort of trouble with those two quick blows.

V Kohli c Sammy b Taylor 2 (5b)

AM Rahane run out 24 (22b)


Over 5 || Score 21/0

Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane have made a cautious start to the Indian innings. Rahane was the one to score India's first boundary as he pulled a short ball from Jerome Taylor past midwicket in the fourth over of the innings. Slow start for India considering the kind of total they are chasing.


Over 50 || Score 321/6

As a result of some regular blows, India have managed to limit Windies to a score of 326. At one stage, it seemed as if the hosts were heading towards a score past 350 runs.

Shami finally managed to break the partnership between Samules and Ramdin when the latter hit a low full-toss straight to Ravindra Jadeja at long-on. The wicket ended the 165-run partnership between these two. Kieron Pollard is the new man in. Shami picked another wicket in Pollard, who missed out on a scoop shot as the stumps were rattled! Russell was the next man in and he smashed the last ball of the 48th over, high, but not long enough as Kohli at long-off took a clean catch. Shami conceded 66 runs from his nine overs and picked four wickets. He could have claimed a five-fer, had Kohli not dropped Sammy's catch of the penultimate delivery of the innings, which popped from his hands and went for a six. Samuels remained unbeaten on 126!

AD Russell c Kohli b Mohammed Shami 1 (2b)

KA Pollard b Mohammed Shami 2 (4b)

D Ramdin c Jadeja b Mohammed Shami 61 (59b)


Over 45 || Score 280/3

None of the bowlers have managed to make an impact, significant enough to break this partnership. India have been poor in the outfield as well, and runs have come for the Windies in every possible way. Ramdin took a single off the first ball of the 44th over to bring his half-century off 53 balls. Samuels defended the third ball of Jadeja's over for a single to bring a superb century off 99 balls. What a comeback! With Pollard, Sammy, Russell still to come, Windies can eye a score of over 330 runs.


Over 40 || Score 240/3

Samuels and Ramdin continue to pummel the Indian bowlers all across the ground. 36th over was an expensive from Shami where he conceded 16 runs. These two have also completed the 100-run partnership for the fourth wicket. There seems to be no support for the bowlers in the pitch and they are clearly struggling. There was a close stumping chance against Samuels in the 40th over, but Dhoni probably removed the bails a little early. The scoreboard it ticking very fast and Dhoni for sure would be a worried man.


Over 35 || Score 188/3

Marlon Samuels charged down the wicket in the 34th over of the innings bowled by Raina, and smashed him over long-on for a big six which also brought his half-century off 58 balls. The Windies batsmen are looking extremely comfortable at the crease and MS Dhoni needs a special effort from his bowlers to restrict them from posting a mammoth total.


Over 29 || Score 148/3

Mohit Sharma and Mishra are bowling in tandem at the moment. And they are mixing up their deliveries well. Samules smashed his third boundary of the innings by slapping Mishra towards point region in the 27th over. And the hard-hitter has moved to thirty. He has taken calculate risks so far. On the other, end Ramdin too is looking promising. 13 runs came in the last three overs.   


Over 26 || Score 135/3

Ramdin collected his first boundary in the 25th over, when he placed Mishra towards mid-wicket. Ramdin has been in good form in the recent past. Meanwhile, India conceded seven runs in the last two overs.  


Over 24 || Score 127/3

Mishra is back into the attack. Off the second ball Bravo hit the bowler straight over his head for a huge six. Bravo Out! Trying to his the bowler for another maximum, Bravo went for another big shot, but his time couldn't manage to hit ball from the middle and eventually gave a simple catch to Dhawan at long-on. Denesh Ramdin has come to the middle after the fall of third wicket.

DM Bravo c Dhawan b Mishra 28 (45b)


Over 22 || Score 113/2

Samuels collected his first boundary in the 19th over, when he played a late cut off Mohit Sharma. He used the pace of the seamer. If these two stick to the wicket it would be difficult from Indian bowlers to contain them as both of them are fine players of fast and spin bowling. Eight runs came in the last two overs. 


Over 20 || Score 105/2

Mohit Sharma has been given the ball for the third time in the match. And surprisingly he has bowled one over each in his last two spells. Jadeja is bowling from the other end. In the last two overs, the tourists only managed to score five runs. Samuels, the new man, is a big hitter of the ball. So India have to get his wicket early on, otherwise he can be destructive in the death overs.      


Over 18 || Score 100/2

Jadeja was launched for a straight six by Smith off the first ball of 18th over. Smith Out! Jadeja strikes for India. Off the next ball, Jadeja once again gave the ball some air,   and this Smith missed the line completely and his bails went for a toss. The openers missed his fifty by mere four runs. Marlon Samuels is the new man in. Meanwhile, West Indies touched the hundred-run mark in the 18th over.     

DR Smith b Jadeja 46 (45b) 


Over 16 || Score 86/1

In the 16th over, Bravo and Smith have completed the fifty-run partnership for the second wicket. They are looking in solid in the middle and are not hesitating in charging the bowlers. Running between the wickets has also been good so far between the two. Indian bowlers have to break this partnership which is looking dangerous now. India conceded 16 runs in the last two overs.    


Over 14 || Score 70/1

After a scratchy start, Dwayne Smith has started middling the ball. In fact, his partner on the other end, Darren Bravo too is looking confident and hardly missing any chance to collect runs. Dhoni has brought back his front line bowler Bhuvi. And the seamer is bowling alongside Mishra. Nine runs came in the last two overs.  


Over 12 || Score 61/1

MS Dhoni immediately introduced both the prime spinners -- Amit Mishra and Ravindra Jadeja -- after the end of tenth over. And interestingly both of them are getting enough turn from the wicket. Nine runs came from the last two overs as Smith launched Jadeja in his opening over towards long-on for a maximum.      


Over 10 || Score 52/1

Four runs came from Mohammed Shami's fourth over. Meanwhile, tourists crossed the fifty-run mark in the tenth over at the loss of one wicket.      


Over 9 || Score 48/0

Mohit Sharma has been brought back into the attack in the ninth over. And this time Smith picked up the bowler to collect a couple of boundaries. First boundary of the over came in the fourth ball, when Smith got the top edge of his bat and the ball flew over the slip fielders. Off the next ball, Smith cleared the mid-off fielder to collect third boundary of his innings. 14 runs came from the over.   


Over 8 || Score 34/1

Bravo Out! Finally, Shami gave India its first breakthrough. Bravo went for a flashy drive towards off-side but only managed to get the outside edge of his bat. And Dhawan took a sharp catch at first slip. Darren Bravo​ raplces his brother. And it was a wicket maiden for Shami. In the last two overs came just one run.  

DJ Bravo c Dhawan b Mohammed Shami 17 (24b)


Over 6 || Score 33/0

Mohammed Shami with his second over. Three boundaries came from the over. Two came from the willow of Bravo, and another from byes. Expensive over for India as 14 runs came from it. 


Over 5|| Score 19/0

Bhuvi set to bowl his third consecutive over. The seamer is bowling outswingers as he is searching for the outside edge of Smith. The opener struggled to read the bowler in the entire over as Bhuvi bowled a maiden one.     


Over 4 || Score 19/0

Mohammed Shami has been introduced into the attack in the fourth over, as he replaces Mohit Sharma. The seamer is getting enough swing. Tight first over by the speedster as he conceded mere one run in it. In the last two over West Indian openers only managed to collect three runs. But India are still searching for the first breakthrough.    


Over 2 || Score 16/0

Mohit Sharma is sharing the new ball with Buvi. What a shot! Off the third ball, Bravo punched the ball towards cover region for a boundary. Then in the last ball Bravo once again played a cracking backfoot punch to collect his second boundary of the over. Class was written all over it. Good over for WI as they collected 11 runs from it.  


Over 1 || Score 5/0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the opening over, as skipper Dwayne Smith and Dwayne Smith are opening the batting for the tourists. First ball was right on the money as it shaped away after pitching and missed the outside edge of Smith. Off the next, Smith slapped the slightly short ball towards point region for the first boundary of the match. Five runs came from the first over.   


Surprise pick of the series, spinner Kuldeep Yadav have to wait for some more time to make his ODI debut, as MSD has picked two senior spinners -- Amit Mishra and Ravindra Jadeja -- for the opening match. 

Toss: India won the toss and will bowl first. 


Kochi: Amid the dispute between the West Indian players and their Players Association, India will look to retain their supremacy in the shorter version of the game as they are all set to play the first ODI of the five-match series, which is to start shortly in Nehru Stadium, Kochi.  

The hosts are expected to have little trouble against the lowly West Indians, who are further handicapped with mystery spinner Sunil Narine being withdrawn from the tour following his "illegal" bowling action reported during the Champions League T20. The Windies are also without their run machine Chris Gayle, whose absence will certainly dent their chances.

The series is crucial to India's preparation to defend their World Cup title next year and the players will be looking to put up solid performances. Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led India are a well balanced side with both batsmen, barring the prolonged slump of Virat Kohli, and bowlers in good nick. Selectors have picked Murali Vijay in place of injured Rohit Sharma but it remains to be seen whether he or Ajinkya Rahane would open the innings with Shikhar Dhawan.

For Virat Kohli, there won't be a better opportunity to get back into form. The middle-order looks strong with the likes of Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu and Dhoni in the ranks.

In the bowling department, Mohit Sharma would be the one to watch out for as he has been progressing well under Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami and Umesh Yadav complete the pace quartet for India with experienced Amit Mishra and Ravindra Jadeja manning the spin department.

At least seven out of 15 West Indian players know the Indian conditions well, having played in the IPL and CLT20 and that would obviously come in handy.

West Indian skipper Dwayne Bravo would be pinning his hopes on experienced players like Darren Sammy, Darren Bravo and Kieron Pollard to come good with the bat. With 98 ODI wickets against his name, Jerome Taylor will be looking to reach the landmark of 100 wickets here itself. Taylor's return to the team has strengthened West Indian pace attack with the likes of Kemar Roach and Ravi Rampaul already in the line-up.

But their spinning department sans Narine is a cause of concern. The onus is now on left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn, Narine's replacement, to deliver for his team. 

Teams (from):

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (C), Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Murali Vijay, Kuldeep Yadav.

West Indies: Dwayne Bravo (C), Darren Bravo, Jason Holder, Leon Johnson, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Andre Russel, Darren Sammy, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith, Jerome Taylor.



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