Indians not pleased with heavily grassed WACA wicket

Perth: The sight of a heavily grassed wicket at the WACA has not pleased the Indian cricket team.

Indian captain MS Dhoni, who barely ever looks at wickets before match eve, made a solo visit to the WACA block to see one of the most heavily grassed wickets ever prepared here.

He looked down for about 15 seconds as he prodded the pitch with his hands, The Daily Telegraph reports.

So heavily grassed was the deck that it was the first occasion in memory of a Test strip being greener than the outfield.

When Indian batsman Rahul Dravid was on his way to the wicket, one of his teammates gave him a playful hug and suggested he go no further.

The last time India played here, it won by 72 runs, although Australia employed four pacemen at the WACA Ground with much more success against England last summer

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