Delhi vs Pune: As it happened...

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Delhi: 11.34 pm Over 20 26 runs oof 6 balls is the equation and Yogesh Nagar is OUT!!! first ball. Skipper Ganguly takes the catch. Just 5 runs off the final over and PUNE WARRIORS INDIA REGISTER AN IMPORTANT WIN AGAINST TABLE TOPPERS DELHI DAREDEVILS BY 20 RUNS.

Delhi vs Pune: Match ReportI Points Tally

11.31 pm Over 19 Nehra into the attack and Nagar slashes the full toss towards the cover boundary for a FOUR!!! first ball. Nehra though coems back well for the rest of the over but Ojha produces a classy shot for a straight SIX!!! off the last ball. Delhi: 167/6

11.24 pm Over 18 Slower ball from Alfonso Thomas and Ross Taylor is OUT!!! . Definitely the last nail in the Daredevil’s coffin. Steve Smith takes a simple catch at long on. Delhi’s sixth wicket down. Nagar though gets a couple of FOURS!!! . Delhi: 152/6

11.19 pm Over 17 Fantastic over by Nehra and the game looks beyond Delhi’s reach. Just 3 runs off it. Delhi: 142/5

11.14 pm Over 16 A potential match winning spell comes to an end from Saurav Ganguly, 4-0-27-2 reads his bowling stats as Ross Taylor picks up a FOUR!!! off the last ball of the over. Delhi: 139/5

11.06 pm Over 15 tight over from Murali Karthik, Just 6 off it. Delhi: 131/5

11.02 pm Over 14 Ganguly into his third over and ‘Dada’ has so far conceded just 14 runs taking two wickets. And DROPPED . Mathews drops an absolute dolley right at the edge of the ring after putting in a valiant effort the previous ball, but Mathews plays his part in running OUT!!! Negi the very next ball. The Ganguly spell is turning to be a match winning one. Delhi: 125/5

10.55 pm Over 13 No Ross Taylor in sight yet as Pawan Negi comes to the middle to join Sehwag as Murali Karthik comes back into the attack and OUT!!! . Virender Sehwag falls, Pune on top, as Viru departs for 57 off 32 balls. FOUR!!! for Negi as the young lad shows promise, he waited for the ball lofting it over the ring and placing it immaculately between long on and deep midwicket. Delhi: 120/4

10.51 pm Over 12 Pathan down on one knee hoists Ganguly for a big SIX!!! over mid wicket first ball. Last ball of the over and OUT!!! . Its GANGULY , who picks up the Irfan Pathan. Second wicket for the Pune captain. Delhi: 114/3

10.45 pm Over 11 Mathews brought back into the attack as Delhi have managed to keep the required run rate under 9 so far courtesy a fiery fifty by Delhi captain Virender Sehwag. 12 runs off the over. Delhi: 104/2

10.40 pm Over 10 OUT!!! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Ganguly bowls his first over of the IPL and picks up the big wicket of Kevin Pietersen first ball for 32. The ball kept low as KP went back trying to hoist Ganguly for a maximum. Delhi: 92/2

10.33 pm Over 9 Brilliant use of the crease by Sehwag as he effortlessly cracks a FOUR!!! wide of long on followed by a another huge hit straight over the bowlers’ head for a SIX!!!. 13 runs off the over. Delhi: 87/1

10.27 pm Over 8 Sehwag pounces on to Jessie Ryder’s medium pacers taking the big kiwi to cleaners milking 17 runs off the over with two massive SIX!!! and a FOUR!!! . 18 runs off the over. Delhi: 74/1

10.22 pm Over 7 KP displays supreme form, dancing down the track cracking Rahul Sharma dead straight down the ground for a FOUR!!! . 7 runs off the over. Delhi: 56/1

10.19 pm Over 6 Angelo Mathews into the attack and KP cracks three handsome SIXES!!!. Two of them to the second tier. Delhi: 49/1

10.15 pm Over 5 Sehwag BANGS it for SIX!!! straight over Murali Karthik’s head and then charges down the track carving the ball wide of cover for FOUR!!! . Delhi: 29/1

10.09 pm Over 4 Good over by Nehra as Steve Smith stops a definite boundary off the last ball. Daredevils under the pump first up. Delhi: 16/1

10.03 pm Over 3 OUT!!! , soft dismissal as Jayawardene (7) hands Pune his wicket courtesy a loopy wide full toss which the Sri Lankan hit straight to Smith at cover. Alfonso Thomas gets the wicket. Major breakthrough for the Warriors. Delhi: 29/1

9.59 pm Over 2 Jayewardene gets the ball rolling with a beautiful inside out drive through covers. 7 runs off the over. Delhi: 12/0

9.52 pm Over 1 Alfonso Thomas starts off with a bouncer to Sehwag and Viru replies with vicious slice over cover for FOUR!!! . 5 runs off the over. Delhi: 5/0

Pune Warriors India innings

9.35 pm Over 20 OUT!!! Morkel scalps Jessie Ryder for 86 (58) as Pune finished with their highest IPL 5 total of 192/3 against the formidable Delhi Daredevils here at Ferozshah Kotla on Saturday. Pune: 192/3

9.31 pm Over 19 Slower one from Yadav, and Ryder climbs on to that for a huge SIX!!! wide of long on. 9 runs off the over. Pune: 180/2

9.26 pm Over 18 Steve Smith milks Shabhaz Nadeem`s last over for two FOURS!!! and a couple of SIXES!!! taking Warriors past the 150-run mark. 23 runs off the over. Pune: 171/2

9.23 pm Over 17 Ryder slog sweeps and hits Umesh Yadav for a massive SIX!!!. Last ball of the over, Ryder scoops the ball over short fine leg for a FOUR!!! . 12 runs of the over. Pune: 148/2

9.14 pm Over 16 Pune on the ascendency as Ryder and Smith run had between the wickets putting the pressure of Delhi fielders and picking up a FOUR!!! as well. 11 runs off the over. Pune: 136/2

9.10 pm Over 15 OUT!!! Ganguly departs for his highest IPL 5 score of 41 off 35 balls as Morkel picks up another wicket. Ganguly went for the maximum over long on but failed to clear Umesh Yadav. Good partnership with Ryder comes to an end. Steve Smith though picks up a FOUR!!! off a powerful pull. Pune: 125/2

9.03 pm Over 14 4 runs off the Irfan Pathan over. Pune: 118/1

8.59 pm Over 13 Another part timer Yogesh Nagar into the attack and Ganguly belts it to midwicket for a FOUR!!! . 10 runs off the over. Pune: 114/1

8.55 pm Over 12 Ganguly goes unorthodox as he scoops Nadeem going inside the line of the ball over fine leg for a FOUR!!! . KP puts in the dive and seems to have bruised his leg. Van de Merwe in for KP. 100 up for Pune and Ganguly hammers a FOUR!!! straight over the bowlers’ head taking down Asad Rauf in the process. Rauf is having one hell of a game. Pune: 104/1

8.52 pm Over 11 Another good over by Umesh Yadav. Just 3 runs off it. Pune: 91/1

8.49 pm Over 10 Shabahz Nadeem is brought back into the attack and the tweaker bowls a tight over conceding 6 runs. Pune: 88/1

8.44 pm Over 9 Ryder rolling on well now. Gets a SIX!!! and a classic FOUR!!! down the ground off Pietersen. KP also bowls three wides. 17 off the over. Pune: 82/1

8.38 pm Over 8 Ryder times the ball for the first time against Sehwag with a powerful sweep for FOUR!!! but with that goes down on his knee. Medical attention for the kiwi as his right wrist gets heavily taped. Ganguly finishes off the over with FOUR!!! off a sweep. Pune: 69/1

8.33 pm Over 7 Kevin Pietersen chances his arms and concedes 4 runs. Pune: 56/1. Ganguly sweeps and the ball hits umpire Asad Rauf

8.28 pm Over 6 Outside edges galore as Ganguly picks up his first FOUR!!! wide of third man. Ryder again picked up a FOUR!!! without middling the ball towards deep extra cover region. 18 runs off the over. Pune: 52/1.

8.23 pm Over 5 Umesh Yadav into the attack and he gets Ganguly right under the pump with some express pace but another wild swing off the last ball from Ryder takes the ball over the keeper head for another SIX!!!. Ryder riding his luck. Pune: 34/1

8.17 pm Over 4 Purple cap holder Morne Morkel into the attack and Jessie Ryder’s full swing of the bat takes the thick edge and the ball clears third man boundary for a SIX!!! followed by another lucky FOUR!!! four courtesy an inside edge. Fifth ball and Robin Uthappa is OUT!!! for 10 runs. It was a short and wide delivery; Uthappa follows it but manages a thick outside edge towards keeper Naman Ojha. Pune: 27/1

8.10 pm Over 3 Robin Uthappa cracks a cover drive for the first FOUR!!! of the day followed by another FOUR!!! , this time off an outside edge over second slip. Pune: 14/0

8.05 pm Over 2 Delhi`s surprise package Shabhaz Nadeem has got the new ball once again. Just 3 runs off the over. Pune: 3/0

8.00 pm Over 1 Irfan Pathan starts off the proceeding for Delhi with a MAIDEN with Robin Uthappa facing his under-19 team -mate and Jessie Ryder at the non-strikers’ end for Pune. Pune: 0/0

Toss: Delhi Daredevils captain Virender Sehwag won the toss and elected to bowl first against Pune Warriors India here on Saturday.

Both the teams have one change each in their teams. Pune have strengthened their bowling attack picking Alfonso Thomas ahead of Marlon Samuels and Ajit Agarkar sits out for 19-year old spinner Pawan Negi.


V Sehwag (C), N Ojha (wk), K Pietersen, D Jayawardene, L Taylor, I Pathan, Y Nagar, M Morkel, P Negi, S Nadeem, U Yadav.

J Ryder, R Uthapp (wk), S Ganguly (C), A Mathews, S Smith, M Pandey, A Thomas, B Kumar, M Kartik, R Sharma, A Nehra.

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