IPL 2012: Mumbai vs Deccan -- As it happened

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Mumbai : Mumbai Indians, led by Harbhajan Singh and Malinga’s superlative bowling effort registered an easy win by five wickets over Deccan Chargers at the Wankhede stadium on Sunday.

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Here is how the game panned out…

Mumbai Indians innings

Mumbai: 11.26 pm Over 19.1 MI: 101/4 That’s it, Rayadu pushes he full delivery towards cover and picks up 3 runs, with that Mumbai Indians register an easy win over hapless Deccan Chargers

11.24 pm Over 18 MI: 97/4 FOUR! for Rayadu, poor ball by Mishra, Rayadu plays it comfortably wide of long on. Then concedes a wide. bowls a short delivery, Rayadu picks it up again and hits FOUR! behind point. 14 runs off the over. Most expensive one of the match.

11.20 pm Over 17 MI: 83/4 Reddy strikes, Franklin OUT!!!. Reddy had bowled it across the seam down the legside, short slow one Franklin manages to get some gloves onto that. Just 2 runs off it.

11.13 pm Over 16 MI: 81/4 Amit Mishra’s over yields 4 runs. 20 needed off 24.

11.08 pm Over 15 MI: 77/4 Dan Christian brought back into the attack and concedes just 2 runs.

11.02 pm Over 14 MI: 75/4 Duminy drops one short and Sharma rocks back and cuts well behind point for a FOUR!. but next ball he skies one up in the air and gets OUT!!! for 42 runs.

10.58 pm Over 13 MI: 67/3 Last over for Steyn, and Franklin DROPPED by Amit Mishra. He makes a mess of a simple catch. Brilliant spell from Steyn comes to an end. 4-0-10-2.

10.53 pm Over 12 MI: 63/3 Sharma and Franklin doing it sensibly here picking up singles without much fuss.

10.49 pm Over 11 MI: 57/3 Ashish Reddy into the attack as Rohit picks up another FOUR! behind point.

10.45pm Over 10 MI: 52/3 Leggie Amit Mishra into the attack and rohit Sharma feels at ease here, 5 runs off the over.

10.40 pm Over 9 MI: 47/3 Last roll of the dice from Cameron as he brings back Dale Steyn, Sharma edges the first ball, falls short of Christian at first slip. OUT!!! Out swinger from Steyn and Karthik edges on to Parthiv Patel. Psychological wicket, Steyn got in a silly point for Karthik, the keeper expected a short ball but good length delivery got the better of Kathik.

10.33 pm Over 8 MI: 44/2 SIX!!! for Rohit Sharma. Class written all over it, short ball from Veer Pratap Singh and Rohit pulls it to the second tier of the stadium.

10.27 pm Over 7 MI: 35/2 Dan Christian starts off with a wide but gets in a good over, beating Rohit Sharma outside and inside off the bat.

10.21 pm Over 6 MI: 31/2 OUT!!! Tendulkar (14) perishes as Veer Pratap Singh gets a wicket. It was slightly on the shorter side, Sachin goes for the cut manages an edge, Christian takes a simple catch at second slip

10.16 pm Over 5 MI: 27/1 Steyn out off the attack as Dan Christian runs in to bowl. Sachin gets a FOUR! off a juicy half volley and he crashes it past mid off. 8 runs off it.

10.12 pm Over 4 MI: 19/1 First FOUR! for Mumbai as Rohit gets one wide of mid on. Good Movement off the pitch but Sharma tucks away a short delivery towers fine leg for another FOUR!.

10.07 pm Over 3 MI: 9/1 Testing time for Rohit Sharma as Steyn runs in hard. 2 runs off it.

10.00 pm Over 2 MI: 7/1 V Pratap Singh into the attack as concedes 6 runs off the over.

9.55 pm Over 1 MI: 1/1 OUT!!! ABSOLUTE RIPPER from Dale Steyn and the ‘big hitting’ Richard Levi’s stumps go for a walk in the park. Perfect first ball from Steyn as Levi gets all ends beaten. What a start, as Steyn produces three more beauties to Rohit Sharma, all whistling past the bat, quality pace bowling from Steyn.

Deccan Chargers innings

9.38 pm Over 19 DC: 100 all out DOUBLE WICKET OVER After couple of short stuff, Malinga employs a slower one and completely foxes Dale Steyn, who spoons a simple return catch to Malinga. Another slower one from Malinga and the last man V Pratap Singh goes for a duck. Malinga finishes with four scalps. Deccan Chargers 100 all out

9.32 pm Over 18 DC: 99/8 Inside edge for FOUR! and Munaf is not impressed with the positioning of the third man delivery and he expresses his anguish as he has been doing all along the tournament.

9.25 pm Over 17 DC: 90/8 OUT!!! Mishra 1 (6) spoons a catch to Franklin off the last ball off Malinga’s over.

9.21 pm Over 16 DC: 87/7 OUT!!! Slog overs in, Ashish Reddy 10 (10) perishes, little bit of width from Munaf and Reddy goes for a full blooded swing, thick edge, Rohit Sharma completes a good catch at mid off. Duminy gets FOUR! courtesy an inside edge wide of third man.

9.16 pm Over 15 DC: 82/6 FOUR! off the first ball for Duminy, short ball from Franklin and Duminy plays it to deep square leg boundary. 8 runs off the over.

9.07 pm Over 13 DC: 66/6 OUT!!! Stunning catch by Rohit Sharma as he plucks one out of thin air to dismiss the dangerous Dan Christian 5 (5). Bit wide from Franklin, Christian pounces on to that, goes on the back foot and slaps it with full might but Rohit gets both hands to it and completes an outstanding catch. Dan Christian stands there in disbelief, Deccan in deep trouble. Another gone, Bharat Chipli 1 (3) OUT!!! plays a mindless stroke, goes for the pull going across the right hander ,the ball hurries on to him, Bhajji takes a simple catch.

8.59 pm Over 12 DC: 64/4 OUT!!! Dhawan 29 (32) goes again after a good start, Dhawan comes down the track, missed the line of the ball, Karthik completes an easy stumping, Bhajji on a roll. FOUR! for Dan Christian first ball. But an outstanding spell from the skipper comes to an end.

8.56 pm Over 11 DC: 59/3 Franklin into the attack now, after three single and a dot ball, Dhawan sweeps and sweeps well wide of deep square leg for a FOUR!. Single of the last ball.

8.51 pm Over 10 DC: 51/3 Good display of off spin bowling by Bhajji, he is flighting the ball well and giving it a good rip a well.

8.46 pm Over 9 DC: 48/3 5 runs off the over and a big wicket. Deccan definitely under the pump first up, but Shikhar Dhawan is still in the middle.

8.42 pm Over 9 DC: 43/3 BIG BLOW Skipper Cameron White OUT!!! first ball. Short and wide from Malinga, it bounced a bit more than White anticipated, White played an upper cut straight down the third man, RP Singh’s throat.

8.38 pm Over 8 DC: 42/2 OUT!!! Bhajji back in the attack, and visibly frustrated Jaggi goes for a big heave, top edges the ball, a tumbling Munaf takes his second catch of the match. Bhajji had slowed it up in the air. Good over by Bhajji, 3 runs off it.

8.34 pm Over 7 DC: 40/1 Jaggi goes for an uppish drive off Munaf and Peterson dives and almost pulls of a stunner at short cover. Just 2 runs off the over.

8.29 pm Over 6 DC: 38/1 Last over of the powerplay, and OUT!!!. Parthiv Patel 19 (18) chips the ball straight to mid on, Munaf takes a simple catch. MIX UP in the middle, Dhawan cracks a powerful drive and takes off for a single, but Bhajji stops the ball and throws it to the strikers’ end as Dhawan tries to turn back from the middle of the pitch, Bhajji misses Dhawan survives. Just 2 runs off the over.

8.27 pm Over 6 DC: 37/1 Last over of the powerplay, and OUT!!!. Parthiv Patel 19 (18) chips the ball straight to mid on, Munaf takes a simple catch.

8.22 pm Over 5 DC: 36/0 Slinga from the Emerald Isle into the attack and Shikhar Dhawan squeezes a FOUR! off the first ball, full and wide delivery from Malinga, Dhawan makes contact with the bat, ball flies to third man boundary. Horrible running second ball though, Dhawan-Patel run for a non-existent single, if Rayadu had hit, Patel was gone for all money, Single off it.

8.17 pm Over 4 DC: 29/0 FOUR! for Dhawan off the first ball, text book straight drive from the southpaw, it was fullish from RP looking for some swing, Dhawan shows the full face of the bat, gets into position early and with perfect timing creases the ball past mid off towards long off boundary. Dot to end the over. 9 off it.

8.13 pm Over 3 DC: 20/0 Bad boy Munaf Patel into the attack and Parthiv gets the leading edge once again off the first ball, double off it. Second ball, Parthiv earns a FOUR!, again not convincing as he manages to hit the ball wide of square leg. Movement off the pitch hindering the leftie. Swing and a miss by Shikar off the last ball, Karthik spill an easy take, single off it, Munaf not impressed.

8.08 pm Over 2 DC: 12/0 Swing, seam and bounce for RP Singh first up. Parthiv Patel top edges the third ball for a SIX!!! over third man boundary. Short of length wide ball, Parthiv went for the pull a bit too early, got what he wanted, though not the way he would have intended. Single to end the over. 9 runs off it.

8.04 pm Over 1 DC: 3/0 Two close shouts for LBW by the skipper Harbhajan Singh as he concedes 3 runs off the opening over.

8.00 pm So, after a thriller at Kotla Mumbai promises to be cracker jacker of a match with Parthiv Patel and Shikhar Dhawan walking out to the middle with Harbhajan Singh with the ball in his hand.

Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh won the toss and elected to bowl first against Deccan Chargers at the Wankhede stadium on Sunday.

Deccan Chargers captain Kumar Sangakkara is sitting out for this match.

Mumbai Indians

R Levi, S Tendulkar, R Sharma, K Karthik (wk), A Rayudu, J Franklin, R Peterson, Harbhajan Singh (C), L Malinga, R Singh, M Patel

Deccan Chargers

P Patel (wk), S Dhawan, C White (C), D Christian, J Duminy, I Jaggi, B Chipli, Ashish Reddy, A Mishra, D Steyn, V Pratap Singh

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