IPL 2012 Chennai vs Rajasthan: As it happened...

Updated: Apr 21, 2012, 20:51 PM IST

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Chennai: Well Chennai Super Kings are used to it. With 2 runs required off the last ball, they had their captain cool on strike who doesn’t fail under such circumstances. Rajasthan should be happy to have taken the match to the last ball of the match. Chennai are back to their winning ways.

07:30 pm 20th over: 147/3 After a long discussion Dravid asks Binny to bowl the last over. The first delivery is played by Dhoni for a single on the off-side. Bravo plays the second delivery over cover for another single. Dhoni to face the next ball. Plays it towards midwicket for a couple. 4 needed from 3 deliveries. Dhoni scores a single towards mid-on. 3 required off the last 2 balls. Dravid has a chat with Binny. Binny fires a yorker and Bravo palys it for a single on the off-side. Dhoni to face the last ball. 2 needed from 1. Can Dhoni once again finish it in style? Rahul Dravid is having a long discussion with his team, a sort of conference. MSD is on strike. The captain cool has once again done it!!!! He hits the last ball on the leg-side and within no time completes two! Chennai win by 7 wickets!

MS Dhoni 15*(12balls) Dwayne Bravo 16*(10b)

07:21 pm 19th over: 139/3 Cooper to continue. These two are lightning quick between the wickets. Bravo flicks one on the leg-side for a couple. The next delivery is played for another couple. Cooper takes a single off the third delivery. Dhoni plays the fourth ball for another couple. The field has been spread and these two are making the most of it. Now fielders are being brought inside the 30-yeard circle. Cooper bowls a dot ball and Dhoni takes a single off the last delivery. CSK need 8 off the last over.

07:17 pm 18th over: 131/3 Amit Singh to bowl his last over. Good stop by Binny at point, but he misses a run-out chance. Bravo wanted a quick single which was refused by Dhoni, and wisely so. Bravo takes a single. Dhoni takes another single. A mis-field from Binny produces two runs. There is no wide third-man. Bravo makes some room and smacks one in that region for a boundary. Good shot under pressure. Bravo takes a single on the leg-side off the penultimate delivery. Dhoni to face the last ball. And he does the magic. Sashays down the track and a ball that was drifting towards the leg was guided towards fine-leg for another boundary. This would relieve some Pressure off the two batsmen. CSK need 16 from 12 balls.

07:11 pm 17th over: 118/3 Cooper comes into the attack. And gets the wicket of du Plessis first ball!. Plessis tried to cut a length delivery which took an inside edge and Goswami took a clean catch. But it might be too late for Rajsthan. Another superb innings by Faf comes to an end. CSK skipper, MS Dhoni is the new batsman. And now Raina perishes Length delivery bowled by Cooper and Raina hits it high in the air, it’s very very high and lands into the hands of Ajinkya Rahane as long-off. Double strike for Rajasthan! Is there a twist in the tale? Bravo is the new batsman. Bravo gets off the mark with a single towards covers. Dhoni defends the penultimate delivery for no run. Cooper ends the over with two dot balls! Good over, Chennai now need 29 runs from the last three overs.

F du Plessis c †Goswami b Cooper 73 (52b

SK Raina c Rahane b Cooper 26 (24b)

07: pm 16th over: 116/1 Amit Singh comes into the attack. Has a long chat with his skipper before beginning the over. Faf takes a single off the first ball. Singh bowls short to Raina and he smokes it for a boundary towards deep midwicket! 12 runs from the over.

06:57 pm 15th over: 104/1 Trivedi comes into the attacks. Short ball, Faf smashes it towards wide of long-on where Ashok Menaria produces a terrific fielding effort! Dives to his right and saves a couple for his team. Applauded by his team-mates, super stuff! Faf has had enough, charges down the wicket and smashes a length delivery over the bowlers’s head for a DLF maximum!

CSK need 54 runs off the last 36 balls. They would probably like to change the gear from here on.

06:49 pm 14th over: 93/1 Hogg is brought back into the attack. Five singles from that over. And it’s time for the strategic timeout.

Faf du Plessis 57* (42b) Raina 20*(20b)

06:45 pm 13th over: 88/1 Trivedi to continue. Raina is not timing the ball as he is looking to smash everything. Five singles from that over.

06:41 pm 12th over: 83/1 Cooper comes into the attack. Faf scores a single off the first delivery and reaches his fifty. What a tournament he is having! Cooper bowls the next ball, on the pads and Raina flick it towards fine-leg for another boundary. Cooper bowls a short one to Suresh Raina and it almost carried to Trivedi at third-man.

06:37 pm 11th over: 76/1 Trivedi to continue. Six singles from that over.

06:32 pm 10th over: 70/1 Hogg to continue. He continues to deceive batsmen with his variation. None of the batsmen are willing to take chances against him.

06:26 pm 9th over: 66/1 Siddharth Trivedi is the new bowler. He has been consistent for Rajasthan since the very beginning of IPL. Trivedi offers width to Suresh Raina and he smacks it wide of third-man for a boundary.

06:21 pm 8th over: 57/1 Hogg to continue. And he gets the first breakthrough! Wrong one from the left-handed spinner and Badrinath fails to read it, as he is stumped slightly outside his crease. Badrinath was looking to create some room and was not in good position to get back to the crease. Raina, the IPL run-machine, is the new batsman.

Badrinath st Goswami b Brad Hogg 15(22b)

06:15 pm 7th over: 53/0 Menaria comes back into the attack. Faf hits another DLF maximum! Shimmies down the track and hits it over extra-cover for half a dozen! Good shot once again and with great timing.

06:11 pm 6th over: 45/0 Brad Hogg comes into the attack. Faf gives himself a little bit of room and punches through the covers for a boundary. Good shot that! Three dot balls to end the over. Good comeback by Hogg.

06:07 pm 5th over: 40/0 Amit Singh to continue. Faf charges down the track, doesn’t connect well and the ball lands into no man’s land. A delivery bowled onto the pads is guided towards square leg for a boundary by Faf! Back to back boundaries once again for du Plessis! He has been in great touch right thought this IPL, just like Owais Shah. Singh ends the over with a dot ball.

06:02 pm 4th over: 29/0 Kevon Cooper comes into the attack. run-out chance missed by Amit Singh Six runs from the over.

05:58 pm 3rd over: 23/0 Amit Singh comes into the attack. The first delivery is played towards third-man for a couple. Badrinath gets into action. Easily clears the gap between point and cover for a boundary. Nine runs from the over.

05:53 pm 2nd over: 14/0 Stuart Binny comes into the attack. Faf smashes the first delivery on the leg-side for a boundary. Follows it with another boundary. Du Plessis has been hitting them with the middle of his bat. And again! Punches the fourth delivery between extra cover and long off.

05:48 pm 1st over: 2/0 Faf and Badrinath open for Chennai, Menaria to begin the proceedings for Rajasthan. He bowls four dot balls. Badrinath goes down the track and tries to send it over the long-on fence, manages only a single.

Another pivotal knock from Owais Shah made sure that Rajasthan continue their good run in the tournament. They have not managed to cross the 160-run mark which could go in Chennai’s favour. CSK need 147 runs to win in 20 overs.

05: pm 20th over: 146/4 Kulasekara to bowl the last over. Shah is dropped by Bravo at long-off for 51 Kula follows it with a dot ball. And another dot ball. Hodge on two occasion fails to make a contact. The next delivery is player towards wide of long-off for a couple. Hodge scores a single off the penultimate delivery. Shah to face the last ball, can he finish it in style? No he can’t. Shah perishes off the last ball.

Owais Shah c Dhoni b Nuwan Kulasekara 52(43)

05:27 pm 19th over: 142/3 Bollinger comes into attack. Begins with a full-toss and Shah smashes it over deep midwicket for SIX!! That shot also brings Shah’s fifty. He has been in great touch right through the tournament. Shah once again survives as a leading edge lands between two fielders. Menaria is out, good catch by Jakati! Menaria has done a good job here. He has scored 36 crucial runs. Jakati heaves across to his right to take a great catch. Bollinger ends the over with a dot ball.

AL Menaria c Jakati b Bollinger 36 (34b)

05:20 pm 18th over: 133/3 Kulasekara brought into the attack. Menaria hits it straight down the ground and Bravo does well to restrict them to just one. The third delivery is smashed towards long-on, once again for a single. No boundaries have been scored in the over so far. Kulasekara misses a run-out chance Good over from Kula, gives away just 4 runs as the batsmen look to accelerate.

05:16 pm 17th over: 129/2 Bravo has been brought back into the attack. He has given 19 runs off his first two overs. Menaria hits the first ball between gully and point for a boundary. And Menaria hits a terrific DLF maximum!! Length delivery, Menaria gives himself some room and smokes it over long-on! Great shot! Menaria hits the penultimate delivery of the over above cover for a couple. Good over for Rajasthan, Menaria scored 13 runs from it.

05:11 pm 16th over: 116/2 Bollinger brought back into the attack. Shah gets a leading edge over Dhoni’s head for a boundary. He moves to 38. Bollinger bowls a short ball and Shah flicks it towards square leg for another boundary. Easy pickings for the right-hander. Good comeback from Bollinger, bowls two back to back Yorkers for no runs.

05:04 pm 15th over: 107/2 Jadeja to continue. Shah again gives himself some room as Dhoni misses to collect the ball. Four runs conceded. And now Shah manages to clear Bravo at mid-off for a Six!! Shah against perturbs the bowler by shuffling and Jadeja bowls a full-toss which us cleared for a boundary. Shah continues to shuffle, Jadeja again bowls a full-toss on the leg-side, as Shah moves from the line, 5 wides. Clever batting from Shah. Excellent over for Rajasthan. 21 runs from it. 10 from wides.

Owais Shah 34*(30b) Menaria 20*(22b)

04:59 pm 14th over: 85/2 Bravo comes back into the attack. He was expensive in his first over. Shah fails to connect twice in the over. Good comeback over for Bravo, just four runs from it.

13th over: 81/2 Jadeja comes into attack. Five singles from the over. Rajasthan Royals require some big hits here to post a competitive total.

04:52 pm 12th over: 76/2 Jakati is brought back into the attack. Menaria scores a couple on the leg-side which is followed by a single. Shah again moves on the leg side and Jakati offers width. Menaria attempts a big shot off the last delivery, manages just a single towards long-on.

04:49 pm 11th over: 71/2 Aswin to continue. Shah as usual shuffles and creates room on the off-side, slashes it towards the off-side. Shah follows it with a couple towards midwicket. Good running between the two. Ashwin drops Shah for 15

04:45 pm 10th over: 62/2 Jadeja comes into the attack. No boundaries in the over. Six runs from it.

Time for first strategic timeout.

04:39 pm 9th over: 56/2 Ashwin to continue. Menaria scores a boundary towards third-man. Menaria survives a tough chance. A leading edge flies next to Suresh Raina at slips. A very good over by Ashwin.

04:37 pm 8th over: 50/2 Jakati comes into the attack. Shah comes down the track and defends the first delivery. Shah shimmies down the track again and effortlessly smacks it over long-on for half a dozen! Beautiful shot! 50 up for Rajasthan. Jakati gets the skipper! Dravid tries to clear the long-off boundary, fails and Bollinger takes an easy catch.

R Dravid c Bollinger b Jakati 26 (28b)

04:33 pm 7th over: 43/1 Ashwin to continue. He has been tossing the deliveries on the full. Just two off the over.

04:30 pm 6th over: 41/1 Bollinger to continue. Again bowls short to Dravid who clears the fine-leg boundary with ease. Dravid misses out on another short delivery. Bravo misses a run-out chance Dravid survives.

04:24 pm 5th over: 36/1 Ashwin into the attack. And gets a breakthrough as Rahane perishes. Rahane tries to clear mid-off as an easy catch lands into the hands of Kulasekara. Shah is the new batsman. He will have to play a role here.

AM Rahane c Kulasekara b Ashwin 15 (10b)

04:20 pm 4th over: 28/0 Bravo into the attack. Hostile welcome by Rahane! He bowls a slower one and Rahane opens the face of the bat as the ball races towards wide of mid-off for a boundary. Follows it with a short delivery on the leg-side and Rahane guides it towards square leg for another boundary. Back to back boundaries for Rahane. Last delivery is another slower one from Bravo, and Dravid clobbers it over long-on for the first DLF maximum!

04:15 pm 3rd over: 19/0 Kulasekara to continue. Bowls a slower delivery to Rahul Dravid and he cuts it beautifully between cover and mid-off. The next delivery is on the pads and Dravid flicks it towards leg-side for a couple.

04:09 pm 2nd over: 13/1 Bollinger to continue from the other end. Bollinger bowls short to Dravid which is smacked wide of square leg for a boundary. Dravid was in total control of that shot. Eight runs from the over.

04:05 pm 1st over: 5/0 Good start by Kulasekara, begins with three dot balls. Dravid charges down the track for fourth delivery but fails to clear the fielder at mid-on. Dravid gets off the mark with a single off the fifth delivery. Rahane on strike for the first time in the innings. And what a shot to get off the mark! Punches the last delivery for a boundary towards sweeper cover. Great shot by an in-form player.

Rahane and Dravid to open the innings for Rajasthan. Kulasekara to bowl for CSK.

TOSS Rahul Dravid won the toss and decided to bat first.

Hello and welcome to our Live coverage of the match between the defending champions Chennai Super Kings and the confident Rajasthan Royals to be played in Chennai.

Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings haven’t lived upto the expectations in IPL 2O12, but taking them on a lighter note can be risky for any opponent. In the last match, Faf du Plessis and Badrinath put on 116 runs for the first wicket. However the middle-order bastmen were not able to make the maximum use of it. It was a cameo played by Dhoni that helped them cross the 160 run mark.

Rajasthan Royals will once again expect Rahane and Dravid to provide a solid platform in order to pace up the innings. Owais Shah has also been in good touch and he will be expected to play a major role as well. In spite of not having the Big guns in the tournament, the Royals have so far done pretty well as they have won 4 out of six matches and they are ranked second in the points table behind Delhi Daredevils who have won 4 out of 5 matches.

Players to watch

Suresh Raina: The run-machine of Indian Premier League, Suresh Raina was out for a duck in the previous match. He is due for a big one and there is no better place for a big knock than in front of his home crowd.

Ajinkya Rahane So far he has been unstoppable against all the opponents. With an unbeaten century by his name in this year’s IPL, Rahane would leave no stone unturned to get his side to a rollicking start.

The match begins at 4:00 pm