IPL 2012: Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings -- As it happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Dharamsala: 7: 17 pm Over 17 KXIP 123/4 FOUR!!! for Mahmood towards deep square leg and with that Kings XI Punjab script an emphatic victory against Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets in a crucial IPL encounter at Dharmshala.

Time Out: Just 2 runs needed to win, wonder what strategy would CSK and Dhoni employ at such a crucial juncture of the match to stop KXIP winning the match. Really… a time out with just 2 runs needed!!!

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7: 11 pm Over 16 KXIP 119/4 OUT!!! Siddharth Chitnis perishes owing to a mindless shot, goes for an expansive hoick straight over the bowlers’ head off a good length delivery, Chitnis edges the ball to Dhoni. Second ball, Azhar Mahmood gets a short and wide delivery, cutsa it to FOUR wide of backward point.

7: 05 pm Over 15 KXIP 114/3 FOUR!!! for Gilchrist as he makes connection, wide short delivery down the leg side towards third man. Second ball, SIX, short one again from Yo Mahesh, this time outside off, Gilly picks the length early and launches the pull over deep midwicket. Fourth ball, FOUR again for Gilly, Vintage Adam Gilchrist as he clubs the pitched up delivery straight towards long off fence. Last ball, SIX!!!, icing on the cake, Mahesh pitches the ball at middle and leg, Gilly picks it up nicely from his legs. 22 runs of the over. 7 runs required off 5 overs.

6: 59 pm Over 14 KXIP 92/3 FOUR!!! for Gilchrist, trademark flash cut from Gilly as Bravo bowls it short and wide, Gilly picks up the length early and shoots it over deep backward point for a boundary. Last ball FOUR!!!, Chitins comes down the track manages to hit the good length ball over mid on for FOUR. Right-handed Chitnis has a pre shot shuffle of the bat, like Taufeeq Umar of Pakistan.

6: 52 pm Over 13 KXIP 81/3 Yo Mahesh into the attack. Sedately done by Chitins and Gilly, 5 runs off the over. Seems Srikkanth Anirudha has hurt himself as he tumbles with his elbow first trying to stop a boundary at deep backward point. Fair play gesture from Gilly,as he sends back Chitins saying no for a third run.

6: 52 pm Over 12 KXIP 81/3 Yo Mahesh into the attack. Sedately done by Chitins and Gilly, 5 runs off the over. Seems Srikkanth Anirudha has hurt himself as he tumbles with his elbow first trying to stop a boundary at deep backward point.

6: 48 pm Over 11 KXIP 76/3 good over from Morkel, 5 runs off the over. 45 runs needed of 48 balls.

6: 43 pm Over 11 KXIP 71/3 FOUR!!! for Hussey, short ball from Bravo, Hussey cuts it hard past point. Second ball Hussey OUT!!!, wide delivery from Bravo, off the pitch movement as Hussey tries to cut away from the body, edges the ball to Dhoni.

6: 39 pm Over 10 KXIP 65/2 FOUR!!! for Gilly as the captain seeps the tossed up delivery to fine leg boundary.

6: 33 pm Over 9 KXIP 56/2 OUT!!! Bravo picks up the wicket, short and wide delivery from Bravo, Saini rooted to his crease tries a cut shot, gets an edge, Dhoni takes a simple catch. Bravo troubles Hussey as well with some good length delivery

Saini c Dhoni b Dwayne Bravo 1(4)

6: 28 pm Over 8 KXIP 55/1 Tidy over from Ashwin, 4 runs off the over.

TIME OUT: Punjab are off to a good start as opposed to CSK, Gilchrist would be the key. Dhoni has not yet employed Bravo or Yo Mahesh. Mahesh is a skiddy costumer and could get some movement off the pitch here to trouble the KXIP batters.

6: 22 pm Over 7 KXIP 51/1 FOUR!!! for Mandeep, good length ball outside off stump, the opener muscles it on the rise wide of mid off. Third ball, FOUR a short delivery, Mandeep goes on the backfoot executes an upper cut towards third man boundary. Fourth ball OUT!!! wild swing across the line from Mandeep as Morkel’s straight ball hits the top of middle and leg.

6: 18 pm Over 6 KXIP 43/0 FOUR!!! for Gilly, long hop from Ashwin, Gilly rocks back and pulls it wide off deep square leg. Final ball of the over, tossed up delivery from Ashwin, Gilly goes down on one knee and sweeps the ball uppishly towards deep square leg boundary.

6: 14 pm Over 5 KXIP 34/0 tidy over from Ben Hilfenhaus as he gies away just 2 runs off his second over.

6: 11 pm Over 4 KXIP 32/0 Ravi Ashwin into the attack and Mandeep reverse sweeps the tweaker for FOUR towards third man boundary. It was a tossed up delivery from the Tamil Nadu offie.

6: 07 pm Over 3 KXIP 26/0 Good length ball from Hilfenhaus and Gilly plays it straight on the rise, FOUR down the ground.

6: 03 pm Over 2 KXIP 21/0 We are back live and Gilchrist has got himself two consecutive FOURS in the meantime. Pitched up delivery from Morkel and Gilly slashes it uppishly over extra cover. That was the second boundary off the over from the southpaw.

Transmission lost from the broadcasters momentarily.

5: 59 pm Over 1 KXIP 9/0 FOUR!!! past third man for Mandeep Singh as he edges the good length ball out-side off stump. Another FOUR off the last ball for Mandeep. He plays it uppishly just wide of diving backward point Jadeja.


At the picturesque Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala Punjab pacers produced a brilliant spell of seaming bowling as they restricted Chennai Super Kings to 120 runs with Dwayne Bravo top scoring with 48 runs as Parwinder Awana again put up an impressive performance of 4-0-12-2.

Ryan Harris felt as if he was bowling back home and with a green tinge the HPCA track had a lot for the seamers. Gilchrist came after a long injury lay-off back in place of Shaun Marsh and gave his pacers the first taste of the wicket putting in CSK to bat first. The bowlers responded to their captain exploiting the conditions, moving the ball both ways and sticking to the right length and letting the ball do the talking. With the line-up consisting of prolific swing bowlers Praveen Kumar and Ryan Harris, experienced hand of such conditions Brit, Azhar Mahmood and in form Parwinder Awana, Gilly got his combinations right as the CSK batsmen were left wanting for technique all throughout the innings.

Only Dwayne Bravo stuck in the middle holding the CSK innings together with a well complied 48 off 43 balls.


Chennai Super Kings innings

5: 32 pm Over 19 CSK 113/6 FOUR!!! for Morkel, as Mahmood drops it a bit short, Morkel gets on top off the bounce and pulls it wide of fine leg. Second ball, Massive SIX!!! from the South African as Mahmood bowls it on the blockhole, Morkel stays rooted to his crease and fires the ball over long on. Fourth ball, Morkel OUT!!!, short one from Mahmood again, Morkel tries to muscle the ball over the ropes, ball hurries on to him, PK takes a good catch nonchalantly at the long on boundary.

Albie Morkel c Praveen Kumar b Azhar Mahmood 14(8) [4s-1 6s-1]

5: 27 pm Over 18 CSK 101/5 FOUR!!! for Bravo, Awana bowls it down the leg-side for the first time, Bravo nudges it gently to guide it for four towards third man. Nevertheless, Awana finishes a tidy spell. Brilliant bit of seam bowling from the Delhi lad, 4-0-12-2.

5: 21 pm Over 17 CSK 93/5 SIX!!! long hop from Hussey as Bravo rocks back and clubs the ball over long off. Second ball, another SIX!!! from Bravo as Hussey bowls it a bit quick towards middle and leg, Bravo turns his arm and dispatches the ball over deep mid-wicket fence. 15 runs off the over.

TIME OUT: Time bomb ticking for CSK but Punjab would be vary of Albie Morkel in the final overs along with Bravo

5: 14 pm Over 16 CSK 78/5 OUT!!! Awana gets another wicket. Not quite short from Awana, Jadeja goes for the pull, ball hurries on to him, connects the top part of bat, ball lobs in the air, simple catch at backward point to Saini. Great spell from Awana. His figures read a rather impressive 3-0-4-2.

Ravindra Jadeja c Saini b Awana 13(14) [4s-2]

5: 10 pm Over 15 CSK 77/4 Tidy stuff from Hussey. No boundaries conceded. 6 runs off the over.

5: 07 pm Over 14 CSK 71/4 SIX!!! off the first ball, as Dwayne Bravo greets Piyush Chwala with a big hoick over deep midwicket. Short ball in on middle and leg by the spinner first up. Second ball, FOUR as Chawla again drops it short on middle and leg, Bravo cuts the ball past backward point. 12 runs off the over.

5: 03 pm Over 13 CSK 59/4 Spin for the first time as David Hussey comes into bowl, gets visible turn first up. 2 runs off the over.

4: 58 pm Over 12 CSK 57/4 FOUR!!! for Jadeja as he drives one straight, fullish delivery from Ryan Harris and Jadeja drives it handsomely down the ground. FOUR!!! again for Jadeja as he slashes a short and wide delivery past backward point.

4: 53 pm Over 11 CSK 46/4 OUT!!! Dhoni looks to hoist the outside off stump length ball towards long on, thick outside edge simple catch to third man, Saini. Awana gets the wicket. Punjab tightening the screws now.

Dhoni c Saini b Awana 6(16) [4s-1]

4: 49 pm Over 10 CSK 45/3 Great seam presentation by the Brit Azhar Mahmood, just one run of the over.

TIME OUT: Punjab dug out looks a happy bunch for now

4: 42 pm Over 9 CSK 44/3 Fourth seam bowler for KXIP comes into the attack in the form of the impressive Parwinder Awana. Do you think he should be in the reckoning for the international call up? . Back to the match as he starts off miserly conceding just 2 runs off his first over.

4: 36 pm Over 8 CSK 42/3 SIX!!! for Raina, hallf volley from Mahmood outside off, Raina hoist it over long off with good timing. Second ball, second SIX!!! for Raina, Mahmood bowls it short, Raina swirls around, connects with the bat and the ball flies wide of the third man boundary. Third ball, inside edge, Rains gets two runs. Fourth ball, OUT!!! Mahmood has the last laugh, the southpaw chases a wide delivery, tries to drive the ball, gets an edge, Gilchrist pockets his third catch of the match so far.

Raina c Gilchrist b Azhar Mahmood 17(13) [6s-2]

4: 32 pm Over 7 CSK 28/2 DROPPED regulation drop by Piyush Chawla at first slip, Raina plays it away from the body to a moving ball. Gilchrist comes up to the wicket after the drop. 3 runs off the over.

4: 25 pm Over 5 CSK 24/2 OUT!!! Hussey charges down the track, away movement prompts the southpaw to prod the ball, edges it to Gilchrist. The Australian was having a good time in the middle and David hussy would have been disappointed, he wanted to take his brother’s wicket. Nevertheless a big wicket for KXIP.

Michael Hussey c Gilchrist b Praveen Kumar 7(10) [4s-1]

FOUR for Dhoni, not a convincing one at that, a lucky one as he comes down the track, tries to whip it across the line, ball moves away and a thick outside edge takes the ball towards third man boundary.

4: 19 pm Over 4 CSK 18/1 Single off the over as Harris get good movement off the pitch.

4: 15 pm Over 3 CSK 17/1 FOUR for Murali Vijay off the second ball, drives it on the rise towards the long off boundary. Last ball and OUT!!! Murali Vijay goes for an expansive drive, hint of inward movement for PK, Vijay edges it straight to Gilchrist.

Vijay c Gilchrist b Praveen Kumar 10(14) [4s-2]

4: 12 pm Over 2 CSK 11/0 FOUR off the first ball as Hussey executes a beautiful drive off a pitched up delivery.

4: 06 pm Over 1 CSK 4/0 Praveen Kumar starts of the proceeding for KXIP as Murali Vijay and Michael Hussey walk to the middle. Parwinder Awana at third man seems a bit stiff as he lets go the ball between his legs. FOUR for Murali Vijay, uppishly played behind point off a wide delivery

Kings XI Punjab captain Adam Gilchrist won the toss and elected to bowl first against Chennai Super Kings at the HPCA stadium, Dharamsala on Thursday.

It is the battle of the Kings at the picturesque HPCA stadium, Dharamsala today. Chenai are playing their last league match and a win here would put them in a safe position to qualify for the playoffs whereas a loss for the hosts Kings XI Punjab would mean the end of the road.