4th ODI: India vs West - As it happened...

Live updates from the fourth ODI between India and West Indies being played at HPCA Stadium, Dharamsala.

4th ODI: India vs West - As it happened...



West Indies Innings

Over 48.1 || Score 271

Windies need 60 runs off 12 balls and they have one wicket left. Shami to bowl his last over. First ball, and the seamer bowled a perfect yorker to clean bowled the century-maker Samuels. And with that India beat West Indies in the fourth ODI by 59 runs. A comprehensive victory for the hosts. If Virat Kohli's hundred helped India to put up a challenging total of 330 runs, then, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Akshar Patel made sure that their side defend the total successfully.            

MN Samuels b Mohammed Shami 112 (106b)


Over 48 || Score 271/9

Windies need 69 runs off 18 balls and they have one wicket left. Yadav to bowl the over. Samules collected two consecutive boundaries off the bowler to collect nine from the over. 


Over 47 || Score 262/9

Shami finally claimed his first wicket of the match in the form of Taylor. The batsman tried to play the ball towards third man but missed the line completely and his stumps went for a toss. Sulieman Benn came to the middle after the loss of ninth West Indian wicket. India are just a wicket away from wining the fourth ODI.       

JE Taylor b Mohammed Shami 11 (11b)


Over 46 || Score 259/8

Jerome Taylor has joined Samuels in the middle. Shami leaked 11 runs in the 45th over as the tourists crossed the 250-run mark. In the next over, with the help of single Samuels completed his hundred, with the help of seven boundaries and six sixes. It's seventh ODI hundred for the Jamaican. In the next over bowled by Yadav, came nine runs with the help of a boundary, which came from the willow of Taylor.    


Over 44 || Score 239/8

Jason Holder Out! In the 44th over, bowled by Bhuvi, Holder tried to hit the low full toss over extra cover fielder but miss-timed the shot completely and gave a simple catch to Raina. On the other end, Samuels is mere seven runs shy of his ODI hundred. 16 runs came in the last three overs.   

JO Holder c Raina b Kumar 11 (8b)


Over 41 || Score 227/7

Jason Holder is the new man in. Now the entire burden is on the shoulders of Samuels, who is playing on 89. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been brought back into the attack. And the seamer bowled a tight over as he conceded mere four runs in his ninth over, all came in singles.    


Over 40 || Score 211/7

Umesh Yadav has been called back into the attack. And off the second ball, Russell played a cracking shot straight down the ground to get a boundary. After the gap of a ball, Russell hit the bowler out of the park over long off. Both the batsmen are looking dangerous at the moment. Russell Out! Yadav has the last laugh. Russell went for an expensive cut shot towards fine third man, but missed the ball completely and it crashed into his stumps. 12 runs came from the over. 

AD Russell b Yadav 46 (23b) 


Over 40 || Score 211/6

In the 39th over, bowled by Jadeja, Russell hit two back-to-back sixes and a boundary to collect 19 from the over. Jadeja has been hit for six sixes in the match, thus far. Meanwhile, West Indies crossed the mark of 200 runs. In the next over Patel too went for nine runs as Samuels launched him for a six as well.   


Over 38 || Score 183/6

Russell straight away took Shami by surprise as he hit the seamer for four boundaries in the 37th over. But from one end Patel is bowling tight overs, as he conceded just one in the next over. West Indies now needed 148 runs in 12 overs to seal the match and they have 4 wickets in hand.     


Over 36 || Score 166/6

Akshar Patel is ready to bowl the first over of batting Powerplay. And the left arm spinner picked up his second wicket in the form of Sammy, off his first ball. Soft dismissal as Sammy gave a straight catch back to the bowler. One run came from the over, along with the wicket.Andre Russell is the new man in.   

DJG Sammy c & b Patel 16 (21b)


Over 35 || Score 165/5

Jadeja once again came back strongly after leaking 19 in his last over as he gave just one run in the next, that too came in the form of a wide. Seamer Shami, who is bowling from the other end conceded seven runs as India gave eight runs in the last two.    


Over 33 || Score 157/5

In the 32nd over, Samuels once again picked up Jadeja to hit few more boundaries. He first launched the bowler for two consecutive sixes and then got a boundary off the next to collect 19 from the over. Shami has been reintroduced into the attack in the next over. And Samuels collected two more boundaries off his over and swiftly reached to 72 off 64 balls. 29 runs came in the last two overs. Meanwhile, Windies crossed the 150-run mark.       


Over 31 || Score 122/5

Both the left-arm spinners -- Jadeja and Patel -- are bowling in right areas and forcing the batsmen to commit mistakes. 30th over of the innings, bowled by Jadeja was a maiden. In the next over Patel conceded mere two. Darren Sammy is in the middle along with Sammy. And they are capable of changing the course of the match single handedly. Six runs came in the last three overs.      


Over 28 || Score 122/5

After conceding 22 runs in his last over, Jadeja came back strongly and scalped two wickets in his next over. He first got the better of Ramdin off the first ball and then got the big wicket of skipper Dwayne Bravo, who was trapped in front of the wicket, off the fourth ball. The tourists are once again at the back-foot after losing two quick wickets.  

DJ Bravo lbw b Jadeja 0 (2b)

D Ramdin c Patel b Jadeja 9 (21b)


Over 27 || Score 120/3

Samuels is on a roll here. In the 26th over bowled by Jadeja, the hard hitter batsman collected 22 runs from the over as he hit two sixes and equal number of boundaries in the over. Three runs came from the next over off Patel. Meanwhile, Samuels completed his half-century, with the help of four boundaries and three sixes.   


Over 25 || Score 95/3

Akshar Patel has justified his place in the playing XI so far. Dhoni is also showing much faith in the youngster, who is just 19. Spinners -- Jadeja and Patel -- are bowling in tandem right now for India. West Indies collected eight runs in the last two overs. But things are still well under control for India.      


Over 23 || Score 87/3

Patel gave India the third breakthrough in the form of Bravo. The left-hander tried to play a sweep shot, but unluckily the ball hit the stumps after touching his thigh pads. He was a well set batsman for West Indies, so it's a big blow for the tourists. It was a wicket maiden for the spinner. Denesh Ramdin has come to the middle to join Samuels. Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced from the other end. Seven runs came in the last four overs.    

DM Bravo b Patel 40 (51b)


Over 19 || Score 80/2

After Kohli went for 18 runs in his first over, MS Dhoni straight away handed over the ball to left-arm spinner Akshar Patel. And he bowled a tight over first up by giving mere two runs in it. Seven came in the last two overs.  


Over 17 || Score 73/2

Samules took Shami by surprise in the 16th over as he first collected a boundary off his second ball and then smacked him for a maximum off his last, to collect 11 runs from the over. Another bowling change, as centurion Virat Kohli has been given the ball. But he proved a bit expensive as D Bravo hit him for three consecutive boundaries off his last three balls. India conceded 25 runs in the last two overs.    


Over 15 || Score 48/2

First bowling change. Mohammad Shami has been introduced into the attack in the 14th over. And Bravo collected a boundary off his first ball. He proved a bit expensive in his opening over as he leaked eight runs in it. Bhuvi is bowling continuously. In fact, he is enjoying his long spell. And the seamer gave five runs in his 8th over. 14 runs came in the last three overs.    


Over 12 || Score 34/2

Pollard Out! Bhuvi finally gets his first wicket of the match. He produced a genuine out-swinger, which kissed Pollard's bat and went straight inside the hands of Dhawan at first slip. Marlon Samuels is the new man in after the fall of Pollard's wicket. India conceded eight runs in the last two overs.    

KA Pollard c Dhawan b Kumar 6 (31b)


Over 10 || Score 26/1

Yadav and Bhuvi have bowled beautifully in the first ten overs of the innings. Yadav gave India an early breakthrough but Bhuvi is still looking for his first wicket of the match.


Over 9 || Score 23/1

Bhuvi and Yadav are giving no room to the batsmen to free their arms. And result of that West Indies collected just one boundary from the bat, thus far, which came from Bravo's willow. In the last two overs came six runs, three from each over. The tourists are certainly at the back-foot in the match.   


Over 7 || Score 17/1

Bhuvi to continue. The seamer is getting enough purchase from the wicket. He is swinging the ball too much, which is troubling the batsmen. Last ball of the over hit on Pollard's helmet and crossed the boundary rope. Four runs came from it.  


Over 6 || Score 13/1

Dhoni has now come up with a short leg fielder. An interesting and attacking field by the Indian skipper. Dhoni knows that Umesh has the pace and bounce to surprise a batsman, so it's not at all a bad move by him. Two runs came from the over as both the batsmen are playing sensible cricket at the moment.    


Over 5 || Score 11/1

Bhuvi to continue. Three slips are in place for the seamer, a rare sight to watch on Indian wickets. Off the first ball, Bravo collected a boundary towards square leg as six runs came from the fifth over.


Over 4 || Score 5/1

After bowling a maiden over first up, Bhuvi bowled another decent over as he conceded mere three in his next. On the other end, Yadav too is bowling on a good line and length. So no easy pickings for West Indian batsmen so far. In the last two overs came mere four runs.   


Over 2 || Score 1/1

Along with Dwayne Smith and Darren Bravo have opened the innings for the tourists, whereas Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav are sharing the new ball. In the second over, Yadav gave India their first breakthrough in the form of Smith. The opener tried to pull the bowler for a maximum but got the leading edge of his bat and Shami took a comfortable catch in the end. So West Indies got off to a poor start. Surprisingly, Kieron Pollard has been promoted up the order as he has joined Bravo in the middle after the fall of first wicket.

DR Smith c Mohammed Shami b Yadav 0 (11b)  


India Innings

Over 50 || Score 330/6

Holder to bowler the last over of the innings. From the first ball came a double from the willow of Rayudu. Off the next Rayudu smacked the bowler for a six over cow corner. Then came a single in the next two balls. In the last two balls came mere two runs, as Kohli also got run-out in the last ball. So riding on the excellent ton by Virat Kohli, India managed to put up a challenging total of 330 runs in front of the tourists.  

V Kohli run out 127 (114b)  


Over 49 || Score 319/5

Taylor to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Kohli hit his first two balls for a six and a boundary respectively. 14 runs came from the over.    


Over 48 || Score 305/5

Holder to bowl his 8th over. Jadeja Out! Southpaw got the fulltoss but he couldn't manage to hit it from the middle of the bat and eventually gave a simple catch to Russell to mid-on. Seven runs came in the over. Meanwhile, India crossed the mark of 300 as well.   

RA Jadeja c Russell b Holder 2 (2b)


Over 47 || Score 298/4

Virat Kohli completed his hundred. What a comeback by the stylish batsman. It's his 20th ODI hundred. He scored 12 boundaries and a six to complete his ton. MS Dhoni got run out! Off the fifth ball, Kohli launched the bowler for another six over long on. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in. 13 runs came in the over.     

MS Dhoni run out 6 (5b)


Over 46 || Score 285/3

Jason Holder conceded mere four runs in his seventh over. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is just one run shot of his hundred.


Over 45 || Score 281/3

Taylor finally gave the tourists a breakthrough after a long time in the form of Raina. The southpaw tried to glide the ball towards third man but got a thin edge of his bat and Ramdin took a simple catch behind the wickets. Two runs came from the over. 

 Raina c Ramdin b Taylor 71 (58b) 


Over 44 || Score 279/2

Russell has been brought back into the attack. Raina launched the seamer for a six off the fourth ball to collect ten runs from the over. Kohli is mere four runs shy of his 20th ODI hundred.   


Over 43 || Score 269/2

Raina and Kohli have been scoring boundaries at a rapid pace. In the 43rd over, first Raina smashed a boundary and a six and then Kohli collected two more boundaries as Bravo leaked 19 runs in the 43rd over. 


Over 41 || Score 242/2

Taylor has been leaking runs. Meanwhile, Raina completed his fifty in the 41st over. 21 runs came in the last two overs as India scored one six and two boundaries.  


Over 39 || Score 221/2

Kieron Pollard has been given the ball for the very first time in the match. Off the third ball, Kohli collected a boundary off the slightly short of length ball towards square leg. After the gap of one ball, RaIna pulled the bowler for another boundary towards the same area. Pollard needs to change his length, as he is bowling too short. The bowler conceded 12 runs in the over.    


Over 38 || Score 209/2 ​

Can Kohli score a hundred today? Taylor has been called back into the attack. And Kohli welcomed the seamer by hitting him for a six off his first ball over log off. Expensive over by the speedster as 11 runs came from it. Meanwhile, India crossed the mark of 200 runs.       


Over 36 || Score 193/2 ​

Samuels to bowl his last over of the innings. Off the fourth ball, Raina danced down the wicket and hit the bowler straight over his head for a huge six. Nine runs came from the first over of second Powerplay.   


Over 35 || Score 184/2 ​

Kohli collected his seventh boundary in the 35th over bowled by Bravo. At the moment Kohli is dealing in boundaries. Samuels bowled a tight 34 over as he conceded mere one run in it. In the last two overs India collected eight runs. India are heading towards a big total.   


Over 33 || Score 177/2 ​

Kohli completed his fifty in style by hitting Bravo for a boundary in the 33rd over. It's a good news for India as their batting mainstay is returning back to form. Both the batsmen in the middle -- Kohli and Raina are looking solid in the middle. Raina has reached to 18 with the help of a boundary and a six.   


Meanwhile reports have come in that West Indies have pulled out of the ongoing tour. There will not be fifth ODI, T20 match and the Test series.


Over 30 || Score 157/2 (Raina 9, Kohli 42)

The spinners continue and Suresh Raina gets his first maximum after heaving one over long-on boundary off Samuels. Benn meanwhile continuing his good line and length. Just three runs coming. Samuels gets one more over and the same result follows.


Over 27 || Score 142/2 (Raina 0, Kohli 36)

Benn and Samuels have bowled well and are looking to tie down both batsmen. Benn concedes just two runs as Samuels gives away a boundary to Kohli. 7 runs come from the two overs. Benn continues and Kohli hits a boundary past sweeper cover. After that he gets Rahane for 68. LBW decision as the right hander tried to play a sweep and was trapped after getting hit below the knee roll.

AM Rahane lbw b Benn 68 (79b)


Over 24 || Score 128/1 (Rahane 67, Kohli 23)

14 runs come from these two overs. Rahane and Kohli looking good in the middle. The running between the wickets and understanding are going great as they are playing both Samuels and Benn well.


Over 22 || Score 114/1 (Rahane 55, Kohli 21)

Benn continued his splendid bowling with another one-run over. But his efforts were somehow wasted by Samuels, who leaked seven runs in the next over. Rahane completed his fifty taking a double off the first ball off Samuels' third over.


Over 20 || Score 106/1 (Rahane 48​, Kohli 20)

Benn and Samuels continued with his slow balls and somehow curb the scoring rate. The duo has bowled five overs, conceding 18 runs only. For India, the second wicket partnership is now worth 37 from 57 balls. Surely, a building period for India.


Over 16 || Score 92/1 (Kohli 11, Rahane 43)

A couple of boundaries from Kohli made it a nine-run over for India. Now, the pitch looks like a decent, high scoring one. Kolhi has scored heavily here in domestic cricket. And he will try to add another one, irrespective of the level of the competition or opponent.


Over 15 || Score 83/1 (Rahane 42​, Kohli 3)

Another good over for the West Indies. Sulimen Benn conceded four runs in his first over, three of which came from the last ball. In between, Rahane is quitely approaching his seventh ODI fifty, is one 42 from 47 balls with six boundaries.


Over 14 || Score 79/1 (Rahane 39​, Kohli 2)

Life for Rahane. Jerome Taylor, on the run, at deep as the ball, taking an edge off Russell's short ball favoured the Indian batsman. The over went for seven runs with Rahane hitting a four just a ball before that dropped catch moment.


Over 13 || Score 72/1 (Kohli 1, Rahane 34​)

Holder has completed his sixth over, conceding 30 runs. As the match enters the crucial middle over phase, West Indies bowlers have started to dictate the terms in Dharamshala. It was a two-run over, with both the batsmen taking a single each.


Over 12 || Score 70/1 (Rahane 33​, Kohli 0​)

Bad choice of shot and bad execution! Shikhar Dhawan got out to a short ball from Andre Russell. The Indian batsman was beaten by bounce and pace while trying to hook, or pull... the ball took an edge and ended up in the safe hands of Dwayne Bravo at deep square leg.

It was one-run over.

Dhawan c Bravo b Russell 35 (35b)

The new man in the centre is Virat Kohli.


Over 11 || Score 69/0 (Rahane 32​, Dhawan 35​)

After the productive Power-play period, Indian openers have seemingly started taking more interests in taking singles and doubles. In the 11th over, the duo ran four singles, two each. And keep the momentum going.


Over 10 || Score 65/0 (Rahane 30​, Dhawan 33​)

India responded to those two single run overs with a 12-run one. This time, Rahane took on Russel hitting the West Indian for three fours. In the mandatory Power-play period, India surely got the better of their opponents scoring 65 runs without losing a wicket.


Over 9 || Score 53/0 (Dhawan 34, Rahane 16​)

Another excellent over from West Indies. Holder continued and conceded one run in his fourth over, thus restricting Indian scoring rate to some extent. Rahane took two balls to rotate the strike, then Dhawan consume the remaining four balls, in defence. And with that single, Rahane completed his 1000 run in ODIs in the 37th match at an average of just under 30.


Over 8 || Score 52/0 (Rahane 16​, Dhawan 33)

First bowling change for West Indies. An excellent one Andre Russell. Only one run off it. Rahane played out the first five deliveries before taking a single off the final delivery. 


Over 7 || Score 51/0 (Dhawan 33, Rahane 16)

Another big, big over. Sixteen runs came off Taylor's fourth over. In his first three overs, he conceded a mere 10 runs and now the figure reads, 4 overs 26 runs. And milking him was Dhawan. There were four fours of pure class.

In between, a glimpse of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Some sight, some divinity in the stands, some cricket in the field and an arching, ever spreading mountain range.


Over 6 || Score 35/0 (Rahane 16, Dhawan 17)

Then suddenly, Dhawan dispatched Holder off the first ball of the sixth over over deep fine leg for a six. Some pull. The Delhi batsman followed it up with four, smashed through the square area. He was joined by Rahane two balls later, with a sublime drive for a four. The over went for 15 runs. And India are looking great.


Over 5 || Score 20/0 (Dhawan 5, Rahane 12)

Steady scoring from the Indian openers. After that quite start, Rahane has started to open a bit, looking for odd boundaries and he on couple of times, connect the ball sublimely. He is on 12 from 14 balls. And he is taking singles and doubles. Good signs, indeed! But, Dhawan seems happy to defend.


Over 3 || Score 12/0 (Rahane 7, Dhawan 5)

India are off to a cautious start, with both Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan trying to apply themselves in these early overs against a promising West Indian pace attack. In the midst of circumspect batting, both the batsmen have found a boundary each to help the gathering in Dharamshala ease. After all, it's India batting at home. Some boundaries are ought to come in these opening overs. For West Indies, Jerome Taylor and Jason Holder are in operation.


TOSS: West Indies have won the toss and invited India to bat first in this seemingly pace friendly top. And their PLAYING XI is Dwayne Smith, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo (C), Denesh Ramdin (WK), Keiron Pollard, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jason Holder, Sulieman Benn, Jerome Taylor

For India, it is: Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (C & WK), Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav


New Delhi: The setting is perfect for an enthralling day of cricket as India take on visiting West Indies in the backdrop of picturesque Dhauladar mountain range. India, after winning their last match at New Delhi, will start as the favourites to win the Dharamsala match to go 2-1 up in the five-match ODI series, with the third ODI canceled due to cyclone Hudhud. And in the Delhi match, the star batsman Virat Kohli seemed to have find some sort of form to give the Indian camp that extra impetus.

West Indies, as usual, are an unpredictable lot. They won the series opener in convincing style, thrashing India by more than 100 runs, then suddenly collapsing in the second outing. So, there is no form guide to predict what they will do today. But, with such a strong squad, this visiting Caribbean can beat any team on their day.

Here, the role of pitch at HPCA Stadium will be vital deciding how the teams line up and also how to attack, defend during the course of the play. If the pitch, as published earlier, was made rolled hard to suit pace bowling, than the West Indian fast bowlers may well prove more than a handful for the Indian batsmen. Another important factor will be the altitude of the playing field, believe it or not.


India: MS Dhoni (Captain and wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Murali Vijay, Kuldeep Yadav, Akshar Patel.

West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Darren Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin(w), Dwayne Bravo(c), Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Ravi Rampaul, Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Jason Holder, Leon Johnson, Kemar Roach

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