IPL 2012: MI vs RCB -- As it happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Mumbai: So RCB seal an easy victory over Mumbai with 2 overs to spare.

Here is how the game panned out…

11:30 pm Over 18 RCB: 126/1 Rohit Sharma into the attack and Gayle finishes of the match with a SIX!!! straight over the bowler’s head.

11:24pm Over 17 RCB: 126/1 RP Singh ends his quota of 4 overs conceding 5 runs off the over.

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11:19 pm Over 16 RCB: 121/1 Malinga bowls his last over, Kohli swirls around and pulls the marginally short ball towards midwicket for FOUR. 10 runs off the over.

11:15 pm Over 15 RCB: 111/1 Gayle takes Pollard to the cleaners once again with a FOUR of a full delivery wide of long on and then a SIX!!! straight over the bowler’s head.

11:10 pm Over 14 RCB: 97/1 3 runs off the Harbhajan Singh over.

11:05 pm Over 13 RCB: 94/1 Pollard to Gayle, and Gayle smashes Pollard for a FOUR over deep midwicket followed by a SIX!!! over fine leg.

11:00 pm Over 12 RCB: 79/1 Tight over from Bhajji, just three runs of it.

10: 56 pm Over 11 RCB: 76/1 FIFTY for Gayle as the big Jamaican pummels Ojha for three consecutive SIXES. Full toss from Ojha, Gayle helps himself with a maximum over deep mid wicket. Another waist high full toss and Gayle smashes it to deep square leg. The extra ball then goes for another six as the opener hits the over pitched ball over long off.

10: 53 pm Over 10 RCB: 58/1 4 runs off the Harbhajan Singh over.

10: 49 pm Over 9 RCB: 54/1 OUT!!! Dilshan departs, questionable call from umpire Billy Bowden as a visibly agitated Dilshan throws his gloves as he walks off. Pragyan Ojha got the wicket.

T Dilshan lbw b Ojha 19 (25b 3x4 0x6) SR: 76.00

10: 44 pm Over 8 RCB: 47/0 Harbhajan into the attack, Dilshan maneuvers the ball past third man for FOUR!!!.

10: 40 pm Over 7 RCB: 39/0 Kieron Pollard into the attack and he concedes 4 runs.

10: 33 pm Over 6 RCB: 35/0 SIX!!! for Chris Gayle courtesy a cracker of a shot. It was fraction short form RP, Galye went on the backfoot and clubbed it to deep midwicket for a flat six.

10: 28 pm Over 5 RCB: 27/0 Gayle gets a FOUR!!! off Malinga.

10: 22 pm Over 4 RCB: 22/0 Consecutive FOURS!!! for Gayle as RP bangs it in short and wide. Dilshan earns himself a FOUR!!! as well. 14 runs off the over.

10: 17 pm Over 3 RCB: 8/0 High drama as Both Gayle and Dilshan take on the fielders. Malinga gives away just a single.

10: 11 pm Over 2 RCB: 7/0 RP Singh into the attack, concedes 3 runs.

10: 05 pm Over 1 RCB: 4/0 Edge from Malinga and Dilshan survives, the ball fell short of first slip, the Lankan gets a FOUR!!!.

Mumbai Indians innings

9: 42 pm Over 20 MI: 141/6 Pollard hits couple of SIXES!!!. Short ball from Vinay Kumar, Pollard connects enough to take the ball over backward long leg. Then pulls again, not convincingly over deep midwicket. Mumbai reach a decent total of 141 for 6 in the allotted 20 overs. 18 runs off the last over.

9: 38 pm Over 19 MI: 123/6 Bhajji swings hit bat hard and times the ball to perfection, gets a FOUR!!! off a full toss. Harbhajan again gets a FOUR!!!, this time through an outside edge over third man.

9: 33 pm Over 18 MI: 113/6 Last over for Murali as Harbhajan gets a FOUR over long on. 8 runs off the over.

9: 30 pm Over 17 MI: 105/6 4 runs of the Zaheer Khan over.

9: 26 pm Over 16 MI: 101/6 DOUBLE WICKET OVER!!! Karthik went for the maximum but ball fall well short of the long on rope, Kohli takes a tumbling catch. Then next ball, Dwayne Smith top edges the doosra to point.

K Karthik c Kohli b Muralitharan 44 (39b 3x4 1x6) SR: 112.82
D Smith c Vinay Kumar b Muralitharan 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

9: 22 pm Over 15 MI: 95/4 Dinesh Karthik ups the ante as he gets two FOURS off Syed Mohammed. 10 runs off the over.

9: 16 pm Over 14 MI: 85/4 OUT!!! Harshal Patel picks up another wicket after being hit for 2 FOURS!!!. Slower one from the seamer, Rayudu went for the shot early, gets holed out at long off by Murali.

9: 09 pm Over 13 MI: 73/3 SIX!!! for Karthik off the last ball last as the MI keeper charges down the track, lifts the ball over deep mid wicket.

9: 05 pm Over 12 MI: 60/3 Murali turning it on for RCB as Karthik and Rayudu have troubles dealing with the spin wizard.

9: 00 pm Over 11 MI: 56/3 FOUR!!! for Rayudu courtesy an edge, 8 runs off the over.

8: 55 pm Over 10 MI: 48/3 Muralidharan into the attack, concedes 6 runs off the over.

8: 47 pm Over 9 MI: 42/3 OUT!!! Big fish Sachin Tendulkar gone, short delivery, Sachin went for the pull, ball hurried on to him, Harshal Patel takes a good return catch, Mumbai jittery first up.

8: 43 pm Over 8 MI: 37/2 Syed Mohammad into the attack, concedes 8 runs.

8: 39 pm Over 7 MI: 29/2 4 runs off the Harshal Patel over.

8: 33 pm Over 6 MI: 25/2 Tendulkar finally breaks the shackles with three consecutive FOURS off Vinay Kumar.

8: 29 pm Over 5 MI: 12/2 Harshal Patel comes into the attack and he starts off rather nervously, good fielding efforts help the seamer to get away with just 7 runs.

8: 24 pm Over 4 MI: 5/2 Vinay Kumar extracting the maximum out of the pitch as he bowls another tight over, concedes just 2 runs.

8: 19 pm Over 3 MI: 3/2 Mumbai Indians under the pump first up as Zak gives only a single in his second over.

8: 14 pm Over 2 MI: 2/2 DOUBLE WICKET OVER Vinay Kumar gets two wickets in the over. James Franklin (1) and Rohit Sharma (0) were sent packing by the medium pacer. Short ball from Vinay Kumar, Franklin tried to guide the ball uppishly over third man but was holed out in the deep by Zak. Rohit Sharma then played across the line to a straight one from Kumar, he was adjudged out LBW.

8: 00 pm Over 1 MI: 1/0 Tight over by Zaheer Khan first up, just 1 run from it.

Royal Challengers Bangalore stand in-captain Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to bowl first against Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai here on Wednesday.

Mumbai Indians

J Franklin, S Tendulkar, R Sharma, K Karthik (wk), A Rayudu, D Smith, K Pollard, Harbhajan Singh (C), S Malinga, P Ojha, R Singh

Royal Challengers Bangalore

T Dilshan, C Gayle, V Kohli (C), AB de Villiers (wk), M Agarwal, S Tiwary, Syed Mohammad, Vinay Kumar, Z Khan, H Patel, M Muralitharan