IPL: Delhi vs Mumbai: As it happened...

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Mumbai: Mumbai: Delhi Daredevils beat Mumbai Indians by 7 wickets. Surprisingly skipper Harbhajan Singh did not bowl a single over as Delhi chased down the target with ease.

15th over: 93/3 Pollard comes into the attack. Delhi need just six runs. Both the batsmen are making sure that they don’t lose any more wickets. They both take their side to a 7-wicket win over Mumbai, who had a forgettable day in the field today.

Scorecard I Match Report

Mahela Jayawardene 17* (20) Ross Taylor 11* (10b)

10:54 pm 14th over: 87/3 Munaf comes into the attack. He bowls an accurate line for the first four deliveries. The fifth one is a bounces as Taylor pulls it for a boundary.

10:49 pm 13th over: 80/3 Ojha continues. Sehwag departs! Sashays down the track and tries to hit over long-on, but this time Levi holds on to a very high catch. It might be too late for Mumbai though. Taylore is the new batsman. Opens his account with a couple. Jayawardene plays a late cut for another couple.

Sehwag c Levi b Ojha 32(36b)

10:44 pm 12th over: 74/2 McKay continues. Jayawardene flicks the last delivery for a boundary towards deep square leg. Good timing by him on that occasion.

10:40 pm 11th over: 67/2 Ojha to continue. Nine runs from that over.

10:37 pm 10th over: 58/2 McKay to continue. Rohit Sharma misses a runout chance Sehwag pushes the first delivery for a quick single as Rohit Sharma fails to hit the stumps. A direct hit and Sehwag was gone! A leading edge from Jayawardene’s bat lands safely He tries to play the ball on the leg side as a leading edge fall short of fielder at mid-on.

Sehwag 26(30b) Jayawardene 2(7)

Time for first strategic timeout for Mumbai.

10:30 pm 9th over: 53/2 Ojha to continue. Jayawardene is the new batsman. Just one run from that over.

10: 28 pm 8th over: 52/2 RP Singh comes into the attack. Sehwag is dropped by Levi at third man Width offered by Singh, Sehwag went for the cut and Richard Levi drops a sitter! How much would that hurt Mumbai who are already defending a paltry total. Sehwag scores a boundary as he drives pass mid-off for a boundary. Pietersen out!! RP Singh bowls a short delivery as Pietersen fails to connect from the middle of the bat and is caught at midwicket! Big breakthrough! Mumbai need some more of those.

KP Pietersen c Jacobs b Singh 9 (8b)

10:23 pm 7th over: 44/1 Pragyan Ojha comes into the attack. Sehwag fails to read a wrong one from Ojha, Karthik collects the ball, that was close. Charges down the track next ball, smashes it towards long on for a couple. Last three deliveries, Sehwag charges down the track as Ojha deceives him with the flight. Three dot balls to end the over.

10:18 pm 6th over: 41/1 RP Singh continues and picks a wicket straight away! Short delivery from Singh, takes a top edge and lands safely into the hands of Harbhajan. Pietersen is the new batsman. Gets off the mark with a pull that produces two runs. Little bit of width offered by Singh and in-form Pietersen cuts one towards point for a boundary. Great shot!

Naman Ojha c Harbhajan b Singh 13(15b)

10:13 pm 5th over: 34/0 Clint McKay playing in his first IPL comes into the attack. An outswinger to begin with, Sehwag defends it. Ojha pulls a short one towards deep square leg for a boundary. And pulls again to the same area, this time for three runs. Sehwag ends the over with a boundary. There was no fine leg in place, the ball drifted on the leg side as Sehwag guided it towards the vacant area for another four. Good over for Delhi, 12 runs from it.

10:08 pm 4th over: 22/0 RP Singh to continue. Ojha drifts down the leg side and guides the first ball for a boundary at fine leg. There’s a slip in place for RP Singh. Singh appeals for a lbw decision, turned down by the umpire. It was an inside edge. Good over from Singh, four runs from it.

10:05 pm 3rd over: 18/0 Munaf to continue. Four leg byes for Delhi as a wayward delivery thuds off Sehwag’s pads. Sharma at deep gully saves a definite boundary, Bhajji applauds the commendable effort. Munaf ends the over with a good bouncer.

Mumbai would be missing Malinga who is not playing because of a back problem.

10:00 pm 2nd over: 14/0 RP Singh to bowl from the other end. He is shaping the ball into the batsman, most of them. Six runs from the over.

09:54 pm 1st over: 8/0 Ojha gets a single off the third delivery to bring Sehwag on strike. And the skipper gets off the mark with a SIX!! Munaf offers a little width, and Sehwag slashes it over the two fielders at backward point for a DLF maximum! The last ball took an inside edge of Sehwag’s bat and was restricted to a single by the fielder at the short third man. Munaf isn’t happy though, he thinks that could have been taken.

Naman Ojha and Sehwag to open the innings. Munaf Patel will open the bowling attack for Mumbai. The hosts will have to get some early wickets to stay in the hunt.

Mumbai Indians innings: It is the lowest score of IPL 2012 so far. Five bowlers were used by Sehwag and all of them picked up wickets at regular intervals. Delhi need 93 runs to win in 20 overs and with the likes of Sehwag, Taylor, Jayawardene and Pietersen, it should be a cakewalk for them.

09:36 PM 20th over: 92 ALL OUT Agarkar to bowl the final over. And Mumbai Indians are all out for just 92 runs. Agarkar bowls a length delivery as Ojha tries to make some room, fails and is clean bowled!

PP Ojha b Agarkar 3 (12b)

09:34 pm 19th over: 92/9 Umesh Yadav continues. Munaf Patel is the new batsman. Ojha and Munaf somehow survive the penultimate over. Three runs from it.

09:31 pm 18th over: 89/9 Morkel continues. Ojha takes a single of the third ball and now Bhajji is on strike. The field has been spread out for him. And he still manages to find a boundary! Morkel attempts a yorker, which ends as a low full toss and Bhajji smacks it towards for a boundary on the leg-side. That almost went for a SIX. Bhajji perishes as Morkel bowls a short delivery that takes an inside edge and Naman Ojha takes a sitter. A small cameo from Mumbai Indians skipper comes to an end.

Harbhajan Singh c Ojha b Morkel 33 (22b)

09:25 pm 17th over: 83/8 Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. Good over. Ojha fails to connect with the bat for three balls as a no ball flies over the wicket-keeper’s head for a single. Bhajji comes on strike. Fails to pick up a slower one and doesn’t make contact with the bat. Mumbai need some boundaries here. Bhajji is their only hope.

09:20 pm 16th over: 80/8 Morkel to continue. RP Singh tries to make some room as a length delivery from Morkel uproots the off stump! A maiden over and a wicket! Brilliant stuff from Morkel.

RP Singh b Morkel 0(4b)

09:15 pm 15th over: 80/7 Pathan to continue. McKay perishes as he tries to clear the long off boundary and Umesh Yadav takes a good diving catch.

Clint McKay c Yadav b Pathan

Time for second strategic time out.

09:07 pm 14th over: 75/6 Nadeem brought back into the attack. Harbhajan plays a late cut and produces another boundary towards third man. Nadeem doesn’t pick any more wickets for the time being.

Harbhajan Singh 24* (14b) Clint McKay 6*(11b)

09: 04 pm 13th over: 69/6 Pathan comes into the attack. Harbhajan Singh is lucky enough as umpires turn down a lbw appeal by Pathan. It hit Harbhajan on the toe and that looked close. Another boundary for Harbhajan as an inside edge flies pass the wicket-keeper towards third-man for a boundary.

08:59 pm 12th over: 62/6 Agarkar continues. Harbhajan finally hits the first DLF maximum for the Mumbai Indians! Top shot! Clobbers a length delivery over mid on for a SIX!! Bhajji smashes the next delivery straight down the ground for a boundary. Bhajji is hitting them well. And now he guides the last delivery wide of point for another boundary. That’s the shot of the day. Good over for Mumbai, courtesy Harbhajan Singh!

08:55 pm 11th over: 45/6 Umesh Yadav continues. Harbhajan plays an awkward short first ball. Karthik gone! They are collapsing like a pack of cards. Yadav bowls a short one as Karthik tries to pull, fails, and Pietersen at mid-on takes a very easy catch. Clint McKay is the new batsman.

Dinesh Karthik c Pietersen b Umesh Yadav 3(4b)

08:50 pm 10th over: 43/5 Agarkar continues. And now the only hope for Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma departs. Gets a leading edge and Taylor at deep square leg boundary takes another catch. Sharma wasn’t looking comfortable at the crease. Harbhajan Singh is the new batsman. Three runs from the over.

Rohit Sharma c Taylor b Agarkar 29 (27b)

Time for first strategic time out.

08:44 pm 9th over: 40/4 Umesh Yadav replaces Morkel. The danger man departs! Pollard heaves across the line and is caught by Ross Taylor who came running from sweeper cover. Good catch and a bad shot by Pollard keeping in mind the current situation. Three runs from the over and Mumbai are in huge trouble now.

Kieron Pollard c Taylor b Yadav 1(3b)

08:39 8th over: 37/3 Ajit Agarkar comes on to bowl for the first time in IPL 2012. Big mix up between Rayudu and Sharma as Rayudu is run-out. Rayudu wanted a single as he was sent back by Sharma, Nagar misses the stumps but by the time Rayudu could reach back to the striker’s end, the fielder throws it back and he is gone! Another top edge from Sharma’s bat goes for a boundary at third-man. He’s living dangerously. Another run-out chance missed. That was some over!

Ambati Rayudu run out 4(11b)

08: 34 7th over: 30/2 Morkel continues to bowl with extreme pace. Another top edge from Sharma’s bat goes for a boundary at fine leg. Few words exchanged between Morkel and Rayudu.

08:30 pm 6th over: 23/2 Nadeem continues. Jayawrdene drops a very tough chance. Rayudu drives towards cover as Mahela jumps and get both hands to it, but doesn’t hold on. Sharma ends the over with a boundary between extra cover and long off.

Rohit Sharma 17* (14) Ambati Rayudu 2* (8b)

08:26 pm 5th over: 16/2 Morne Morkel comes into the attack. Rohit Sharma scores an effortless boundary. Length delivery played over infield at cover for a boundary. The third delivery takes a leading edge from Sharma’s bat which flies over the wicket-keeper for another boundary. A slight delay. A risky single is taken as the ball hits Rayudu’s ankle. He’s in bit of pain and is undergoing treatment. Play resumes and Morkel fires in a bouncer. Good pace from Morkel.

08:20 pm 4th over: 7/2 Nadeem continues. And gets another wicket straight away! Levi tries to slog across the line as an inside-edge hits the timber. Two in two for Nadeem! Rayudu is the new batsman.

Levi b Nadeem 1(4b)

08:16 pm 3rd over: 5/1 Pathan to continue. Both the batsmen are watchful against Pathan who is swinging the ball. Another good over by the left-hander.

08:11 pm 2nd over: 3/1 Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. A stumping appeal of the second delivery, not out is the decision. Jacobs perishes as he tries attempts a slog sweep over midwicket boundary and a straight delivery crashes on to the stumps. Rohit Sharma is the new batsman. Good start from Nadeem.

Davy Jacobs b Nadeem 0(10b)

08:06 pm 1st over: 2/0 Pathan to begin the proceedings. Richard Levi and Davy Jacobs open for Mumbai. Tight over from Pathan. Davy attempts twice to charge down the track but fails to connect. Two runs from it.

Mumbai have made three changes. Davy Jacobs, RP Singh and someone else whose name Harbhajan can't remember are in. It is Clint McKay who is playing in place of Malinga!

Ross Taylor comes in for Roelof van Der Merwe. Ajit Agarkar comes in place of Venugopal Rao.

Tendulkar is not playing as he is not yet completely fit.

Toss Virender Sehwag won the toss and decided to bowl first.

It is a clash between the Titans when Mumbai Indians take on in-form Delhi Daredevils on their home ground at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Both the teams have been defeated once in IPL 2012 so far.

Mumbai Indians have so far lived up to their standards as compared to teams like Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) who have so far had a forgettable tournament. While defending champions CSK have lost three of the five matches, Bangalore haven’t been too impressive either with 2 defeats from 4 matches.

Mumbai Indians were stunned by an all-round performance by Pune Warriors who defeated them by 28 runs in a low-scoring game at the Wankhede. The star studded Mumbai Indians could not chase 129 runs as their top order collapsed before some good seam bowling by Ashok Dinda. On the other hand Delhi suffered its only defeat against RCB who defeated them by 20 runs at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore.

Mumbai Indians will get a morale booster if Tendulkar who has not played a game since injuring his finger in Mumbai Indians` season opener against Chennai plays. As per the reports, Tendulkar did bat agaisnt some throwdowns at the nets.

With the return of Mahela Jayawardene and Kevin Pietersen, Delhi are now looking a very formidable squad and we can be rest assured for some entertainment when both the heavyweights face each other for the first time in IPL 2012.

Players to watch out for:

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, Lasith Malinga

Delhi Daredevils: Trio of Sehwag, Jayawardene and Pietersen

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