CSK vs DC: As it happened...

Visakhapatnam: Great game for Ravindra Jadeja! He has proved his mettle. Brought by Chennai Super Kings in this year’s auction and has been worth it. He scored valuable 48 runs and picked up five wickets! Superb stuff!

11:17: pm 18th Over It’s all over for Deccan Chargers! Ankit Sharma departs for 15. Chennai win by 74 runs. DC 119 All Out

11:13 pm 17th Over OUT!!! Two slips in place for Steyn. Jadeja has a five wicket haul!! What a match he has had. Completes his 4 overs. Picks up 5 wickets for just 16 runs, brilliant stuff!! DC 119/9

Time for strategic time-out. Only a miracle can help Deccan Chargers now.

11: 03 pm 16th Over Well well well, the match isnt over yet. Ankit Sharma has just hit two sixes of du Plessis trying to put in some fight. 18 runs came of that over. DC 117/8

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10:59 pm 15th Over DOUBEL WICKET OVER Man of the Match award is likely to be handed over to Jadeja who picked up two wickets of Christian and Gony. DC 101/8

10:55 pm 14th Over OUT!!! Christian charged down the track as he tried to clear the boundary and was caught by Bravo who once again danced a bit after completing the catch. Bravo has had a great game and he is trying his best to entertain the crowd as the match becomes one sided. DC 99/6

10:51 pm 13th Over OUT!!! It is turning out to be Jadeja’s night! Another one bites the dust in form of Chipli who had begun the over with a six. It was a quicker delivery that cashed on to the stumps. Gony is the new batsman. DC 95/5

10:47 pm 12th Over Deccan Chargers are in trouble here! The skipper departs. He lofted Jakati for a beautiful six but was caught at mid off trying to repeat the same shot. Jakati changed his length as he gave no room to White who was a bit early into the shot. Right handed Christian comes to the crease. DC 88/4

10:44 pm 11th Over OUT!!! Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack, welcomed with a boundary by Patel. Jadeja has the last laugh as he bowls Parthiv Patel (20) who played on while trying to sweep. 5 runs came in that over with a wicket for Jadeja. DC 78/3

10:39 pm 10th Over Ten runs scored from that over. Cameron White will have to play a cameo for his side. Being the senior batsmen, he should release some pressure of his team-mates. DC 73/2

Deccan Chargers need some big overs. They have a mammoth task ahead and the singles will not trouble the opponents.

10:35 pm 9th Over Six runs from that over bowled by Raina. It time for strategic time-out. DC 63/2

10:31 pm 8th Over Eight runs of that over. Parthiv Patel scored a boundary as he opened the face of the bat to score a boundary in the third man region. DC 57/2

10:26 pm 7th Over OUT!!! Suresh Raina comes into the attack and gets a wicket straight away! Dhawan departs for 21, Bravo dances after completing the catch. The pressure was building and Dhawan had to take his chances. DC 49/2

10:22 pm 6th Over Bollinger continues to bowl but its an expensive over for Chennai. Dhawan scores two boundaries from it. DC 45/1

10:17 pm 5th Over Batsmen are not taking any chances against Ashwin as he is spinning the bowl pretty well. Three runs of that over. DC 35/1

10:13 pm 4th Over OUT!!! Harris scored two boundaries after which he was caught by Dhoni trying to pull Harris. Harris is out for 15. DC 32/1

10:09 pm 3rd Over Ashwin is getting a lot of turn. 5 runs from that over. DC 21/0

10:05 pm 2nd Over 12 runs from that over bowled by Albie Morkel DC 16/0

10:00 pm 1st Over Ashwin was hit for a boundary of the first ball but he made good comeback as no more runs were scored in the over. DC 4/0

Well Bravo has played a terrific cameo here! Clean hitting from him as he continued to hit the DLF maximums. His team would be very proud with that effort. The last over produced 23 runs. It could make the difference.

09: 42 pm 20th Over Superb batting from Bravvvoo!! He once again scored two sixes in a row of the third and the fourth ball. The next two deliveries produced four runs! And Bravo finished it off in style by clobbering a full toss towards mid-on for a massive six! His team-mates are all on their feet praising his superb knock. CSK 193/6

One over to go. Can Bravo hit some late blows here?

09:36 pm 19th Over Bravo gets into action! Two sixes in a row, the second one disappeared into the stands. 17 runs of that over! CSK 170/6

09: 32 pm 18th Over OUT!!! Tragic end to a fabulous innings! Jadeja is walking towards the pavilion as is hit wicket! He is out for 48. Eight run came in that over. CSK 153/6

09:28 pm 17th Over The over had another massive six hit by Jadeja! He is on fire! The bowl was pitched up and he smacked it over the bowlers head for a six! CSK 145/5

Time for strategic time-out. A lot will depend on how Jadeja plays the remaining four overs. If he can stay till the end, Chennai will be able to put up a challenging total.

09:14 pm 16th Over Ravindra Jadeja is playing a brilliant knock here. He is scoring boundaries all round the wicket. A good over for Chennai that produces 12 runs! CSK 133/5

09:08 pm 15th Over OUT!!!Good recovery done by Steyn. Dhoni departs for 7. Dwayne Bravo is the new batsman. CSK 121/5

Clean hitting by Jadeja, can he play a match-winning knock for his side?

09:04 pm 14th Over A boundary and two sixes by Jadeja! Superb timing by the left-handed batsman! The first six disappeared a long way. Expensive over bowled by Ankit Sharma, 18 runs from it. CSK 115/4

pm 13th Over OUT!!!Badrinath departs for 25. Dhoni will have to play a responsible innings to prevent two losses in a row for his team. He will be expecting Jadeja to play a cameo here. CSK 97/4

09:00 pm 12th Over Badnirath continues to score boundaries, slaps one to deep midwicket for four. CSK 93/3

08:56 pm 11th Over Sudhindhra continues to bowl with an accurate line. With a boundary, ten runs came of that over CSK 85/3

08: 48 pm 10th Over The over bowled by Christian produced just four runs as Jadeja and Badrinath failed to score any boundaries. CSK 75/3

08:44 pm 9th Over OUT!!! The bowling change worked as du Plessis charged down the track but was caught at long-on. A great innings comes to an end, he was looking very dangerous! Badrinath scored a boundary of the last ball as the over produced 8 runs. CSK 71/3

08:36 pm 8th Over Faf du Plessis is playing some monstrous strokes. Another massive six of the over which produced 8 runs.CSK 63/2

08:32 pm 7th Over Eleven runs came of that over which had a massive six hit by du Plessis! CSK 55/2

08:28 pm 6th Over Daniel Christian was welcomed with a boundary by Raina. But Raina perished of the third ball as he tried to hit the ball towards mid-wicket. Raina Was caught and bowled by Christian. Big blow for Chennai Super Kings! .CSK 44/2

08:24 pm 5th Over Faf du Plessis who was struggling to scored boundaries scored a boundary and two sixes of the last three balls of the over. It was a good one for Chennai, as 18 runs came from it.CSK 38/1

08:19 pm 4th Over Raina and Faf du Plessis in spite of good efforts could not score a boundary as the over produced 5 runs CSK 20/1

08:16 pm 3rd Over Manpreet Gony’s over yielded 6 runs. CSK 15/1

08:11 pm 2nd Over Steyn bowled the second over that yielded just 7 runs. CSK 9/1

08:07 pm 1st Over OUT!!! Murali Vijay was bowled by Ankit Sharma who bowled a brilliant first over. The ball spun and hit the off-stump as Vijay was stunned. Run Machine of IPL Suresh Raina came in to bat.CSK 2/1

TOSS Deccan Chargers have won the toss and have decided to field first.

After losing to Mumbai Indians in the IPL opener on their home ground, Chennai Super Kings will be looking forward for a better show as they face Deccan Chargers.

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