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Thursday, August 07, 2014 

IPL 2012: Pune vs Hyderabad: As it happened...

Last Updated: Friday, April 27, 2012, 00:15
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IPL 2012: Pune vs Hyderabad: As it happened...Zeenews Sports Bureau

Pune: Deccan Chargers have finally registered their first victory of IPL 2012. Pune never looked like they were going to make a match of it. None of their batsmen tried to settle down and stabilize the innings. The run-rate kept soaring and towards the end, Ganguly’s boys fell short by 18 runs.

Scorecard »I Points table »

11: pm 20th over: 159/7 Pune need 26 from the last 6 balls. The first is a dot ball. And Thomas is run-out off the second ball! He once again failed to make a contact with the bat and ran for a bye as Parthiv hits the stumps. New batsman Bhuvneshwar Kumar guides the bouncer towards third man for a boundary. The next ball is swing and a miss. The fifth ball is played over extra cover for a couple. And the last ball produces a single. Deccan Chargers win by 18 runs.

11:32 pm 19th over: 152/6 Theron to continue. Manhas once again opens his shoulders and ends the over straight down the ground for a SIX!

11:27 pm 18th over: 141/6 Reddy to continue. Thomas scored a SIX in that over, 12 runs from it.

11:22 pm 17th over: 129/6 Theron comes back into the attack. Rusty begins with a full toss and Smith smacks it high over square leg for a SIX!! Theron bowls a yorker and Smith scores a single. Follows it with another yorker, single scored. Smith scores a single on the leg-side. Manhas on strike. He scores a single towards long-off. The dangerous Steven Smith departs! Smith hits a low full toss from Theron towards wide of long-on where Duminy takes a very good catch. And Manhas ends the over with a SIX, high over long-on!!

SPD Smith c Duminy b Theron 26 (13b)

11:13 pm 16th over: 111/5 Reddy to continue. The required run rate is very high and Smith is trying his best. He picks up the slower one and clobbers it straight down the ground for a SIX!!

11:09 pm 15th over: 101/5 Gony comes into the attack. Smith pulls one over square leg for a boundary.

11:02 pm 14th over: 91/5 Reddy to continue. And gets a wicket first ball, Uthappa is bowled! The ball landed outside the off stump as Uthappa tried to play an unorthodox shot towards third man and dragged the ball onto his stumps. Sangakkara misses a run out, Samuels survives, he was miles outside the crease. And Reddy ends the over with another wicket! Samuels departs for 3, caught at cover.

MN Samuels c Sangakkara b Ashish Reddy 3 (8b)

RV Uthappa b Ashish Reddy 29 (27b

10:56 pm 13th over: 88/3 Theron comes back into the attack. Two runs have come off the first five balls. The run rate is soaring. The last ball is driven for a single by Uthappa.

10:50 pm 12th over: 85/3 Ashish Reddy comes into attack. Uthappa opens the face of the bat at the last moment towards third man for a boundary. Seven runs from that over.

10:46 pm 11th over: 78/3 Mishra to continue. Good over, just 5 runs from it.

10:41 pm 10th over: 73/3 Gony comes back into the attack. Ganguly has been dropped by Duminy at point for 22, that was a sitter! Ganguly tried something like a dilscoop, that went high and landed short of the fielder. Ganguly is OUT!! It’s the second catch for Harris who takes a sharp catch at short cover.

Ganguly c (sub)Dan Harris b Gony 23(20b)

10:35 pm 9th over: 71/2 Mishra comes back into the attack. He bowls Ganguly on the leg and he sweeps it towards fine leg for a boundary. Now Mishra bowls a wayward ball to Uthappa, who guides it towards fine leg for a boundary.

10:30 pm 8th over: / Duminy brought back into the attack. Five runs from that over.

Time for strategic timeout.

10:26 pm 7th over: 53/2 Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Uthappa defends the first ball, then uses his feet off the second and clears long-off for a SIX! Nine runs from the over.

10:22 pm 6th over: 44/2 Rusty Theron comes into the attack. He begins with a low full toss on the off side and Pandey beautifully guides that towards third man for a boundary. Pandey tries to repeat the same shot as an inside-edge hits the stumps, Pandey is OUT! Uthappa is the new batsman. Theron bowls another yorker and Uthappa defends it back to the bowler.

MK Pandey b Theron 21 (20b

10:16 pm 5th over: 39/1 Manpreet Gony comes into the attack. Ganguly takes a single off the first ball. Three dot balls followed by a wide. The fifth ball hits Pandey’s bat as he rushes for a single. And what a shot by Ganguly! Makes some room and smashes the last ball straight down the ground, over the bowlers’ head for a SIX!!! Fabulous shot to end what was so far a very good over.

10: pm 4th over: 30/1 Duminy to continue. Pandey goes on one knee and clears the long-on boundary for a SIX!! Pandey attempts another short, ball goes high in the air and falls just short of the fielder at midwicket. 11 runs from the over.
10:05 pm 3rd over: 19/1 Sharma to continue. And Ryder goes inside-out over mid off for a boundary! And Sharma gets the breakthrough, Ryder departs! Soft dismissal, came down the track and was a touch early, caught at short-midwicket. Ganguly comes into the attack. Taps the first ball back to the bowler. Sharma bowls one on the leg-side and Ganguly easily clears the fine leg boundary.

JD Ryder c sub (DJ Harris) b Ankit Sharma 7 (6b)

10:02 pm 2nd over: 11/0 JP Duminy comes into the attack. Three singles off the first three balls. Pandey smacks the fourth delivery over the mid-off for a boundary. A dot to finish the over.

09:57 pm 1st over: 3/0 Ankit Sharma to bowl the first over. Just three runs from it.

Cameron White was the man who has provided the Chargers a great opportunity to open their account for this season. Pune need 178 to win from 20 overs and that should be a good chase ahead!

09:38 pm 20th over: 177/4 Thomas to bowl the final over. Jaggi on strike. He takes a single towards long-on. Duminy takes a couple towards fine leg. The third ball is played towards wide of third-man for a single. Jaggi attempts a dilscoop and manages to score three runs towards fine leg as a diving Ganguly dragged the ball inside the rope just in time. Duminy hits the fifth ball straight down the ground and manages to score a single due to some brilliant fielding from Steven Smith! The last ball produces a single.

09:32 pm 19th over: 168/4 Nehra to bowl the penultimate over. It’s a good over from Nehra as he manages to bowl some perfect yorkers. Six runs from that over.

09:27 pm 18th over: 162/4 Samuels brought back into the attack. Duminy comes into the attack! The first ball is clobbered over long-on for a SIX!! Duminy takes a single of the second ball. White is caught at deep cover, end of a terrific innings! 11 runs and a wicket in that over. Ishank Jaggi is the new batsman.

Cameron White c Alfonso Thomas b Marlon Samuels 78(46b)

09:22 pm 17th over: 151/3 Kumar comes back into the attack. Three singles followed by ANOTHER DLF MAXIMUM by CAMERON WHITE!! He is clearing the boundaries with ease, what a time to come back in form!

Time for a strategy break.

09:16 pm 16th over: 141/3 Sharma comes into the attack. White slashes hard on the first ball, takes a single. Duminy follows it with another single on the leg-side. White charges down the ground and produces another magnificent straight driver for a boundary! White makes some room this time and hits a massive Six over the covers!! And White again shimmies down the track and clobbers one straight down the ground for ANOTHER SIX!! Tremendous hitting by the right-hander. Takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. 19 runs from that over.

09:11 pm 15th over: 122/3 Ganguly brings Thomas back into the attack. Pune need a wicket here, White is looking dangerous. White easily takes a single towards long-off. Thomas bowls a slower one, no runs taken. Duminy takes a single towards square leg. A great yorker from Thomas and even a better straight drive from White, also brings his fifty in 35 balls! White takes a single towards long-off. Duminy fails to connect with the last ball as it beats Uthappa and runs for 4 byes! 11 runs from the over.

09:05 pm 14th over: 111/3 Samuels comes into the attacl. Dumny takes a single that brings the 100 for the Chargers! Three singles taken. White hits a lofted driver over extra cover for a terrific DLF maximum, great timing by the Australian! White is playing a magnificent knock here within no time.

09:02 pm 13th over: 99/3 Nehra comes into the attack. He begins with a dot ball, Duminy takes a single off the second. Nehra bowls a yorker, White takes a single. Duminy takes a single.

08:57 pm 12th over: 94/3 Sharma is back into the attack. Sanga charges down the track and an inside-edge crashes on to the stumps, the skipper has to go! Duminy is the new batsman. He gets off the mark with a single. White hits the next ball over Ryder at covers for a boundary. White takes a single. Duminy takes a single off the fifth delivery. White cuts the last ball towards point for a boundary. White is looking dangerous and he is hitting them well.

KC Sangakkara b Sharma 12 (14b)

08:51 pm 11th over: 83/2 Kumar is backed into the attack. White smashes the first ball towards long-off for a single. Sanga hits a lovely boundary over the covers! Sanga takes a single. White takes a quick single towards mid-on. Sangakkara lifts the penultimate delivery over the bowlers’ head for a single. White mistimes a shot off the last ball, still manages a boundary towards fine leg.

08:46 pm 10th over: 71/2 Samuels back into the attack. He begins with a wide delivery. Sanga begins the over with a single on the leg-side. White plays the ball with soft hands and takes a couple. White attempts a reverse-sweep, no runs scored. White takes a single off the next ball. Sanga takes a couple towards mid-on. Samuels ends the over with a yorker, no runs scored.

Time for the strategic timeout.

08:39 pm 9th over: 64/2 Sharma to continue. White gets into action, smacks the second ball over deep midwicket for half a dozen! Sharma makes a good comeback, follows the six with four dot balls.

08:36 pm 8th over: 58/2 Nehra brought back into the attack. White takes a single towards mid-off. The second ball is defended by Sanga on the off-side for no run. Sanga takes a single off the third ball towards third man. White takes a single towards point. Sanga follows it with a single towards gully. White ends the over with a single.

08:32 pm 7th over: 53/2 Sangakkara is the new batsman. Rahul Sharma comes into the attack. Just three singles from that over.

08:28 pm 6th over: 50/2 Kumar to continue. Patel takes a single off the second ball. White defends the third ball back to the bowler. Patel wanted a single off the fourth ball, sent back by White. White tries to make some room as the bowler follows him on the leg side, just a single taken. 50 up for the Chargers! Set batsman Patel departs, tries to clear the fielder at square leg, fails and Mithun Manhas takes an easy catch!

Parthiv Patel c Manhas b Bhuvneshwar 24(18b)

08:24 pm 5th over: 48/1 Thomas back into the attack. Cameron White is the new batsman. He begins with a ball on the leg stump and Patel flicks it towards fine leg for a boundary. Patel takes a single off the second delivery. White plays two dot balls in a row. White pulls and pulls well, the fifth ball rushes towards midwicket for a boundary. The last ball is defended for no run.

08:18 pm 4th over: 39/1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes into the attack. Three singles taken off the first three balls. Dhanwa guides the fourth ball towards third-man for another single. What a shot from Patel, flick a length delivery over square leg for a Six!!! And Pune have got their first breakthrough! Patel takes a risky single as Shikhar Dhawan is run-out.

S Dhawan run out 16 (11b)

08:14 pm 3rd over: 29/0 Samuels comes into the attack. Patel takes a single off the first delivery. Dhawan defends the second one. Dhawan charges down the track and Samuels drops a caught and bowled chance, the ball came straight towards him and he tried to catch it with one hand, could not connect. And what a way to end the over, Dhawan shimmies down the track and clobbers the last ball over wide off long on for the first DLF maximum!

08:11 pm 2nd over: 20/0 Alfonso Thomas comes into the attack. He begins with a ball on the leg-side, Dhawan plays it for a single. Patel follows it with another single. The third delivery is spot on from Thomas, Dhawan defends it for no run. Dhawan takes a quick single off the fourth delivery, played with soft hands and rushed for a single. Thomas bowls a beautiful yorker to Patel, he defends it for no run. Thomas appeals for an lbw off the last delivery, umpire isn’t interested.

08:06 pm 1st over: 16/0 Parthiv taps the first ball towards covers for no run. The second ball is guided towards the midwicket that runs for a boundary. Nehra offers width to Patel and its back to back boundaries for Hyderabad! The third ball hits Patel’s pad as Smith fires a direct throw at the non-striker’s end, which hits the stumps and goes for 3 byes. Dhawan on strike. And he gets off the mark with a beautiful back foot punch for another boundary towards the off-side. What an over it is turning for the Chargers! Dhawan ends the over with a single. Excellent start for Deccan Chargers.

Parthiv Patel and Shikhar Dhawan to open the innings for the Chargers. Nehra will bowl the first over of the innings.

Ganguly spins it and Sangakkara wins it. The Chargers have decided to bat first.

Yuvraj Singh is there to cheer for Pune Warriors!

In spite of having opened their account in IPL 2012, courtesy torrential rains, Deccan Chargers’ quest for their first victory continues as they face Ganguly-led Pune Warriors at Pune on Thursday.

The Chargers haven’t been able to come up with a comprehensive show against any opponent. They managed to get one point after five successive losses as their match against Kolkata Knight Riders on Tuesday was abandoned due to rain. Apart from Shikhar Dhawan, none of the batsmen have been able to play up to their potential and skipper Sangakkara hasn’t been able to capitalize on the starts he has got so far.

Pune Warriors, who lost to Delhi Daredevils in their last match would like to score a formidable total, as in spite of a 145-run partnership between Manish Pandey and Robin Uthappa, they managed to score just 146 runs at the end of 20 overs.

Players to watch out for:

Deccan Chargers: JP Duminy is a great asset for any side in the shorter format of the game. But so far the South African has played just one impressive knock and another one is due from him which could come against the Warriors. Dale Steyn is capable of single-handedly dealing with any batting line-up and if he gets going, Pune might definitely get into trouble.

Pune Warriors India: Manish Pandey got back into the rhythm in the last match after being promoted as the opener. Pune would want the right-handed to come up with a similar performance to thrash the Chargers who have been inconsistent in this season.

The match begins at 8:00 pm

First Published: Friday, April 27, 2012, 00:12



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