Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians: As it happened...

Feroz Khan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Mohali: Robin Peterson and Ambati Rayudu smacked the penultimate over of the MI innings for 27 runs to register a thrilling 4-wicket win over KXIP here on Wednesday.

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Chasing a target of 169 runs, MI had a sedate start to their innings but after the loss of their openers, wickets kept falling regularly. However, Rohit Sharma played an impressive knock of 50 runs to keep them in chase.

In the end, Rayudu (34) and Peterson (16) drove them home with four wickets in hand silencing the capacity Mohali crowd.

Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the MI innings

7:37 pm Over 20: And Mumbai Indians have pulled off a thrilling win over Punjab. Last over of the match and MI needed 5 runs. The first four deliveries produced 3 runs and Rayudu sealed the deal with a boundary towards deep cover. Amazing show from Peterson and Rayudu. MI have beaten KXIP by 4 wickets.

7:29 pm Over 19: What an over for Mumbai! Robin Peterson has turned it around for them smacking two boundaries and a six off consecutive deliveries. The boundaries were scored in third man area and deep extra cover via switch hits.

Ambait Rayudu joined in with two huge hits towards long off and long on.

The over reads- 4,4,6,1,6,6

7:19 pm Over 18: Out! Double wicket over Rohit Sharma greets Awana with a huge six over deep midwicket and in the process completes his fifty.

Awana, though, has the last laugh as Sharma was caught by Azhar Mahmood at point. A short one from the bowler and Rohit cuts it to the fielder at point who completes a nice catch. Sharma (50) c Mahmood b Awana .

In comes skipper harbhajan Singh and goes for a duck. Awana gets his third wicket as Singh was caught at long off by Shaun Marsh. Score: 137/6

7:16 pm Over 17: Ambati Rayudu smashes one over bowler’s head for a boundary. Hatt’s last over of the match goes for 12 runs. Score: 129/4

7:09 Over 16: Another good over for MI as Praveen’s final over produces 11 runs. Sharma is getting a boundary every over and the contest seems headed to a close finish. Score: 117/4

7:05 pm Over 15: Rohit spoils Bhatt`s over with a boundary off the last ball towards deep midwicket. 9 runs from the over. Score: 106/4

7:00 pm Over 14: Out! A mixed over for Parvinder Awana. The first ball was a full toss that was pl;ayed fine by Rohit Sharma for a boundary. However, Awana seemed to make amends with the wicket of dangerous Kieron Pollard who played one straight into the hands of fielder at deep square leg. Pollard c Singh b Awana.

The wicket didn’t affect Sharma at the other end who lofted the last delivery over wide long on for a six. A wicket and 14 runs from the over. Score: 97/4

6:55 pm Over 13: Excellent stuff from Rohit Sharma. Chawla drops it on off and Sharma comes on front foot to dismiss it to wide long off for a six. 12 runs from the over. Score: 83/3

6:51 pm Over 12: Mahmood continues from the other end and bowls another good over. Just 5 from it. Score: 71/3

6:47 pm Over 11: Out! Piyush Chawla removes Dinesh Karthik. A full toss from Chawla and Karthik attempts a scoop but finds Azhar Mahmood at short fine leg who catches it safely. Karthik (3) c Mahmood b Chawla. Just two runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 66/3

6:43 pm Over 10: Out! Azhar Mahmood strikes again and this time it is Sachin Tendulkar who has to depart. Mahmood bowled one outside off and Tendulkar tried hitting it away from his body but got an inside edge that was caught by the keeper. Tendulkar (34) c Saini b Mahmood. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 64/2

6:34 pm Over 9: Sachin Tendulkar sweeps it fine to score a boundary off the first delivery from Bhargav Bhatt’s second over. Bhatt pulls it back by giving away just three more runs. 7 runs from the over. Score: 59/1

6:29 Over 8: Out! Right-arm medium pacer Azhar Mahmood starts off with a bad delivery that was rightly dispatched for a boundary by Tendulkar. He made up for it by producing a delivery that nipped away and Franklin edged it to the keeper. James Franklin (22) c Karthik b Mahmood. Score: 52/1

6:25 pm Over 7: Right-arm spinner Piyush Chawla comes in to bowl his first over. Starts off decently giving away just 5 runs. Score: 45/0

6:21 pm over 6: Good over for Mumbai Indians. 11 runs from Awana’s second over including a boundary from Tendulkar between cover and mid off. Score: 40/0

6:15 pm Over 5: Excellent over from Praveen Kumar. He has kept Tendulkar quiet with his yorkers and gives away just 3 runs. Score: 29/0

6:11 pm Over 4: Right arm medium Parvinder Awana comes into the attack. Bowls a decent over until his delivery that Tendulkar guides between point and cover for a boundary. 7 runs from the over. Score: 26/0

6:06 pm Over 3: James Franklin times it to perfection and punches Kumar’s first delivery to wide of mid on for a boundary. 7 runs from the over. Score: 19/0

6:01 pm Over 2: Let-arm spinner Bhargav Bhatt bowls the second over. Tendulkar easily sweeps his third delivery for a boundary to deep backward square leg. 8 runs from the over. Score: 12/0

5:56 pm Over 1: Praveen Kumar starts the proceedings for Punjab and bowls a decent over. Just 4 runs from it. Score: 4/0

David Hussey (68*) and David Miller (34*) played useful knocks to lead KXIP to 168/3 in the allotted 20 overs. Harbhajan Singh opened the bowling with Robin Peterson who bowled a decent over giving away just 3 runs.

However, Singh inexplicably didn’t bring him back even when his other bowlers were leaking runs aplenty. Franklin who got the crucial wicket of Shaun Marsh in his first over also didn’t came back to bowl another delivery. Hussey and Miller collected 89 runs from 7.1 overs guiding their team to a competitive total.

Highlights from the KXIP innings

5:39 pm Over 20: Frustration is evident from Munaf Patel’s reactions as he is having a go at anyone! The source of frustration? David Miller. He has smashed back to back sixes of his last to deliveries towards long-on and deep midwicket respectively. 16 runs from the over as KXIP have ended their innings with 168/3 on board in 20 overs.

5:34 pm Over 19: Another good over for KXIP. Captain Hussey is using all his experience to collect as many runs as possible for his team. A four and a six from the over. Mckay bowled one wide full and Hussey opened the face of the bat to guide it towards third man boundary. The six came off the last delivery towards long-off. 12 runs from the over. Score: 152/3

5:30 pm Over 18: Munaf Patel is the length by quite a margin! He has been taken to the cleaners by the Punjab batsmen. First, Miller dispatches his low full toss over long-on for a maximum and then David Hussey brings up his fifty in style with a six straight down the ground. 16 runs from the over. Score: 140/3

5:23 pm Over 17: What could have been a tight over at this point of time in the innings was ruined when Hussey drove furiously McKay’s last delivery for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Score: 124/3

5:19 pm Over 16: KXIP batsmen have upped the ante and have milked Pollard’s over for 16 runs. 13 were scored by Hussey including one six over deep midwicket and a four over the keeper’s head. Score: 116/3

5:13 pm Over 15: RP Singh bowls one short and David Miller latches on to it, pulling it away for a boundary. 9 runs have come in RP’s last over. Score: 100/3

5:07 pm Over 14: 11 runs from Harbhajan’s over. 5 of it came from wide as Singh bowled one towards legs that was missed by both the batsman and the keeper. Singh didn`t look happy. Score: 91/3

5:01 pm Over 13: Out! Harbhajan hands the ball to James Franklin and he provides the breakthrough! Shaun Marsh tried lofting one over long off but didn’t connected the ball properly. The ball went high and Harbhajan Singh gets underneath it to complete the catch. Shaun Marsh c Singh b Franklin. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 80/3

David Miller walks in.

4:56 pm Over 12: Pollard continues and hits Marsh on the pads. Asks the question but the ball was pitched outside off and umpire rightly turns it down. Meanwhile, Pollard bowls a full on legs and Hussey flicks it to fine leg for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Score: 75/2

4:52 pm Over 11: Hussey opens up his shoulders and slog sweeps Harbhajan for a six over midwicket region. A six and 5 singles from the over. Score: 67/2

4:49 pm Over10: Kieron Adrian Pollard comes into the attack. Bowls a tight over as he gives away just 3 runs. The runs aren’t coming easy for Punjab and the boundaries have dried up too. Score: 56/2

4:44 pm Over 9: Mumbai skipper Harbhajan Singh into the attack as his counterpart David Hussey wals in. Bowls a nice one. Gives away six singles.

4:39 pm Over 8: Out! Clint McKay comes back into the attack and gets the wicket of Nitin Saini. A short delivery and Saini looks to pull it away but the ball goes high up in the air and Munaf Patel just manages to hold on. Saini(17) c Patel b Mckay 2 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 46/2

4:35 pm Over 7: Maiden over! Munaf Patel makes an excellent comeback and keeps away Marsh from scoring runs. Score: 44/1

4:28 pm Over 6: Out! Mandeep Singh charges down the ptich and RP Singh bowls a wide. Singh chases it but ends up getting an edge that falls safely in the hands of wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Mandeep (22) b RP Singh

In-form Shaun Marsh walks in and flicks his first one towards wide square leg for a boundary. Nitin Saini opens up his arms and hooks a short one from RP for a boundary. 9 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 44/1

4:24 pm Over 5: Five overs and Harbhajan has already used four different bowlers. Munaf Patel will bowl the fifth over. Length delivery first up and Saini lofts it over extra cover for a couple. Later, Mandeep Singh hits him hard towards third man for a boundary. 9 runs from the over. Score: 35/0.

4: 19 pm Over 4: RP continues from the other end. Bowls a decent over. Just three runs from it.

4:15 pm Over 3: Clint Mckay comes into the attack and bowls a short one that has been played towards midwicket for a four by Mandeep. Third delivery and Singh makes room and edges it past keeper for another four. Last ball of the over is again short and Mandeep pulls it away for the third boundary of the over. 14 from it.

4:11 pm Over 2: Right arm pacer RP Singh comes in from the other end and bowls a dolly on leg stumps that has been dispatched towards fine leg for a boundary. Singh makes a good comeback and his rest five produce just two.

4:07 pm Over 1: Harbhajan Singh starts the bowling with left-arm spinner Robin Peterson. Just three runs from the over. Opening for Kings XI Punjab is Nitin Saini along with Mandeep Singh.

3:30 pm Kings XI Punjab captain David Hussey wins the toss and decide to bat first.