IPL 5 Qualifiers : Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils -- As it happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan/ Zeenews Sports Bureau

Pune: 11:22 pm Over 20 DD: 144/7 FOUR!!! : off the first ball by Pathan as he dispatches a long hop to backward square. OUT!!! Negi out, stumped by McCullum off Narine. Another goes down, Morne Morkel out, going away from him, scoops the ball to extra cover. And with that, Kolkata Knight Riders win by 18 runs and go into the IPL final for the first time.

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11:18 pm Over 19 DD: 137/6 OUT!!! : Taylor flicks and straight down the throat of Pradeep Sangwan at deep square. That probably is the game for KKR. Negi gets a FOUR off the last ball

11:12 pm Over 18 DD: 130/5 SIX!!! : CLUBBED by Ross Taylor, he moves way outside off stump and hammers it over deep midwicket. 33 off 12 balls.

11:09 pm Over 17 DD: 120/5 OUT!!! : Venugopal Rao goes,13 runs off 22 balls, tried to muscle a short ball, doesn’t time it, Rajat Bhatia takes the catch at extra cover. Just 3 runs off the over given away by Kallis, superb over.

11:02 pm Over 16 DD: 117/4 FOUR!!! : for Negi, Shakib bowled it in the blockhole, Negi digs it out for a boundary behind point. 8 runs from the over.

TIMEOUT: Jayawardene’s wicket has put KKR ahead at this point of time but no Ross Taylor yet for Delhi with 5 overs remaining. This could a tactical error that might cost Delhi the match.

10:56 pm Over 15 DD: 109/4 OUT!!! : Mahela Jayawardene out, stumped by Iqbal Abdulla. It is not Ross Taylor but Pawan Negi who comes out to bat.

Mahela Jayawardene st Brendon McCullum b Iqbal Abdulla 40(33) [4s-6]

10:50 pm Over 14 DD: 105/3 : Shakib into the attack and a tight over, 5 runs off the over.

10:47 pm Over 13 DD: 100/3 : Second over from Sunil Narine and just 5 runs off it.

10:45 pm Over 12 DD: 95/3 FOUR!!!: Dilscoop from Jayawardene. 7 runs off the over.

10:41pm Over 11 DD: 88/3 OUT!!! : long hop from Rajat Bhatia, wide of off stump and Ojha cuts it upplishly, straight to Gambhir at point. FOUR for Jayawardene, supreme placement, as he dabs the ball between backward point and short third man.

Naman Ojha c Gambhir b Bhatia 28(28) [4s-4 6s-1]

10:35 pm Over 10 DD: 83/2 FIFTY : run partnership off 43 balls for Ojha and Jayawardene. FOUR!!! Jayawardene, good shot, he waited for the ball and cuts it in the gap between point and backward point. FOUR!!! off the last bal las well and an eye pleasing lob straight over the bowlers’ head.

10:32 pm Over 9 DD: 73/2 FOUR!!! : for Ojha, good placement as he comes down the track and cuts well wide of deep extra cover. Another FOUR for Ojha, this time leg side, pulls the short delivery wide of deep square. 11 runs off the over.

10:28 pm Over 8 DD: 62/2 : 5 singles of the Iqbal Abdulla over.

TIMEOUT: Two crucial wickets for KKR means they are in the drivers’ seat but Jayawardene has the class to tackle the spin attack but Taylor would have to produce a Pathan like innings.

10:23 pm Over 7 DD: 57/2 : Short stuff by Kallis, gives away a FOUR!!! , streaky boundary off an edge for Ojha.

10:18 pm Over 6 DD: 49/2 : Just 2 runs off the Sunil Narine over.

10:15 pm Over 5 DD: 47/2 FOUR!!! : for Jayawardene, charges down the track and cuts the short ball on the move.

10:08 pm Over 4 DD: 40/2 FOUR!!! : for Jayawardene, skills from the Sri Lankan as he lofts the ball inside out over extra cover. FOUR!!! for Ojha as well, similar shot, inside out over covers. SIX!!! by the keeper, charges down the track and hits it clean as a whistle over the bowler’s head. 15 runs off the over.

10:07 pm Over 3 DD: 25/2 OUT!!! : Big wicket, Sehwag out ,as the skipper tries to cut the fuller ball, gets the edge, McCullum takes his second catch, Balaji gets the wicket. Balaji seems to have pulled a hamstring, but manages to finish the over.

10:04 pm Over 3 DD: 24/2 OUT!!! : Big wicket, Sehwag out ,as the skipper tries to cut the fuller ball, gets the edge, McCullum takes his second catch, Balaji gets the wicket.

Sehwag c Brendon McCullum b Balaji 10(7) [4s-1]

10:01 pm Over 2 DD: 24/1 FOUR!!! : Spin into the attack, Shakib comes to bowl. FOUR!!! for Delhi as the ball turns sharply, beats Warner and keeper. SIX!!! by Warner, gets down on one knee and hoists it over long on. OUT!!! , Warner gone, not a good decision by umpire Billy Doctrove, The ball flicks his pads McCullum catches the ball.

Warner c Brendon McCullum b Shakib Al Hasan 7(6) [6s-1]

9:56 pm Over 1 DD: 11/0 FOUR!!! : for Sehwag off an outside edge, Little room outside off, Sehwag flashes and flashes hard, the ball flies over the slip cordon for a boundary. 2 wides by Balaji, 11 runs off the over.

Yusuf Pathan and (40 off 21b) and Laxmi Ratan Shukla (24 off 11b) powered Kolkata Knight Riders to a strong total of 162 on a slow turning track of the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Pune on Tuesday against Delhi Daredevils i nthe first qualifier of the IPL 5.

9:35 pm Over 20 KKR: 162/4 FOUR!!! : Well hit by Shukla, low full toss, Shukla gets it past extra cover. Pathan DROPPED by Warner and SIX!!!, straight out of Warner’s hand. FOUR!!! off the next ball and Pathan lofts the past extra cover. FOUR off the last ball as well, Shukla digs out the blockhole delivery towards deep square leg boundary

9:30 pm Over 19 KKR: 141/4 FOUR!!! : for Shukla, yorker from Morkel, Shukla gets his front leg our of the way and shoots it over extra cover. SIX!!! off the second ball, long handle from Shukla, picks the slower ball and clubs it in front of square.

9:26 pm Over 18 KKR: 126/4 FOUR!!! : for Shukla, short ball from Yadav, Shukla comes down the track clobbers it wide of deep midwicket and long off. FOUR!!! for Pathan as well off the last ball, full toss from Yadav and Pathan hits it to deep midwicket.

9:23 pm Over 17 KKR: 115/4 SIX!!! : for Yusuf Pathan, Length ball, Yusuf picks it up straight over long on. 9 runs off the over.

9:20 pm Over 16 KKR: 106/4 : OUT!!! Kallis tries to pull and finds Ross Taylor in the deep. 7 runs off the over.

9:15 pm Over 15 KKR: 99/2 : Good over from Aaron, 7 runs off the over.

9:06 pm Over 14 KKR: 92/3 : OUT!!! , Sakib Al Hasan chases a wide one, gets faint edge, Pathan gets wicket.

9:01 pm Over 13 KKR: 88/2 SIX!!! : McCullum smokes it over mid wicket, going down on one knee. OUT!!! , McCullum charges down the track and tries to hit it over long off but the tossed up delivery turns away from him, Warner takes a good catch at mid off.

8:56 pm Over 12 KKR: 81/1 FOUR!!!: Kallis clips the leg side ball fine and gets a boundary. Poor line from Yadav. 10 runs off the over.

8:53 pm Over 11 KKR: 71/1 FOUR!!!: Lot of spin for Negi, 3 runs off the Negi over.

8:50 pm Over 10 KKR: 68/1 FOUR!!!: for Kallis, lucky one, short ball from Pathan and Kallis pulls without timing, Taylor charges in from deep square to take the catch, falls short and gives away a boundary instead. Pathan injures his finger, length ball, Kallis hits it straight to Pathan his drops it, hits his hands and there is blood, not the bowling hand though, resumes the over and concedes 7 runs off the over.

TIMEOUT: Good start by KKR, but Gambhir wicket would please Delhi, but the way Pawan Negi’s first ball spun square; batting on this pitch is going to be tough and with three spinner stacked up by KKR they would be happy with a score of 150 from here

8:41 pm Over 9 KKR: 61/1 : Good over from Negi, just 6 runs off the over.

8:38 pm Over 8 KKR: 55/1 : 4 singles off the Pathan over.

8:35 pm Over 7 KKR: 51/1 : Spin for the first time, Negi into the attack and concedes just 3 runs.

8:31 pm Over 6 KKR: 48/1 SIX!!!!: off the third ball from Gambhir, short ball again from Aaron and Gauti clubs it over deep square leg. And OUT!!! , Gambhir run out, big wicket, Venugopal Rao hits the bullseye from mid off. Gambhir was backing up too far, McCullum sends him back, Gauti short off his crease.

8:24 pm Over 5 KKR: 36/0 FOUR!!!!: Gambhir getting into the groove, similar shot to what he attempted the previous over. Four for him over extra cover.

8:20 pm Over 4 KKR: 28/0 FOUR!!!!: Aaron into the attack, Gambhir walks down the track and drives the ball over extra cover.

8:15 pm Over 3 KKR: 20/0 FOUR!!!!: to p edge to the boundary for the New Zealander, short ball from Morkel, McCullum cuts and gets a boundary.

8:10 pm Over 2 KKR: 14/0 SIX!!!!: for Gambhir off Umesh Yadav, short ball, Gauti goes for the pull and connects and flies over fine leg boundary.

8:05 pm Over 1 KKR: 5/0 FOUR!!!!: for McCullum as Pathan starts off the proceedings for DD. Pitched up delivery. McCullum comes down the track and slams it over the bowler’s head.

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected bat first against Delhi Daredevils in the first qualifier of IPL edition 5 here at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Pune on Tuesday.

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Gautam Gambhir(c), Brendon McCullum(w), Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Debabrata Das, Rajat Bhatia, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Sunil Narine, Iqbal Abdulla

Delhi Daredevils (Playing XI): Virender Sehwag(c), David Warner, Mahela Jayawardene, Ross Taylor, Venugopal Rao, Naman Ojha(w), Irfan Pathan, Pawan Negi, Morne Morkel, Varun Aaron, Umesh Yadav