IPL 2012: Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab: As it happened...

Mumbai: Shaun Marsh scored a flawless 68 runs which came off just 40 balls. He managed to score the big hits whenever the pressure was created by Mumbai bowlers. Punjab have been able to put up some fight against the top teams and they were finally rewarded as they defeated the fancied Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets in front of the jam-packed Wankhede crowd.

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19.3 over: 164/4 9 needed off 6 balls, Perera to bowl the last over after a long discussion. Tendulkar is still having a chat with the bowler.Marsh is on strike! SIX first ball!!!! Marsh is unstoppable here. Low full-toss bowled by the bowler and Marsh hits a one-hand six above extra cover! Great stroke! Marsh scores a single. 2 runs needed off 4 ball. Pressure on Mumbai. PUNJAB have WON IT! Length delivery, played through the covers for winning runs. Punjab win by 6 wickets! Shaun Marsh is once again their hero for the night.

Marsh 68*(40b) David Miller 5*(5b)

07:28 19th over: 155/4 20 needed from 12 Munaf to continue. Marsh takes a single off the first ball. Another single taken off the second ball. Marsh on strike. Munaf bowls another yorker, a single taken. Marsh misses on an opportunity, full-toss played just for a single. And WHAT A TIME TO HIT A DLF MAXIMUM!!! Munaf attempts a slower one, and Marsh clobbers it over deep midwicket for half a dozen! Superb stroke that was.

07:23 pm 18th over: 144/4 37 needed from 18 balls. Ojha comes into attack. Begins with a Wide. Azhar takes a single off the first ball. Marsh on strike. He bowls another Wide, a single taken. And Mahmood hits a DLF maximum!! And he manages to hit it, just at the right time for Punjab. Goes for another one, but finds the man at long-off! Mahmood departs for 10. David Miller is the new batsman. And Ojha bowls another wide. So, three wide bowled by Ojha in this over. Marsh takes a single off the fourth ball.

Azhar Mahmood c Perera b Ojha 10 (7b)

07:16 pm 17th over: 130/3 Munaf comes back into the attack. He begins it with a good yorker, played for a single. Mahmood slashes over the second delivery, towards the off side, manages a couple. Third ball is a full-toss, Azhar plays it for a single. Marsh misses on a full-toss. He follows it with two runs on the leg-side. Marsh ends the over in style. Another low full-toss and Marsh drives it through extra-cover for a boundary.

07:10 pm 16th over: 120/3 Pollard comes into the attack. And he gets the much needed breakthrough! David Hussey is OUT for 21.Pollard saw Hussey charging down the track, changed his length, Hussey was already into his shot, a leading edge is comfortably taken by Rayudu at deep square leg. A loud caught-behind appeal, denied by the umpire. Azhar Mahmood is the new batsman. An excellent over by Pollard comes to an end.

DJ Hussey c Rayudu b Pollard 21 (19b)

07:05 PM 15th over: 119/2 RP Singh comes back into the attack. Marsh hits him for a boundary first ball. A touch short by Singh and Marsh pulls him towards square leg. Marsh hits him straight down the ground, that was travelling for a certain boundary, before Pollard put in an excellent effort to save two runs. Two runs scored from the third ball. Fourth ball produces just a single. Marsh is panting a bit; these two have run a lot of ones and twos. Hussey takes a single off the penultimate ball. WHAT A SHOT to end the over!! Singh bowls a half-volley and Marsh deposits it over long-on for a magnificent SIX!!

Shaun Marsh 43*(27b) David Hussey 21*(17b)

06:57 pm 14th over: 102/2 Harbhajan to continue. Hussey scores a single off the first ball. Marsh follows it with another single towards cover. Three singles have come off the first three balls. One more single. Harbhajan fires in a yorker and Hussey again manages to score a single. Wide ball by Harbhajan. The last ball is played for an easy single.

06:54 pm 13th over: 96/2 Thisara Perara comes into bowl for the first time in IPL 2012. The first ball is played by Marsh for a single towards the cover region. Hussey plays the second one between point and covers for another single. Marsh tries to hit a big one towards the leg-side, manages just a single. Hussey pulls the fourth delivery towards midwicket for a one bounce four. He charged down the track on that occasion and it was very well connected. The fifth ball is played towards long-on just for a single. Perara offers width to Marsh and he cuts it towards point for a boundary. Munaf stops it in the deep as the batsmen run two.

06:48 pm 12th over: 86/2 Harbhajan to continue. Three singles taken off the first three balls. The fourth one is defended for no run. The last ball produces a single. Good comeback by the bowler after being hit for three boundaries in the previous over.

06:45 pm 11th over: 80/2 Pollard to continue. He bowls a good over for Mumbai. Just five runs from it.

06:41 pm 10th over: 75/2 Harbhajan to continue. Marsh takes a single off the first ball. A leading edge from Hussey’s bat flies pass third-man for a boundary. Hussey takes a single off the fourth delivery. Once again good timing from Marsh gets some width and he cuts it towards point for a boundary. He follows it with another boundary, sweeps a length delivery towards square-leg for another four.

06:37 pm 9th over: 61/2 Pollard comes into the attack. Mandeep Singh scores a single off the first ball. The second one is tapped on the off-side, no runs scored. The third delivery goes straight to Harbhajan at mid-on, no runs. Pollard isn’t giving any room to Marsh. Marsh plays the fourth ball back to Pollard. The fifth ball is guided towards third-man for a single. Mandeep Singh is OUT off the last ball! Pollard takes the pace off the ball as Mandeep heaves one towards deep-midwicket and perishes.

Mandeep Singh c Franklin b Pollard 24(21b)

06:32 pm 8th over: 59/0 Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Begins with a straight delivery and beats Mandeep Singh. A leading edge off Madeep’s band lands inches short of the bowler. Another leading edge flies over extra-cover for a couple. Mandeep Singh takes a single off the fourth delivery. The last ball is nicely played towards the covers, just a gentle push with great timing from Marsh, results into a boundary. A dot ball to end the over.

06:29 pm 7th over: 52/1 Ojha to continue. He begins with a dot ball. Punjab lose their first wicket!Ojha came round the wicket and the ball moved into the batsman. Nitin Saini is out after scoring 30 runs. These two have got Punjab to a good start with some fabulous strokes. Mandeep Singh plays another good shot over extra cover, well stopped by Pollard, just a single.

N Saini lbw b Ojha 30 (25b)

06:22 pm 6th over: 48/0 Pollard comes into the attack. A risky single taken off the first ball. Saini plays the second ball almost onto his stumps. A ball on the leg side and Saini guides it towards fine-leg for another boundary. An lbw appeal, rejected by the umpire. A mistimed shot lands at no man’s land. A lot has happened in the over.

06:18 pm 5th over: 42/0 Pragyan Ojha into the attack. Welcomed with a boundary by Saini. Played inside out goes over the covers for a boundary, great shot. Another fabulous shot from Saini. Again goes inside out, from the middle of the bat, Munaf dives to keep it to two.

06:14 pm 4th over: 32/0 RP Singh to continue. A short ball is pulled away for a boundary as Franklin fails to stop a boundary. These two young batsmen have played some superb strokes early in the innings. One more ball to go. Single taken off the last ball.

06:10 pm 3rd over: 26/0 Patel continues. Saini Singh smacks him over his head for another rboundary. And again! Saini is on fire here. Short ball and he pulls it towards square leg for another boundary. Munaf Singh is baffled, he has a lot to say to Mandeep Singh.

2nd over: 16/0 RP Singh to bowl from the other end. It was a good over but the last ball was played for a boundary.

1st over: 10/0 Mandeep Singh smashes Patel for two boundaries.

Punjab have done well to restrict Mumbai to 163, as at one stage it looked like they would score above 180. The run-out of Dinesh Kartik broke the moementum of a great partnership between him and James Franklin, who has played a terrific innings for Mumbai.

05:42 pm 20th over: 163/6 Awana to bowl the last over. Begins it with a wide. The first ball is played for a single. The second ball produces another single towards long-on. The third delivery is a good bouncer by Awana, dot ball. Awana bowls a wide. Follows it with another wide! Perera connects the next one towards extra cover for another single. Another wide delivery. Awana has bowled four wide deliveries in this over. Tough call by the umpire as that was inches away from the leg-stump. Rayudu plays a single off the next ball. The last delivery is played towards deep midwicket for another single. Apart from those four wide balls, it has been a superb over bowled by Awana. It was a 10-ball over.

05:37 pm 19th over: 154/6 Two overs to go. Praveen Kumar is the new batsman. PK begins with a low full toss and James hits it towards third-man for a couple. Again a full-toss as Franklin smashes it straight down the ground for another boundary. PK gets the danger man! Franklin is out! A high full-toss from Kumar, Franklin attempts to clear the long-on, doesn’t time it that well and the ball lands into the hands of David Miler, who has been very good in the field today. In spite of having played a maiden over, Franklin has managed to score 71 runs from just 51 balls. And Praveen gets Harbhajan off the very next ball! Harbhajan trying to hit a big shot . Two wickets in two balls for Praveen Kumar!

JEC Franklin c Miller b Kumar 79 (51b)

Harbhajan Singh c Chitnis b Kumar 4 (3b)

05:30 pm 18th over: 146/4 Awana comes into the attack. Bowls a good bouncer to Pollard first ball. Pollard hit the second one straight that hit Franklin’s pad, a single taken. Awana bowls a yorker to Franklin. Pollard Is OUT!! Length ball and he smashes it towards deeo midwickets where Mandeep Singh takes a good catch. Awana takes his second wicket. Hussey misses a run-out chance.Franklin was well short of his crease! That would have been the third run-out for Mumbai. Bhajji clears the mid-on field off the last ball to score a boundary.

KA Pollard c Mandeep Singh b Awana 7 (10b)

05:24 pm 17th over: 140/3 Mahmood brought into the attack. Begins with a yorker, Franklin manages to play it for a single. Mahmood follows it with a bouncer ducked by Pollard. Azhar attempts another yorker off the fifth ball and Pollard flicks it with ease towards deep midwicket for a boundary. Pollard takes a single off the last ball, he will keep the strike.

05:19 pm 16th over: 132/3 Chawla comes into the attack. Kartik plays a good shot over extra cover and there is a huge mix-up between the two, Kartik is RUN-OUT! Kartik wanted a second run and Franklin wasn’t interested. He was half way down the crease and Chawla took no time in removing the bails. These two have added 75 for the third wicket within no time. Pollard is the new batsman.

KD Karthik run out 35 (20b)

It’s time for another strategic timeout.

05:13 pm 15th over: 129/2 Franklin hits another DLF maximum! Praveen Kumar is welcomed with a DLF maximum! Franklin follows it with a boundary. He is hitting all of them from the middle of his bat. And agaaainn!!! Franklin hits his fourth SIX towards deep midwicket! The fourth ball is played just for a single. Franklin has scored 17 runs from the first four balls of this over. Two more balls to go. Kartik to face. He hits it towards long-off, and a misfield results into a couple. The last ball is played on the off-side and a desperate dive saves another boundary. David Miller is the fielder. Commendable effort!

James Franklin 68*(43b) Dinesh Kartik 34*(19b)

05: pm 14th over: 108/2 Mahmood comes back into the attack. Kartik once again begins the over with a boundry. It’s a low full-toss and he plays it towards leg-side for a boundary. That also brings the 100 for Mumbai. Kartik takes a single off the second ball. Franklin follows it with another single. Kartik is hitting them well. Another ball guided towards third-man for a boundary. 50-run partnership comes up in just 27 balls. The last ball is tapped back to the bowler for no run.

05:02 pm 13th over: / The skipper has brought himself into the attack. Kartik welcomes him with a reverse-sweep that goes for a boundary! Perfect execution from Kartik. Kartik plays another good stroke towards deep midwicket for another boundary. Frankin completes his 50. He has once again shown why he is an asset for Mumbai Indians. 12 runs from the over.

04:59 pm 12th over: 84/2 Bhatt comes into the attack. And Franklin hits the first DLF maximum for Mumbai! Good shot! And again!! Hits it over long-on for another SIXX!!! Franklin is the set batsman and he is hitting them well. That would relieve some pressure for Mumbai. Clean hitting by James Franklin. He is making the maximum use of opening the innings. Franklin hits another delivery straight down the ground, Kartik somehow managed to get out of the way as the ball rubbed pass his hand. The fielder at long-on makes a diving effort to stop the boundary. Kartik guides the last delivery towards leg-side for another boundary. BIG OVER for Mumbai! 18 runs from it.

04:54 pm 11th over: 65/2 Chawla to continue. He is bowling well, with a lot of variation. Seven runs from the over. No boundaries have been scored in the last three overs.

04:51 pm 10th over: 58/2 Awana brought back into the attack. And Pawana continues to impress! Sharma has thrown it away! He charges down the track as a nick from the bat lands safely into the wicket-keeper’s gloves. Bad shot selection from Sharma. Punjab get their second wicket. Dinesh Kartik is the new batsman. A very good over by Awana, just 2 runs from it.

RG Sharma c †Saini b Awana 2 (5b)

04:45 pm 9th over: 56/1 Chawla to continue. Sloppy work by Tendulkar, run-out by Miller He hit the first ball towards square leg and straight away wanted two, David Miller picked it with one hand and a sharp throw led to Tendulkar’s dismissal. Rohit Sharma is the new batsman. He gets off the mark with a single towards long-on.

Sachin Tendulkar run out 23(23)

Time for the strategic timeout.

04:38 pm 8th over: 48/0 Mahmood to continue. Franklin takes a single off the first delivery. Tendulkar dropped by Awana at short fine leg for 20. The ball was in the air for a long time, he got both hands to it and failed to hold on to it, a single taken. Franklin now smashes Mahmood over deep midwicket for a boundary. The fourth delivery is a dot ball. Franklin was looking to cut it as it went into the hands of the wicket-keeper. The fifth delivery is played towards third-man for a single. The last ball produced a single for Mumbai towards long-off.

04:33 pm 7th over: 42/0 Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. Two singles scored off the first two deliveries. He beats Franklin with a ball that went straight. Franklin scores a single off the next delivery. Tendulkar easily defends the penultimate delivery on the off-side. Good over by Chawla, three from it.

04:29 pm 6th over: 39/0 Punjab’s last match hero, Azhar Mahmood comes into the attack. Tendulkar defends the first delivery and scores a single off the second towards mid-wicket. Franklin takes a quick single towards long-off. The fourth delivery witnesses a late cut by Tendulkar that rushes to the third-man boundary. Great placement. The penultimate delivery is smashed down the ground for another boundary. Successsive boundaries for the Little Master. Mahmood appeals for a caught behind off a bouncer, Wide given by the umpire. Sachin was looking to hit it towards fine-leg. Another good shot by Tendulkar reaches directly towards the man at mid-off, no runs scored.

04:24 pm 5th over: 28/0 Parwinder Awana comes into the attack, he picked up 4 wickets against Bangalore in the previous match. Franklin takes a single of the first ball. Tendulkar charges down the track, plays a great stroke which is brilliantly stopped. Tendulkar makes some room on the leg-side and manages to score a single. Franklin gets some width, with superb placement he guides it to square third man for a boundary. Awana ends the over with a dot ball.

04:19 pm 4th over: 22/0 Bhatt to continue, begins with a dot ball. Franklin hits the second towards long-on, where it is stopped on one bounce. Tendulkar takes a single. Franklin sweeps one for a boundary towards square leg. And again. Franklin hits one towards wide off midwicket and its back-to-back boundaries for the left-hander. The last delivery is played for a single.

04:15 pm 3rd over: 11/0 Kumar to continue. Tendulkar to face him for the first time today. Defends the first delivery and the second brings the first boundary for Mumbai. On the pads and easily flicked by Sachin. PK appeals for an LBW off the third delivery, rejected by the umpire. The replays show it had an inside edge. Franklin tries to score a single, but a great stop at mid-off. Franklin takes a single off the penultimate delivery. Tendulkar clears the gap on the off-side and manages to score a couple.

04:10 pm 2nd over: 3/0 Bhargav Bhatt, left-arm spinner comes into the attack. The first delivery is defended by Tendulkar and second one is guided towards third-man for a single. Franklin gets off the mark with a single on the leg-side. Tendulkar attempts a paddle sweep, fails. Tendulkar makes some room on the off-side as the ball is fielded well. Tendulkar takes a single off the last ball.

04:05 pm 1st over: 0/0 Praveen gets seam movement straight away. He deceives Franklin on three occasions where he moves the ball away from the batsman. The fourth delivery was a bid wide and Franklin had no problems leaving it. Praveen bowls the penultimate delivery round the wicket and its defended on the off-side. The last delivery once again beats Franklin. Good start from PK, a maiden to begin the proceedings.

Frankiln will open the innings with Tendulkar. Praveen Kumar to bowl for Punjab.

Its a deafening atmosphere at the Wankhede stadium. They were bolstered after Bhajji informed that the batting maestro will play in the match.

Siddharth Chitnis and Bhargav Bhatt are in to play for Punjab.

Sachin Tendulkar IS BACK for Mumbai Indians so is James Franklin and Thisara Parera, who will play his first IPL match for Mumbai.

Toss Bhajji spins it and wins it. Mumbai have decided to bat first.

The last time Mumbai Indians played in front of the home crowd, they were bundled for just 92 runs. Out of those, 33 came from Harbhajan’s bat. The batsmen looked in a hurry as if they were to chase a mammoth total. The Wankhede crowd was hugely disappointed and they would expect their team to come up with all guns blazing when they face Kings XI Punjab at the Wankhede stadium.

The good news for Mumbai is the return of batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar who is likely to join the squad after missing two matches due to a finger injury. As a major setback for Mumbai, their wicket-taking machine Lasith Malinga returned to Sri Lanka on Saturday to undergo treatment for back spasms.

Punjab on the other hand have been inconsistent right through the tournament. In their last match they tried to put a fight against the fancied Royal Challengers Bangalore, courtesy a cameo played by Azhar Mahmood who made an immediate impact in his maiden IPL match. He is likely to be promoted up the order as David Hussey and Shaun Marsh would again have to play big knocks in the absence of Adam Gilchrist.

Players to watch for:

He looked in good touch in the last match, and given his day David Hussey the stand-in skipper for Punjab can single-handedly win the match for his side.

Azhar Mahmood was the star performer for his side in the last match and since he carries enormous experience of playing on Indian pitches, Harbhajan-led Mumbai Indians would be wary of his capabilities as an all-rounder.

The match begins at 4:00 pm

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