Delhi Daredevils vs Pune Warriors: As it happened...

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Pune: Sehwag sealed the win with a six and Pune remained mere spectators to his brutal onslaught. He had scored a fifty on the previous occasion as well, but this time he made sure to bat through the innings. Delhi Daredevils are now also the table-toppers.

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16th over: 148/2 Rahul Sharma comes back into the attack. Sehwag hits one towards cover which is just short of Wright. Another thick outside edge of Sehwag’s bat runs towards point for a boundary. Sehwag follows it with a DLF maximum over long-on and Delhi have won by 8 wickets!

Virender Sehwag 87*(48b) Ross Taylor 9(13b)

06:55 pm 15th over: 134/2 Kartik to continue. Four runs from that over.

06:51 pm 14th over: 130/2 Rahul Sharma continue. Sehwag gives himself some room and scores a boundary towards backward point. The last ball is a bit wide and Sehwag has a discussion with the umpire whether or not it was a wide delivery.

06:47 pm 13th over: 123/2 Kartik replaces Wright. Superb timing from Sehwag! Short delivery on the off side and Viru smashed it towards deep midwicket for a boundary.

06:43 pm 12th over: 115/2 Rahul Sharma comes into the attack. And he gets the breakthough KP tries to clear the boundary, fails and a mishit lands safely into the hands of Jesse Ryder at mid-on. Just four runs from that over.

KP Pietersen c Ryder b Sharma 27 (21b)

06:38 pm 11th over: 111/1 Wright is brought back into the attack. Two singles taken off the first two balls. Sehgwa hits one towards wide off long on and manages to take a couple. The last ball is bowled on the pads and Sehwag flicks it over square leg for a SIX! Another expensive over from Luke, 12 runs from it.

06:32 pm 10th over: 99/1 Kartik to bowl his third over. Sehwag smashes him over his head for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Sehwag reaches 50 in just 28 balls.

06:29 pm 9th over: 91/1 Rahul Sharma comes into the attack. Two singles have been takes from the first two balls. The third delivery goes towards the fine-leg boundary which are byes. Pietersen hits the penultimate delivery over long-on for a massive DLF maximum!! KP attempts a sweep off the last ball, doesn’t connect, no runs.

Time for strategic timeout.

06:25 pm 8th over: 77/1 Murali Kartik comes into the attack. Pietersen plays the fist ball for a single. The second is a dot ball. Sehwag chips the third ball over the bowler’s head for a couple. Pietersen defends the fourth ball back to Kartik for no run. KP follows it with a single towards deep cover. Sehwag takes a single off the last ball.

06:19 pm 7th over: 73/1 Ganguly comes into the attack. He begins with a delivery that offers width to Sehwag and he splits the man at backward point for a boundary. The second deliver is played towards sweeper cover for a boundary. Sehwag takes a single off the third delivery. Pietersen defends the fourth ball and takes a single off the fifth. Sehwag beautifully times the last delivery towards deep midwicket for a boundary.

06:15 pm 6th over: 61/1 Nehra to continue, offers width to Sehwag and easy pickings for Sehwag, a boundary to begin the over, slammed towards deep backward point for a boundary. The second is a peach of a delivery a length ball beats Sehwag’s bat with a slight away movement. Sehwag carefully defends the third ball. Sehwag takes a quick single off the fourth ball. He hit it towards mid-on and immediately rushed for a single. Pietersen hits an elegant straight drive down the ground for a boundary. And Pietersen follows that boundary with a massive DLF maximum over long-on for their second DLF maximum! Both the batsmen are looking dangerous now.

06:10 pm 5th over: 46/1 Luke Wright into the attack. Pietersen scores a single off the first delivery. Wright bowls Sehwag on the pads which is glanced towards fine leg for a boundary. Bad delivery to Sehwag. The next ball is dispatched over mid on for Delhi’s first DLF maximum!! Sehwag takes a single off the fourth ball. KP defends the fifth ball back to the bowler. Wright ends the over with a dot ball.

06:05 pm 4th over: 34/1 Nehra to continue. The first ball is dispatched in the leg-side by Sehwag for a boundary. Sehwag hits the second ball high over mid-on, and it lands safely into no man’s land, two runs scored. Sehwag plays the third one on the leg-side and it almost was another run-out. Pietersen defends the first ball back to the bowler. Nehra bowls another full delivery for a single. The last delivery runs away for a boundary at fine-leg that came off an inside-edge from Sehwag’s bat.

06:01 pm 3rd over: 22/1 Thomas to continue. pulled away towards wide of mid on and that raced towards a boundary, third for Mahela. The next ball is played straight down the ground for a couple by Mahela. Huge confusion between Mahela and Sehwag, Mahela is walking away! Sehwag played it on the leg-side and wanted a quick single, Mahela wasn’t interested and when the bails were removed, Mahela was the one who had crossed half the crease. Pietersen is the new batsman.

DPMD Jayawardene run out 18 (14b)

05:55 pm 2nd over: 15/0 Nehra to bowl the second one. Mahela scores an easy single on the leg-side. Sehwag hits the second delivery for another easy single towards mid-off. The third delivery hits the pad of Mahela and then the bat for no run. The fourth delivery is solidly defended back to the bowler. The fifth delivery is on the pads and Mahela guides it towards fine leg for another boundary. Nehra ends the over with a short ball as Mahela takes a single.

05:50 pm 1st over: 8/0 Alfonso Thomas to bowl the first over for Pune. Sehwag and Jayawardene to open for Delhi. Mahela pulls a slower one from Thomas towards deep square leg for a boundary. 8 runs of the first over.

The score seemed impossible when Pune lost two quicket wickets for just one run. These two have added 145 runs for the third wicket. Pune bowlers now have a defendable total as Delhi will chase 147 runs to win the match.

05:24 pm 20th over: 145/2 Morkel to bowl the final over of the innings. He attempts a yorker that beats the batsman and the wicket-keeper for 4 byes. Pandey takes a single off the second ball. Uthappa hits the bal high in the air, which lands at mid on and two runs taken. Morkel has appealed for a caught behind appeal and it has been referred. the length ball hits the inside edge of the bat and Naman Ojha takes it brilliantly. NOT OUT is the third umpire’s decision. A brillinat yorker for Morkel, Pandey delicately plays it for a boundary. Pandey takes a couple off the last ball.

Manish Pandey 80*(56b) Robin Uthappa 60*(58b)

05:19 pm 19th over: 132/2 Yadav to bowl his last over. Mandey hits the first ball for a couple straight down the ground. The second one is a good worker bowled by Yadav. Pandey scores a single off the third delivery. The third ball. Uthappa scores an elegant boundary over extra-cover for a boundary. Guides the last ball towards deep backward point for a couple.

05:15 pm 18th over: 123/2 Morkel is back in the attack. An inside edge results into a boundary. A brilliant effort from Yogesh Nagar , couldn’t stop a boundary. 12 runs from the over.

05:10 pm 17th over: 110/2 Yadav comes back into the attack. Pandey scores a boundary, heaves one towards deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Pandey guides the fourth delivery towards third-man for a boundary. He plays a similar shot of the last delivery, this time the third-man is in place, just one run scored.

05:06 pm 16th over: 99/2 Negi comes into the attack. Uthappa attempts a reverse-sweep, fails to connect. Charges down the track, taps it back to the bowler. A mis-field results into a single off the third delivery. Uthappa fails to connect another reverse-sweep. Four runs from the over.

05:01 pm 15th over: 95/2 Pathan brought back into the attack. Pandey hits him straight down the ground where Pietersen makes an excellent fielding effort to save two runs. Pandey hits the last ball for a DLF maximum! 14 runs from that over.

04:56 pm 14th over: 81/2 Nadeem to bowl his last over. Nadeem misses a caught and bowled chance. Pandey ends the over with a boundary straight down the ground.

04:51 pm 13th over: 72/2 Yadav brought down into the attack. Pandey scores a boundary towards third-man off the first delivery. The second one is played towards long-on for a single. Uthappa guides the third towards third-man for just a single. Another super DLF maximum by Manish Pandey!! He clobbers a length delivery over mid-off for half a dozen! Pandey wanted to take a risky single off the fifth ball, sent back by Uthappa. Last ball produces a single. Good over for Warriors, 13 runs from it.

04:48 pm 12th over: 61/2 Nadeem to bowl his third over. They are completing their overs very quickly. Pandey back to his CLASS! Just lifts the length delivery straight down the ground for a boundary. Pandey takes a quick single off the last delivery, it has been referred but Uthappa is safe as a result of a full stretched dive.

04:44 pm 11th over: 53/2 Negi to continue. Just three singles from that over.

04:42 pm 10th over: 50/2 Nadeem to continue. Both these batsmen are quick between the wickets.

04:39 pm 9th over: 46/2 Negi continues. The first ball produces a single. Pandey has been dropped by Pietersen on 20 That easily carried to long-on where Pietersen who is a very good fielder drops a sitter! Four runs from it. Good comeback by Negi after being hit for two boundaries in the previous over.

04:36 pm 8th over: 42/2 Nadeem comes into the attack. He has been impressive in this season. Begins with a good over, just three runs from it.

Time for the strategic timeout.

04:31 pm 7th over: 39/1 Pawan Negi comes into the attack. Uthappa defends the first ball back to the bowler. He takes a single off the second towards the off-side. Pandey follows it with another single on the leg-side. Uthappa hits a boundary. The ball turned and Uthappa had enough time, room to clear the boundary towards sweeper cover. Back to back boundaries for Robin Uthappa! Negi again offers some width and Uthappa cuts it towards deep backward point. The last ball produces a single. Good over for Pune.

04:27 pm 6th over: 28/2 Morkel to continue. Pandey welcomes him with a terrific shot that produces the first DLF maximum for Pune! Pandey shows his class, shows the full face of the bat, effortless six! The second ball is bit wide and Pandey doesn’t attempt to play. The dot ball is followed by four singles.

04:23 pm 5th over: 18/2 Pathan to continue. Uthappa tried to guide the first delivery towards third-man, doesn’t connect. The second delivery is tapped by to the bowler. Third is a dot ball as well. This time Uthappa connect it towards third-man for a couple. Intelligent batting by Uthappa. Uthappa takes a single off the fifth delivery which was a slower one from Pathan. Pandey plays the ball in the air towards deep mid-wicket for a single.

04:19 pm 4th over: 14/2 Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. The first ball is carefully defended by Uthappa. Uthappa takes a quick single off the second ball towards mid-on. Pandey takes a single at mid-off. Uthappa takes another single. Good work by the two batsman keeping in mind that they have lost two early wickets. Pandey gets into the action again. Yadav bowls it a little full and Pandey drives it towards a boundary wide of covers. Pandey defends the last ball from the middle of the bat, no run.

04:15 pm 3rd over: 7/2 Pathan to continue. The first ball runs across Uthappa who couldn’t connect with it. Both the batsmen are watchful here. They know that another wicket can lead them into huge trouble. Good shot from Pandey. He had been waiting for it, it seems. Plays a pull shot over mid-on for the first boundary.

04:11 pm 2nd over: 2/2 Morkel to bowl from the other end! Another one bites the dust, Ganguly this time! He tried to use the pace of Morkel and sliced the ball towards third man which landed into the hands of Nadeem. Poor batting from the skipper, there was no need of that shot. It’s two from two for Delhi. Uthappa is the new batsman. A good over from Morkel, just one run and a wicket!

SC Ganguly c Nadeem b Morkel 1 (4b)

04:06 pm 1st over: 1/1 What a start for Delhi, the danger man departs!! Ryder was looking to push the length ball which nipped in and crash to the stumps! Ganguly is the new batsman. Good start from Pathan!

JD Ryder b Pathan 0 (2b)

Pathan to begin the proceedings for Delhi. Manish Pandey has come to open the innings with the very dangerous Jesse Ryder.

Toss Ganguly won the toss and they have decided to bat first.

Ganguly-led Pune Warriors have been very impressive in the tournament so far. They are ranked at number three in the points table only behind the fancied Daredevils and the Knight Riders.

Pune thrashed the Daredevils in their last outing and revenge would be something which the star-studded Daredevils would be looking forward to as both the sides once again clash against each other.

It will be a very interesting contest between the two sides and we can be rest assured of some entertainment as we witnessed in their last encounter.