IPL 2012: RCB vs KKR: As it happened...

Updated: Apr 29, 2012, 00:14 AM IST

Kolkata: Gayle started hitting his big blows too late, only when the required run rate reached 24 runs per over. While Gambhir played a captain’s knock, the result once again shows that Bangalore hugely rely on one or two players to win the match for them.

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11:29 pm 20th over: 143/6 Shukla comes to bowl the last over. He hits one straight down the ground for another boundary! It is a DOT BALL! And Gayle departs, he tries to smash a delivery that was wide, nicked it and McCullum took a good catch. Last ball of the innings. It’s a dot ball and KKR win by 47 runs!

Chris Gayle c McCullum b Shukla 86(58b)

11:25 pm 19th over: 138/5 Bhatia comes into the attack. Gayle hits a DLF Maximum way over long-on for a MASSIVE SIX!! That came just off one hand from Gayle. Another length delivery is played towards covers for a boundary. AND AGAIN! It might be too late, but the crowd at the Edden Gardens is witnessing some late fireworks by Chris Gayle. This time he smacks one straight down the ground for another SIX!! And even the last ball is clobbered over long-off for ANOTHER HUGE SIX!! 23 RUNS FROM THE OVER!

11:20 pm 18th over: 115/5 Narine comes into the attack. Gayle takes a single off the first ball. He bowls a little bit quicker and the ball comes into the right-handed and crashes onto his stumps!

MA Agarwal b Narine 10 (13b

11:16 pm 17th over: 111/4 Kallis comes back into the attack. Gayle charges down the track and hit sit over extra cover for a one bounce four. Kallis bowls on the pads and Gayle guides it towards wide of fine-leg for another boundary. 50 up for Gayle from 42 balls. Two boundaries followed by two dot balls. The fifth ball was on the leg side and Gayle guided it towards fine-leg for another boundary. The last ball produces a single.

11:10 pm 16th over: 98/4 Lee to continue. Gayle hits a full-toss over long-on for a SIX!! Lee bowls another full-toss and Shukla on the off-side does well to stop it just for one run.

11:05 pm 15th over: 87/4 Narine replaces Bhatia. Brilliant over, just two runs. Narine is troubling them with his variation.

11:02 pm 14th over: 85/4 Lee comes back into the attack. He begins with a steaming bouncer as Mayank gets down just in time. A leading edge from Mayank’s bat rushes pass third man for a boundary.

10: pm 13th over: 78/4 Bhatia to continue. Bhatia bowls short to Gayle and he smashes it over long-on for a SIXX! Tiwary gets into action. He opens his shoulders and sweetly times Bhatia over long-off for another DLF Maximum!! Tiwary is OUT!! Tries to hit over long-on, mistimes and the ball goes towards Gambhir who takes and easy catch towards point. Mayank Agarwal comes into the attack.

Saurabh Tiwary c Gambhir b Bhatia 19(22b)

10:52 pm 12th over: 63/3 Narine comes into the attack. Four singles from that over.

10:48 pm 11th over: 59/3 Rajat Bhatia comes into the attack. Gayle attempts a big shot and fails to connect. Gayle takes a single off the second ball. A very good over, just three runs from it.

10:44 pm 10th over: 56/3 Kallis to continue. The first ball is played for a single. Gayle charges down the track off the fourth delivery and clears the leg-side boundary. Nine runs from that over. Gayle has been kept quite for quite some time.

Time for the strategic timeout.

10:36 pm 9th over: 47/3 Pathan to continue. He begins with three dot ball. Gayle takes a single off the fourth ball. The fifth ball is a dot ball as well, Lee at short fine leg does well on that occasion. The last ball is tapped back to the bowler. Just one run from it.

10:33 pm 8th over: 46/3 Kallis to continue. The first ball is defended on the leg-side for no run. The second ball cut towards deep backward point for a boundary. Kallis appeals for a loud LBW, denied by the umpire. Eight runs from the over.

10:28 pm 7th over: 38/3 Pathan comes back into the attack. Good over from Pathan, just three runs from it.

10:24 pm 6th over: 35/3 Kallis comes into the attack and Kohli is OUT!! Kohli isn’t happy as the KKR camp goes berserk!!! And now Kallis is ON A HAT-TRICK!!!! De Villiers departs for a first-ball-duck!! No hat-trick for Kallis as the new batsman Saurabh Tiwary defends the ball. An excellent over from Kallis comes to an end.

V Kohli lbw b Kallis 18 (19b)

AB de Villiers c Shukla b Kallis 0 (1b)

10:18 pm 5th over: 32/1 Narine comes into the attack. The first ball turned in and was defended by Kohli for no run. The second ball is a dot ball as well. A caught behind appeal by KKR, the umpires are having a long chat and they are not going upstairs! Four dot balls in a row. Make it five as Kohli still can’t find the gap. The last ball produces a single towards square leg.

10:12 pm 4th over: 31/1 Lee to continue. Kohli hits a magnificent cover drive for a boundary. Lee again offers width to Kohli and he cuts it towards deep backward point for another boundary. Kohli takes a single off the last ball.

10:08 pm 3rd over: 22/1 Pathan to continue and Gayle gets into action. He stands tall inside the crease and smacks Patahn over deep midwicket for a SIX!!! Gayle has been dropped by Narine for 12 There were four players getting under the ball and Narine who got under it, finally dropped it as the ball spilled out of his hands.

10:04 pm 2nd over: 9/1 Brett Lee comes into the attack. Seven runs from that over.

10:00 pm 1st over: 2/1 Yusuf Pathan to bowl the first over. And he gets the breakthrough. The dangerous Dilshan is OUT!! Briliant over from Pathan, just two runs and a crucial wicket!

TM Dilshan c Bhatia b Pathan 1 (3b)

RCB need to chase a formidable total of 191 runs off 20 overs. They have the batsmen who can do the job for them.

09:41 pm 20th over: 190/4 Kumar to bowl the last over. Pathan on strike. He takes a single off the first ball. Kallis is caught at fine-leg off an excellent catch by Harshal Patel! But Kallis has also done a commendable job! Pathan gets into action! Length ball clobbered over midwicket for a massive SIX!!! He scores a single towards long-off. Tiwary takes a single. Last ball off the innings, Pathan on strike. The last ball is a full-toss and Pathan is caught at deep square leg.

Kallis c Patel b Vinay Kunar 41(27b)

Yusuf Pathan c Dilshan b Vinay Kumar 7(4)

09:36 pm 19th over: 181/2 Zaheer to bowl. Gambhir takes a single. WHAT A SHOT by Kallis! Easily clears long-off with a powerful hit!! Kallis takes a single. Gambhir is caught at long-off! A magnificent innings comes to an end! He has thoroughly entertained the crowd. And Kallis hits another INCREDIBLE SHOT OVER DEEP MIDWICKET FOR A SIXXXX! What a shot by the legend! Zaheer is being smashed. Khan ends the over with a dot ball!

G Gambhir c Appanna b Khan 93 (51b)

09:31 pm 18th over: 167/1 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. Kallis take a single off the first ball. Gambhi hits the ball high in the air and it falls short of the fielder as a single is taken. Kallis scores a couple off a full-toss by playing it straight down the ground. Kallis takes a single. Kumar is bowling well in this over, he is bowling consistent Yorkers. Gambhir takes a single off the last ball.

Kallis 28*(22) Gambhir 92*(49b)

09:26 pm 17th over: 160/1 Patel comes into attack. Well Gambhir is UNSTOPPABLE!!! Patel tries a short delivery which is dispatched for ANOTHER DLF MAXIMUM!! And now Kallis joins the party! He deposits a length delivery over long-on for a SIXXX!!! Well it might take a while to find the ball, or the umpires will have to find another one to resume the match. Kallis takes a single off the last delivery.

09:20 pm 16th over: 144/1 Vettori to bowl. Gambhir is on FIRE!! He hits a full toss towards backward square leg for another DLF maximum!

09:17 pm 15th over: 134/1 Zaheer comes back into the attack. The first ball takes a leading edge from Kallis’ bat and flies pass third man for a boundary. Kallis takes a single. Zaherr attempts a Yorker which becomes a low full-toss and Gambhir manages just a single. Zaheer deceives Kallis with a slower one. Gambhir ends the over WITH A SIX OVER MIDWICKET!! SUPERBBB SHOT!

09:09 pm 14th over: 121/1 Patel brought back into the attack. AB de Villiers and Gautam Gambhir have been exchanging a lot of words since the very beginning of the match! Good over from Patel, five runs from it.

09:05 pm 13th over: 116/1 Dilshan back into the attack. Gambhir charges down the track and scores a boundary towards deep midwicket as a diving Vinay Kumar fails to get to the ball.

09:01 pm 12th over: 107/1 Apanna comes back into the attack. Gambhir gets to his fifty off just 28 balls Gambhir shimmies down the track and lofts Apanna over deep midwicket for another DLF maximum!! Eleven from the over.

08:57 pm 11th over: 96/1 Vettori to continue. McCullum sweeps and scores a boundary towards sqaure leg!! McCullum is hitting his Kiwi mate, this time he scores a boundary towards cover. Vettori has the last laugh, McCullum is BOWLED! He tries to make some room as a faster delivery hits the stumps. Kallis is the new batsman.

Nathan McCullum b Vettori 43(37b)

08: pm 10th over: 87/0 Harshal Patel comes into the attack. Gambhir welcomes him with a massive six over deep midwicket! Super shot! Gambhir takes a single off the second ball. McCullum defends the first ball back to the bowler. Patle bowls a slower one an inside-edge goes for a boundary towards fine-leg. McCullum takes a couple towards deep extra cover. The last ball produces a single.

08:48 pm 9th over: 73/0 The RCB skipper is back into the attack. McCullum defends the first ball. Vettori offers some width and McCullum makes some room, smacks it towards vacant deep midwicket area. And again! He charges down the track and hits it flat towards long-off for another boundary. Two boundaries followed by three dot balls.

Time for a strategy break.

08:45 pm 8th over: 65/0 Dilshan comes into the attack. Gambhri gets some room and he cuts it towards deep backward point for a boundary. Gambhir is looking dangerous. Gambhir again charges down the track as Dilshan stops the ball. Gambhir takes a single towards deep midwicket. McCullum attempts a reverse sweep and it straight away gets him a boundary! Good shot that, he is known to play plenty of unorthodox shots! The RCB camp has been complaining to the umpires about the wet ball, it was once rejected by Aleem Dar, the umpires are having a look at it once again. A loud lbw appeal has been rejected McCullum takes a single off the last ball.

08:38 pm 7th over: 55/0 Kumar to continue. Gambhir tries to guide the first ball towards third-mand, faisl as an inside edge goes to de Villiers. This time it a short delivery and Gambhir smashes it over deep midwicket for a boundary, that also brings the 50 for Kolkata Kumar again bowls a slower one and this time Gambhir fails to make any contact. He takes a single of the fifth ball. McCullum pulls the last ball towards wide of long-on where Zaheer gets to the ball and a misfield produces four runs. Very poor fielding from Khan.

08:31 pm 6th over: 46/0 Apanna to continue. Two dot balls. McCullum takes a quick single. Gambhir has walked off to the umpire and has complained about something. Gambhir hits a juicy full-toss towards leg-side for a boundary. Gambhir takes a single. McCullum defends the last ball.

08:26 pm 5th over: 40/0 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. McCullum defends the first ball. McCullum hits the ball in the air and it falls just short of Vettori at mid-on. Kumar bowls a short ball to Gambhir and he pulls it towards square leg for a boundary. Dot ball. Gambhir on the second occasion fails to clear the off-side boundary. Gambhir scores a couple off the last ball.

08:20 pm 4th over: 33/0 Left-arm spinner Apanna comes into the attack. He begins with two WIDE balls. Gambhir defends the first ball and shimmies down the track to the second and deposits it towards deep midwicket for a boundary. Gambhir takes a quick single towards mid-on. McCullum follows it with another single. Gambhir once again comes down the tracks and scores a couple as the fielder at wide of long-on is a bit sloppy. Gambhir defends the last ball.

08:16 pm 3rd over: 23/0 Khan to continue. He offers width to Gambhir who cuts it towards wide of third-man where Harshal Patel does a commendable job to dive and get to the ball but it spills out of his hands at the last moment. Gambhir hits a leg glance for another boundary. Gambhir dropper by Gayle at Gully for 13 Gayle got his left hand to the ball, but could not hold on to what would have been a very good catch. Khan ends the over with three dot balls.

08:11 pm 2nd over: 13/0 Vettori comes into the attack. Begins with two dot balls. The third delivery is a dot ball as well, he isn’t giving any room to his team-mate. McCullum takes a single off the fourth delivery. Gambhir takes a single. McCullum defends the first ball, misfield by Kohli at mid-on, but the two batsmen don’t take a single. Brilliant over from the skipper!

08:07 pm 1st over: 11/0 Gambhir and McCullum to open the innings, Zaheer has the bowl in his hands. And a great start by McCullum, guides the first delivery towards fine leg for a boundary. He defends the third one back to the bowler and doesn’t pick up the third ball which is a slower one and lands into the hands of the wicket-keeper. McCullum takes a couple. McCullum takes a single off the fifth delivery. Gambhir on strike for the first time in this innings. And what a shot! The skipper cuts the ball towards point for a boundary.

7:41 pm TOSS: Kolkata have won the toss and they will bat first!

Both the sides, in spite of being formidables ones, had to share a point each with their opponents in their previous outings. And thus when Kolkata Knight Riders take on the Royal Challengers Bangalore on their home ground at the Eden Gardens, both the sides would look to register a victory and move up in the points table.

KKR are ranked second in the points table ahead of RCB who also have 9 points but Kolkata is ranked second on the basis of a better run rate.

When the two teams faced each other on 10TH April, Kolkata registered their fist victory of this season as they thrashed the hosts by 42 runs. The Challengers will be looking to get even with the Knight riders on their home ground this time.

Players to watch out for:

Kolkata Knight Riders: Form in not something which eludes the South African legend Jacques Kallis for long. The all-rounder hasn’t been able to come up with a match-winning performance and Bangalore could be the opponent he is looking for.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Just like Kallis, Virat Kohli who had been phenomenal with his bat for Team India, hasn’t been able to live upto the expectations of his fans. Thus he would like to join the likes of Gayle and de Villiers to post a formidable total.

The match begins at 8:00 pm