IPL 2012: Deccan Chargers vs Kings XI Punjab -- as it happenend...

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Hyderabad: Punjab beat Deccan by 25 runs and catapulted themselves into the playoff radar gaining the 5th position in the points tally.

Here is how the game panned out.

Hyderabad: 11:24 pm Over 18 DC: 126/7 OUT!!! Azhar Mahmood finishes off the proceedings for the day as Kings XI Punjab registered a comfortable win over the hapless Deccan Chargers by 25 runs.

Match Report» I Scorecard I Points tally

11:19pm Over 19 DC: 136/8 OUT!!! DC get a FOUR courtesy byes but next ball Awana bangs it in short and gets rid of Ashish Reddy (8) who scooped the ball to square leg.

11:13 pm Over 18 DC: 126/7 OUT!!! Lazy running from Jhunjhunwala 19 (20) as Shaun Marsh hits the bull eye. DC going down without a fight.

11:08 pm Over 17 DC: 120/6 OUT!!! Chwala gets Reddy (24) stumped out, after hitting a beautiful SIX the previous ball, Reddy charged down the track, Chwala did not over pitch the ball, but slid it a bit quicker and Reddy fell short of his ground.

11:03 pm Over 16 DC: 110/5 Akshath Reddy gets a move on, hits Azhar Mahmood for two FOURS!!!. 11 runs off the over.

10:59 pm Over 15 DC: 99/5 Awana impresses again with his pace, gives away just 7 runs. Deccan are definitely under the pump now.

10:55 pm Over 14 DC: 92/5 Jhunjhunwala finally gets SIX!!! off Powar over midwicket and concedes 5 singles as well. 11 runs off the over.

10:51 pm Over 13 DC: 81/5 Abhishek Jhunjhunwala and Akshath Redy in the middle as Chawla concedes 6 runs off the over. Required rate climbs over 12 rpo.

10:47 pm Over 12 DC: 75/5 OUT!!! Peach of an out swinger by Praveen Kumar and an even brilliant catch by Nitin Saini – Sangakarra out for just 4 runs. Is this the last nail in the DC coffin for this match. Sanga manages to edge the ball as keeper Nitin Siani leaps to his left and holds on to a smart catch.

10:43 pm Over 11 DC: 72/4 Double wicket over Big over, probably the turning point as Captain David Hussey removes Dan Harris 30 (29) first ball and then gets rid of the dangerous Cameron White 8 (14), Advantage Punjab for sure now. Harris went for an uppish heave over extra cover as Hussey bowls a much flatter delivery, but an outside edge results in a simple catch at backward point. White then goes for a hoick over mid wicket, but only manages to get the height, no elevation.

10:39 pm Over 10 DC: 70/2 Punjab evening out the game here as Azhar Mahmood bowls another miserly over, just 2 runs off it.

10:34 pm Over 9 DC: 68/2 Good over by Awana after the strategic time out, just 4 runs off it.

10:28 pm Over 8 DC: 64/2 Consecutive FOURS for Dan Harris, as the doctor gets a move on. 13 runs off the over.

10:24 pm Over 7 DC: 51/2 SIX!!! for Harris first ball as he launches the full length delivery over long off first ball. Cameron White then hits a FOUR!!! off the last ball.

10:20 pm Over 6 DC: 40/2 Azhar Mahmood concedes 5 wides first up but comes back well to give away 4 runs in the rest of the over.

10:16 pm Over 5 DC: 31/2 OUT!!! Parthiv Patel (17) out. Parwinder Awana after being hit for a FOUR!!! and a SIX!!!. Length ball from Awana, it kept low and uprooted Parthiv’s off stump.

10:12 pm Over 4 DC: 21/1 Praveen Kumar bowls another tight over, 5 runs off it.

10:06 pm Over 3 DC: 16/1 Leggie Piyush Chawla into the attack and concedes just 6 runs off his first over.

10:01 pm Over 2 DC: 10/1 OUT!!! Praveen Kumar into the attack and gets the wicket of in-form Shikhar Dhawan for 8. Praveen bowled it a bit short, Shikar comes down the track and edges it to Azhar Mahmood at first slip. 2 runs off the over.

9:59 pm Over 1 DC: 8/0 It is the offie Romesh Pawar who starts the proceeding for Kings XI Punjab with the ball and Shikhar Dhawan gets a FOUR.

Kings XI Punjab innings

9:35 pm Over 20 KXIP: 170/5 Miller finishes with a flurry as he dispatches a Reddy Slower one over long on for a SIX!!! before sweeping the seamer past square leg. Punjab reach a total of 170 in the allotted 20 overs.

9:27 pm Over 19 KXIP: 157/5 Good over from Theron, 9 runs off it as Miller gets a FOUR first ball.

9:21 pm Over 18 KXIP: 148/5 Power from Miller as he slams a length ball past cover for a FOUR!!!. 10 runs off the over.

9:15 pm Over 17 KXIP: 138/5 OUT!!! Punjab innings going hay wire as Mahmood 14 (9) is run out courtesy a goof fielding effort in the deep by Reddy.

9:10 pm Over 16 KXIP: 135/4 OUT!!! Fine innings from Mandeep Singh 75 (48) comes to an end. slower one from Reddy and Mandeep went across the line, missed the length and gets clean bowled.

9:05 pm Over 15 KXIP: 129/3 SIX!!! and a FOUR!!! for Mandeep as he clubs a length ball from Veer Pratap over fine leg and then scoops another length ball over the mid on.

9:01 pm Over 14 KXIP: 117/3 Azhar Mahmood into the act as he guides one to third man fence for a FOUR!!!.

8:57 pm Over 13 KXIP: 108/3 Mandeep in blazing form as he dispatches two short balls from Amit Mishra over midwicket for consecutive FOURS!!!

8:51 pm Over 12 KXIP: 97/3 OUT!!! Veer Pratap Singh gets the big wicket of David Hussey 16 (16). The captain gets holed out at long off.

8:46 pm Over 11 KXIP: 91/2 Dr. Daniel Harris into the attack and bowls a good over only to be spoiled by a FOUR!!! off the last ball by Mandeep Singh.

8:42 pm Over 10 KXIP: 86/2 9 runs off the 10th over as Mandeep gets another FOUR!!! .

8:36 pm Over 9 KXIP: 77/2 Amit Mishra finally comes into the attack and he is greeted by a huge SIX!!! by David Hussey.

8:32 pm Over 8 KXIP: 68/2 OUT!!! Ashish Reddy scalps Nitin Saini. A slower one from Reddy, Saini went deep into the crease hoping to play the ball down the leg side but missed it, umpire Dharmasena adjudged Saini LBW. Mandeep though, hit Reddy for a SIX!!! in the last ball.

8:32 pm Over 7 KXIP: 56/1 OUT!!! Marsh clean bowled, Dhawan gets the wicket, Shaun dances down the track gets beaten in the flight. The leftie goes for 22.

8:28 pm Over 6 KXIP: 51/0 Marsh coming into his element with two consecutive FOURS!!! off Theron. It was short and wide from Rusty and Marsh slashed at it hard past backward point. Then, Marsh drives a length ball past mid on.

8:24 pm Over 5 KXIP: 42/0 Shikhar Dhawan into the attack, Sanga trying all the possible combinations here and he bowls tight over. A close call for LBW was turned down by the umpire. 4 runs off the over.

8:20 pm Over 4 KXIP: 38/0 Rusty Theron into the attack and Shaun Marsh gets a FOUR!!!. Loosener first up by Theron, full toss outside off, Marsh carves it past backward point. 8 runs off the over.

8:15 pm Over 3 KXIP: 30/0 FOUR!!! for Mandeep Singh, delicately played, he waited for the ball to arrive and guided to third man fence. Jhunjhunwala completes his second over, concedes 7 runs.

8:10 pm Over 2 KXIP: 23/0 Not a good start for Veer Pratap Singh, short ball first up FOUR!!! , SIX!!! off second ball again off a short ball followed by two WIDES. Mandeep then again got a FOUR off the fourth ball. 18 runs off the over.

8:05 pm Over 1 KXIP: 5/0 Spinner Abhishek Jhunjhunwala starts off the proceeding for Deccan Chargers. 5 runs off the over.

Deccan Chargers captain Kumar Sangakkara won the toss and elected to bowl first against Kings XI Punjab here at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad on Tuesday.

So, Dale Steyn is injured and ‘Rusty’ Theron comes in place of the speedster. For Punjab, David Miller, Siddharth Chitnis and Ramesh Powar get a game in place of Gurkeerat Singh, Abhishek Nayar and Ryan Harris.

Deccan Chargers

D Harris, S Dhawan, C White, K Sangakkara (C), PA Patel (wk), A Jhunjhunwala, P Reddy, Ashish Reddy, A Mishra, J Theron, V Pratap Singh

Kings XI Punjab

S Marsh, Mandeep Singh, N Saini (wk), D Hussey (wk), Azhar Mahmood, D Miller, S Chitnis, P Chawla, R Powar, P Kumar, P Awana