Deccan vs Pune: As it happened...

Feroz Khan

Cuttack: Kumar Sangakkar (82) and Cameron White (74) lead Deccan Chargers their second win of IPL 2012 season at Cuttack on Tuesday—both of them against Ganguly-led Pune Warriors.

Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from Pune innings

7:50 pm Over 20: That’s it! Pune Warriors have registered their second win of the tournament by 13 runs—both against Pune Warriors India.

DC: 186/4 beat PWI: 173/4 by 13 runs

The last over was bowled by VP Singh who gave away 9 runs including a six. He though got the wicket of Mithun Manhas who was caught brilliantly by Kumar Sangakkara at extra cover. Manhas scored 7 runs.

7:42 pm Over 19: Out! Robin Uthappa had already hit Ashish Reddy for a six over long-off plus two couples. However, he was caught at deep midwicket by Daniel Harris off the fifth delivery. Steven Smith hit the last ball straight over bowlers’ head for a six. 17 runs and a wicket from the over.

7:38 pm Over 18: Steven Smith began the over with a boundary towards fine leg off a no ball from Dale Steyn. The next five produced just 7 runs. Score: 147/3

7:32 pm Over 17: 11 runs from Ashish Reddy’s second over of the match. There was a dropped catch in the over though but it was given as a no ball. Score: 135/3

7:25 pm Over 16: Dale Steyn back into the attack and his over goes for 9 runs. Smith manages to pull him for a boundary. The run rate has climbed sky-high. They need to score 62 runs from 24 balls at 15.50 rpo. Score: 125/3

7:20 pm Over 15: A tight over from Ankit Sharma that goes for just 6 runs. Pune need some big hitting in the middle just like their opponents Chargers. Score: 116/3

7:17 pm Over 14: 10 from Amit Mishra’s over including a six from Steve Smith over wide long on. Score: 110/3

7:13 pm Over 13: Out! Shikhar Dhawan into the attack and he gets Sourav Ganguly! Dhawan tossed one up and Ganguly drove it straight into the hands of Cameron White at cover. He departed after scoring 45(40). Score: 100/3

Over 12: Out! Michael Clarke run out. Pune have made amends for a dropped catch in quick time. Michael Clarke, who had earlier hit a boundary off VP Singh’s third delivery, looked to hit one over on side but ended it edging towards point where Shikhar Dhawan dropped a sitter. However, Mishra picked the ball in quick time throwing it to keeper Patel who dislodged the bails in no time. Michael Clarke goes after scoring 41(31). 11 runs including two boundaries. Score: 91/2

Over 11: Ashish Reddy into the attack and bowls a decent over that goes for just 5 runs.

6:54 pm Over 10: Amit Mishra’s second over goes for just six runs including a boundary from Ganguly. Score: 75/1

6:50 pm Over 9: Dropped! Michael Clarke charged down the track and hit one back to Duminy. He just manages to get his finger on to the ball, worse it has caused an injury. However, after a treatment from the physio he is back. Meanwhile, Ganguly clears his front foot and dispatches his last delivery over long off for a six. 11 runs from the over. Score: 69/1

6:41 pm Over 8: Right-arm spinner Amit Mishra introduced into the attack. Bowls a tight over that goes for just 4 runs. Score: 58/1

6:37 pm Over 7: JP Duminy back into the attack and bowls a decent over that goes for just 6 runs. Score: 54/1

6:33 pm Over 6: Dale Steyn is taking some serious hitting from the Pune Warrior pair on the crease. His first ball was dispatched to covers for a beautiful boundary by Ganguly. His last three deliveries were also boundaries, the only difference it came from the bat of Michale Clarke. The first one came towards midwicket region; the next two were cut down towards third man region. 17 runs from the over. Score: 48/1

6:27 pm Over 5: A good over from VP Singh. Just 2 runs coming off it. Score: 31/1

6:23 pm Over 4: Dale Steyn into the attack and Ganguly greets him with back to back boundaries. The first came off the fourth delivery that was pulled over midwicket region and the second just pushed towards cover region. 8 runs from the over. Score: 29/1

6:16 pm Over 3: Veer Pratap Singh into the attack and Clarke has hit him for two boundaries—one towards fine leg coming after a bottom edge and the second was driven through covers. 10 runs from the over. Score: 21/1

6:12 pm Over 2: JP Duminy into the attack and his second delivery has been played in to the gap between long on and deep midwicket for a boundary by Michael Clarke. 8 runs from the over. Score: 11/1

6:05 pm Over1: Out! Manish Pandey is out for a first-ball duck! In his earnestness to hit right from the word go he was caught by Sangakkara. 3 runs and a wicket from the over.

After a terrible start that saw their opening batsman being dismissed off the very first ball of the match, Deccan Chargers came back strongly and especially at the end of the innings to post 186/4 in 20 overs.

Winning the toss and batting first, Deccan captain Kumar Sangakkara would have skipped a heartbeat as he saw Parthiv Patel departing for a duck. Shikhar Dhawan though hit two boundaries two settle nerves a bit but he too perished early after scoring just 13. Captain Sanga then joined hands with his deputy Cameron White to lead the innings and after starting off sedately, charged down at the end to complete their fifties in quick time. They milked 50 runs from the 17th and 18th over bowled by Ganguly and Nehra.

Highlights from the Deccan innings

5:46 pm Over 20: Out! Cameron White perishes after a fine knock of 74 (45). Parnell was given the responsibility to bowl the last over and he started off perfectly as White was caught at long-off by Steven Smith as he tried hitting him for a biggie.

He finishes off the over rather well considering the last two that went for 50 runs! Just 6 runs from the over. Score: 186/4

5:37 pm Over 19: Nehra into the attack and the assault continues! His first ball was sent to midwicket for a boundary. The next two for doubles and the third a missed yorker that was launched into the stands over fine leg. The next two produced a four straight past the bowler that also brought up the 150-run stand and a six off a no ball that was again a missed yorker. Out! Nehra finally gets it right and Sanga has been bowled after an excellent knock! He goes for 82 (52). Score: 180/3

5:31 pm Over 18: Sourav Ganguly brings him back into the attack and Cameron White unleashes a flurry of boundaries. Three sixes and a boundary off his last four deliveries—2 of them were dispatched over deep square leg and one towards deep midwicket. The boundary came via a flick to fine leg. 25 runs from the over. Score: 155/2

5:27 pm Over 17: Bhuvneshwar back into the attack and his over goes for 8 runs. The only boundary came via a leg bye. Score: 130/2

5:21 pm Over 16: Parnell back into the attack and Sanga hits him for two consecutive boundaries. The first one was played towards fine leg and brought his fifty and the second was driven through cover. 12 runs from the over. Score: 122/2

5:15 pm Over 15: 4,4,2,4,4,1. That’s how Marlon Samuels 3rd over of the match reads. Kumar Sangakkara has cut, driven and a sweeped Samuels all over the park. Score:110/2

5:11 pm Over 14: Six singles from Nehra’s third over. Score: 91/2

5:04 pm Over 13: 10 runs from Ganguly’s second over. Chargers have to score at this pace if they are aiming for a competitive score. The first five produced 6 runs. Sanga cuts the last ball of his over for a boundary. Score: 85/2

4:59 pm Over 12: Good over for Deccan. The over has been milked for 12 runs. First two deliveries produced two doubles, the next two singles. The penultimate delivery was pulled towards deep midwicket for a four. The last one got them two more runs. Score: 75/2

4:54 pm Over 11: Captain Sourav Ganguly brings himself into the attack and his first over goes for just 5 runs. Score: 63/2

4:50 pm Over 10: Six! First six of the Deccan Chargers innings and it has come from the bat of Cameron White. Charging down the ground, White reached for the length of the delivery and sent the ball sailing down the stands over long-on. 10 runs from Kartik`s over. Score: 58/2

4:45 pm Over 9: Ashish Nehra gives away six runs in his second over. Score: 48/2

4:39 pm Over 8: Murali Kartik into the attack and his last delivery has been pulled by Chargers’ captain Kumar Sangakkara for a boundary towards fine leg.Score:42/2

4:35 pm Over 7: Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a decent over. Just 3 from it. Score: 36/2

4:30 pm Over 6: Wayne Parnell back into the attack and bowls a good over until the last delivery that White played too fine for a boundary. 7 runs from the over. Score: 33/2

4:24 pm: Over 5: Out! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has bowled Shikhar Dhawan! It was a good length delivery and Dhawan offered a bad shot. The ball dodged past him to knock the middle stump off. 5 runs and a wicket from the over Score: 26/2

4:20 pm Over 4: Ashish Nehra introduced into the attack and bowls a short one that has been slapped for a boundary towards cover region by Cameron White. 7 runs from the over. Score: 21/1

4:15 pm Over 3: Shikhar Dhawan has broken the shackles and hits Samuels for two boundaries. The first came off a thick outside edge towards third man and the second was dismissed towards cover for a four. Score: 14/1

4:12 pm Over 2: Excellent start from Wayne Parnell. The left-arm pacer has just bowled the 14th maiden of the IPL 5. Score: 4/1

4:08 pm Over 1: Out! And it’s a first ball wicket for Marlon Samuels! Pune have lost their opening batsman Parthiv Patel for duck. The delivery was pitched outside off and Patel went after it. It took an inside edge and crashed on the stump. 4 runs and a wicket from the over. In comes Cameron White.

3:37 pm Deccan Chargers captain Kumar Sangakkara has won the toss and elected to bat first against Pune Warriors at Cuttack.

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