IPL 2012: Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians -- As it happened...

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Bangalore: Powered by MS Dhoni`s 21 ball 50, Chennai Super Kings eliminated Mumbai Indians and moved one step closer to the finals,
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Here is an over by over account of the game.

Highlights from the CSK innings

11:43 pm 149/9 Over 20: Out! Malinga has been bowled by Jadeja. And That`s it!!!Chennai Super Kings have comprehensively defeated Mumbai Indians by 38 runs and will face Delhi Daredevils in the second qualifier on Friday.

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11:38 pm 142/8 Over 19: Malinga dispatches Morkel for a six over midwicket while Dhawal plays one towards long-off four a boundary. 13 runs from the over.

11:33 pm 129/8 pm Over 18:Out! Keiron Pollard has been caught by Raina. He departs after scoring 16. It was short and Pollard went for the pull, the ball hit toe-end of the bat and ballooned high up in the air over long-on. 4 runs and a wicket from the over.

11:28 pm 125/7 Over 17: Out! Kevin Pollard has been bowled Oh! Wait!!! It’s a no-ball and Pollard is not out. A full length delivery and Pollard swung hard at it, getting a thick inside edge that landed on stumps. However, he wasn’t given out as Hilfenhaus had over stepped.

11:22 pm 117/7 Over 16: Keiron Pollard hits the penultimate delivery of Bravo’s second over for a boundary to midwicket region. 5 runs from the over.

11:16 pm 112/7 Over 15: Out! MI skipper Harbhajan Singh has been caught brilliantly by Suresh Raina behind point region. Hilfenhaus gets his first wicket. Harbhajan swung hard at one and top edges it to be caught brilliantly by Raina. He departs after scoring just 1 run. Pollard manages to hit a six off the last delivery over deep cover region.

11:09 pm 103/6 Over 14: Out! Another wicket goes down. Dwayne Bravo gets his first wicket of the match as James Franklin gets an inside edge while trying to pull one. Dhoni dives to his left and completes a good catch to end Franklin`s innings at 13 runs. Just 1 run and a wicket from the over. TIME-OUT

11:01 pm 102/5 Over 13: Just four runs from Albie’s third over. The required run rate is climbing high for MI. RRR: 12.42

10:58 pm 97/5 Over 12: Out! R Ashwin gets the wicket of in-form Ambati Rayudu. The right hander went down on one knee and decided to slog sweep but was caught at midwicket by Vijay there. He departs after scoring just 11. 7 runs and a wicket from the over.

10:54 pm 90/4 Over 11: Out! Albie now nets the big fish. He has got the wicket of Rohit Sharma. A length delivery and Sharma went for a wild swing but the ball took an outside edge to land in the safe hands of keeper Dhoni. He walks back after scoring 14 (19). Franklin has pulled Morkel’s last delivery for a biggie towards backward square leg. 13 runs from the over.

10:47 pm Over 10: Halfway stage of the innings and MI are 76/3. Rohit Sharma and James Franklin are on the crease. Mumbai will need a Rohit special today. 5 runs from Ashwin’s second over.

10:41 72/3 pm Over 9:Out! Albie Morkel strikes in his first ball. Dinesh Karthik tries placing one outside off to third man region but ends up edging it to MS Dhoni behind the stumps. He departs after scoring 6 runs. 4 runs and a wicket from the over.TIME-OUT

10:36 pm 68/2 Over 8: R. Jadeja will flex his million dollar arm. His third delivery is short, has been pulled by Karthik towards midwicket region for a boundary. 8 runs from the over.

10:33 pm 60/2 Over 7: Out! And Jakati has got the prized wicket of Dwayne Smith. He was going strong and departed after scoring 38 (22). Smith was looking to hit it to midwicket but top edged it to be caught by Jadeja at backward point.

10:28 pm 54/1 Over 6: Smith ruins Ashwin’s over with a boundary towards fine leg off the last delivery. 7 runs from the over.

10:24 pm 47/1 Over 5: Out! Sachin Tendulkar is run out! Good sportsman spirit from Tendulkar as he scarifies himself. Master cut one to Jadeja and off went Smith for a single. Tendulkar, unaware of Smith’s charge, was looking at the fielder, just as he saw his partner next to him, crossed over to be run out. He departs after scoring 11.

10:19 pm 41/0 Over 4: Smith continues his “love affair” with Hilfenhaus! The Australian’s over has been milked for 14 runs by the West Indian that included two fours and a six. The first one came via a pull, the second was a wristy flick behind square and the biggy was another pull towards midwicket.

27/0 10:16 pm Over 3: Jakati comes in to bowl and Tendulkar cuts the first ball through point for his first boundary. 7 runs from the over.

10:12 pm 20/0 Over 2: Ben Hilfenhaus comes in to bowl his first over of the match. First up is a wide down the leg side. The next has been flicked towards midwicket region for a boundary. Last ball of the over and he decides to pull one but gets an outside edge that flies over the keeper to third man region for a six.

10:05 pm 6/0 Over 1: Shadab Jakati has opened the bowling for Chennai while Sachin Tendulkar and Dwayne Bravo are in the middle for Mumbai. Sachin opens his account with a single while Smith places the penultimate delivery of the over perfectly to cover region scoring a boundary. Six runs from the over

After a shaky start, CSK sailed out of trouble courtesy a brilliant comeback from their batsmen as MS Dhoni struck a quick 50 off just 20 deliveries to guide his team to a total of 187/5 against Mumbai.

Over by Over account of the CSK innings

9:46 pm 187/5 Over 20: Oh boy! Dwayne Bravo has hit a streaky six off Dhawal’s fourth delivery. Dhawal bowled one slow and Bravo latched on to it with both hands pulling it over deep midwicket for a biggie. The next one was an act of a freak! Dhawal bowled one wide and Bravo reached out for the ball, almost falling in the process but managing to send it over deep extra cover fence for a six. 19 runs from the over.

9:40 pm 168/5 Over 19: Lasith Malinga has been slayed in the over! Bravo started the carnage with a boundary to deep extra cover. MS Dhoni then hit a six employing a Helicopter Shot over deep midwicket. Bravo then pulled the last delivery towards deep midwicket area for another boundary. 18 runs from the over.

9:36 pm 149/5 Over 18: Dhoni plays inside out to loft Singh’s third delivery towards extra cover boundary for a four. 9 runs from the over.

9:31 pm 141/5 Over 17: Lasith Malinga comes into the attack and Dhoni plays one to deep midwicket for a boundary. Dwayne Bravo joins his captain and flicks full toss to fine leg for the second boundary of the over. 13 runs from the over.

9:25 pm 128/5 Over 16: Out! Dhawal comes back into the attack and picks up a wicket. R. Jadeja has failed to capitalise on the chance RP Singh gave to him by missing a run out. A length ball from the bowler and Jadeja went for a slog and Rohit Sharma had to run from point to take a good catch. He departs after scoring 1. It does not affect Dhoni at all who has scored three consecutive boundaries off the next three deliveries towards cover, fine leg and straight past the bowler. 14 runs and a wicket from the over.

9:21 pm 114/4 Over 15: Out! Michael Hussey has to take a long walk back to the dugout after being caught by Dhawal Kulkarni at deep backward square leg. He misses his half-century by just 1 run. He flicked one from Franklin and the ball seemed headed for a six but for Dhawal who took a brilliant catch just managing to stay away from the boundary.

Meanwhile, Indians have missed a run out chance! Jadeja is safe. MS Dhoni has capped offthe over with a mammoth hot over long on. 12 runs and a wicket from the over.

9:14 pm 101/3 Over 14: Out! Keiron Pollard gets his man but the right hander has done the job. Badrinath charged down the track and lofted Pollard towards long-on where Rohit Sharma had positioned himself to complete a good catch. He departs after scoring 47 (39). CSK captain MS Dhoni walks in amid a loud cheering from the capacity Bangalore crowd. Dhoni gets off the mark with a boundary flicking one to midwicket region. 8 runs from the over.

9:07 pm 94/2 Over 13: RP Singh back into the attack. Hussey steals two back to back boundaries off the fourth and fifth delivery. Singh bowled one full and Hussey cleared his front foot to send the boundary past the midwicket fence for a boundary. The next was a short one and he pulled it to deep midwicket region for second consecutive boundary. 12 runs from the over. TIME-OUT

9:02 pm 82/2 Over 12:A good over for Mumbai as Lasith Malinga’s second over goes for just two runs.

8:57 pm 80/2 Over 11: Another big over for CSK. Harbhajan has been taken to cleaners by the CSK batsmen! Badrinath began the assault with a huge six over deep midwicket off the third delivery. Next biggie came from Hussey who charged down the track and lifted one over long-off for a six. The Australian then finished the over with a boundary via a reverse sweep to third man region. 19 runs from the over.

8:57 pm 80/2 Over 11: Another big over for CSK. Harbhajan has been taken to cleaners by the CSK batsmen!

8:53 pm 61/2 Over 10: An expensive second over fro, Kieron Pollard that has gone for 14 runs including three boundaries- two scored by Badrinath and one by Hussey. The first boundary came from the bat off Hussey who just pulled a short one from Pollard to midwicket boundary. The next was also a pull but from the willow of Badrinath to deep midwicket. The next came off an inside edge to fine leg.

8:46 pm 47/2 Over 9: Dwayne Smith will bowl his first over of the match. Badrinath gets an inside edge off the fifth delivery that goes to fine leg boundary. 6 runs from the over. TIME OUT

8:41 pm 41/2 Over 8: Kevin Pollard comes in to bowl his first over. Concedes 5 runs.

8:36 pm 37/2 Over 7: RP Singh continues from the other end. Singh bowls one short and S Badrinath goes for a bull, the ball kisses his gloves and sets off to fine leg for a boundary. 7 runs from the over.

8:31 pm 30/2 Over 6: Slinger Lasith Malinga introduced into the attack. Hussey drives the third delivery of the over four a boundary through extra cover. 8 runs from the over.

8:26 pm 22/2 Over 5: Left-arm pacer RP Singh comes in to bowl his first over of the match. Hussey gets a boundary off the first ball as an outside edge flies past the slips to the third man boundary. The next four was a convincing one with Hussey opening his shoulders to send the ball to square region.

8:22 pm 14/2 Over 4: Two boundaries scored off the Kulkarni’s second over. The first came via an outside edge and the second was driven past the bowler. Meanwhile Hussey has finally gotten off the mark via a risky single off the ninth delivery he faced.

8:17 pm 4/2 Over 3: A maiden over from Harbhajan Singh. Michael Hussey has faced eight balls and is yet to get off the mark. Superb stuff from Mumbai.

8:15 pm 4/2 Over 2: Out! Dhawal Kulkarni strikes in his first ball of the match as Murali Vijay has been caught at slips. Suresh Raina comes to the crease and walks back to the dugout as he has been bowled by Kulkarni off his next delivery. Two in two for Kulkarni.

Murali Vijay went for a lazy drive as the ball swung away. He ended up edging it to Rohit Sharma at slips to depart at 1 (5).

Next to depart was Suresh Raina who was clean bowled. Raina got an inside edge as he looked to push one outside off, the ball crashing on the stumps. He departed for nought.

8:08 pm 1/0 Over 1: Right arm spinner Harbhajan Singh has opened up the bowling for Mumbai in the eliminator. A good start from the offie as he concedes just a single off his first over.

TOSS 7: 32 pm: Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh won the toss and chose to bowl first against Chennai Super Kings on Wednesday at Bangalore.

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