IPL 2012: Delhi vs Rajasthan -- As it happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Jaipur: 11.02 pm Over 16 DD: 134/4 a FOUR!!! and a SIX!!! by Naman Ojha and that is the end of it then, Virender Sehwag takes Delhi, single-handedly to yet another easy victory, this time over Rajasthan at their fortress, the Sawai Mansingh stadium with a marvellous 73 runs off just 38 balls.

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10.59 pm Over 15 DD: 134/4 OUT!!!, Sehwag 73 (38) attempts an inside out shot, manages an edge to backward point where Dravid takes a simple catch.

10.55 pm Over 14 DD: 128/3 Cracking drive from Sehwag for FOUR!!!, sweeper cover had no chance to cut that off. 6 runs off the over.

10.50 pm Over 13 DD: 122/3 MISFIELD in the deep by Amit Singh, Yogesh Nagar picks up a FOUR!!!. Sehwag down the track, clobbers the ball straight to the boundary for a FOUR!!!.

10.46 pm Over 12 DD: 110/3 OUT!!! Ross Taylor out foxed by Hogg, faster one from the chinaman bowler, Taylor went for the pull, ogt cramped for space as he top edge the ball to keeper Sreevats Goswami.

10.41pm Over 11 DD: 102/2 OUT!!! Kevin Pietersen perishes for 36, his last innings for Delhi this season as Watson takes his first wicket. Full length delivery, Pietersen went straight, found Owais Shah at long off. Ross Taylor comes to the middle, short delivery down the legside, Taylor picks up his first boundary.

10.35 pm Over 10 DD: 96/1 8 runs off the Brad Hogg over.

10.29 pm Over 9 DD: 88/1 4 runs off the Ankeet Chavan over.

10.23 pm Over 8 DD: 84/1 KP dishing out punishment now, first ball, short and wide from Pankaj Singh, he slaps it past mid off for a FOUR. FIFTY for Sehwag, uppercut for a massive SIX!!!, whatay shot. Just 20 balls for his 50.

10.19 pm Over 7 DD: 73/1 SIX!!! by KP over midwicket. 12 runs off the over.

10.15 pm Over 6 DD: 61/1 KP matching Sehwag shot to shot. Sehwag whipped one towards midwicket boundary for FOUR!!!, followed by KP’s majestic pull towards the same region, another FOUR!!!

10.11 pm Over 5 DD: 51/1 Amit Singh into the attack, straight hit for FOUR!!! over the bowlers’ head by Sehwag. Another FOUR!!!, this time byes, Goswami fails to collect the slower one. FOUR!!! off the last ball as well, cross batted stroke over Dravid’s head at mid off.

10.04 pm Over 4 DD: 35/1 Short ball from Watson and Sehwag pulls it uppishly for a FOUR!!! towards deep midwicket region.

10.00 pm Over 3 DD: 28/1 Three FOURS!!! off Chavan by Sehwag, not convincing but the risk is paying off for the Delhi skipper till now.

9.53 pm Over 2 DD: 14/1 First FOUR!!! of the innings as Kevin Pietersen pulls it wide of midwicket. Then Sehwag hit consecutive FOURS!!!, one past backward point and another towards fine leg.

9.45 pm Over 1 DD: 2/1 OUT!!! Mahela Jayawerdene goes for a duck, Chavan strikes in the third ball. Mahela was stuck in the crease trying to play it to leg side. 2 runs off the over.

9.26 pm Over 20 RR: 141/6 that is the end of Rajasthan’s innings, after a good start the batting imploded and against a strong batting line up, 141 seems a tad too mediocre. Dravid (57) and Rahane (42) started off well, but the middle order fell off track as leggie Pawan Negi picked up 4 wickets conceding 18 runs in his 4 overs.

9.20 pm Over 19 RR: 134/6 OUT!!! inside edge and Dravid is bowled, the skipper perishes after a well compiled 57. Morkel gets the wicket. Ankeet Chavan gets a FOUR!!! in the deep square leg boundary. 6 runs off the over.

9.17 pm Over 18 RR: 128/5 5 runs off the Umesh Yadav over.

9.14 pm Over 17 RR: 123/5 FIFTY for Dravid as he digs out the yorker length, going to the backfoot punches it past mid off for FOUR. 8 runs off it.

9.07 pm Over 15 RR: 104/5 Another miserly over by Shabhaz Nadeem, 5 runs off it.

9.03 pm Over 14 RR: 99/5 Sehwag into the attack for the first time in the innings, concedes just 4 runs.

9.00 pm Over 13 RR: 95/5 Double wicket over for Negi, the leggie with the golden arm. First it was Brad Hodge who was OUT!!!, short and wide, Hodge hitting through the line, came on to his bat a bit too quickly, simple catch to Sehwag at cover. Last ball of the over Ashok Maneria implodes and gets OUT!!!, goes for the maximum, gets holed out at long on for just just 2 runs. with that a good spell comes to and for Pawan Negi, 4-0-18-4
8.53 pm Over 12 RR: 92/3 OUT!!!, Umesh Yadav back into the attack, and Owais Shah perishes, Shah tired to chip the ball towards third man, inside edge and Naman Ojha takes a simple catch behind the stumps.

8.48 pm Over 11 RR: 87/2 OUT!!!, Shane Watson 8 (9) went for the big heave, missed the line of the ball, Negi rips the off stump, big blow for Rajasthan. First ball, quality shot from Dravid into gap on the off side for a FOUR!!!

8.43 pm Over 10 RR: 80/1 Watson hits a Massive SIX!!! over deep mid wicket off the last ball.

8.40 pm Over 9 RR: 72/1 OUT!!! Reverse sweeps by Rahane 42 (32) saright to skipper Virender Sehwag at square leg, Negi gets the big wicket.

8.35 pm Over 8 RR: 70/0 FOUR!!! for Dravid, inside out shot over the infield off Nadeem.

8.29 pm Over 7 RR: 62/0 Spinner Pawan Negi comes into the attack and concedes just 6 runs. Rahane though skied one over mid wicket, but the fell well short of Irfan Pathan.

8.25 pm Over 6 RR: 56/0 Short and wide from Morkel and FOUR!!! for Rahane past cover. 6 runs off it. Rollicking start by Rajasthan.

8.21 pm Over 5 RR: 50/0 FOUR!!! for Dravid, slighty short from Shabhaz Nadeem, Dravid picks the length early, rocks back and hits it past mid on. Another FOUR!!! for Dravid off the last ball. Delhi bowlers under the pump early on.

8.17 pm Over 4 RR: 38/0 Morkel into the attack for the first time, and he generates some serious pace first up, sensible batting by Rahane and Dravid as they play out Morkel’s over taking 4 runs of it.

8.13 pm Over 3 RR: 34/0 First ball, third FOUR!!! for Rahane as he muscles the short ball over Morkel. Second ball, beautiful cover drive for the highest run getter, FOUR!!! again. Another cracker of a cover drive by Rahul Dravid and he earns a FOUR!!!in the cover region. Last ball, another FOUR!!!, another cover drive piercing the infield for Rahane. 18 runs off the over.

8.10 pm Over 2 RR: 16/0 Second FOUR!!! for Rahane as he executes a powerful cut past cover. Rahane looking dangerous first up. Last ball, Dravid times the length ball well, on drive for FOUR!!!

8.06 pm Over 1 RR: 5/0 Short one from Pathan down the leg side, Rahane swirls and pulls it well for a FOUR!!! wide of third man.

8.00 pm Over 1 Irfan starts off the proceeding with Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane opening the innings for Rajsathan royals.

Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid won the toss and elected to bat first against Delhi Daredevils at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur on Tuesday.

Meanwhile a thriller was played out at Cuttack were Deccan Chargers triumphed for the second time against Pune this season.

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