IPL 2012, Pune vs Rajasthan: As it happened...

Feroz Khan

Pune: Shane Watson scored 90* to lead Rajasthan to a comfortable win over Pune Warriors on Tuesday. Batting first, Pune Warriors scored 125/6 in their innings. Rajasthan surpassed it with seven wickets and 22 deliveries remaining.

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Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the Rajasthan innings

7:14 pm Over 17: That’s it! Rajasthan have registered an easy win against Pune by 7 wickets. Shane Watson seals the deal with a boundary towards long-on. Score: 126/3

7:11 pm Over 16: 9 runs from Clarke’s second over including a boundary towards fine leg. Score: 121/3

7:07 pm Over 15: Murali Kartik’s last delivery is a full toss outside off and Shane Watson plays it to deep extra cover for a boundary. 6 runs from the over. Score: 112/3

7:03 pm Over 14: Out! Michael Clarke comes into the attack and gets the wicket of Ashok Menaria. Clarke bowls one short and Menaria pulls it to deep midwicket boundary where Mithun Manhas is stationed to complete a simple catch. 3 runs and a wicket from the over.

6:58 pm Over 13: Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack. Bowls decently giving just 5 runs from his first five deliveries. However, Watson hits his last delivery over midwicket region for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Score: 103/2

6:54 pm Over 12: 6 singles from Mathew’s 3rd over. Score: 95/2

6:50 pm Over 11: Murali Kartik who was very expensive in his first over comes into to bowl again. It seemed as if he had put that behind until the last delivery when Shane Watson decided going straight down the ground hitting him for a maximum. 10 runs from the over. Score: 89/2

6:46 pm Over 10: Angelo Mathews continues from the other end. Rajasthan dealing in singles in this over. 6 singles from the over. Score: 79/2

6:40 pm Over 9: Fifty for Shane Watson in just 27 deliveries. 16 runs have been scored from Nehra’s 3rd over. Watson has raced to his fifty in the over by hitting tow boundaries towards fine leg and backward point. The last ball was deposited into the stands as Nehra again went wayward, bowling on the legs and Watson pulled it towards deep backward square leg for a six. 16 runs from the over. Score: 73/2

6:35 pm Over 8: Angelo Mathews introduced into the attack. Bowls a decent first over conceding just 3 singles. Score: 57/2

6:32 pm Over 7: Ashish Nehra continues from the other end and Ashok Menaria gets a lucky boundary after poking at a delivery outside off getting a thick outside edge. 5 runs from the over. Score: 54/2

6:26 pm Over 6: Out! Parnell removes Dravid. He has deceived him with a slower one as Dravid checks his shot at the last moment to lob one in the air as Michael Clarke accepts a dolly at extra cover. 8 runs from the over. Score: 49/2

6:21 pm Over 5: Dravid and Watson have scored a boundary each from Ashish Nehra’s first over. The first of it came from the bat of Dravid clipped towards backward square leg boundary. The second again dismissed towards the same area via a pull. On both occasions, the line was poor from the bowler. 12 runs from the over. Score: 41/1

6:15 pm Over 4: Kumar continues from the other end and concedes 8 runs including a boundary at long-on by Watson. Score: 29/1

6:07 pm Over 3: Flying Smith at it again! It was a brilliant over for Rajasthan as Shane Watson was hitting the ball all over the park having collected a six over long-on, a boundary towards third man. Then came the last ball of Murali Kartik’s first over and he hit it towards long-on. Steven Smith was stationed there and he grabbed the ball with both hands. However, the momentum took him beyond the rope and he threw the ball back into play but failed to do so. However, he caught it again and threw it back in a flash. It was given a six as per rules, a fielder cannot throw the ball back once it has crossed the ropes. 16 runs from the over. Score: 21/1

6:03 pm Over 2: Out! Bhuvneshwar Kumar strikes in his first over. A stunner from Steven Smith as he dives forward to grab the ball inching towards the ground. It was bowled wide and Ajinkya Rahane cuts it but flying Smith takes another blinder to end his innings for a duck. A wicket and just 1 run from the over. Score: 5/1

5:58 pm Over 1: Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane on crease as Wayne Parnell will open up the bowling for Pune. Not a big total on board to defend. Dravid glances one to fine leg for boundary to open his account. Just a boundary from the over. Score: 4/0

Highlights from the Pune innings

Over 20: Out! Shaun Tait has castled Mithun Manhas. He departs after scoring 10(9). Tait gets his yorker bang on target. Manhas tries to thwack one away but the pace gets the better of him as the ball uproots the off stump. A wicket and just 3 runs from the over. Pune Warriors have posted 125/6 in 20 overs. Rajasthan have kept it tight, fielded well and managed to restrict Pune to a low score.

5:35 pm Over 19: Shane Watson last over goes for 9 runs. Mithun Manhas manages to send one past the point region for a boundary. Score: 122/2

5:29 pm Over 18: Out! Steven Smith’s good fortune brings bad luck for Angelo Mathews. Smith goes for a slog but ends up getting a top-edge that falls safely between two fielders at mid-off. Meanwhile, Owais Shah fires the ball straight to the bowlers’ end and shatters the stumps directly from there. Mathews is well short of his crease and leaves the park after scoring 11(12b). A wicket and 7 runs from the over. Score: 113/2

5:25 pm Over 17: How badly Pune need boundaries is evident from the frustration of Steven Smith who shouts after missing a chance to send one past the keeper. The ball was though given as a wide. Watson’s third over goes for 7 runs. Score: 106/4

5:17 pm Over 16: Steven Smith finally manages to send one past the ropes. Johan’s forst delivery is a fuller one that Smith powers beyond the extra cover fence for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Score: 99/4

5:14 pm Over 15: Rajasthan have strangled Pune’s batsmen for runs. They are trying but cannot find the elusive boundary. Stuart Binny’s third over goes for just 4 runs. Score: 91/4

5:10 pm Over 14: In walks Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews. Botha bowls another good over conceding just 4 runs. Score: 87/4

5:06 pm Over 13: Out! Shaun Tait comes charging in to bowl his second over of the match and gets the wicket of Robin Uthappa. Pune have lost their fourth wicket. Uthappa tried playing one on the off-side but got a thick outside edge that was caught easily by keeper Dishant Yagnik. He leaves after scoring 13 (19). A wicket and 4 runs from the over. Score: 83/4

5:02 pm Over 12: Out! Botha strikes for Rajasthan. Anustup Majumdar has been bowled by the South African to end his innings at 30(20) in his debut game for Pune. Majumdar had hit Botha for a boundary over extra cover in the previous delivery. The next he charged down the track and failed to read the line as the ball crash-landed on the leg-stump. 7 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 79/3

4:57 pm Over 11: Majumdar opens up his arms and dispatches Chavan for two sixes. The first one was a typical T20 slog as the batsman got down one on knee to send the ball sailing over long-on. The next six came off the last delivery of the over as Majumdar skipped down the track playing it over deep midwicket for a maximum. 16 runs from the over. Score: 72/2

4:53 pm Over 10: Pune will have to pick up from here as they are going at a very slow rate. At the moment it stands at 5.6 rpo. 6 runs from Trivedi’s second over. Score: 56/2

4:47 pm Over 9: Stuart Binny continues from the other end. Another tight over from the Royals. Pune are going really slow in their innings. Just 5 runs from the over. Score: 50/2

4:43 pm Over 8: Siddharth Trivedi comes in to bowl his first over of the innings. 7 runs from the over including a wide. Robin Uthappa and Anustup Majumdar are in the middle for Pune. Score: 45/2

4:39 pm Over 7: Out! Stuart Binny introduced into the attack and gets the wicket of Michael Clarke in his first delivery. He has trapped him in front of the wickets. He goes after scoring 16 (18). A wicket and 3 runs from the over. 38/2

4:34 pm Over 6: Out! Sourav Ganguly has been put out of his misery by Shaun Tait. He attempts a pull on a Tait’s bouncer that balloons up in the air to be caught by Chavan at square leg. He departs after scoring 14 (18). 7 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 35/1

4:26 pm Over 5: Dropped! Shaun Tait fails to catch one at deep fine leg. Watson bowled a short one and Ganguly while trying to duck, top edged it. Tait came in running but failed to hold on to the catch. 6 runs from the over. Score: 28/0

4:20 pm Over 4: Fourth over of the innings and Dravid introduces Johan Botha into the attack. Fourth bowler used already by the former India batsman. Sourav cuts one to the deep backward boundary four. 7 runs from the over. Score: 22/0

4:15 pm Over 3: Shane Watson replaces Chavan. Michael Clarke breaks the stalemate and scores the first boundary with a fine leg glance towards fine leg. 8 runs from the over. Score: 15/0

4:10 pm Over 2: Right-arm fast Shaun Tait into the attack and bowls a good over giving away just 1 run. Score: 7/0

4:06 pm Over 1: A quiet start. Six runs from the first over for Pune Warriors including a wide. Score: 6/0

4:01 pm: Sourav Ganguly along with Michael Clarke will be opening the innings for Pune Warriors India and face left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan.

3:35 pm: Pune Warriors captain Sourav Ganguly won the toss and elected to bat first against Rajasthan Royals on Tuesday.

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