IPL 2012: RCB vs Punjab: As it happened…

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Mohali: Well easy it might look, but Bangalore were reeling at 25/3. Two sensible innings from Gayle (87) and AB de Villiers (52) made sure that they don’t panic. It was the 131-run partnership between the two which sealed the victory for the Challengers.

20th over: 166/5 Mahmood to bowl the last over. McDonald takes a single off the first ball. Vettori follows it with another one on the leg-side. McDonald hits the winnings runs in style. Length ball from Mahmood and he clears the cover area for a boundary. RCB win by 5 wickets.

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19th over: 160/5 Chawla comes comes into the attack. And now AB de Villiers perishes! Another fine knock comes to an end. The ball nipped in after pitching as AB was waiting for the turn. Vettori is the new batsman. RCB need 4 runs off the last six balls.

AB de Villiers lbw b Chawla 52 (39b)

11:23 pm 18th over: 157/4 Awana comes into the attack. Gayle welcomes him with a boundary on the off-side. Awla bowls a NO Ball to Gayle Not the wisest of things to do at this stage. Bowls short and Gayle smacks him on the leg-side for SIX!! The next delivery beats the man at second slip and runs towards third-man for a boundary. Gayle is gone!! What a catch by David Hussey! But it might be too late for Punjab. Length delivery and Gayle looked to smash it on the off-side Hussey took a one hand catch to dismiss the danger man.

Gayle c David Hussey b Awana 87(56)

11:16 pm 17th over: 140/3 Mahmood is brought back into the attack. Bangalore need 32 runs from 24 balls. Gayle plays the first delivery for a single. Mahmood bowls a good yorker to di Villiers for no runs. An inside-edge produces two runs for RCB. Mahmood bowls another dot ball. The next ball, AB moves across to make some room, Mahmood bowls a full-toss, AB plays a reverse sweep for a boundary.

11:09 pm 16th over: 132/3 Praveen Kumar comes into the attack. Begins with a wide, which is well collected by Saini who dived on his left to stop a boundary. Bowls a half-volley to Gayle who smashes it over PK’s head for a one bounce four! That went like a tracer bullet!! Boundary is followed by a DLF maximum!! That’s way into the crowd! Hope that doesn’t hurt anybody. Pressure on Praveen Kumar. 100-run partnership from 62 balls between these two players.

Gayle 72*(50b) de Villiers 46*(32b)

11:02 pm 15th over: 116/3 Chawla comes into the attack. Three runs from the over.

10:58 pm 14th over: 113/3 Harmeet Singh bowls a full-toss to Gayle who smashes it over the bowlers head for a massive six!! De Villiers now pulls him towards fine-leg for another boundary. Good over for Bangalore, 15 runs from it.

10:53 pm 13th over: 98/3 Mahmood to continue. De Villiers hits inside out shot for a boundary. Slower ball from Mahmood, de Villiers opens the face of the bat for a boundary. And follows it with a sweep towards deep fine leg for another boundary. The South African is scoring boundaries at will here.

10:48 pm 12th over: 86/3 Harmeet Singh to continue. He bowls a full-toss to Gayle who smashes to towards wide of long-off for a boundary.

10:44 pm 11th over: 76/3 Mahmood comes into the attack. He was brilliant with the bat today, can he also pick up a few wickets here? Decieves Gayle with two slower deliveries. 50 run partnership between Gayle and de Villiers

10:40 pm 10th over: 72/3 Harmeet Singh comes into the attack. De Villiers smashes one towards extra cover for a boundary. He follows it with a straight drive, same result, four runs. Superb timing from the South African. Harmeet then bowls a short ball which is played on the leg side for a couple. de Villiers escapes a run-out chance

10:34 pm 9th over: 60/3 Chawla to continue. Gayle gets into action, the first DLF maximum for RCB flies straight down the ground! 12 runs from the over.

Gayle 38*(31b) de Villiers 11*(9b)

10:30 pm 8th over: 48/3 Harmeet Singh into the attack. No boundaries in that over.

10:25 pm 7th over: 39/3 Chawla comes into the attack. Can he pick another one for Punjab? Tight over, three runs from it.

10:22 pm 6th over: 36/3 Awana to continue. And another one bites the dust! Tiwary this time. It was premeditated from Tiwary who came down the track and a leading edge went in the air and was caught by the wicket-keeper. Bangalore are in trouble. AB de Villiers is the new batsman. Gayle and de Villiers need to build up a partnership here. AB punches one off the back foot for three runs as Valthaty makes a brilliant fielding effort at midwicket. Gayle is hitting them into the gaps now. This time he times it between cover and mid of.

Saurabh Tiwary c Saini b Awana

10:16 pm 5th over: 25/2 Kumar to continue. The bowlers have so far managed to keep Gayle quiet. Seven runs from the over.

4th over: 18/2 Awana to continue. Another tight over, just one run from it.

10:07 3rd over: 17/2 Kumar to continue. Offers width to Gayle, who cuts it for a boundary. Gayle follows it with another one on the leg-side. Gayle survives a tough chance Marsh is electric on the field. Leading edge flies towards Marsh at point who takes it on one bounce. Again a great fielding effort.

10:02 pm 2nd over: / Parwinder Awana to bowl from the other end. And he gets Mayank Agarwal! Length ball, hits his pad before he could get a bat to it. Kohli is the new batsman. Gets off the mark with a boundary at third man, thick outside edge and he guides it for 4! Awana now gets Kohli!! What a start it has been from Awana. Shaun Marsh takes a good sharp catch. Great start from the young fast bowler! Scalps two in his first over.

V Kohli c Marsh b Awana 4 (4b

MA Agarwal lbw b Awana 1 (3b

09:57 pm 1st over: 3/0 Chris Gayle to opening the innings with Mayank Agarwal. Praveen Kumar has the ball in his hands. Good over from Kumar.

Mahmood has scored 33 runs from just 14 balls. 69 runs were scored from the last 6 overs, as Mahmood turned out things for Punjab. He made sure that Punjab reach a competitive total. Now they can think to give some fight to Bangalore, who have a very strong batting line-up.

09:35 pm 20th over: 163/6 Kumar to bowl the final over. Mandeep Singh is on strike. Mandeep Singh perishes!, he fails to pick up the slower delivery and hits it in the air at long off where Kohli takes an easy catch. Mahmood is on strike. And he smashes for a DLF maximum!, beats the man at long-off, uses all his power for a six! Mahmood follows it with a single. Chawla is on strike. Can he score some boundaries? Yes he does, beats the man at deep, executes a perfect pull shot! Two balls to go. Two more to go. Chawla hits another towards deep midwicket for a couple. Last ball. Manages just a couple. Bangalore need 164 runs to win

09:29 pm 19th over: 149/5 Khan into the attack. Tough chance missed Mandeep Singh hits in the air and it falls short of Mayank Agarwal. Great effort from the youngster!

09:24 pm 18th over: 139/5 Kumar comes into the attack. Width offered by Kumar and Mahmood guides it towards third man for another boundary. Follows it with a couple. The crowd has gone berserk here. Width offered by Kumar and Mahmood slashes hard, the ball travels towards third man for a boundary.

09:19 pm 17th over: 125/5 Patel to continue. Mahmood clears the gap between long off and extra cover for a boundary. Mahmood hits a six over backward square leg for a maximum! Can he continue the momentum?

09:14 pm 16th over: 112/5 Azhar Mahmood is the new batsman. Vettori comes into the attack. Doesn’t give away a boundary.

09:10 pm 15th over: 105/5 Patel to continue. Gayle drops Hussey for 34 Hussey charges down the track and a leading edge goes to third man and Gayle spills it running backwards. Mandeep Singh is the new batsman. Hussey has decided to target Patel. He bowls a ball on the pads and Hussey flicks him towards fine leg for a boundary. Patel has the last laugh. Hussey is bowled! Slower delivery from Patel, as Hussey charges down the track, fails to connect and the middle stump is uprooted!

DJ Hussey b Patel 41 (34b)

09:03 pm 14th over: 94/4 McDonald in his final over. Gets another wicket for the last delivery. Miller tries to clear Zaheer Khan at cover as the ball sticks into his hands.

David Miller c Khan b McDonald 8(13b)

08:58 pm 13th over: 89/3 Patel brought into the attack. He continues to bowl short to Hussey and the fourth delivery is smashed towards square leg for a boundary. Punjab need boundaries here. They cannot afford to post a paltry total against Bangalore.

08:54 12th over: 80/3 Vettori to continue. An lbw appeal by Vettori, rejected by the umpire. Replays suggest that the ball pitched in line. Six off the over.

08:51 pm 11th over: 75/3 McDonald to continue. He continues to bowl a tight line. Five runs from it.

08:48 pm 10th over: 70/3 Vettori to continue. Hussey scores a boundary towards square third man.

Time for the first strategic timeout.

08:44 pm 9th over: 64/3 McDonald to continue. Marsh is bowled! Tries to guide a length delivery towards third man, fails and its timber! Good comeback by the bowler after he was hit for a dozen on the previous ball by the same batsman. David Miller is the new batsman.

Shaun Marsh b McDonald 26 (17b)

08:38 pm 8th over: 57/2 The skipper Vettori comes into the attack. Six runs from it.

08:30 pm 6th over: 41/2 David Hussey is the new batsman. Harshal Patel comes into the attack. Hussey gets off the mark with a single. Marsh hits two elegant drives for boundaries. Hussey punches the last delivery straight for another boundary. Three boundaries, good over for Punjab.

08:26 pm 5th over: 27/2 Zaheer Khan to continue. Valthaty gets off the mark trying to clear the cover area, doesn’t time well, scores a couple. The next delivery is smacked towards extra cover for a boundary. This should give him some confidence. Valthaty plays two good strokes but fails to clear the gap. Valthaty’s out for 6 Last delivery, pitched full, Valthaty tries to clear mid off as the ball safely lands into the hands of de Villiers. Khan has sent both the openers back to pavilion.

Valthaty c de Villiers b Khan 6(12b)

08:21 pm 4th over: 20/1 Kumar to continue. Kumar bowls a half-volley and Marsh hits a beautiful drive, elegant shot from the left-hander. Valthaty has played six balls and is yet not off the mark. Kumar ends the over with a good bouncer.

08:17 pm 3rd over: 15/1 Khan to continue. Saini departs! Saini was living dangerously and he tried to make some room as another inside edge crashed onto the stumps. Marsh is the new batsman. Tight over by Zaheer, five runs and a wicket for him.

Nitin Saini b Khan 14(12b)

08:11 pm 2nd over: 10/0 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. First delivery on the pads, flicked towards deep square leg for a couple. Another delivery on the pads, this time Saini flicks it with great timing for a boundary on the leg-side. Three dot balls to end the over. Good comeback by the bowler.

08:06 pm 1st over: 3/0 Zaheer Khan to begin for Bangalore. Valthaty and debutant Nitin Saini open for Punjab. An inside-edge goes for a couple of the first delivery. Good start from Zak, 3 runs from it.

So Azhar Mahmood gets a game. He has played a lot of cricket in India and is well aware of the conditions.

Surprisingly Andrew McDonald has replaced Dilshan.


Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Andrew McDonald, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Saurabh Tiwary, Mayank Agarwal, Arun Karthik(w), Daniel Vettori(c), Harshal Patel, Vinay Kumar, Zaheer Khan

Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI): Paul Valthaty, Nitin Saini(w), Shaun Marsh, Mandeep Singh, David Hussey(c), David Miller, Azhar Mahmood, Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Harmeet Singh, Parvinder Awana

Toss: Hussey spins it and Vettori wins it. RCB have decided to bowl first.

Big blow for Punjab, Gilly has been ruled out for three weeks due to the injury. David Hussey to lead the side in his absence.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab to be played at Mohali.

Now since the Challengers are back to winning ways, they will be looking forward to put up a formidable show against Kings XI Punjab who haven’t been in the rhythm of late.

In spite of having Australians like Gilchrist, Marsh and David Hussey by their side, Punjab have been unable to live up to the expectations of their fans. The match against Bangalore will be a tough one for them as they would be playing without their skipper, who is recovering from a slight hamstring tear. With reports of the owners not being interested in the team anymore, it is the right time for Punjab to click as a unit and silence their critics.

Players to watch out for:

RCB: Dilshan who replaced spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan in the last match did not make a healthy contribution. He gave away 24 runs in the two overs he bowled and was out for just 4 runs. Thus a big one is due from him and the Punjab players would be wary of it.

AB de Villiers The number one ODI batsmen had a rough patch for two matches, but he showed his class in the last match against Pune Warriors where he hit Nehra for two sixes that sealed the win for Bangalore. The South African will like to continue with same heroics.

KXIP: Azhar Mahmood might be the right candidate to be a part of the playing eleven in the absence of Gilchrist. He has been playing regularly in the country cricket and the Mohali crowd shouldn’t be surprised if the former Pakistan all-rounder entertains them with his all-round skills.

Duo of Shaun Marsh and Hussey In the absence of their veteran team-mate, these two will have huge responsibilities on their shoulders. Hussey in particular has failed to produce a spectacular performance, which he often does, while playing for his national team. Marsh on the other hand would also be expected to make a significant contribution with the bat.

The match begins at 08:00 pm.

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