Kings XI Punjab vs Deccan Chargers: As it happened...

Feroz Khan

Mohali: Kings XI Punjab’s skipper David Hussey and 21-year-old Gurukeerat Singh held their nerves to snatch a thrilling win over Deccan Chargers by four wickets at Mohali on Sunday.

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Highlights from the Punjab innings

11:35 pm Over 20: That’s it Kings XI Punjab have pulled off a thrilling win over Deccan Chargers by 4 wickets. Gurukeerat will remember this innings of his whirlwind knock of 29 runs. They have kept themselves alive in the tournament.

The home team needed 16 runs from the final over and Gurukeerat Singh rose to the occasion hitting a six over deep midwicket boundary, a boundary to deep backward point and then hit the winning boundary off the last delivery of Gony’s over to seal a close win over Deccan Chargers at Mohali on Sunday.

11:30 pm Over 19: Gurukeerat manages to steal a boundary off Dale Steyn after guiding one to third man area. The match goes to the last over. 8 runs from the over. 175/6

11:25 pm Over 18: Good over for KXIP. Christian bowls a slower one and Hussey lifts it for a six at deep midwicket. Gurukeerat Singh later plays a shot straight past the non-striker ‘s end for a boundary. The next goes past the keeper for another four after hitting Singh’s thigh pad. 17 runs from the over. 167/6

11:21 pm Over 17: Double wicket over for Deccan! Dale Steyn has picked two wickets in Siddharth Chitnis and Piyush Chawla. A good length ball from Steyn and Chitnis gets an outside edge while trying a cut. In walks Piyush and scores two back to back boundaries towards deep backward point and behind keeper. Steyn bowls a slower one and Chawla plays it straight into the hands of Cameron White at backward point. Two wickets and 9 runs from the over.150/6

11:14 pm Over 16: Sudhindra had bowled quite well for his first five deliveries had produced just 5 runs. The last delivery and Hussey was on strike and he received a low full toss that disappeared into the stands over long on. 11 runs from the over. 141/4

11:09 Over 15: Excellent over for Kings XI Punjab. They have grilled Mishra’s third over for 21 runs that include two sixes and a four. Do not drop anything short to David Hussey as he will smoke you like he did to Mishra’s third delivery of the over. Mishra dropped one shot and Hussey smacked him over deep midwicket boundary for a six. He then sent one straight down the ground for a four. The last delivery was again smacked for a maximum. 130/4

11:04 pm Over 14: Siddharth Chitnis has walked in after the dismissal of Azhar Mahmood. Gony bangs on shot and Chitnis dispatches him to deep extra cover for a boundary. 6 runs from the over. 108/4

10:58 pm Over 13: Out! Mishra comes back into the attack and breaks the partnership. Azhar Mahmood has been stumped. A flighted delivery and Mahmood charges down the track, gets beaten and Patel does the rest. He departs after scoring 31. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. 102/4

10:54 pm Over 12: Punjab aren’t giving up easily. Mahmood gets a boundary off the first delivery from Sudhindra’s third over towards deep backward point. Hussey then sends one over deep midwicket boundary for a maximum. 16 runs from the over. 99/3

10:48 pm Over 11: Hussey has played a fine square cut to deep backward point for a boundary off Dale Steyn`s fourth delivery. 7 runs from the over. 83/3

10:43 pm Over 10: Hussey and Mahmood have scored boundary apiece in Gony’s second over. The first one was scored by Mahamood to deep midwicket region while Hussey cleared his front foot to play one to long on for a four. 11 runs from the over. 76/3

10:39 pm Over 9: Leg spinner Amit Mishra introduced into the attack. David Hussey square cuts his second delivery for a four. 7 runs from the over. 65/3

10:35 pm Over 8: Out! Manpreet Singh Gony strikes in his first over as Mandeep Singh hits his second delivery at midwicket where Christian takes an easy catch. It was a short one from Gony and Mandeep went for the pull that he failed to time properly and ended up losing his wicket. He departs after scoring 28. A wicket and four runs from the over. 58/3

10:27 pm Over 7: Mandeep Singh just directs a short one from Daniel to beyond fine leg fence for four. 11 runs from the over including a four, a triple and four singles. 55/2

10:20 pm Over 6: Azhar Mahmood has been promoted up the batting order as he walks in after the fall of second wicket. Straightaway gets into the act as he dispatches the second delivery from Sudhindra over long on for a six. Mandeep later scores a boundary off the fifth and sixth delivery to long on staright past the bowler and to third man respectively. 16 runs from the over. 44/2

10:14 pm Over 5: Out! Daniel Christian nets a big fish in the form of Shaun Marsh. A good length delivery from Christian and Marsh mistimed it to be caught at midwicket by Sangakkara who took another good catch. Marsh walks back after scoring just 11. A wicket and 4 runs from the over. 28/2

10:09 pm Over 4:Abhishek Jhunjhunwala comes in to bowl his off-spinners. Marsh welcomes him with two back to back boundaries towards fine leg and deep point region. Mandeep joins the party with a boundary towards deep square leg. 13 runs from the over. 24/1

10:05 pm Over 3: Out! Daniel Christian strikes for Deccan with the wicket of Nitin Saini. The batsman was trying to flick one to midwicket region but got a leading edge that went to extra cover where Sangakkara took a smart catch ending Saini’s innings at 3. In comes Shaun Marsh and he will be at the non-striker‘s end. Mandeep hits a four off the penultimate delivery of the over tow midwicket. 4 runs and a wicket from the over. 11/1

10:01 pm Over 2: Right arm pacer, Taduri Prakash Sudhindra will bowl his first over of the night. 4 runs from the over. 7/0

9:57 pm Over 1: Dale Steyn opens up the bowling for Deccan Chargers as Nitin Saini and Mandeep Singh open the batting for Kings XI Punjab. A good over from Steyn as he concedes just 3 runs. 3/0

Highlights from the Deccan innings

9:36 pm Over 20: Out! After hitting Mahmood for a boundary via a scoop, Daniel Christian attempted another off the next delivery but failed to connect it correctly as he was caught at short fine leg by Rayan Harris. He scored 24 runs. Earlier in the over, White had hit one over the bowler’s head for a boundary. 11 runs came from the over as Deccan Chargers posted 190/4. Shikhar Dhawan top scored with 71 runs while Cameron White made 67 runs. For Punjab, Mahmood took 2/39 in his 4 overs.

9:30 pm Over 19: Another big over for Deccan! Daniel Christian has hit Awana for back to back sixes over deep midwicket region. 20 runs from the over, including 2 sixes, 3 couples, 1 single and a wide. 177/3

9:26 pm Over 18: Ryan Harris back into the attack and Chargers milk 14 runs from the over. Cameron first pulled one for a boundary towards deep midwicket region and then flayed the last delivery over long on for a maximum. 159/3

9:21 pm Over 17: Out! Finally Punjab manage to hold on to a catch as Dhawan departs after scoring 71 runs. Dhawan attempted to cut the final delivery of the over from Praveen Kumar but was caught by Awana at third man. Earlier, Dhawan had played a good shot charging down the track to hit Praveen Kumar’s angled delivery straight over his heads for a boundary. A wicket and 8 runs from the over. 145/3

9:14 pm Over 16: Another one dropped. This time the culprit is Piyush Chawla who fails to grab one at extra cover after White (Again!) played one from Mahmood straight into his hands. As to rub salt on wounds, White dispatches a high full toss from Mahmood for a boundary. Umpire adjudges it as a no-ball. 11 runs from the over. 137/2

9:08 pm Over 15: Luck seems to be on the side of visiting team today. Ryan Harris has dropped a sitter at long off. White mistimed a shot after charging towards a Chawla delivery and Harris missed a simple catch. 5 runs from the over. 126/2

9:05 pm Over 14: Runs are just flowing for Chargers. With the bat or as extras, it doesn’t matter. Harris’ sends one on the legs of White, he moves across and the ball kisses his pads running away to fine leg for 4 byes. 7 runs from the over. 121/2

9:01 pm Over 13: Dhwan moves across the off stumps and scoops Awana for a maximum over fine leg boundary. Clear signs of a man in form! 12 runs from the over. 114/2

8:54 pm Over 12: Chargers are turning the heat on Kings. Chawla bowls one full in the middle and Dhawan bents on one knee to hitting the ball over square leg boundary for a maximum. He takes a single off the next delivery and completes his fifty. White reverse sweeps the last delivery of the over to third man region for a boundary to end the over. 15 runs from the over. 102/2

8:50 pm Over 11: Praveen’s fourth delivery of the over is bowled on the pads that White plays to fine leg for a boundary. The last one again goes for a boundary to fine leg as Kumar again bowls one on the pads. 11 runs from the over. 87/2

8:47 pm Over 10: Azhar Mahmood comes on to bowl the first over after strategic time-out. Straightway, Dhawan charges down the ground hitting one over covers where Mandeep Singh’s diving effort saves a boundary. The next was hit to deep extra cover and again Mandeep dived to save a boundary. The Chargers manage to penetrate the sharp fielding of the Kings XI Punjab as White pulls the last delivery of the over to backward square leg for four. 11 runs from the over. 76/2

8:40 pm Over 9: Leg spinner Piyush Chawla introduced into the attack. He concedes a boundary off his second delivery that was hit by Dhawan who skipped down the track playing it to long-on. 7 runs from the over. 65/2

8:36 pm Over 8: Harris bowls his penultimate delivery on the pads of ne batsman Cameron White who flicks it as the ball runs towards the midwicket boundary. 9 runs from the over. 58/2

8:32 pm Over 7: Out! Mahmood in the act once again and this time as a fielder. He has taken a brilliant catch at slips as Deccan captain Sangakkara got a thick outside edge while defending one from Awana. A wicket and just 2 runs from the over. 49/2

8:27 pm Over 6: Out! Azhar Mahmood strikes in his first over with the wicket of Parthiv Patel. A bad shot from the batsman mistimed one that flew high in the air to be caught by Gurkeerat Singh at mid-on. He departs after scoring 18. A wicket and 6 runs from the over. 47/1

8:21 pm Over 5: Parvinder Awana comes in to bowl his first over. Bowls one wide and Patel happily cuts it to sweeper cover for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. 41/0

8:16 pm Over 4: Right-arm medium pacer Ryan Harris introduced into the attack by Hussey. Dhawan charges down the track and sends his fifth delivery to long-on for a boundary. 6 runs from the over. 33/0

8:11 pm Over 3: Patel would be on his way had Mandeep Singh fired a direct hit after Dhawan played one for a quick single. The next delivery was headed for a similar result as Patel went for another risky single but the throw again missed the timber and there was no one to back up as the ball as the fielding side conceded 4 extra runs. 7 runs from the over. 27/0

8:06 pm Over 2: David Hussey brings himself into the attack and Chargers have smacked him for 15 runs in the over. The first three deliveries produced 4 runs including a wide. The fourth one went for a boundary to extra cover as Patel scored his first of the night. Then Dhawan launched his last one over long-on for a six. 20/0

8:03 pm Over 1: Right-arm medium pacer Praveen Kumar starts the proceedings for Kings XI Punjab as Shikhar Dhawan and Parthiv Patel open the batting for Deccan Chargers. Praveen’s second delivery is too wide and in-form Dhawan plays it to extra cover for the first boundary of the match. Five runs from the over. 5/0

7:35 pm: Deccan Chargers skipper Kumar Sangakkara won the toss and elected to bat first against Kings XI Punjab on Sunday.

Kings XI Punjab: SE Marsh, Mandeep Singh, N Saini, DJ Hussey (c), Azhar Mahmood, Gurkeerat Singh, SD Chitnis, PP Chawla, P Kumar, P Awana, RJ Harris.

Deccan Chargers: KC Sangakkara (c), CL White, DT Christian, AA Jhunjhunwala, A Ashish Reddy, A Mishra, DW Steyn, MS Gony, TP Sudhindra, S Dhawan, P A Patel.