Indian players don’t drink much, but celebrate noisily: Gibbs

Johannesburg: Indian cricketers don’t drink much but are still loud and noisy in their celebrations, disclosed former South Africa opener Herschelle Gibbs in his autobiography, ‘To the Point’.

“My Indian teammates might be frustratingly quiet on the field but put a trophy in their hands and the celebrations are about as loud and as noisy as they get,” Gibbs wrote in a section on the 2009 Indian Premier League final which the Deccan Chargers won at the Wanderers in Johannesburg.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen guys so happy at winning something in my life,” Gibbs further elaborated in his book, which has stirred up a lot of reaction because of his claims of drug, booze and sex excesses during tours.

“The Indian guys don’t drink too much, having said that, Rohit Sharma can put a couple away when he puts his mind to it? And our fines master -- Andrew Symonds, showed admirable restraint by getting everyone in the mood without bringing anyone’s evening to a premature halt.”

Gibbs also described the official IPL afterparty as “with any bash thrown by former IPL supremo Lalit Modi, there was champagne on tap and plenty of the fairer sex in attendance. Good times were had by all.”

In another chapter in the book, tilted ‘The Future and What it Holds’, Gibbs also referred to the social excesses of the IPL.

“The sponsors arrange a lot of social functions to which at least 40 models are invited at a time. Seriously. At least 40 models at every party. Everything has to be ultra-glamorous. This sort of thing doesn’t happen anywhere else in the cricket world, believe me.”

Gibbs also commented on the enthusiasm of Indian cricket fans, saying, “The buzz at the ground is just incredible to witness in person. You get some idea of the noise the Indian cricket fans generate when you watch it on TV, but actually experiencing it in person is something else. It’s so bladdy (sic) loud that even if you yell at a teammate 25 metres away, he won’t hear you.”

“The crowd go ape-shit even if you just walk out onto the field prior to the game for a bit of a warm-up. I mean, you have never seen people who love cricket as much as these Indian chaps.”