Chennai vs Bangalore: As it happened...

Feroz Khan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Chennai: Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by five wickets in a contest that was decided only after the last ball had been bowled.

Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the Chennai innings

7:45 pm Over 20: What a turnaround! CSK’s lower order has done it for them! Last over of the match and 15 runs more to win. First ball was driven for a single, the next got RCB the wicket of danger man Morkel. Bravo held his nerves to disptach the next two deliveries for a four and a six. Next ball was a dot and the penultimate delivery produced a single. Equation: 2 runs from I ball. Jadeja edged the final one past the slip cordon for a boundary as CKS completed an incredible run chase.

7:37 pm Over 20: Out! AB Morkel is out! He was caught at sweeper cover by Agarwal.

7:34 pm Over 19: What an over for Chennai Super Kings! The expression on Virat Kohli’s face was clear enough to reveal how he was mauled by Albie Morkel. 3 sixes and two fours. Has Vettori done a big mistake by bowling Virat at this crucial juncture? 28 runs from the over.

7:27 pm Over 18: Out! MS Dhoni (41) miscues the helicopter shot that balloons to T. Dilshan at long-off who completes a simple catch.

7:22 pm Over 17: A slower one from Vinay and Dhoni smashes it over long on for a six. The over goes for 15 runs.

7:14 pm Over 16:Out! Zaheer Khan comes back into the attack and his first ball is guided past third man for a boundary by Dwayne Bravo. 10 runs from the over.

7:05 pm Over 15: Out! Faf du Plessis’ (71) innings has come to a halt and it is again Murali who gets the wicket. Tossed up and Plessis shimmies down the track hitting it straight to Virat Kohli at long on. 4 runs and a wicket from the over.

7:01 pm Over 14: Faf du Plessis continues in the same vein smashing Daniel Vettori for two sixes. The first one was caught at long off but Dilshan couldn’t keep his foot from touching the fence. The second six was hit over bowler’s head. 15 runs from the over.

6:57 pm Over 13: Bhatkal back into the attack and MS Dhoni welcomes him with a boundary towards point region. The next ball is a slower one but is in the area and Dhoni latches on to it. The ball disappears into the stands. 15 runs from the over.

6:53 pm Over 12: A decent over from Vettori. Just 6 runs from it.

6:46 pm Over 11: Out! Murali continues and makes an important breakthrough for Chennai. Suresh Raina (23) was caught by Bhatkal as he charged down the track hoping to clear the fielder at long on. In comes MS Dhoni. Six runs and a wicket from the over.

6:42 pm Over 10: Suresh Raina uses his bottom hand to the full effect and pulls R Vinay for a six over fine leg. The next was full toss and carved for a boundary through cover region. Meanwhile, du Plessis has completed his fifty. Halfway down the innings CSK are 85/1.

6:35 pm Over 9: A boundary and two singles from Murali’s second over as umpire call for strategic timeout. The boundary could have been saved though but to a poor effort from fielder at long on boundary.

6:32 pm Over 8: Virat Kohli into the attack. Suresh Raina manages to hit a boundary off the fifth ball as Zaheer puts in a desperate effort at long on but cannot stop the ball from crossing the fence. 8 runs from the over.

6:27 pm Over 7: Out! Muttiah Muarlitharan introduced into the attack and he gets the wicket of Murali Vijay. It was a brilliant return catch by Muralitharan as he dived to his right covering the entire breadth of the pitch to complete a one-handed catch. 5 runs and a wicket from the over.

6:22 pm Over 6: Raju Bhatkal’s first over has been a costilier one for Bangalore. Plessis is hitting him all over the park as he collected two sixes and a boundary from the over. First ball, short and Plessis flicks it for a boundary even as the timing wasn’t right. The second one was angled into the stumps and produced even a better result as it disappeared into the crowds.Last ball of the over and it met the same fate. It was a slow delivery and Plessis charged down the track to clear the ropes at midwicket region. 20 runs from the over.

6:18 pm Over 5: R Vinay introduced into the attack and bowls a good over until his last penultimate delivery is pulled by Murali Vijay for a boundary. 7 runs from the over.

6:13 pm Over 4: Stand and deliver! Zaheer bowled one short and Plessis pulled it over midwicket region for boundary. The next delivery was full and Plessis charged down the track lofting it over mid off for another boundary. 11 runs from the over.

6:10 pm Over 3: A boundary of the second ball from Vettori’s second over by Plessis. Short and wide of off stump, Plessis makes some room and cuts it for a four. 7 runs from the over.

6:06 pm Over 2: Zaheer Khan into the attack and his first over goes for just five runs including a boundary. First three were dot balls but the fourth one was punched through the point region for a four by Faf du Plessis.

6:02 pm Over 1: Great over from Vettori. Just 2 runs from it.

Highlights from RCB innings

Riding on their marquee batsman Chris Gayle’s smashing innings of 68 runs powered RCB to 205/8.

5:44 pm Over 20: W, W, 1, W, W, 6. Right! That’s how Bollinger’s last over of the innings went.

First ball of the over and Kohli is caught by du Plessis at long-on. Second ball and Pujara is bowled. Bollinger is now on a hat-trick. Daniel Vettori manages to stave off charging Bollinger and manages to steal a single. Next delivery and Vettori is run out. He followed that up with the wicket of Bhatkal who slogs and is caught by Raina at mid-off. Vinay Kumar came in and pulled the last ball of the over for a six. RCB end their innings at 205/8.

Phew! Quite an eventful over this was.

5:38 pm Over 19: Out! Saurabh Tiwary (8) was caugh brilliantly by Suresh Raina. It was a low full toss from Jadeja and Tiwary spooned it to midwicket where Rains completed a fine diving catch. Before getting out Tiwary managed to score seven runs from the over that included a boundary.

5:32 pm Over 18: Out! AB de Villiers (4) stay on the crease is cut short as he tried a reverse flick off Albie but was caught at short third man by Shadab Jakati.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has taken the charge and has completed his fifty. He has hit Morkel for two sixes-on over midwicket and other a flick that just clears the ropes. 17 runs from the over.

5:28 pm Over 17: Out! Call it a million dollar baby or a million dollar arm but Ravindra Jadeja is relishing this new found moniker in IPL 5 as he provides his captain a much needed breakthrough in Chris Gayle (68). It was his first over and Gayle who looked set for a big total tried playing one over deep extra cover but found Dwayne Bravo there who completed a simple catch. New man AB de Villiers hits the last ball of the over for a boundary. 11 runs from the over.

5:20 pm Over 16: R. Ashwin back into the attack and Kohli picks up a boundary via a reverse sweep completing 100-run partnership with Gayle. Fourth ball of the over and Gayle just pushes it through cover for a four. Stage is set for a big total! 12 runs from the over.

5:14 pm Over 15: Gayle isn’t sparing anyone! Now his West Indian teammate Dwayne Bravo has to face the music as he is clobbered for a huge six over wide long on. This has disappeared into the crowds. 10 runs from the over. Score: 145/1

WAIT! Umpire has called Bravo back as he declared the last one to be a dead ball. Bravo isn’t a happy man as Kohli dispatches him towards midwicket for a boundary.

5:09 pm Over 14: Gayle is on song here. Gayle launches him for back to back sixes over long on and deep midwicket. The over produces 13 runs.

5:04 pm Over 13: Just four singles from the over. Good over from Bravo.

4:59 pm Over 12: Shadab Jakati into the attack and his over goes for 14 runs. His second delivery went for five wides as it was bowled wide of leg stump that went past both Gayle and Dhoni. Fourth ball of the over and Gayle cuts it for his first four.

4:55 pm Over 11: Virat Kohli hits a boundary behind point to bring 100 runs for RCB. 50-run partnership between Kohli and Gayle. 8 runs from the over.

4:50 pm Over 10: Just a boundary and two singles from Bravo’s over. Halfway down the innings RCB are 96/1. Terrific start for Bangalore!

4:45 pm Over 9: Suresh Raina into the attack and Gayle who has been unusually quite opens up his arms launching the bowler for three biggies! All three are over long on and Raina cuts a sorry figure as his over goes for 20 runs. Crowd is going berserk!

4:40 pm Over 8: RCB dealing in singles at the moment. 7 runs from the over.

4:35 pm Over 7: End of powerplay overs and Dwayne Bravo is introduced into the attack. Virat Kohli, the new man on the crease sends the third ball of the over for a boundary to fine leg. Six runs from the over.

4:30 pm Over 6: Albie Morkel has got the breakthrough! The bowling change worked for MS Dhoni and Agarwal (45) was caught by Dwayne Bravo at mid-on. Agarwal was looking to pull one from Morkel but got a top edge that went straight into the safe hands of Bravo. A wicket and five runs from the over.

4:23 pm Over 5: Agarwal is on a roll here! He has hit Ashwin for two sixes. First one is an aggressive shot over mid on and the second is a massive hit over deep square leg. That shot brings up the fifty for RCB in quick time. 15 runs from the over.

4:19 pm Over 4: Agarwal is making Bollinger pay for the miss! He first plays one over mid off for a boundary and then launches him over the same area for a maximum! 10 runs from the over.

4:15 pm Over 3: Dropped! Bollinger dropped a sitter at deep backward square leg! Worse the ball went for a boundary. Agarwal gets a chance and it is his second boundary of the over after launching Ashwin's previous ball over mid off! 11 runs from the over.

4:11 pm Over 2: Doug Bollinger bowled a wayward delivery to start the over with that was rightly called wide. Agarwal then guided the third delivery through covers for a boundary. Sweet timing! Six runs from the over.

4: 06 pm Over 1: Mayank Agarwal and Chris Gayle opened for RCB. CSK began the proceedings with R. Aswhin. Second ball of the over and Agarwal goes over mid off and gets a boundary. The over went for 9 runs.

3:37 pm Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Daniel Vettori won the toss and elected to bat first against Chennai Super Kings on Thursday.

After suffering two defeats from three matches Chennai Super Kings would be looking to rediscover their consistency when they take on Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The match will start at 4:00 pm (IST).


CSK: M Vijay, F du Plessis, SK Raina, S Badrinath, RA Jadeja, MS Dhoni(c), DJ Bravo, JA Morkel, R Ashwin, SB Jakati, DE Bollinger

RCB: CH Gayle, V Kohli, SS Tiwary, MA Agarwal, DL Vettori(c), AB de Villiers(wk), CA Pujara, R Vinay Kumar, RR Bhatkal, Z Khan, M Muralitharan