IPL 2013: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab- As it happened...


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Live Updates from the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab to be played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.



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Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 5 wickets.


SUNRISERS Over: 18.5 II Score: 127/5

Thisara Perera smashes Azhar Mahmood's first delivery of the over for a huge six over long on. This one is short and umpire Dharmasena calls it a wide as the ball was going way over the bowler. Another one hit straight and in the air for a single. Slower ball full toss and Reddy gets it away for another single. Length ball again and Perera smashes it over long on boundary for a six. Another length ball and Perera gets it over long on boundary for a six.


SUNRISERS Over: 18 II Score: 106/5

Perera gets a leading edge off Gony and the ball goes to third man for a single. 100 runs up for Sunrisers. Reddy gets asingle off the next ball. Perera needs to take the majority of the strike. He heaves this one to deep square leg for a single. This one is smashed to Hussey at mid off and Perera may be in trouble here. Replays show that he was safe. Reddy pulls and he gets it just over the man running in from long on for a four. Reddy hist the last one back to the bowler, no run taken. Sunrisers need 18 runs off 12 balls.


SUNRISERS Over: 17 II Score: 99/5

Azhar Mahmood into the attack now and he picks up a wicket off his first ball of the over. Samantray was wrapped on the pads and that one looked straight enough to be given out. Ashish Reddy is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a single to fine leg. Mahmood's line is making it difficult for Perera to get him away for runs. He hits this one to long on for a single. Sunrisers need 25 runs in 18 balls.

BB Samantray lbw b Azhar Mahmood 10 (12b 1x4 0x6)


SUNRISERS Over: 16 II Score: 97/4

Gony gets White bowled to a straight one that White tried to defend. To be fair on White that ball did keep a bit low. Thisara Perera is the new man in the middle. He guides this one to third man for a single. Samantray cuts one that is short for a four. This one is short and Samantray misses an attempted pull. This time he plays it to third man and completes a comfortable single. This one keeps low as well and it beats the batsmen and goes off the keeper's pads for a four. Sunrisers need 27 runs in 24 balls.

CL White b Gony 16 (23b 1x4 0x6)


SUNRISERS Over: 15 II Score: 87/3

Chawla to bowl his last over. Starts off with a full toss that white hits to long off for a single. Samantray gets another single off the next ball. White going for boundary misses one. Nice bowling here from Chawla, he is flighting the ball well and getting some turn as well. Sunrisers need 37 in 30 balls.


SUNRISERS Over: 14 II Score: 82/3

Azhar Mahmood bowled a good thirteenth over. He gave away just five runs. Gony bowling really well here. The batsmen are struggling to get him away for runs. He is bowling a good line and length at a good pace. This one was short and White pulled it to fine leg for a four. This time he misses the short ball. Sunrisers need 42 runs in 36 balls.


SUNRISERS Over: 12 II Score: 70/3

Sunrisers have lost the important wicket of Vihari. Chawla is rewarded for some good bowling here. Samantray is the new man in the middle.

GH Vihari c Hussey b Chawla 46 (39b 5x4 0x6)


SUNRISERS Over: 10 II Score: 56/2

Vihari is playing really well here. White has just walked in and he needs to guide Sunrisers to the target.


SUNRISERS Over: 8 II Score: 48/2

Just five runs off this over bowled by Gony. Vihari is going well on 29*.


SUNRISERS Over: 7 II Score: 43/1

Vihari cracked Chawla for two boundaries in the over. Kings XI need a wicket here desperately.


SUNRISERS Over: 6 II Score: 33/1

Azhar Mahmood into the attack now and Vihari drove it between the two fielders at cover for a four. Mahmood bowling a good line after being hit for a boundary off the first ball. Reddy gets two runs to deep mid wicket this time. This one was nicely hit but Gony saved the ball from going to the boundary.


SUNRISERS Over: 5 II Score: 25/1

Praveen Kumar into his third over now. Reddy gets three runs to sweeper cover. This time Vihari drives off the backfoot for three runs. Batsmen are not taking any risks here and are trying to consolidate. Nine runs off the over.


SUNRISERS Over: 4 II Score: 16/1

Batsmen working Mascarenhas around for singles and the occasional couple. Has not given the batsmen any width to free their arms. Just five runs off the over.


SUNRISERS Over: 3 II Score: 11/1

Praveen Kumar continues to bowl a good line and length here. Batsmen are finding it tough it get him away for runs. Vihari gets two runs off the fourth ball. Quick single taken off the next ball and the batsman would have been gone if the fielder would have hit the stumps directly.


SUNRISERS Over: 2 II Score: 8/1

Mascerenhas to bowl the second over. He is bowling a good line and length here. Batsmen looking content with picking up singles. Reddy heaves the last ball over mid off for a four.


SUNRISERS Over: 1 II Score: 0/1

Akshath Reddy and de Cock are in the middle for Sunrisers. Praveen Kumar starts off proceedings for Punjab. Nice line swinging in from off stump and he gets de Cock bowled off the fourth ball of the innings. Just the kind of start Punjab were looking for. Hanuma Vihari is the new man.

Q de Kock b Kumar 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)


KINGS XI Over: 20 II Score: 123/9

Perera to bowl the last over. Mascarenhas smashes this one straight for a single. Praveen gets a single off the next ball to mid on. Another single to long on. Good over this from Perera. Praveen gets a single again. Mascarenhas hits a full toss straight down the ground for two runs.


KINGS XI Over: 19 II Score: 117/9

Steyn comes into the attack and Gurkeerat tries to make room and smash him but misses and the balldislodges the stumps. Praveen Kumar is the new batsman. Shows his bat to one outside off stump but the ball is past him before his bat comes down. Gets a single this time. Mascarenhas gets a single to third man.

Gurkeerat Singh b Steyn 17 (12b 1x4 1x6)


KINGS XI Over: 18 II Score: 115/8

Gurkeerat Singh sweeps this one from Mishra for a boundary. Gets a leg bye this time for a single. Azhar Mahmood gives himself a bit of room and hits this one with the turn to extra cover for a four. Mahmood tries to hit another boundary and this one goes straight to the man at long on. Gony hit this one to deep mid wicket and took off for a second run but the Gurkeerat said no and Gony was short of his crease. Manan Vohra hit this one straight to the man at dee mid wicket.

M Vohra c I Sharma b Mishra 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

MS Gony run out 0 (0b 0x4 0x6)

Azhar Mahmood c Ashish Reddy b Mishra 4 (4b 1x4 0x6)


KINGS XI Over: 17 II Score: 105/5

Hussey hit this one in the air towards extra cover but the ball falls just short off the man thereas the batsmen take a single. Hussey hits this one in the air again and this time he finds the fielder at sweeper cover. Azhar Mahmood is the new batsman.

DJ Hussey c Reddy b I Sharma 22 (24b 1x4 1x6)


KINGS XI Over: 16 II Score: 102/4

Mishra into the attack now as Singh gets a single off the first ball. Hussey gets another single to short fine leg. Singh hit this high in the air and the ball went just over the man at long on for a six. A single off the next ball, good cricket from Gurkeerat. Hussey gets another single to long on. Nice googly deceived Singh, a huge appeal followed but the umpire said not out.


KINGS XI Over: 15 II Score: 92/4

Chawla pulls a short one from Perera and takes off for a single but the fielder at cover was really quick and Chawla was short of his ground . Gurkeerat Singh is the new man as Hussey gets a single to long on. Singh takes off for another risky single but the man at cover misses the ball and the batsmen complete a single easily. Hussey cuts but can't get it past the fielder at point. Single to long on this time. Another single off the last ball.

PP Chawla run out 23 (15b 1x4 2x6)


KINGS XI Over: 14 II Score: 88/3

Ishant comes into the attack and Hussey pulls it over deep mid wicket for a six. This one is a slower one and Hussey gets a single. This one is short and Chawla misses an attempted pull again. Another short one but this one is called wide by the umpire. Gets a single this time to point. Hussey can't get a flick past mid wicket, no run taken. This one is driven but nicely fielded by White at cover, no run taken.


KINGS XI Over: 13 II Score: 79/3

Perera into the attack now. Two dot balls to start off the over. Gets a single off the third ball. Short one this time to Chawla and he misses an attempted pull. Slower one this time and Chawla misses it again. This time Chawla gets some bat on it and gets two runs for it.


KINGS XI Over: 12 II Score: 76/3

Hussey gets a single off Mishra's first ball. Chawla gets a top edge to an attempted sweep shot for a single. Piyush Chawla steps out and takes this one on the full and smashes it over the bowler for a four. Beats him with a googly off the last ball.


KINGS XI Over: 11 II Score: 69/3

Karan Sharma continues as Chawla sweeps him over deep mid wicket for a six. This one is slightly shorter and Chawla plays it back to the bowler. This time he walks out and hits it straight over the bowler for a six. This time he flicks it to mid wicket and gets a single. Hussey gets a single off the last ball.


KINGS XI Over: 10 II Score: 55/3

Piyush Chawla comes to the middle now and Dale Steyn has been given the ball. Gets the first one to fine leg for a single. Hussey drives the next ball to sweeper cover for a single. Quick and slightly on the pads again from Steyn and Chawla flicks it for another single. This time Hussey gets an inside edge and the ball races past the wicket keeper for four runs. This one is wider outside off stump and Hussey slashes his bat but misses. This one is short and quick and the ball is taken by the wicketkeeper.


KINGS XI Over: 9 II Score: 48/3

Karan Sharma continues with his leg spin. Gilchrist gets a single off the first. Valthaty this time hits the ball to long off for a single. Gilchrist pulls a short oe straight to the man at mid wicket where Ishant took a nice safe catch. Valthaty's slow scoring rate has brought about Gilchrist's downfall here. David Hussey is the new man and he gets a single to start with. Valthaty hits this one straight to the man at mid off.

PC Valthaty c Perera b KV Sharma 6 (17b 0x4 0x6)

AC Gilchrist c I Sharma b KV Sharma 26 (25b 4x4 0x6)


KINGS XI Over: 8 II Score: 45/1

Amit Mishra into the attack now. Gilchrsit plays the first one back to the bowler. The second is nicely flighted and Gilchrist gets a single off it. Valthaty defends the next one, no run taken. He sweeps the fifth ball to fine leg for a single. Gilchrist gets a single to end the over. Three runs off the over.


KINGS XI Over: 7 II Score: 42/1

Karan Sharma into the attack now as he beats Valthaty outside off stump, nice start for the leg spinner. This one is wider on the off stump and Valthaty misses it as the wicketkeeper flicks the bails off in a hurry but the batsman is safe. He is getting some serious turn here. Valthaty sweeps this one to fine leg and the batsmen hurry to complete two runs. This one beats everyone and the ball rolls away for four byes. End of a very good over.


KINGS XI Over: 6 II Score: 36/1

Ishant continues as Valthaty defends the first one back to the bowler. He hits this one to mid wicket and gets a single. Short and wide again to Gilchrist and he does not miss out as he cuts it over backward point again for a boundary. This one is outside off stump and Gilchrist misses with a slash. Guides the next one to third man for a single. Another quick single to end the over.


KINGS XI Over: 5 II Score: 29/1

Thisara Perera into the attack now and Gilchrist greets him with a fantastic cut over backward point for a four. He pulls the third ball towards deep mid wicket for a four. This time he hits a length ball over mid on for another boundary. Run out opportunity of the last ball but the batsman was safe, no run taken.


KINGS XI Over: 4 II Score: 17/1

Steyn bowling with nice pace and Gilchrist is not tkaing any chances, playing the ball as straight as possible. This time he gets a bit of width and he slashes his bat at it but misses. He pulls another one unconvincingly to Amit Mishra at short fine leg and he misfields as the batsmen take a single. Valthaty leaves this one outside off stump. Steyn working up some nice pace here and his line and length has been immaculate. Both batsmen looking very cautiously.


KINGS XI Over: 3 II Score: 16/1

Ishant starts his spell with a short one and Mandeep pulled it to deep square leg for a four. The next one is wide down the leg side. Mandeep walks out and flicks it to the leg side for a couple of runs to mid wicket. He flicks it in the same area again and this time too the ball is in the air but he finds time to take two runs. This time Mandeep pulls a short one high in the air and the wicketkeeper takes a nice running catch. Valthaty is out in the middle now as Gilchrist takes a single off the last ball.

Mandeep Singh c de Kock b I Sharma 10 (11b 1x4 0x6)


KINGS XI Over: 2 II Score: 6/0

Steyn will bowl the secopnd over. Gilchrist defends the first over towards the off side. Gilchrist has to do something special here this evening. Steyn is getting some swing here. Short this time and Gilchrist pulls it for a single to the man at deep square leg. Considering batting has not been Punjab's strong point, they would be looking for a good start from these two batsmen. Mandeep hits one to Ishant at mid off and takes a quick single. Similar pull shot off a short one. Four runs off the over.


KINGS XI Over: 1 II Score: 2/0

Mandeep Singh and Adam Gilchrist are in the middle to open the innings for Punjab. Vihari starts proceedings for Hyderabad. Mandeep tries to sweep the next ball out of the ground but misses. Mandeep gets a single off the third ball. Gilchrist defends his first ball back to the bowler. Huge shout off the next ball but the ball was clearly going down the leg side. He gets a single. Two runs off the over.


Toss: Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and they have decided to bat first.

Hyderabad (Playing XI): Akshath Reddy, Quinton de Kock(w), Hanuma Vihari, Biplab Samantray, Cameron White(c), Thisara Perera, Karan Sharma, Ashish Reddy, Dale Steyn, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma

Punjab (Playing XI): Adam Gilchrist(w/c), Paul Valthaty, Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra, Azhar Mahmood, David Hussey, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Manpreet Gony, Gurkeerat Singh


Sunrisers, who have won four and lost two matches in the tournament so far, have banked on their formidable bowling line up. The likes of Dale Steyn and Amit Mishra have been in the best of form. However, batting has been a huge let down in the tournament for the team. Kumar Sangakkara especially has been a huge disappointment and Cameron White has performed but consistency has been lacking in his performance. With Shikhar Dhawan still out of the reckoning due to a finger injury a lot will depend on Cameron White, Parthiv Patel and Thisara Perera to fire with the bat.

Kings XI Punjab, who have won two and lost two matches, will be high on confidence after their victory over Kolkata Knight Riders in their last match. With Gilchrist not in the best of form, Kings XI`s batting mainly revolves around David Hussey, Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra, David Miller and Gurkeerat Singh. Bowling wise Praveen Kumar has been in decent form and has been ably supported by Azhar Mahmood, Piyush Chawla and Parvinder Awana.

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