IPL 2012: Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians -- As it happened

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Jaipur: 11:20 pm Over 18 MI 163/0 WIDE from Watson and with that Mumbai Indians register a massive morale boosting 10 wickets victory over Rajasthan Royals courtesy Dwayne Smith’s solid knock off 87 ably supported by Sachin Tendulkar (58)

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11:19 pm Over 18 MI 162/0 The scores are level now, 7 runs off the over.

11:15 pm Over 17 MI 155/0 FOUR!!! for Tendulkar, majestically driven, full pitched delivery and Sachin gets his expansive drive, classic stuff from the maestro.

TIMEOUT: Well, what for really … this has been the perfect practice match for Mumbai for their upcoming game in the playoffs against Chennai, they seem to have got the opening combination right and Sachin seems to have got into the T20 groove.

11:08 pm Over 16 MI 149/0 FIFTY for Sachin in 44 balls. Rajasthan drop Smith again. Ordinary fielding from RR, this time Tait and another FOUR!!! from Smith, Trivedi drags it down leg side, Smith whips it from his legs.

11:04 pm Over 15 MI 140/0 Fiancé from Smith and FOUR!!!, drives it to covers. Next ball, long hop from Hogg and Smith dispatches it to midwicket fence for another FOUR!!! with power.

11:00 pm Over 14 MI 130/0 two wides from Tait, and FOUR!!! from Smith, again, spectacular shot, short ball and Smith slaps it to midwicket. It was a tennis forehand shot from the West Indian.

10:55 pm Over 13 MI 119/0 Stuart Binny into the attack now, and FOUR, too short from Binny, a slower one and Sachin muscles it over covers splitting the gap in the deep. FOUR!!! sloppy again in the deep as Smith takes his front foot out of the way and clubs it to long on, the fielder makes a mess of it.

10:51 pm Over 12 MI 105/0 OUT!!! Smith top edges a length ball, Sid Trivedi takes a good return catch but WAIT….. It is a front foot no-ball, again. After Malinga it’s Trivedi now, so FREE HIT, and a long hop , Sachin pulls it away wide of deep square leg. 100 up for Mumbai.

10:46 pm Over 11 MI 95/0 SIX!!! Chandila back into the attack and Smith greets him with a massive hit over deep midwicket. Second ball, in the slot again and another SIX!!!, this one bigger than the first one, same area though. FIFTY for Smith in just 34 balls. 16 runs off the over.

10:41 pm Over 10 MI 79/0 FOUR!!! for SRT, lucky one at that, he went for the scoop, realised the ball was a bit short, top edges the ball straight behind the keeper.

TIMEOUT: This is the best opening stand for Mumbai after experimenting with 13 opening pairs, and more importantly Smith looking ominous in the middle. Tait has gone for runs, also Sid Trivedi. Watson needs to do a Kulkarni.

10:36 pm Over 9 MI 72/0 Flick of the wrist from Smith and FOUR!!!, a tad short from Sid Trivedi, Smith picks up the length early, shuffles across and just flicks it over deep square leg , incredible shot.

10:32 pm Over 8 MI 66/0 Tendulkar looks to sweep Hogg, gets a top edge and Watson puts down a very tough catch.

10:27 pm Over 7 MI 57/0 Sid Trivedi into the attack, and he is off radar, 2 wides and one of them runs away to the boundary.

10:22 pm Over 6 MI 44/0 FOUR!!! for Tendulkar as he sweeps Hogg wide of backward square leg off a fullish delivery on the leg side.

10:17 pm Over 5 MI 39/0 Tait starts off with a wide as Smith goes for a half pull, Rahane and Chandila slow to react as ball falls safely. Smith flashes again and sloppy fielding in the deep gives him FOUR!!! . Another FOUR!!! for Smith this time over deep square leg, he pulls again without much time and the ball rolls over the rope.

10:13 pm Over 4 MI 27/0 Good over from Watson, beats Smith’s bat a couple of times but Smith flashes hard at an outside off length ball and gets a FOUR off the last ball.

10:08 pm Over 3 MI 21/0 FOUR!!! for Tendulkar, out of the manual, he leans into the pitched up delivery from Tait and caress it past the extra cover. Tait bowls three wides as well.

10:03 pm Over 2 MI 12/0 Watson into the attack now, FOUR!!! for Smith, fine leg up in the circle, Watson drifts it down the leg side, Smith waited for the ball and just clips it past the short fine.

10:00 pm Over 1 MI 8/0 SIX!!! by Dwayne Smith, clean as a whistle straight into the sight screens off the tossed up delivery. Chandila gamble not working for Dravid?


For the stats, Rajasthan Royals have never lost a game scoring over 160 runs in the first innings and here at the Sawai Mansingh stadium, Royals posted a competitive 162 runs in the allotted 20 overs courtesy a breezy innings of 30 runs off 17 balls by Stuart Binny and Shane Watson 45 (36). Owais Shah (28) and Ashok Maneria (20) provided the late imputes to the innings after Dhawal Kulkarni, playing his first IPL match of the season, bowled a good spell first up to keep the RR run rate in check. Kulkarni finished with impressive match figures of 4-1-18-3.

After putting themselves into bat, the Rajasthan Royals had an early stutter as Dhawal Kulkarni got some bounce out of the track. He got rid of Rahul Dravid in his first over, the second of the match courtesy a short and wide delivery which the veteran went about chasing only managing an edge straight to keeper. From there on, Kulkarni bowled a good line beating Shane Watson’s bat a couple of times. Man in-form Ajinkya Rahane was the next batsmen to go as he tried to pull Kulkarni, failing to get the elevation as Rohit Sharma took a sharp catch at short mid on.

At that time RR were 31 for 2 in 6 overs and the momentum was shifted into the hosts favour by Stuart Binny as he pummeled one Harbhajan Singh over right after the time out for 22 runs. Watson then joined in with a massive six in the 11th over. They got their 50-run partnership but Binny ran himself out in the next over and Watson was cleaned up by Pollard two overs later. Owais Shah and Ashok Maneria though stuck in the middle getting the occasional boundary and with swift running between the wickets took the Rajasthan total past the 160-run mark in 20 overs.


9:41 pm Over 20 RR 162/5 FOUR!!! Wrong line from Malinga, outside leg stump, D Yagnik clips it to square leg fence. Next ball, slower one from the slinger and OUT , great trickery from Malinga, as Yagnik gets fooled by the slower one as he scoops the ball up in the air, Malinga takes the catch. Rajasthan
Royals end with 162/6 in the allotted 20 overs.

9:33 pm Over 19 RR 151/5 OUT!!! Good reflex catch from Kulkarni, as Maneria chips a full delivery straight to the bowler, Kulkarni takes a good low catch.

Menaria c and b Dhawal Kulkarni 21(20) [4s-1 6s-1]

9:28 pm Over 18 RR 144/4 CLEAN BOWLED Maneria gets super delivery, 140 kmph Yorker from the slinger but WAIT… that was a front foot no-ball from Malinga and now a FREE HIT, another Yorker and Maneria digs it out on the off side for a single.

9:22 pm Over 17 RR 136/4 FOUR!!! for Maneria, slices the wide full pitched delivery wide of third man. SIX!!! of a no-ball as Maneria, guides the short and wide delivery up and over third man. FREE HIT, just a single off it. Good Yorker last ball, 16 from the over.

9:17 pm Over 16 RR 120/4 FOUR!!! for Owais Shah as he top edges one high up, Malinga DROPS it as the ball goes over the rope. Last ball, Shah picks the ball from his pads and whack over deep square leg for SIX

TIMEOUT: Watson`s wicket definitely the big one as Mumbai will be pleased with the proceedings so far. But they would be vary of Shah and Shah would be vary of Malinga as well.

9:10 pm Over 15 RR 106/4 Bhajji comes back into the attack and concedes just 2 runs.

9:06 pm Over 14 RR 104/4 SIX!!! for Watson, massive one, slower one from Pollard and Watson picks it from outside off and thwarts it over deep mid wicket. 100 for Royals with a wide. FOUR!!! Watson, with fine leg up, Pollard drags the ball to the leg side, Watson makes contact, easy picking for the batsman. Last ball, top edge and OUT!!!. A tad short , Watson goes for the pull, does not time it well, Smith takes an easy catch at deep midwicket.

Shane Watson c Dwayne Smith b Pollard 45(36) [4s-4 6s-2]

9:01 pm Over 13 RR 91/3 James Franklin into the attack and concedes 7 runs off the over.

8:57 pm Over 12 RR 85/3 OUT!!! Binny runs himself out , Binny dabs the ball and takes off for the run, is sent back by Watson, Pollard meanwhile charges towards Binny and with some fancy footwork hits the stumps and that does the trick.

Binny run out (Pollard) 30(17) [4s-3 6s-2]

8:51 pm Over 11 RR 83/2 SIX!!! for Watson, brute force as he muscles the ball over deep midwicket fence. That is the FIFTY run partnership with that six for the duo.

8:47 pm Over 10 RR 74/2 9.1 Watson sweeps powerfully to deep square leg for 2 runs. 9.2 Binny charges down the track, checks his shot, plays it rather well for FOUR!!! at backward point. 9.3 FOUR!!! again for Binny as he chips the ball over to long off boundary. 9.4 Dot ball. 9.5 SIX!!! for Binny, down on one knee picks the middle and leg ball over fine leg fence. 9.6 exquisite shot for FOUR!!!, Binny carves the tossed up delivery through the offside towards cover point fence. 22 runs off the over.

TIMEOUT: Not the level of intensity one would associate with IPL here at Jaipur, the crowd response has been lukewarm so far, Rajasthan playing it cautiously so far as Mumbai look very much relaxed.

8:41 pm Over 9 RR 52/2 Dwayne Smith into the attack, 4 runs off the over.

8:38 pm Over 8 RR 48/2 SIX!!! for Binny, a big hoick to the cow corner off Bhajji. Width on offer for the all rounder, tossed up delivery, Binny extracts the maximum out off it.

8:34 pm Over 7 RR 40/2 FOUR!!! for Watson, pitched up delivery, Watson drills it past mid off. Another FOUR!!! just a flick over the in-field wide of long on off a pitched up delivery on middle and leg.

8:29 pm Over 6 RR 31/2 OUT!!! In-form Ajinkya Rahane out, sharp catch by R Sharma at short mid-on. Short ball from Kulkarni asked to be put away, Rahane goes for the pull, but straight to Sharma. 2nd wicket for Kulkarni.

Rahane c Rohit Sharma b Dhawal Kulkarni 13(17) [4s-2]

8:24 pm Over 5 RR 31/1 Malinga into the attack, 5 runs off the over.

8:19 pm Over 4 RR 26/1 FOUR!!! for Watson off the lat ball. Pitched up delivery outside off, Watson goes up and over covers, mishit goes for the boundary. 8 runs off the over.

8:15 pm Over 3 RR 18/1 FOUR!!! for Rahane, length ball just fraction short, Rahane flicks it towards square leg fence. Poor fielding by Lasith Malinga, another FOUR!!! for Rahane. Leg side ball from RP, Rahane flicks it towards short third man, Malinga makes a mess of it. Last ball, a bit off confusion as Rahane takes off for a single palying a gentle dab to short mid off, is sent back by Watson, Rahane puts in the dive.

8:10 pm Over 2 RR 9/1 OUT!!! Right-arm medium Dhawal Kulkarni playing in place of Munaf Patel bowls the second over of the match and picks up Rahul Dravid. Short and wide from the Kulkarni, Dravid chases the ball, gets a thick edge straight to keeper Karthik.

Dravid c Dinesh Karthik b Dhawal Kulkarni 5(5) [4s-1]

8:05 pm Over 1 RR 7/0 FOUR!!! for Dravid as he plays across the line a punches the good length ball wide of square leg. RP Singh starts off the proceedings for Mumbai Indians conceding 7 runs including a wide.

Toss: Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid won the toss and elected to bat first against Mumbai Indians at the Sawai Man Singh stadium.

Rajasthan Royals

R Dravid (C), A Rahane, S Watson, O Shah, A Menaria, D Yagnik (WK), S Binny, G Hogg, S Tait, S Trivedi, A Chandila

Mumbai Indians

S Tendulkar, R Sharma, K Karthik (WK), J Franklin, A Rayudu, D Smith, K Pollard, Harbhajan Singh (C), S Malinga, R Singh, D Kulkarni

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