IPL slapgate: Harbhajan is a backstabber, says Sreesanth

Zeenews Sports Bureau

New Delhi: S Sreesanth has cooked up a storm by claiming that it was Harbhajan Singh’s fault that led to the infamous ‘slapgate’ incident during the inaugural season of Indian Premier League in 2008.

He has said that continuously blaming him for it is disgusting.

The 30-year-old pacer has claimed that when he went to shake Harbhajan Singh’s hand after his then-IPL team, Kings XI Punjab, had beaten Mumbai Indians, the spinner lost his cool and premeditatedly hit him with his elbow.

“Whn I went to shake hands afte the match..he had lost it..he had already planned to hit me(elbow me)all his anger,” Sreesanth posted on his Twitter account on Friday.

“I don`t want Bhajji to feel bad now..I need to tell the truth to the world..wht happend was bad..it`s not my fault at all..and all media ???”

“Disgusting ..that`s all I can say..u should get hold of the video..them u all will know te truth..wht he did is completely out of control.”

Sreesanth also claimed that Bhajji never slapped him and he is really annoyed at the media for comparing this incident to whenever anything untoward incident occurs in IPL.

“It`s not my fault at all ..Nd I keep getting compared to all this bull s##*..whn ever anything bad happens in ipl or cricket match..crazy.”

“I had enough of this..I really request ll the media to show the world wht happend..then u all will realise..wht really happened.”

“To be whr Iam ..I ve no complaints..but now I want u All to know the truth.He (Bhajji)never Slapped me.the video will show u all..wt he did.”

“Can`t take this anymore..evrytime..Enough..,” Sreesanth posted on the microblogging site Twitter.

Sreesanth also wrote that he was scared of losing his place in the team and that is why he never said anything about the incident.

“Nd yeah..all I did is to tell u all wht happend.u all should know the truth.i was scared of loosing my place. I had no support wtsoevrr.”

Sreesanth was angered by the reports in the media that compared the spat between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir on Thursday to the “slapgate” incident.