Injury hard to take, but now I’m just raring to go: Bresnan

London: England fast bowler Tim Bresnan is looking forward to his comeback after a frustrating time spent on the sidelines.

In a column for a daily, Bresnan revealed that he is working his way back to fitness and hopes to make an impact against Sri Lanka over the next few weeks.

“I’ve completely recovered from my elbow injury and am raring to go. I’m just so excited about getting out there and playing cricket now. It has been a tough few months and when you’ve been waiting that long for a chance to get back out there and play it is a difficult thing to take,” Bresnan said.

“Today’s warm up game is a chance to let out a bit of the frustration, but the most important thing is that I don’t put too much pressure on myself. I just want to play cricket, it is what I do. It is my job and my hobby rolled into one so any time I’m not playing is hard,” he added.

“I just wanted to keep moving forward and improving my game and getting better,” Bresnan said.

“I feel I have plenty to offer the side, and having played 10 Tests now, I have had a good taste of it and just want more,” he said.